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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 04:14 pm

UFC 144 Coverage | Dana White Video's | Thinks Edgar Won, Talks Event Controversies

“Well I’m not a judge but I had the fight even going into the last round and I gave the last round to Frankie. This is one of those fights that is tough to score. I even asked the guys on twitter how they scored it, some people had it the way I had it, some people had it the other way for Ben.

There’s so many fights out there at the 55 division and Frankie’s thing tonight was ‘Hey I gave two instant rematches. So I think fair is fair, I should get one.’ I would really love for Frankie Edgar to move down to 145 pounds.”

During the UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show UFC president Dana White gave his take on tonight’s main event.


Here’s an additional post-fight interview with Dana.

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68 Responses to “UFC 144 Coverage | Dana White Video's | Thinks Edgar Won, Talks Event Controversies”

  1. Nick says:

    I had it Ben 4 rounds to 1.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      All you nuts just picked Benson, cause you hate Frankie for beating B.J twice..get over it it was B.J’s time to pass the guys know Frankie won, you guys all week before the fight were sayin shit about him. Well gues what ? Your man crush B.J had Frankie winning 4-1 … 90% of the fighters in the UFC had Frankie winning…it’s a coincidence that only b.j Penn .com are where the majority of the benson pickers are not any other mma sites..

      • the original steve says:

        take it easy buddy. this fight just like the condit diaz fight was EXTREMELY close it really could have went either way. i had it 3-2 for benson. the compu-strike along with frankie’s face shows benson landed more significant shots and when frankie took him down he couldn’t do anything with it. frankie deserves an immediate rematch tho. i felt the same way about diaz till he failed the drug test(i still think the same but rules are rules)

      • Mike Hunt says:

        It seems you can’t get over that Frankie actually lost. Stop crying.

      • Rob says:

        lol I don’t know what 90% your talking about. I Think that you made that number up maybe 90% of your friends think that. How about the fact that Ben out stuck him or Frankie couldn’t do any damage at all and he couldn’t even keep him down IF he was even to take him down. Or how about the fact that ALL octagon control belong to Henderson. Or maybe the fact that Frankie looked half dead and Ben looked like he just got there. Maybe after Frankie’s eye heals up he can see the fight better to see that he was owned. If the fight was so close then why is Dana telling him to go to 145. Think before you type man.

        • Sweet game plan says:

          So Dana can get a mega fight between he and Aldo..even if the judges would of gave it to Frankie Dana was gonna ask him to still go down to 145

      • david.uppercut says:

        I absolutely can’t stand Frankie Edgar, the guy can’t take a loss. First of all, the guy is so full of himself, he actually thought he won the fight?! His corner was lifting him up at the end of the fight like he just beat down henderson, when they were announcing the decision, he put his hand up like he knew he was going to get the decision. Get over it buddy, drop down to 145 and try to take the belt from Aldo, your 155 days are over!!

      • Judo says:

        I like both fighter and I don’t pick favorite in fights. I like to see 2 great material artiest fight in skill. But I seen that fight and i do believe Ben won it. He had Edgar on the run the entire time and nearly closed his eye shut. Franky may have stole the last round but he lost 4 our of 5. Ben won and Franky lost. Judges scored it right.

        Dean should be a B list ref now. He been stopping to many fights way to early. Kongo had a chance to recover just like every other fighter and wasn’t given that opportunity kinda like what happen with Fedor.

      • jonsey says:

        wake really got robbed in the 1st fight,,,in the 2nd fight he was tired and no motivated

      • Jason N says:

        Probably because they have an idea what FIGHTING really is. I think Henderson is a better fighter. Period. Some whinning already.

      • ty says:

        where the link that says over 90 percent thought edgar won???

      • Shut the hell up!! says:




        Edgar’s so emotionally soft that he can’t take the criticism from fans on his own web site! BJ, on the other hand, has been tough all his life. He can handle words and strikes! Edgar is done. The only belt he will own now is the one he buys from Walmart! Deal.

      • RHendO says:

        Looks like some one needs to get off Frankie’s nuts right about now. Did you not listen to the interview? Joe Silva had Ben by landslide 3 judges had Ben, fighters are tweeting Ben won, and i don’t know were the hell your getting 90% of fighters from. Just cuz your friends watch UFC doesn’t make them fighter. Frankie’s face exploded! Get over it its time for Frankie to pass the belt.
        Its a coincidence that only on a bjpenn fan sight do you come and post your nonsense go troll elsewhere. have a nice day

      • E says:

        shut the fuck up sweet game plan. maybe you should heed your own advice and take some nutz outa your mouth and wipe the jizz off your eyes then you would clearly see frankie got beat up.

      • Xaninho says:

        I don’t even really like Henderson because of his over the top religious crap, but he was the better fighter and clearly won that fight.

        And stop making up percentages to justify your opinion.

        And I’m taking a guess on what sites more people had Frankie winning this one, let’s see

      • this dude is a cry baby says:

        Sweet Game plan is just butt hurt.

      • Nick says:

        Chill your nut sack man. I really didn’t even care about BJ losing. I’ve been following Ben since WEC and he’s been my favorite LW since then. I mainly come onto for my MMA news. I like BJ, but wasn’t butthurt that BJ lost. So chill man.

      • JAC says:

        I picked Benson to win but I didn’t get to actually see the fight. I heard from a lot of people that Frankie outstruck Ben but thats not how it was on the fight metrics.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I too had 4 rounds to one. only reason i gave Frankie a round is because i knew the judges would give it to him because they score pitter patter like its the gold standard in which scoring should be based on in MMA. Frannkie wins more points on 3 piter patter combos than any other fighter gets for a knockdown. Also the other GLITCH in scoring system Frankie exploits to the fullest is cheap ass takedowns with no follow up. All Frankie does is just sits on leg kicks waiting to grab a leg get a quik takedown to steal round. Point fighting is almost ruining MMA as bad as “FITCHING”
      Why is everyone of the frankie nuthuggers crying about Bendo cutting weight. He is ripped from head to toe. Frankie to me look soft and kind of round on the waistline. Why is it a big deal for bendo but not everyon e else. Has Bendo ever missed weight??? Jon Fitch cuts 30 lbs each and every figfht but you didn’t hear anyone care one damn bit that Fitch had a 30 lb weight advantage on BJ. if anything that w as the only reason BJ gassed in 3rd round was from thrwoing around a 200lb fighter fro 10 minutes. You would never in a million years see Fitch fight someone that weighed 30 lbs more than him. Bendo cuts half the weight Fitch and GSP do but its ok for the mighty GSP to cut massive amounts of weight. Look at Cerrone he walkks around same weight as GSP and has a bigtime size advantge on all his opponenst at 155 but you don’t hear anyone calling him outr for cutting 30+ pounds. UFC clowns-Rogan made Kenny Florian who walks around at 180 + as som ekind of hero fro dropping down to 145 and amking sure he had massive size advantge. Whats ok for some is not ok for otehrs.

    • E says:

      i wholeheartedly agree 100%

  2. Big J says:

    Dana is an idiot. There are two reasons why he is saying this:

    1) He is preparing people for an Edgar vs Henderson rematch
    2) He doesn’t want to look stupid for saying Edgar was one of the best pound for pound fighters, considering Edgar has already lost his belt

    I’m starting to think the reason why Dana has beef with the refs is because Dana’s scoring sucks!

    • E says:

      #2 sounds good

      the dude is tryin to cover his ass for all the over hype he’s been doing.

      I got a question for all you critics, if you were Ben fighting Frankie, would you honestly say that you kicked Frankies ass in that fight? Or would you say you thought Frankie did enough to win?


  3. Magoo says:

    If you think he won the fight Dana why not give Frankie a rematch, after all your the one that gave him P4P status after the last Maynard fight.If he loses the rematch to Benson…which he won’t then you can look for your super fight at 145 with Aldo, you owe the man and his fans that much!!

  4. Donnybrook says:

    F**kin rights E.

  5. Hightimes99 says:

    I agree with Dana on this one, thought Edgar won it, the damage came from one up kick and nothing else. Edgar won rds, and the fact 2 judges had it 4 rds to 1 is really insane and shows the problem in mma judging

  6. 16v149 says:

    Hey Dick boy ,cruz and condoit are mexian s not token skin heads. Hendo is
    part korean , tell that to your racist brother at fort braggs.

  7. BJC says:

    I’m an Edger supporter but I do think he lost this fight

  8. Louis Bocanegra says:

    henderson outsriked edgar mr white, i think white loves him so edgar lol…

  9. jay says:

    Every website says Ben won the fight. so does frankies face and the stats.

  10. jay says:

    Damn look at thier faces at the post fight confrence. can you still say edgar won.

  11. CHeez_PONO says:

    How great did Mark Hunt look tonight!!!
    that was fricking awsm!
    his timing was sick….

    and “Smooth” Henderson looked great too.
    i would’ve paid 600.00+ to sit on the floor for this card.

  12. Akamai says:

    the worst thing to happen to MMA is the dissolution of Pride. We need at least two top organizations in MMA. Dana proves to be an idiot again.

  13. Akamai says:

    Idiot Dana quoted that according to stats that Edgar won. Dana needs to head WWE. We need a read leader for The UFC. And stop buying other organizations and closing them. ANTI TRUST. If it was a financial institution there would be big lawsuits going on. FUCKING MONOPOLY.

  14. A. Chung says:

    Frankie Edgar will never be the same fighter that he was in the past. That is because he had to many concussions already. In his last two fights with Maynard, Edgar was essentially out on his feet twice!!! but he manage to gut it out. However, all those concussion are bound to leave some lasting effects. In his fight with Bento he was also to quite a beating. Look at all those fighters, (nogueira, van der lei silva, chuck liddell etc…) who were famous for taking a beating, after all the beating they took now it does not take much to punch their lights out. I think Edgar is now in that boat will all the beating he as taken recently.

  15. monkey says:

    Henderson won the fight not one point he was in a position to lose that fight. Frankie nearly got knocked out with the up kick and almost got submitted with the guillotine a choke that Henderson usually pulls off. Also Edgars face was fucked up for a reason and Henderson was all good no problems.

  16. slacker says:

    Just for the record, Fightmetrics are way off on at least one point: they scored submission attempts for Henderson at the end of round 2 & 5. That is very inaccurate. He went in for it and let go himself, literally, in a fraction of a second. Those weren’t sub attempts. Those 2 entries are invalid and they obviously greatly effect how we are all perceiving their “objective” scoring.

    • Cletus Jackson says:

      are you sure it was a fraction of the second?

      • slacker says:

        Yep, not even a second. Meanwhile, Frankie held on to a standing choke twice, I believe, for a few seconds, and no points were given to him. I’m not trying to change people’s minds who say Henderson clearly won. I’m saying that the guy who scored Fightmetrics for this fight did not do it accurately, and if he had, the scores would show the fight to be much closer than the numbers they came up with.

  17. Donnybrook says:

    Im a huge FE supporter and was pulling for him but he clearly lost that fight, I gave him one round and that’s it… no rematch required. I’m hoping he drops down to face Aldo… great fight!!

  18. Run Forrest Run! says:

    4-1 is not close! you fucking morons!

    Dana is just trying to save face, hyped Edgar as a p4p fighter, LOOOOOL!

    Edgar isnt even close to what Anderson Silva, GSP or Aldo have done.


  19. Ben Goergen says:

    Come on, why did edgar have to give immediate rematches twice, cause he really didn’t win the first two times. Didn’t do anything to penn in the first fight, benefit of the worst judging in mma history on that one, then almost got decapitated by maynard the first time. He is a points fighter and that is it, landed 71 strikes on henderson, look at Bendo’s face, where the fuck did those land. He pitter patters and then bounces around the cage like Tigger. Looks busy and in control when he in fact is losing. Bendo pushed the pace, stalked him, did more damage, and had him in more bad positions, Edgar never had bendo in trouble, even when he connected clean it didn’t phase Bendo. Only an Edgar nuthugger could possibly think that results in a Edgar win. Go down to 145, then your best attribute of speed will be the same as everyone else, He will get owned at 145.

  20. Gabe418 says:

    The only thing Frankie did to Ben is beat up his fist with his face…I think Frankie trained backwards for this one…49-46 Ben

  21. Jujitsu Player says:

    The guy has defended his title 3 times against BJ and Maynard, has an awesome record at 155lb so why should he move down to 144lb?!? It’s retarded. Dana just wants some competition for Aldo, don’t get me wrong it’s a fight I’d love to see but it’s not like Edgar is on the end of a 3 fight losing streak….Give him a rematch or a fight against Pettis with the winner getting Henderson.

    • E says:

      frankie can fight any weight class he chooses but he lost that fight with ben hands down.

    • broken kimura says:

      frankies size forces him to draw out and point fight everyone. he has less muscle to carry than his heavier counterparts, and they USUALLY tire out quicker. if frankie fights people his size, maybe he will feel more comfortable trying to finish his fights. I am tired of watching someone run away and throw fakes all day. sure he throws some combinations here and there, but only cause his opponents are pressuring him to fight. if he fights Condit, we would have less than one minute of action in 25 minutes.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Dude, why would Edgar fight Condit?!? I get that he’s a small 155lb but he’s still in the top 2 or 3 guys in the world at 155lb so my point was its a little early to think about moving weight categories. Benson looked like a WW, the size difference was pretty significant and the damage on Edgar showed.

        • broken kimura says:

          my bad let me rephrase if frankie fights a fighter with condits style we will have less than a minute of action in a five round fight.

    • Jujitsu Player says:


  22. Jason says:

    What a remarkable performance! Benson Henderson well deserved champ!!

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