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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 01:26 am

UFC 144 Coverage | Benson Henderson Post-Fight Interview (Video)

The New UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson” target=”_blank”>Benson Henderson talks about the biggest win of his career and breaks down his fight.

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44 Responses to “UFC 144 Coverage | Benson Henderson Post-Fight Interview (Video)”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    yeah whatever ben, then you should have finished it.

    • lionstrangler says:

      Yeah, cos it’s that easy to finish a fighter who has never been finished…

      • danielrchargers says:

        the Fan base on favors ben. what do i think ima get on here? love notes? haha i dont care what you type. i thought Frankie did enough to win a split. both guys did and i want to see a rematch. fairs fair. that guy BJ got a rematch just cause its BJ, thats not cool. lets see the REMATCH. please give me a break when DANA said pettis is the next contender too. haha beffaroni.

    • fuckthisguy says:

      your a fucking retard u go finish edgar and them come back and comment on the video u dumbass

      • danielrchargers says:

        yeah sir im a fighter, and i work for the UFC. no im a student who lives with his family and watches UFC and see’s his favorite fighter lose and get upset… that all i am. you guys on here that always do titles like FUCKTHATGUY or STUPIDFUCKINGIDIOT are just vicious angry “little” men.

    • jason says:

      unlike ALL of edgars fights where he goes in with the mentallity to NOT finish…. he did try, he tried to tko him at end of rnd 2 tried to get him with subs…ben did amazing so stfu

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Good luck Ben trying to do what you say your gonna do, on beating Anderson’s winning streak when you got your ass tossed around by a little might have out weighed Edgar by 25 pounds during the fight.. Shit and you think your the P4P best…dream on

    • Sweet game plan says:

      To all you’s that are saying Benson won, just cause you guys hate Frankie cause of the two wins he got over your man crush B.j Penn….I have something to tell you nut huggers ..your boy B. J had Frankie winning 4-1 …ha ha..that’s what you clowns get…

  2. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    SAy what you want Bendo kicked Edgars ass hands down. I took more damage in thta fight than Bendo did just from clapping my hands togther after FINALLY judges get an Edgar fight correct. Yeah Edgar lost second maynard fight. Frankie may be anic ekid but he has sustained horrific lifetime accumlitive damage (BRAIN TRAUMA) concussions over and over again. Tim efor Edgar to move down and hope Aldo moves up.
    YES Edgarf nuthuggers your boy LOST and it wasn’t even close. Edgars face was destroyed and he was a beaten fighter.

  3. jason says:

    im glad that punk bitch lost! now we can have a real champ at 155. warrrr bendo!!!!!

  4. Do my trolls run this mutha fucka says:

    These trolling ass haters need to give credit where credit is due. Edgar’s an amazing athlete, it was a close fight. Both fighters fought amazing and congrats to Ben Henderson. “Get Rid Of Fitch” is a straight up hater lol that’s embarrassing dude. On some real housewives shit. I wonder what it feels like to hate on someone you don’t even know? That’s rough dude. Hope u get better or kill yourself troll. Fight could of went both ways but congrats Ben! God bless.

  5. true mma says:

    Ben all the way…..

  6. Serg says:

    I agree, great fight! Tired of hearing hearing no class idiots give dumb biased opinions. These fighters are warriors they both did great bit benson came out on top! Can’t wait to see what’s next for the lw div, pettis, diaz, miller all these young hungry fighters bring exactly what this sport needs.

  7. E716 says:

    i thought bendo won but its only fair to give frankie rematch….i think whoever ben gets he can take out whether its frankie or pettis

  8. E716 says:

    bendo won that fight but some of you are so disrespectful its unbelievable. frankie has the most heart in the ufc and is a scrapper…i cant wait to see him fight again. just because the guy you wanted to win does not give you the right to shit on the guy that lost. frankie is a warrior …big props was an amazing card and amazing fight.

  9. true mma says:

    It was a war i give both fighters credit but won.

  10. It was a great fight. It could of gone either way. But i had to give it to Henderson. His strikes were more precise and did more damage as you can see and got out of anything Edgar had on him. Well, a rematch is certain. Hendo vs Petitis. Edgar gets the winner. Its like Edgar dominated and lost.

  11. true mma says:

    let the ben hating began. the dude is an outstanding fighter and all around guy. the dude is a good role model and fought a good fight, but bitches like sweet game plan have to hate. Get a life…. why hate when you can congradulate.

  12. true mma says:

    hate on haters but ben is still the champ bitches……

  13. omgaghost says:

    Great Fight!!! Mad props to Ben, I love that guy! Frankie is a great fighter, but would be awesome at 145, possibly champion. Right now i wanna see Bendo v Showtime 2!!

  14. T.DADDY says:

    Bendo all day

  15. A.James says:

    Bendo was never in danger through out the fight, fought every second trying to beat the clock, landed more strikes, had more submission attempts, and walked away with no real damage. How could Edgar win this?

  16. just saying says:

    i don’t dislike frank, the reason i don’t care for his style. he moves 5x more than he attacks. if he fought himself we would get less than a round of action. yes props for him doing what a lot of people his size couldn’t do. but I don’t want to watch 20 mins of footwork and head movement. thats what boxing is for. and they do it a lot better. I guess i am just saying. i like when a fighter shows dominance. and threatens his opponent with being finished.

  17. true mma says:

    Edgar clearly lost, Ben could have wenr another 5rds while edgar looked like he got ran over by a mack truck. Edgar still put up a fight, the guy has heart but this just wasnt his fight.

  18. mma says:

    Way to go Ben. well deserved

  19. diaz sucks says:

    Benson owned him. They should let him kick the shit out of that motherfuckin pussy ass bitch Nate and Nick Diaz now.

  20. cody says:

    y yall gonna hate he beat the shit outta frankie yeah frankie gottem down hes one of the best td artist in the world who hasnt he taken down the trick is he cant do anything with it ben popped back up as fast as bj did guys just be real even if frankie would have one more than half of us would be calling for a rematch its frankies curse cuase when u put on these condit gameplans allllll u do is leave more question than (answers) and thats what frankie does ill admit i used to hate him and now i got so much love and respect for him but u dont deserve to win cause u can take a ass whooping better than anybody at least rocky finished guys after he got beat up im calling for rematch pettis bendo hell yes

  21. Nick says:

    Great fight I had it scored 4 to 1 for Ben. He looked amazing.

  22. tim says:

    Personally… I dont enjoy watching Edgar Fight, He is a warrior and all that.. coming back etc.. that could be any fight and I love to see that happen. Little short guy with a lot of heart, sure its some cliche ..just like napoleon complex is with short people. but to watch a rematch just because he wants it.. because of his other rematches.. I think there are other fighters who deserve it much more and had to wait because of the constipation Frankie edgar has been the whole time. A draw in mma is stupid.. they should have sudden death rounds for that.

  23. Cletus Jackson says:

    and not a single boo was given that day. we have to learn a little bit more from japan and the respect of the fighters.

  24. kenji says:

    after seeing the re tape i got it round 1-even round 2-ben round 3-even round 4-ben and round 5-ben…somehow no matter what frankie did…ben had a reponse to it…for example in round 5 it was frankies round to take till the last 30 seconds and all of a sudden ben does a flying knee and pounds on him in the last 4 seconds…to me the fight was even but ben just did enough to pull. it off. if it werent for frankies speed…there would be no discussin that frankie got robbed but in my opinion ben did the telling blows either with kick in round 2 or the guillotine in the 3 or 4th…i forget…a good fight but ben the most obvious damage….but i take my hat off to frankie..he’s an amazing kid and athlete and representative for the sport

  25. James Kim says:

    Now lets bring the ufc to Seoul Korea since vendor is champ. I doubt it will happen but it would be great. Sian fans are the best. There was absolutely no hate or booing from the crowd.

  26. A.James says:

    Henderson vs. Pettis 2… Let’s go!

  27. jay says:

    nobody hates frankie were just saying what we seen. Ben won. For all you bitches crying for edgar quit it, your making him look like a bitch. Just stop shedding tears your flooding the website bitches……. Go cry at saloon while your getting your nails done. We dont want to hear you bitch and moan on this site.

  28. jay says:

    calling us clowns you fool, dont be mad Edgar lost. Take edgars nuts out your mouth before you talk. Give him rest he’s tired of you kissing his ass

  29. Frankie had a GOOD run. He beat up BJ penn TWICE and those Maynard fights were epic.

    That being said, he did not win last night so let it go.

  30. steeler says:

    i thought it was funny when edger hit the crap out of ben then ben just looked up and fixed his hair

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