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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 04:10 pm

UFC 144 Coverage | Benson Henderson Post Fight Interview (Video)

The UFC’s return trip to Japan has come and gone. For the first time ever the UFC put on a four-hour pay-per-view event featuring seven main card fights.

In the main event it was Ben Henderson who proved to be the better man and secured championship gold around his waist. The main event went the distance but it was the former champion, Frankie Edgar who looked severely damaged after his 25-minutes in the cage with the new champion Benson Henderson.


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12 Responses to “UFC 144 Coverage | Benson Henderson Post Fight Interview (Video)”

  1. Nick says:

    How can you dislike Ben? Dude seems so chill but so full of energy.

  2. E says:

    real talk from ben.

  3. Hightimes99 says:

    How can you dislike Edgar? People on here are bashing Edgar bc he beat BJ 2 yrs ago! Get over it. I had Edgar 3 rds to 2. People talk about damage but it was from one up kick, nothing else.

    • omgaghost says:

      His eye was swollen before the upkick. Great fight, but Edgar lost. He’ll either be back, or raise hell at bantam weight

    • Ron Vee says:

      You had him 3 rounds to 2???? Why, because he kept aggresive the whole time, get that ish outta here!

    • Saga says:

      Sorry but Hendo has the Answer for Edgar. He clearly won.

    • E says:

      nobody is bashing edgar. were saying that he got beat up fair and square and we’re wondering what exactly his logic is behind his post fight comment “i thought i had done enough to win the fight”.

    • Shut the hell up!! says:

      You think Edgar won 3-2. A whole bunch of people thought BJ won the Abu Dhabi Edgar fight 3-2 ! What goes around comes around, brah. BJ’s face didn’t HALF as bad in that fight as Edgar’s face did in this one ! Edgar failed to be “half the champ” that BJ was…and is. Sorry. No more Edgar. Justice is served.

      • Henry says:

        Lol Edgar seems like a nice enough guy but I’m tired of seeing him act like he wins no matter what happens. Did you see his guys lift him up at the end of the Bendo fight? Get real bro! Bendo won that fight for sure and it was close but so was that first BJ fight and the draw with Maynard and I personally thought he lost both of those fights too. You can’t trick the judges every time Frankie.

  4. uncle chael says:

    To me, Ben won that fight. I didn’t see Ben in any danger during the fight. On the other hand, Ben had Frankie in trouble a few times during the fight. People might argue that Frank clipped him in the last round, but to me that looked like a slip. as far as takedowns go, Yes, Frankie did get more takedowns, but really didn’t do much there and Almost got submitted in one of those attempts. Benson also seemed more relaxed then Frankie, and you can clearly see who did more damage. I know everyone has a different opinion, but to me I saw Benson being the superior fighter this fight. I am a big fan of Frankie,and honestly thought he had the upper hand for this fight. I personally think he is a world class martial artist, but Ben was the more all around technically sound fighter in this fight. Frankie came up short. As for Ben, he deserved the victory. I see this kid holding on to that belt for a while. Best of luck to the new champ!

  5. CrAzyBK64 says:

    For real I’ve watch the fight three times since Saturday and everytime Benson beats frankie even worse, I like frankie but he got beat people need to get over it frankie arguably only won one round watch the fight again rounds 1,2,3 and 5 all Ben. Frankie might have won round four and if u can’t see that u don’t know nothing about this sport

  6. Rock says:

    I liked everything I heard except, when he called out pettis’ wrestling when he himself could not even take him down.

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