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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 03:49 pm

UFC 144 Coverage | Anthony Pettis Post Fight Interview (Video)

The UFC’s return trip to Japan has come and gone. For the first time ever the UFC put on a four-hour pay-per-view event featuring seven main card fights.

In the main event it was Ben Henderson who proved to be the better man and secured championship gold around his waist. The main event went the distance but it was the former champion, Frankie Edgar who looked severely damaged after his 25-minutes in the cage with the new champion Benson Henderson.

In the opening match of the pay-per-view card Anthony Pettis made quick work of Joe Lauzon with a devastating high kick that knocked the Boston native out and forced the referee to halt the action.



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12 Responses to “UFC 144 Coverage | Anthony Pettis Post Fight Interview (Video)”

  1. Good for him. I’m a big Joe L fan but Pettis brought the pain!

    I’m not a fan of giving him a match with Bendo before Maynard though;(

  2. Russel says:

    So he wins 1 decision and the gets a knockout. There are still many others ahead of him, he is out his mind if he thinks he deserves a shot right away. I like him but he still got some proving to do. Agree or disagree, but my opinion is he isn’t ready.

    • omgaghost says:

      Keep in mind he was inline to fight the winner of Edgar v Maynard. But when that ended up a tie, (and the rematch was announced) he chose to fight Guida. He could of chose to wait and fight for the title. I agree his 1 decision and 1 knockout isn’t enough to automatically deserve a title shot. But there is the sense that the WEC-UFC belt was never unified.

      I would be cool with Henderson v Pettis 2 and Edgar v Maynard 4 for contender.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Bendo is going to destroy Pettis if their rematch materializes.

  4. jonsey says:

    pettis needs to work on his wrestling really…that is a big hole in his game…

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