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Saturday, 02/04/2012, 09:56 pm

"UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit" Main Card Results And Recap| Condit Upsets Diaz, Diaz Retires In The Cage

Tonight’s UFC “143: Diaz vs. Condit” pay-per-view event has come and gone and a new welterweight champion has been crowned for the first time in nearly six years.

The five-fight main card took place live to from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas Nevada.

in the main event Carlos Condit earned his decision victory over Nick Diaz via unanimous decision. After the bout when interviewed by Joe Rogan Nick Diaz announced his retirement and disgust for the judges decision.

Here is your recap:

The first bout of the pay-per-view card between Ed Herman and Clifford Starks opened up with a war of a first round. Trading big shot after big shot, Starks appeared to edge the frame with the more powerful punches. Herman must have taken notice because he secured a solid takedown from the clinch right into side control early in the second round. He then took the mount, transitioned to the back and choked out Starks to secure the win early in the frame.

Bantamweights took to the cage next in a top contender matchup between Scott Jorgensen and Renan Barao. In the first round Barao dictated the pace and placement of the bout with effective kicks throughout the frame. Jorgensen attempted four-takedowns but completed none. In the second it was much of the same until around the three-minute mark where Scott pulled guard. He was able to keep him there, but failed to mount any type of real offense so he got back up and the two continued on their feet. More posturing and trading in the standup but it’s clear that Barao is the more polished striker. Jorgensen presses the action in the third, but no matter how much he moves forward Barao has his number and Scott’s face is starting to accumulate damage. There rest of the round was much of the same as both fighters appeared content to keep it on the feet. In the end it was Barao who walks away with the unanimous decision victory via 30, 27 on all three judges’ scorecards.

After an entertaining opening two bouts on tonight’s pay-per-view, welterweights Josh Koscheck and Mike Pierce took to the cage for the third bout of the evening. Pierce went after it early with a solid clinch game that kept Koscheck pressed against the cage for nearly two minutes. The crowd booed and they went back to the center of the cage. Kos shot for a takedown but it was stuffed and the two continued to posture for position. The two then traded hard right hands and both got slightly dazed temporarily. As the round came to an end both fighters slowed their pace and the more technical styling seemed to go in Koschecks favor.  Three minutes into the second and Pierce has thrown over 100 strikes. The victor is hard to identify at this point as the two kept going back and forth and the fights seemed even. Then Josh scored the takedown with about a minute left and maintained top position for about 30 seconds. The one item of note in the second frame was that an apparent head-butt cut Pierce and he was bleeding from the side of his head.  In the third Pierce was able to complete a takedown of his own, but Josh popped right back up. At this point there is still four-minutes left in the fight and Koscheck had his opponent pressed against the cage. At the two minute mark Kos shot for a takedown but Pierce defended. Against the cage the two stalled out and Herb Dean halted the action and restarted them in the center of the Octagon. Koscheck then poked Pierce in the eye and they took a break. With a minute left Koscheck unloads with his hands and eventually grabs a double leg takedown that he finishes. Pierce got up and the round ended. Koscheck took the win via split decision (29,28-29,28-29,28).

In the co-main event of the evening Fabricio Werdum and “Big Country” took to the center of the Octagon. Fabricio opened up the fight aggressively with strikes, dropped Nelson with a leg kick and followed him down where he transitioned to back mount. Nelson, being no slouch on the ground used his Renzo Gracie black belt to quickly work his way back to his feet. A few knees later, delivered by Werdum and Nelson was leaking blood out of his forehead like a stuck pig. Referee Josh Rosenthal stops the action to have the doctors look at the blood but the two are allowed to continue with a minute left in the round. Nelson landed a big punch and dropped Werdum. After a brief stint in Werdum’s guard Nelson lets his larger opponent back up and the round ends shortly after. At this point Nelson is really bloody. The second round opens and Nelson is met with a big knee to the body that drops him. Fabricio lets him stand back up and he just picks him apart with more technical striking for the duration of the round. In the third Fabricio goes for the clinch and he gets caught in a standing guillotine that looked tight, but Nelson had to let go and Fabricio made him pay with more strikes for the remainder of the fight. Fabricio takes the fight easily over Nelson on all judges’ cards 30, 27.

In the main event of the evening Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz squared off for the interim welterweight title.  The bout opened up with mean mugging and head clashing as to be expected in the initial stare off.   The first round was pretty much a stalemate on the feet. Both fighters had their moments but neither really leaped ahead. Condit landed leg kicks frequently but Diaz kept moving forward. First round is hard to call, at least in my eyes.  Second round was much of the same, no one really scored significantly, Diaz talked a lot of trash and moved Condit back but no real damage delivered by any fighter. Another tough round to call.  In the third the stand-up battle continued, both men tried their best to implement their game. At the midpoint of the bout both fighters are keeping pace, it was a very technical battle that Condit seems to be edging with his attacking variety but at this point it’s still hard to determine a clear winner. The fourth frame opens and the two welterweights continue where they left off, Condit throwed leg kicks and Diaz pushing the pace. Nick shot for a takedown at the rounds midpoint but Condit stuffed it. It’s more of Diaz moving  forward but it appeared as if Condit greatly outpointed him. Carlos started to edge the fight at the end of the fourth. The final round and one would think Condit is ahead on the scorecards. Diaz pushes a little harder in the fifth, but Condit turned it up too and is beating Diaz to the punch. With a minute and twenty left Nick takes his back and drags Carlos to the ground. With Nick in back mount he secured a figure four body lock and locked in a rear naked choke that Condit evaded. Condit switched positions and ended the fight on top. It’s a tough fight to call, but on my cards Condit took the bout, the judges agree and give it to Condit via unanimous decision 48, 47 – 49,46 – 49, 46.

MAIN CARD: (Pay-Per-View)
Carlos Condit def. Nick Diaz  via unanimous decision (48, 47 – 49, 46 – 49, 46) (To Win The UFC interim welterweight title)
Fabricio Werdum def. Roy Nelson via unanimous decision (30,27-30,27-30,27)
Josh Koscheck def. Mike Pierce via split decision (29,28-29,28-29,28)
Renan Barao def. Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision (30,27-30,27-30,27)
Ed Herman def. Clifford Starks via submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Round 2, 1:43

Dustin Poirier def.Max Holloway   submission (armbar) – Round 1, 3:23
Edwin Figueroa def. Alex Caceres via split decision (28,27-28,27-28,27)
Matt Brown def. Chris Cope via knockout – Round 2, 1:19
Matt Riddle def. Henry Martinez via split decision (29,28-29,28-29,28)

Rafael Natal def. Michael Kuiper via unanimous decision (30,27-30,27-29,28)
Stephen Thompson def. Dan Stittgen via knockout (head kick) -Round 1, 4:13

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70 Responses to “"UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit" Main Card Results And Recap| Condit Upsets Diaz, Diaz Retires In The Cage”

    • CrY eMo kid / pure failure is a dbag son of a hoe says:

      good fight – congrates condit.
      the ‘retirement’ is a marketing tactic. he’ll end up getting paid more for his next fight.
      the ufc is prolly offering bj a ton of cash to fight too. isn’t he considering coming back?
      to all the haters: F$#% OFF

  1. CrY eMo kid says:

    Go ahead and retire hommie… no one likes your ass but stockton bandwagon wannabe’s. Everyone else hates your ass because you have no respect for the sport.

    You could have had your chance at GSP if you didn’t f*** yourself by being lazy. Karma’s a bitch.

    • tim says:

      Everybody? Your an idiot who has no clue. In a real street fight Condit would be dead on the ground.. or safely running his ass away

      • jacob lee says:

        condit lost that fight

      • CrY eMo kid says:

        ^Stockton bandwagon wannabe^

        • CrY eMo kid says:

          So Condit should have just let him push him into the corner… just like he always does and land like 80 “baby punches”?? So your telling me that someone like Dominick Cruz with all of his evasive maneuvers, and constant movement are just running away??

          Just get in the ring and tell me that when you are fighting someone who has great takedowns and a BB in BJJ, that your just gonna run in on him and stay at a comfortable range?? Or are you gonna kick him in the face and not let him smother you to death with pillow punches like a little girl.

        • Kali130 says:

          No but he could have blocked and tried to fight. He did absolutely nothing but literally ducked his head and ran to the other side of the cage. He wasn’t landing any punches and his leg kicks didn’t do as much damage as people thought. It’s ridiculous the guy was scared.

        • tim says:

          I dont even like nick diaz. your just a poser. Face it.

        • pure failure says:

          ^Sure holmes, whatever you say…. so I call you a wannabe and you call me a poser.. congrats on “Interweb toughguy” status..

          You should quit being a Diaz fanboy like you boyfriend Nick quit mma.. lol

      • GRT 3000 says:

        @ tim, howz that…in a real fight? I didn’t care who won this fight so don’t give a shit; but it seems that Nick needs to corner someone and throw a million punches in order for something to be called a fight. This isn’t boxing gorillas – he needed to switch it up man, Carlos was nullifying his attempts to corner him and making him pay with counter punches and legs. what isn’t real abt that?

    • iStone says:

      how was he being lazy you fuck head….. all carlos did was kick and run, repeat…. nick won that fight 3-2 and also won a marathon by chasing the bitch down. carlos came to win the fight, not to take nick diaz out. he even said it post fight”i sticked to my game plan” n.b.k.

  2. BJC says:

    ick Diaz……I don’t want to play no more…I’m taking my toys and going home,,,BAhhhhhh.

  3. BJC says:

    Nick Diaz……I don’t want to play no more…I’m taking my toys and going home,,,BAhhhhhh.

  4. tim says:

    Natural Born Chicken doesnt back his words up. But congrats none the less

  5. Jason says:

    what?! Nick is retiring to? as a arm chair coach, I would say BJ would have Beat Nick to if he had the Gas

  6. BJC says:

    You have to be joking Jason

  7. Johannes says:

    Fuck this diaz hatin sht he has a point that win was bullsht typical jacksson tactics lay n pray or run like a pussy. They should go compete in tae kwon do or karate, they’re scoring puss*s. Thats why boxing is more real, exactly this crap.

    • moziboy75 says:

      straight boxing is techniquely great and the boxers stand up without kicks is better than most MMA athletes but to say it’s boring is a rediculous comment especially when in boxing it is stop start throughout every round. Don’t forget boxing has been around for over 100 years, just think of the striking skills of MMA athletes in that amount of time. Didn’t you watch Toney V Couture, that is the result of any boxer in the cage hands down….PUNCHERS CHANCE and thats it

  8. david says:

    horrible judges robbing great fighters, its a disgrace Dana u need to fix this please!

  9. Nick says:

    I think Nick got robbed. I had it 3 rounds to 2 for Diaz. I don’t see how Condit won.

  10. stand&bang says:

    nick kept coming forward while condit ran away. NATE DIAZ VS CONDIT

  11. DAMN! says:

    Nick Diaz Pulling Off A BJ Penn? Interesting…

  12. Wayne says:

    It was a close fight but it’s simple Condit had a good game plan and he beat Diaz in the striking game. Diaz likes to bully guys against the cage and Condit didn’t let him do that, he followed the stick and move game plan that the boxing game is famous for. Condit landed more strikes with more accuracy and took less damage… that’s called winning a fight. DIaz beat up face compared to Condits clean one tell the story. Too bad Diaz is a child and can’t handle what was the RIGHT DECISION so like a 6 year old child he says I quit and runs away and gives up. Pitiful I hve no respect for that clown now.

  13. BJC says:

    Coming forward and getting punched and kicked dont win you a fight,
    Compustat doent lie.Condit set a new record for most leg kicks in a fight.

  14. timmy says:

    Diaz did nothing except for agress, Condit landed way more shots and didn’t let Diaz pin him up!

  15. war goth666 says:

    how was nick robbed? he talked more than he did fight. condit was smart and asnt going to become no ones punching bag. he had a game plan and stuck to it. nick diaz is just a sore loser who got beat.

  16. Sean says:

    I thought Diaz won 1, 2, and 5 pretty clearly.

  17. Kingron84 says:

    Is funny how it wasa robbery but all the fighting sites scored it for condit as well

  18. jdubx says:

    all of you diaz fan boys need to rewatch the fight without WANTING diaz to win and look at it with an unbiased view, condit won that fair and square, the judges that scored it 49-46 are dumb as shit, it was 48-47 for condit no more, no less. diaz shouldn’t have listened to his dumb ass brother telling him he was winning, he should’ve went for broke and he would’ve won. why would he not use his cardio in a 5 round fight? dumb move by him… i wanted diaz to win but condit won so shut up and deal with it.

  19. david says:

    josh koshcheck won his fight n did even less how does that make any sense, all condit did was turn his back n run all 5 rounds great now we have another fighter wining a title by running away from the fight

  20. pure failure says:

    Everyone who says that Diaz won.. just get off the pipe and actually open your eyes… Diaz clearly had a plan and Condit was able to work around that while scoring on the exit EVERY TIME.. and when Diaz wasn’t constantly trying to push him into the corner to do his “Stockton pillow fight” and stood at range with Condit… He was getting smashed on and constantly kicked and punched in the face. He didnt want to stand and bang…

    He wanted to score with his pillow punches, but instead ate them every time he tried and it frustrated the hell out of him . The judges saw this and thats why he retired like a baby..

  21. Isaiah D says:

    Bad Decision In my opinion… You cant run around for 5 rds and be the champ, or can you? I guess now you can, So what happens when your both boring Greg jackson decision grabbing fighters. Who does he help. What a cluster F&%$.., Diaz was there to fight and I think won first, second and last rd. Third was close.. but I guess the judges like pussy legs kicks, Im a true Mma fan and i bet most would agree with me. The sport can grow with that bullshit….

  22. Conditwon says:

    Condit had Nicks number. People are butt hurt because Condit didn’t stand against the cage and let Diaz unload body shots on him? Whatever….

    He didn’t just get out pointed, Condit landed way more strikes! Made new record for leg kicks landed in a fight! But yeah, people will argue that Condit ran the entire fight. Sure!

    Good job Carlos, you earned it!

    • pure failure says:

      +1 … Nick was fustrated (which the judges saw also) and he had to resort to S*** talking in the ring to try and score points but not once did he want to STAND and BANG.. he wanted to SMOTHER and PILLOW PUNCH…

      Everytime at range he got kicked punched then kicked in the face.. today was the end of the “Stockton Pillow Fighting Technique”.. showing that the judges aren’t going for that smother then 25-50% power slap crap.

  23. Johannes says:

    Oh yeah so ur a professional judge huh ?? Talkin bout gettin in the octagon and sht fck that mark munoz and dan henderson gets in the octagon they tweeted they had diaz too who the fck r u that has bettet judgement then a real fighter asshole. Show some respect to a dude that puts more time in training than u sittin actin all smart n porfessional. Fake sht

  24. cody says:

    condit pussed out soooo fucking bad no matter what u hatters want to say theres a great argument both ways who won but who gives a fuck u cannot argue the so called natural born killer ran the fuck away flaling hes limbs around landing what he could i liked both of these guys but fuck condit nbk my ass that was 45 dollars well spent

  25. Isaiah D says:

    I watch Fighting to see fights. If I wanted to see good game plans I would watch professional Chess..

    • Wayne says:

      Every fight and every sport is about game plans, the amount of time and energy put into them you simply don’t seem to understand and when competition is that close they make all the difference in the world. If you want to watch street fights go to a bar in a rough neighborhood because you clearly can’t understand and appreciate a great MMA fight.

  26. GRT 3000 says:

    What’s with all of these top fighters retiring after a loss? can’t stand to lose so bad they’d rather quit than learn from it. crikey!

    & Nick was not robbed man . His only gameplan was to force Condit into a corner and wail on him. If something isn’t working you switch it up; he tried in the end but too little too late. Posturing & trying the same shit over and over, while in the meantime eating legs and counter punches equals a loss. I wish Condit would have stood and engaged a bit more though, but whatever.

  27. A.James says:

    Just like at their faces at the end and you can clearly tell who won the fight. Nick looked like he reanacted the Passion of the Christ on his face.

  28. slacker says:

    Well, he didn’t win it the way I thought he would. But great gameplan executed just short of perfection. I had it 3 – 2 Condit. No chance I could give Diaz the win. But he did very well. Unfortunately, for him, he did better in the earlier rounds as compared to the final 3. He blew this fight himself, really. For a guy with outstanding cardio, he should have been pushing the pace, but when Carlos would dodge away from the fence, he would just walk back to the center with no sense of urgency or pressure. He should have been trying to back him to the fence again immediately! Bad coaching maybe. What’s the point in having all that cardio unless you are going to use it!??? He had a strong area of advantage, and he never exploited his opponent with it!

  29. James Troy says:

    i had the fight 3 rds for diaz. 1,2,5.

    i like diaz and condit very much. but diaz pushed the pace even in the rounds he lost. (3,4) diaz came closest to finishing the fight and landed better shots. and i duno where these stats for most leg kicks record is coming from but they are deff wrong.

    with that said i still hope condit has a good run and destroys GSP when he comes back lol.

    • cody says:

      couldnt said it better i liked them both equally but at the end of the day condit NEVER had him in any trouble he backed up id say 90% of the fight landed maybe 5 decent power shot and nick controlled it had him the most danger it suck cause u watch and its like condit didnt win but neither did diaz really but i gave slightly to diaz for control and was the only one to come close to finishing condit really pussed out

    • slacker says:

      I had 1, 3, and 4 for Condit.

  30. sexy boy says:

    FIRst of all, i think both fighters did good,.. but the decesion went to CONDIT,… and i dont know y diaz retired,.. oh well it dosent matter,i hope condit vs gsp happens soon,..and good job to condit!

  31. JPeech says:

    I had Condit winning the fight Diaz showed he was frustrated and what a child he is by resorting to talking shit (like always) and holding on to Condits leg for like 5 seconds longer after the round lol what a joke go ahead and retire

  32. slacker says:

    It’s funny how no one wants to say it could have been a draw! lol The closest round IMO was the 1st.

  33. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Damn that fight was disappointing. Condit and his Greg Jackson game plans ruined what could have been fight of the year. Props for figuring out Diaz but he did run away and just out pointed him like GSP. At least GSP controls the octagon when he point fights. The only two rounds that were interesting were the last two. Especially when Diaz almoalst pulled an upset.

  34. Xaninho says:

    And once again all my predictions came through.

    Condit won it fair and square, he landed the most punches and certainly the most kicks. All Diaz did was moving forward, but he never succeeded in his attempts to throw long combinations. Each and every time Condit interrupted them and countered with some powerful combo’s of his own.

    Condit is/was just the better fighter.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      He still ran away…

      • allmightysandman says:

        …i don’t think it was ‘running away’ … i think it was more like ‘stick and move’ . it wasn’t the war that diaz wanted, but it was a pretty smart fight for condit. yeah yeah … all the diaz nutters say condit was a pussy and didn’t fight, blah blah. Condit had a plan to get himself a shot at the title and it worked perfectly. diaz got exposed as being a bit ‘stuck’ in one mode of fighting and couldn’t adapt quickly enough to catch up to NBK….good fight for condit…he sent diaz whining into retirement.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You are right besides him not running. When you have your back turned and to your opponent and you are moving in the opposite direction, you are running. I wanted Condit to win but not like this. I wanted a war and Condit wasn’t ready for a war. Condit can’t say shit about GSP point fighting now and how he is a finisher.

          Diaz would have and should have whooped him. I I like Diaz as a fighter and not as a person maybe he will reconsider his retirement. LOL I thought he was mocking BJ Penn at first.

      • Xaninho says:

        Nah it was being elusive. He did stand and bang, but only on his terms when he wanted it. He didn’t let Diaz walk him down in a corner only to receive a load of those stockton slaps. He attacked Diaz’ legs and got him frustrated.

        A few of Condits punches and headkicks would have normally stunned any opponent, but Diaz has a good chin.

      • wyman says:

        but as he so called ran he was punching and kicking nicks face

  35. DBKlein69 says:

    to all the diaz209 nuthuggers…HAHAHAHA!!!!
    now go do like ur boy and just quit watching mma :)
    sore losers

  36. Isaiah D says:

    Both fighters looked surprised by the Decision.

  37. DBKlein69 says:

    diaz stalked him the entire fight but did not move in and deliver any real punishment. he was clearly getting frustrated that condit was battering his face and moving extremely well. the open hand slap was nice tho! i loved that. but it wasn’t enough to earn the W. their faces tell the story of the fight. also, dont forget condit isn’t gonna sit out and wait for gsp like cesar gracie wanted diaz to. he’ll be defending the belt within 5 months im sure. so who knows who gsp will fight when he comes back.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Yeah that slap to the face was highlight reel worthy. Also the grabbing of the leg after the bell was funny.

      I think GSP vs Condit will be sooner than 5 months.

  38. Sheikara says:

    My boy diaz is one stubborn sob and has a hard time admitting defeat..“I’m not going to accept the fact that this was a loss. I’ve lost fights before, where, you know, like, I’m not going to accept that either. (really diaz)..You left the fight to the judges and that’s how you got screwed, once again you have yourself to blame for not getting the opportunity to fight missed all the press conferences (your fault), and then you didn’t take this fight seriously either (your fault)..instead of taunting, teasing and being immature you should have been trying to lay condit’s ass out!! (slapping him, holding his leg at the end of the round..not effective) I like him a lot and I just think he wasted time being a bully instead of using his aggression and octagon control to really get in and submit condit, he waited till the last round!! I hope he considers the retiring decision, he really does have potential its just a shame he is so slow that he doesn’t want to adapt to become a well-rounded fighter!!..

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