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Wednesday, 11/09/2011, 11:00 am

UFC 138 draws 2.1 million viewers on Spike TV

This past weekend’s UFC 138 event was available to approximately 100 million Spike TV subscribers in the US. It drew in a very respectable 1.8 million viewer average with a peak audience of 2.1 million and a 1.2 household rating.

Spike TV released the ratings information late yesterday afternoon.

“UFC 138: Munoz vs. Leben” went down tonight at the LG Arena at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham England. The Spike TV card aired stateside via tape-delay and featured a main event between middleweights, Mark Munoz and Chris Leben in the UFC’s first ever 5-round non-title fight.

While the main event was scheduled for a full twenty-five minutes it took Mark Munoz just ten to force the corner of Leben to halt the action due to a vicious cut above that eye that left Chris unable to see.

The tape-delayed broadcast was the number 1 rated program on cable television in the timeslot among the male age’s 18- 34 and 18-49 demographics.

The UFC 138 ratings are right in line with the average Spike card viewership. Septembers Fight night 25 drew in 1.8 million viewers, Fight night 24 hit the mark with 2.2 million viewers and Fight Night 23 drew in 1.85 million viewers.


6 Responses to “UFC 138 draws 2.1 million viewers on Spike TV”

  1. Fortyb4five says:

    Gotta say that was a really solid card. Just finished watching it, been on the dvr.

  2. Long-Strong says:

    eh… these numbers could be better. i think it was the way the card was presented on Spike; the fights were kinda boring in my opinion. Really don’t understand how Munoz and Leben didn’t get fight of the night; it was the only entertaining fight of the evening in my opinion.

  3. chrismmafreak says:

    @lon-strokes where u high on crack when you saw the fights they were all awesome with mostly 1st round finishes

  4. Yaydrian says:

    That’s when u know ur one of those “when is chuck fighting” I actually thought the other fights were better than the main event…maybe cuz I was rooting for leben but some amazing fights all together

  5. AbsalomW says:

    All I have to say is: What kind of creepy sleezy company airs condom commercials when the kids are at home watching? Spike sucks lemons.

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