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Thursday, 11/03/2011, 09:08 am

UFC 138: Chris Leben Explains Fighting Style

“For me to take two hits to land one, that’s a calibrated risk that I’ve taken. It’s generally in my gameplan because if I can get that guy suckered into thinking he can hit me a few times, I put my head down, catch a few on top of the head and then come back up with an uppercut… BANG! You know? Lights out for him. Everybody can say I’m a brawler and, ‘Oh, Chris got lucky.’ Every time I go on [the Internet] after a win, it’s always, ‘Chris got lucky or I landed a wild shot.’ How many wild shots can you really land? How many times can you really be lucky? This is my 21st fight in the UFC and I’m still around. I must be doing something right.”


17 Responses to “UFC 138: Chris Leben Explains Fighting Style”

  1. carlos says:

    You’re the man Leben!

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Leben is a fighter I’ll never grow tired of watching. Dude is all about scrappin’.

  3. asdf says:

    LOL, what’s with Chris leben hanging out with the Asian hoes. I think I saw two of them. I’d hate to wrestle him, for other reasons than fighting. lol.

  4. Rafi Bomb, homie says:

    Wish that Wandy fight would’ve lasted longer. Not taking anything away, Chris absolutely deserves the KO, just wish it lasted longer. Would’ve been more entertaining.

  5. Zack says:

    Leben is a zombie. Nobody can finish him standing but Anderson.

  6. Mike says:

    Always liked watching him fight, he’s an honest brawler and very dangerous. He’s always stayed true to himself in his fights and only really got beat up when he fought Anderson Silva. I remember Chuck Liddel saying “He hits like a Mack Truck” when describing Leben and it shows with all his knockouts. If he catches you its lights out.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      No doubt! Just watch that Terry Martin fight, and you’ll see how hard the Crippler hits! He was damn near asleep on his feet when he laid Martin out! Gotta love Leben for his go hard style

  7. Justa Thought says:

    I was a long time non – fan of Leben, but it looks like he’s dealt with his past issues like a man and has really shown improvement. Chris is one Tough Customer with a superhero chin. Oh, and stay away from his uppercuts, ouch! No fear just fights, gotta love it.

  8. Kalez says:

    Leben is too small @185. He needs to drop down to 170.

  9. John M says:

    He fucking loves garlic! Man he put the whole damn bag of it on that salmon, that must be his secret to ko guys

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