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Thursday, 11/03/2011, 09:08 am

UFC 138: Chris Leben Explains Fighting Style

“For me to take two hits to land one, that’s a calibrated risk that I’ve taken. It’s generally in my gameplan because if I can get that guy suckered into thinking he can hit me a few times, I put my head down, catch a few on top of the head and then come back up with an uppercut… BANG! You know? Lights out for him. Everybody can say I’m a brawler and, ‘Oh, Chris got lucky.’ Every time I go on [the Internet] after a win, it’s always, ‘Chris got lucky or I landed a wild shot.’ How many wild shots can you really land? How many times can you really be lucky? This is my 21st fight in the UFC and I’m still around. I must be doing something right.”


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