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Saturday, 10/29/2011, 09:34 pm

UFC 137 Results: Diaz, Penn, Cerrone & Palaszewski Take home $75k Bonus

“UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz” took place this evening from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The pay-per-view event was a stacked affair that put two of the most popular fighters in MMA against each other for a welterweight showdown that was nothing short of spectacular.

In one of the best and most technical MMA fights in history, Nick Diaz returned to the UFC in emphatic fashion to best multiple time champion, BJ Penn.

In the post fight interview, Penn announced his retirement from the sport.

Full results:

Nick Diaz def. B.J. Penn via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)
Cheick Kongo def. Matt Mitrione via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-28, 29-28)
Roy Nelson def. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic via TKO (strikes) – Round 3, 1:30
Scott Jorgensen def. Jeff Curran via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Hatsu Hioki def. George Roop via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Donald Cerrone def. Dennis Siver via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:22
Bart Palaszewski def. Tyson Griffin via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 2:45
Brandon Vera def. Eliot Marshall via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Ramsey Nijem def. Danny Downes via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)
Francis Carmont def. Chris Camozzi via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Clifford Starks def. Dustin Jacoby via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


0 Responses to “UFC 137 Results: Diaz, Penn, Cerrone & Palaszewski Take home $75k Bonus”

  1. Anthony says:

    BJ sooks after gassing and gets his arse handed to him.

    • Ricardo says:

      BJ Penn should have stayed at lightweight because as a 170 lbs he isnt in shape and gases soo fast.

    • MMA-ster says:

      Really man – he dominated in the 1st…I thought he had it. Then he came out in the 2nd like he actually lost the 1st. It was like he disappeared. He’s the most highly skilled fighter out there, with the shittiest cardio.

      • Brent says:

        BJ had to eat to make weight which was showed on his blog with matt hughes. Honestly he should’ve taken the cardio training seriously ever since he fought GSP and especially since he decided to stay and fight in WW. Its ridiculous but regardless he is a naturally talented fighter and hopes he becomes a good coach to many coming fighters.

  2. Ricardo says:

    this payperview was soo boring.
    Cannot believe Mitrione lost, Roy won, and BJ retired. Unbelieveable ppv.

    • tim says:

      Boring? What exciting to you? Watching Fitch?

      • Ricardo says:

        so u mean to say that hioki didnt make u snooze??
        or matt v kongo??
        the main card was snnozefest until the main event..
        Exciting: Condit, Edgar, A.Silva. those are never boring

        • chrissss says:

          listen here “ricardo” edgar is indeed boring absolutely BORING and he sucks. me vs edgar. me win by murder 30 seconds in. condit? get outta town. silva is sick so your batting about .33% nice. #destoryedgarwithpinky

        • Ricardo says:

          Condit boring??????????????/
          are u retarted??????
          27 wins 26 finishes!!!!
          holy shit that sounds very boring.
          he manhandled rory, ko’d the dangerous hardy, ko’s the undefeated dong..
          edgar best boxing in mma and even freddie roach said it!!!!!! fuck you

      • Ricardo says:

        even dana tweeted about it. it was not what he expected.

        • Bah Humbug says:

          I agree Riocardo – that card was not what I expected. Cro Cop lost and retired, Mitrione lost, and BJ lost and retired. All the fighters I was going for :( The Mitrione fight was fucking boring – I expected allot more from that. Cerrone vs Siver was about the only fight I was stoked for.

  3. Dave says:

    We all were surprised and unhappy to hear our favorite fighter was retiring. BJ we want to wish you the best and truly hope you stay involved in MMA in some aspect of the game. Peace be with you brother and God Bless your newborn.

    • MMA-ster says:

      word. I’m sure he’ll be in the corner of some young and hungry killer(s); BJ will be sought after as a trainer if he decides to go that way.

    • Fuckyou says:

      R u really calling BJ a fag u dumb piece of shit…..the 1st thing u need to udo is STFU U dont know what this man has brought to mma and his comunoty in Hilo…Its dumb fucks like that need not even watch the sport let alone talk about it…Most likely ur some fat fuck that has only dreamed of having the balls bog enought to a cage and if u are a fiighter u must be a bum cause no one cares who the fuck u are…u can get the fuck off of BJs site now..prick

    • john k. says:

      first of all jonsey u must be a girl , thatz the name people give their daughters kinea like sally but we’ll jst call u ( little bitch ) Jst. one question for u & one reply out of your little bitch mouth!!!…….Hav u ever in your life time had a MMA world Championship belt around your waist? one answer bitch!!!! Well BJ has & more the once!!! …& u never will jonsey girl !!!

    • Merrillyn Rapoza says:

      First of all, I think that you shouldn’t post any comment when your spelling is that bad! Dude go back to school! You are such an idiot! It is a good thing that I know how to read ASSHOLE!

    • JAG says:


  4. jess says:

    BJ Penn, my favorite fighter yesterday, my favorite fighter today and my favorite fighter tomorrow. Thanks champ what ever you decide to do……….thanks!

  5. Taimanglo says:

    BJ you are a true warrior, I love watcing you fight and you would always be remembered in the UFC. I would like to see someone do what you have done in the WW and LW division. BJ one of the best champions to ever fight in the UFC. We love you Braddah!

  6. Nick says:

    much respect for THE PRODIGY the true champ! Gave us a great show again and in my opinion went on with fireworks.. GOD BLESS

  7. Ron reyes says:

    B.J. Penn! WAR!!!!!! DON’T RETIRE!!!

  8. Fortyb4five says:

    lol look at Chaels record son lose to bums cant defend triangles worth shit.

    • Ricardo says:

      chael cheated get it through your fucking head he cant finish a fucking fight.
      all fired up because he submitted an overrated stann.
      u probably never knew about chael until he got a title shot against silva.
      300 punches but NONE finished silva.

      • JOHN says:

        I hate chael sonnen. but the chael sonnen dick riding faggot is right. at least sonnen is willing to do whatever it takes to win a fight. It’s more disrespectful to show up to a fight like BJ did tonight.

    • Fortyb4five says:

      but he sure will cheat for his fans lmao sorry excuse for a fighter.

    • MMA-ster says:

      Dude, Chael is 5-4 in the UFC. His only claim to fame is name dropping Silva every chance he gets; the champ submitted him while he was on roids! Plus on top of that he’s the undisputed UFC middleweight douche. If that’s yer boy, it can only mean one thing…your a fuckin douche too.

    • ScoobDawgNigga says:

      got to give it to BJ that he has fought 3 top ten guys at ww in his last 3 fights….beat one, draw with the number 2 and went the distance with number 3….who the fuck has Chael fought that was so spictakular. N dont get me wrong i like Chael i think he is a legit fighter to his division, but there is no comparision to a man who has cleaned out a division, and has only lost to chanps…. ie GSP Diaz Edgar, Lyoto, Hughs

    • The Dude says:

      No one will ever quit as much as Chael though….

      he’s said- “I quit, you win, I can’t fight no more, please stop hurting me!!!’

      in 8 mma fights, 4 of those in the UFC

      #1 quitter in MMA history

  9. Ricardo says:

    u dont have to have a perfect record to be a legend u dumbass.
    BJ held 2 titles in 2 different divisions.
    Finishes fights.
    Never been ko’d.
    ran the lightweight division and one of the best takedown defense in mma.
    chael sonnen dick riding faggot

    • Ricardo says:

      GSP used vaseline and u can clearly see who was getting creamed and whos face was smashed and bloodied up.
      Sonnen sucks dude get off his nuts.
      he has lost to 3 armbars and 4 triangles!!!
      he couldnt finish silva with 300 punches and silva broken ribs and PEDd Sonnen..

    • Stefan says:

      I’m severely disappointed in BJ too. I believe that he had the skillset to be the greatest of all time. If he would’ve fully committed himself to MMA and delt with his motivation issues, as well as switched training camps nobody would’ve been able to touch him. Records don’t make legends but they do matter. Most of BJ’s wins have been complete ass whoopings on his part, but at the same time in the majority of his losses he got his ass beat badly as well. I am happy he retired though, as a huge BJ fan I have no desire to see another 3rd round Fitch/2&3rd round Diaz type beatdown

      • C'mon Get Real says:

        Really Guys? I mean get a grip, 2 B honest BJ only Person who got Balls 2 Fight in 4 Different weight Category No Matter the Reason; BJ is 1 of 2 people In History 2 Earn 2 Titles in 2 Different Weight Division, An accomplished World Ju Jitsu Fighter, only one in History at the time to be Non Brazillian to win the Black Belt World Title. Never Been Knocked Down or Knock out, that’s why he is a legend not just cause his record or why he lost or other speculations.. Did he Give up? I don’t think so, all depends what u Look at, Did he Train Hard? I think so despite everything else he does for his community, is that an excuse? No but it’s the truth.. Now all u Diaz, Pierre, Edgar worshippers, u think they qualify to b called legend because they Beat an Older BJ Penn once or twice? Nut that being old is an excuse.. But do they have the Balls to fight out of their weight division n on top of that Win? Doubt it, do they also do as much for thier community as BJ does? Doubt that also. As far as BJ Coming Back to Fight Again, I Sure Hope He Sticks to his True Weight Division n work on his Cardio..But he is an accomplished Fighter and one of the Best We’ve Seen from the beginning…

      • Philippe says:

        There is a reason fighters don’t go up and down weight classes just to fight big names. The answer is BJ Penn. He is a fairly bigger 155er who can probably make 145. but way too small for 170. He played around weight classes he was not prepared for and was not successful. Yes he fought Lyoto which is a big name and lost. Yes he fought GSP (1st round of first fight was close but everything after that he got thrown around and demolished). Yes he fought Edgar twice and he got demolished in the second fight. Yes he fought Fitch and got demolished completely in the 3rd round. All these fights he kept going up and down and fucked with his body and that affected his cardio. You call him great for that? I call him unprofessional and losing out on great potentials for himself if he just stayed in 155. But he was too ambitious and tried to take shortcuts and got f’d up bad. His retirement was more sad to see than appreciative of his contribution. Legend? I think not!

      • Jay says:

        Everybody’s on here questioning whether not BJ is a legend. BJ is definitely a legend, for a long time BJ has only had tough fights only fought the best in there respective divisions, win or lose he jumped divisions and fought the Champ or a top contender. The other greats of the sport who have jumped divisions have taken on mid level fighters, also BJ has never to my knowledge ducked or turned down a fight. He is a fighters, fighter and is an example to young fighters coming up, about heart and a will to fight!!!

        up an comers however should probably not take cardio training advice from BJ lol. If that was the last time I got to see a BJ penn fight than thank you BJ for everything I got my moneys worth from almost everyone of your fights and I appreciate that everytime you went into the octagon it was to go to war and not fight for points! thank you! Enjoy retirement you deserve it.

    • Tru says:

      Atleast Bj has won titles at too different weight classes. Plus Bj never used roids. Then he never brought another man wife into arguments. Best part of all Bj never been submitted like a bitch for all his losses.

  10. Alex says:

    BJ is a hero, and a rockstar. Fuck you wannabe guys that shit on him. All the talk of cardio. Like any of you retards here can run up a flight of stairs without passing out.

    • MMA-ster says:

      Whatever clown – BJ is the people’s champ. Chael is the people’s chump. Go share a roid cocktail with yer hero and marvel over his 5-4 record and king douchebag title in the UFC.

    • AAxantonio says:

      you call alot of people nut huggers but who post under the name “chaels SONnen”? BJ is a future hall of famer a legend, and to some people a hero, and since you literally wish you came out of chaels tiny steroid shriveled nuts tell him i have been calling him out for weeks now and he should stop ducking me. FIGHT ME CHAEL LAY N PRAY SONNEN, if chael doesnt fight me he should not be allowed to fight in the ufc anymore, shit if he dont fight me shouldnt be allowed to watch the ufc anymore

  11. James says:

    Hes fought the very best in the world, and beat most of them. He held belts in 2 weight classes, fought 3 weight classes above his own. He is a true legend, and is still one of the most talented fighters in the world. BJ Penn will never be forgotten.

    • Ricardo says:

      GSP,Edgar and Diaz are not legends and never will be.
      Hughes is the best welterweight ever in mma not gsp.
      Edgar is still in need to prove people wrong i mean he beat an overrated maynard but wat about other lw bigger than him such as henderson, guida, lauzon guillard cerrone,???
      Diaz is a Strikeforce reject and GSP will expose his cardio and his takedown defense. and im not even a fan of GSP.

      • JOHN says:

        gsp and edgar will be better legends than BJ. you’re a fucking dumb sack of shit if you don’t think so. At least they give their fans their best every fight.

        • Ricardo says:

          im a fan of edgar, but at least bj finishes fights unlike lay st. pierre or should i say “jab st. pierre”..
          bj held 2 titles in 2 diff divisions, beat some of the best fought the best.

        • John You Dumbass says:

          First, at least you admit that GSP and Edgar aren’t legends and BJ is. Secondly, you’re the piece of shit type fan who changes their favorite fighter as soon as that fighter loses. In other words, you have no loyalty. That’s cool and all, but you end up being empty inside and you end up constantly looking to fill the void, which will never happen. The emptiness agitates you and seeing others who don’t feel that way agitates you even more! So, you try to bring others down instead of building yourself up. You’ve already decided that you got life figured out and nothing anyone else says matters or is correct. There are many of you in the world, a whole lot on this website lately. You and all those like you will never be happy. Never. And i feel sorry for you more than anything.

      • Ricardo says:

        never said edgar is overrated.
        I respect edgar but he isnt gonna last dude he is a small ass lw compared to henderson and the others.
        edgar beat bj like no one else did he murdered in every aspect wrestling and boxing. i respect edgar.
        Daley fight was a BAD stoppage and Daley rocked Diaz world.
        Hughes has done way more than wat st pierre has.
        and chael sucks bro, silva submitted him ONLY because chael dissed nogs bros jiujitsu.
        but now silva WILL KO chael once n for all and shut his trap along with all the nutt huggers including you.,

      • Fortyb4five says:

        lol this Chael wannabe and John are gonna but fuck each other all night now. haha get some losers go do something with yourselves instead of talking shit on a fighter that would fuck both you up at the same time.

    • AAxantonio says:

      stop repeating yourself and tell chael to fight me. or i will kick you in the chin and laugh when you bite his nutless sack off.

    • MMA-ster says:

      you got this all figured out ; so Chael must be the fuckin man then. Cuz he’s 5-4 in the UFC and lost to Silva while on roids. That’s fucking amazing dude; 5-4 in the UFC and a roider. oohhh, the legacy. How did he get such a fuckin unbelievable record?! Has he always been on roids or just the 5 that he won, plus the tapout with Silva?

  12. Nick says:

    Man everyone at the restaurant was shocked when BJ said he was done. I’ve never seen him beaten so badly. On a serious note. Nick deserves that title shot way more than Condit does. Man fuck Condit. Diaz deserves it. Point. Blank. Period.

    • MMA-ster says:

      I agree that he deserves it over Condit; although if he would of showed up the press conference instead of acting like a 13 year old bratty shithead, he would have been there already. GSP will heal up and take out Condit…then he’ll pick apart Diaz. GSP may not be super exciting anymore, but he’s well disciplined and won’t gas out like BJ.

  13. david boaz says:

    Wish joe rogan would shut his mouth. Ufc please find a announcer who doesnt need to be killed

  14. jon fitch is a bitch says:

    My favorite fighter by far!
    one of the few that actually give me goose bumps when he enter the octagon, thanks for all the great years!

  15. JOHN says:

    wtf nick diaz deserves a title shot… nick diaz shouldn’t even be mentioned. I’m glad BJ retired. If you’re gonna continue to keep showing up unconditioned and half ass every big fight you get, then definitely you should retire. Stop disappointing the fans who know what you are capable of. Thanks for your lustrous career but BJ you showed the world today that you no longer have anything left… and that’s ok. I hope you take retiring seriously and don’t continue to tarnish your career.

  16. Brandon Wheaton says:

    Records can be deceiving. BJ Penn has fought guys like Lyoto Machida. Guys that Anderson Silva is scared to fight.

  17. Justin K says:

    BJ you are a truly inspirational figure, much respect… Thank you for everything

    • Roxanne Taniguchi says:

      All talk… BJ has been a try fighter n legend with all HIS Accomplishments, one Of The Very Fee Fighters 2 Have The Balls N Fight in 2 Different Weight Class; Let’s See if Edgar, Diaz n Pierre Can Have Half the Balls to do That.. As for the Damn Haters of BJ, I Don’t See U in the Damn Ring, n yes everyone else got Families but do the Also got several Gyms opening up with their Name anytime soon. If BJ Does Retire, He made the Damn Best Decision, Family First..

  18. greg says:

    Thanks bj! You’re still the G.O.A.T. in my eyes

  19. Medicine Man says:

    1 more fight BJ, don’t retire with a lost, retire winning won last time not for us, but for yourself, and your dream. Don’t let your dream end up in losing, unless that’s what you aim for, but I believe there’s 1 more left in you, just do it, take 1 more fight and win for your morality.

  20. slacker says:

    Why BJ allowed himself to stay up against the fence I’ll never know. If he kept the fight in the center, he could have won. Oh well. Great career. Congrats! Was never even knocked down!!! Just like Couture never got submitted. Two of the best pound for pounds ever.

  21. Ricardo says:

    BJ Penn is the most nicest loveable fighters out there!
    IDK how people can hate him.!
    BJ Penn will always be a legend!

  22. scoota says:

    All these tools bad mouthin bj… Trust a sonnen nut hugger to run his mouth, go watch wwe…. Edgar and gsp will never be the legend bj was unless Edgar drops to 145.. Bj has held the ww and lw.. And has fought higher weight again… Bj TRUE p4p champ… I can understand you bein upset about him gassing but show some respect

  23. Surfari says:

    BJ showed a lot of heart in that fight! Fight of the YEAR!!!!!!

  24. remi says:

    Lmao who posts under cheap sonnen lmao! Sum peoples kids these days I tell yah

  25. Lan says:

    Bj you are the best fighter at all times. I hate for you to retire but as a women I think you’ve made the right decision to put your family first.

  26. Hendrix says:

    Sonnens a fuckin clown…all talk cheatn juice monkey.

  27. Anthony says:

    bj, u were my idol. U are so talented! you could’ve been the best ever! you can beat anyone frm GSP to Frankie Edgar. But u let me down! don’t tell me u trained hard for this fight man!!!! U need to get back with the Marinovichs! u are my idol, my favorite fighter of all time man, i’ll stick with you against anyone. but seriously u need to prepare for a fight like its ur last. u killed diaz in the first, if you had any cardio u wouldve won. diaz ain’t shit! u couldve beaten GSP if u didn’t gas! please bj, don’t retire! u have so much more too accomplish. u just need a steady cardio workout. If your cardio was higher u would have no losses at alll! i respect you with everything i have. U still are my favorite fighter, but just know, u couldve been the greatest if you’re cardio was better. Marinovichs were the best cardio coaches u had, u killed florian and diego!!! if you had the same cardo then u wouldve clowned diaz!!! i give u all my respect just don’t tell me its your last fight!!! u have so much more to offer, so train hard adn get that cardio working and kick some ass like before!!! BJ u are the most gifted athlete, in mma!!! make use of it…..ALOHA!!!

  28. Frank says:

    Fuck bj I support him 110% I come from Guam order every fight then he co
    Ea on & says he’s In the best shape then gases out in the first fuck
    Him….. Fuck
    U bj you are no statue that we respect fuck u

  29. Rob the fans says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments…so here’s mine: BJ did get beat up, and to certain extent, let us down. Then, he says his going to retire, not go back to LW, but retire. I would like to believe that BJ’s up and down in weight is affecting his cardio, but we saw with the Marv brothers that his cardio was at its best against (Diego and Florian).

    For whatever reason, no matter who he brings in, he gets tired. BJ’s become a 1 round fighter and its become quite sad. Yes, he did well against Fitch in the second but was gassed in the third. It’s disappointing, I get up to watch every single fight of his and lately, it hasn’t been what I expected. BJ does not have the cardio to fight today’s WW, period.

    In BJ’s road to 137, he casual says he wants a few more good wins, so what if you lost to Diaz??? What about LW??? Losing was disappointing, but retiring was sad. He went down on his shield, but stop fighting big WW??? BJ’s done every cardio workout to date, what has been the most successful? MARV Bros.

    BJ shouldn’t retire. He should go back to LW. If anything, he should retire where he began. I don’t know, I felt like I lost the fight… BJ will make the right decision, but a few more LW bouts is what the fans really want. I read all these comments on congrats on your career! this and that… No! So you lost to Nick Diaz, So what… pick yourself up and have some fights at LW. It doesn’t have to be a title run, just a few more wins for the fans.

    In any event, it was good to watch you when you’re on! It was nice to see you fight even in a loss albeit, it was disappointing. Whatever decision you make, take care and good luck.

  30. James Wolfe says:

    Whatever you decide BJ is up to you. I just want to say thanks for all the memories and great fights. You were a pleasure to watch for many years now. All the best in whatever you decide. Peace BJ.

  31. Dosan says:

    I woke up sad with a hangover…SHIT! Only if BJ got that hook in…

    Penn Nation For Life!

  32. jeremy says:

    Brahhda B, No worries brah, family comes first. You know that all us Hilo people will back you no matter what you decide. Much Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa for putting Hilo on da map in MMA. Love you brahhda, see you in town.

  33. Jerome Tulaseket says:


    It’s always hard for me when you are losing a game. When you announced your retirement last night, I was in total shock.

    For all the years of fighting I thank you. You always make us pacific islanders proud !!!

    Europe / Holland

  34. Vincent says:

    Wow some of you people are stupid… Just because your record isnt the best doesn’t mean you can’t be a legend… Bj Penn is a true legend he’s fought the best he’s beaten the best and he’s lost to the best he’s a talented MMA fight and a great bjj expert. Yeah I agree his cardio sucks but that doesn’t hold him back from being a legend Bj has done more than most MMA fighters have ever done… Bj has had hard fought battles he’s won some and lost some you can’t say that Bj is not a legend if you do then you probably just started watching UFC because you heard Brock lesnar was gonna be the best… Anyone that actually follows MMA and not just UFC will tell you Bj is a legend

  35. josé "fast hands" garcia says:

    Im not good at putting feelins into words but I will try I saw the fight last night & im still feeling the shock of it today not bcuz bj lost but bcuz of his announcement after the fight if in fact bj decides to really hang up his gloves I want to thank him for everything he contributed to the sport of mma thank you bj for motivating me inspiring me im a forty yr old man with one kidney & most ppl told me I was crazy for tryin to compete in such a physically combative sport but I remember the first time I seen u fight & war I knew I had to at least try I’ve watched numerous hours of videos of you & when there was times I wanted to quit I would watched u. & I would be re motivated I can’t exspress wat you have done for me I thank u from the bottom of my heart ufc mma world will not be the same without you thank you for all the memories & always putting your heart & soul into your fights for us fans you are & alwzys will be the g.o.a.t real champions don’t need belts they’re just accessories bjpenn nation for life!

  36. Sounds like a bunch of fake ass fans on here! Win or lose Bj greatest of all time!

  37. Josh says:

    I must say i am not real happy about BJ losing but it isnt the fact he lost but to a guy he can beat bj has the ability to beat almost anyone at lw or ww but if he doesnt put in the hard work in training then he will not he is one of the biggest waste of talent out there the only time bj ever loses is when he gas i hate to see him lose this way what happend ot marv when i was with marv he was in great shape he needs someone who can push him in training to make him go non stop no conservative training i do not want bj to retire but i would rather him do taht if he is not going to work hard for a fight to be in the right kind of shape the thing is he cant have a clue of the kind of mark he can leave on the sport if he doesnt devote his time to his training like i said i know he can beat anyone at ww and lw if he works hard bj please get someone from the outside to do your camps dont be that person in history that people talk about what you could have done dont get me wrong you have done alot but you are so far away from what you can do

  38. Xaninho says:

    I gotta be honest here…henry Kobasky said it before in another thread, and I disagreed. But after seeing the fight, the outcome, and BJ’s postfight comment about retiring I have to swallow my words and agree with what henry Kobasky said cause he was right…….

    BJ Penn lost his fire, he has other things on his mind. He’s just in a different place with his head right now. And that’s fine, he will always be one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. Same goes for Cro-cop and other great previously retired fighters. When you get older it gets harder to focus, it gets harder to recover from fights and it’s even getting harder to recover from simple training injuries.

    Sooner or later it’s just time to call it quits.

    BJ If you’re reading this…Thank you for the great fights you gave us.

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