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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 10:32 am

UFC 137: Nick Diaz Says This Could Be His Last Fight


38 Responses to “UFC 137: Nick Diaz Says This Could Be His Last Fight”

  1. The Beast says:

    Im sure he will continue fighting winner more than likely gets a title shot

  2. Ethan says:

    He’s been in front of the camera a lot lately… He’s lookin pretty overwhelmed at this point and definitely doesn’t want to be there fighting his friend… Ceasar you claim to be his friend and family as much as you claim to be his coach and manager, but this right here shows you don’t know him and this is your agenda…

    • Demi God says:

      I agree with you man, but there is SO MUCH more working behind the scenes with this fight. I dont like it AT ALL! They say all the fans want to see this fight??? REALLY??? Maybe the fairweather fans who dont know sh**! But the fans of the sport & competitors know this fight is BULLSH**!

      Im a huge fan of Baby J & I’m actually a little weirded out by him taking this scrap. Its obvious as fu** Nick doesnt want this fight. He’s old school man, like the it SHOULD be. When it was camp vs camp. Like the Lions Den vs Team Punishment. Nick respects, trained, & knows BJ on personal level. Nick vacated the Strikeforce 170 belt to fight GSP! Period. He didnt come over here for this. To fight his friend. Thats why hes having a hard time getting up for this fight, I wouldnt be surprised if he “THROWS” the fight.

      They could have found someone else for BJ to fight man.. look @ Kos.. he’s willing to step up & fight Condit on a WEEKS notice! Im not saying Kos is in the top 4 but cmon.. this cant be what true fans want to see. On paper it looks amazing but if you’ve ever trained, if you’ve ever shared blood in the ring or on the mats with someone day in & day out… you’d know this is bullsh**. Business is business & I get it, but the type of emotionally charged fighter that Nick AND BJ are.. on top of them being friends & having nothing but respect for one another. How do you enjoy this fight… As a spectator AND a competitor. This is weak…

      • Ethan says:

        Very well said. As a fan of MMA and its competitors, it is a hard thing to watch two friends fight.. I can’t picture Diaz performing at his peak against BJ.. He needs that dislike to get people off there game with the taunting.. BJ seems to be having an easier time converting this to a competition instead of a fight

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        Shut up, I want to see the fight and millions of other people do. They might not want to fight each other but they signed to fight and its not like they train together ever and were best friends so shut up and if you feel like that don’t watch you won’t be missed. It also seems to me more like your having that time of the month and needed to vent on this site I hope you feel better about yourself.

        • Ethan says:

          its because you care about entertainment and not the fighters…


        • Demi God says:

          Funny man, all that tough talk’ll turn to BITCH in person I’ll put my bank account on that.

          You dont have to agree with me or understand at all what I’m talking about, its clear your just a spectator. Im sure itll stay that way too. In case you feel inclined to let me know how you feel in person.

          Academy of BJJ
          9820 Topanga Cyn Blvd
          Charsworth Ca 91311

          Ill put my belt on the line any day home boy. Ask for Nick, Im there 4 days out the week.

        • Chris says:

          Try expressing your opinion without bashing other’s and being such a prick for once.

      • BJPennrules says:

        Highly agree demigod!

      • UR MAKER says:

        Well said Demi God couldn’t agree more.

      • makana says:

        Well said.. this is the one fight I did not want to happen especially nicks first fight back to the UFC. I get its business but they’re friends and its kinda weird watching diaz in interviews not talking shit about his opponent. It’s hard for me to cheer for one person in this fight so may the best man win.

        • Demi God says:

          Yea man its painfully clear Nick isnt channeling that same fighting spirit about this one. Some think hes scared.. thats so ignorant.

          I’ve heard him in a few interviews directly mention GSP & his want/passion to compete for that belt. BJ’s gone on record saying they tried to find other fights but I just dont know how hard they tried man. Its just odd. The entire chain of events seems odd too. The reality is.. we want to see Nick put his hands in the air like a octopus, leave his chin in plain sight, talk sh** while hes in there. We want to see BJ fired up, walking out with the pride of Hilo on his shoulders & talking to himself. FIRED UP! I just dont think thats happening this time around. I know BJ’s doing this for the UFC, being a team player.

          I agree with you, this is not the fight i wanted to see especially it being his re introduction. I’m glad im not the only one that thought about it this way. May the best man win….

  3. Dan the Lobstertail says:

    Nick loves the press!!

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nick needs to get laid. He acts like someone kicked his dog. Stop this retirement talk.

    • andyboy says:

      Damn, everytime he actually looked up the photographer’s trigger finger went haywire hahaha he was like a sniper standing there focused on Nick in one position for so long waiting for a claer shot hahaha

  5. Obannion says:

    He’s affraid of BJ and to show his unbeaten streak was due to the sub-par competition in Strikeforce. WAR BJ!

    • Quazzi says:

      Agreed. After saturday ppl will realize why diaz was in the ufc and then wasnt. I have nothing against the guy and he is a exciting fighter which i respect but he is overhyped. Bottom line

  6. I respect Diaz for his endurance and skills, but I’m an alpha dog and I can smell fear of the Prodigy coming from Nick Diaz! Take this home Bj it’s all yours own it.. Next stop the Saint and his bum knee!

  7. Mike Diaz says:

    Dana better be setting up BJ for a title shot after this Saturday. BJ isn’t going to be gatekeeping on nobodys agenda. It sucks to fight a friend but BJ has his sights on the belt and unfortunately, Diaz has to be cleared out of the path! Lets get to clearing on Saturday! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  8. KyleZombie says:

    Nick will like the UFC schedule better. He was one of the only cash cows in Strikeforce so they worked him to death. Now he’ll only be fighting 2-3 times a year, which will not burn him out as much.

  9. Z says:

    he said ,he takes it as if it would be his last fight just like in every other fight. hes not retiring get real people

  10. Duane says:

    Ethan and Demi God, right on man. I felt the same way and still do when this fight was announced.. And Ceasar just wants some revenge on BJ for leaving the Gracie camp back in the days, its plain to see IMO. The Gracie name is more important then Diaz if you know what i mean.

  11. BJPennrules says:


    Nick Diaz is not afraid of anyone and not BJPenn, his mentality is very similiar to the Brazilians..simply you dont fight people you train with !, period
    he doesnt want this all he wants GSP!, I wouldnt be surprised if this is his last fight and he goes to pro boxing..after this. It would be cool to have a MMA go be successful against boxers.

    • Demi God says:

      Exactly, he’s not “afraid” @ all. It’s just a shitty situation. Some will never get it.

      • MMA-ster says:

        …and I’m not sure why. Just imagine having a huge tilt with one of your good friends, it would just suck. People get all it’s a sport – it’s a sport – I mean yeah it is. But that doesn’t make fighters into mindless pawns. They’re still people man and they’re just not stoked as friends to be fighting each other…it’s that simple.

  12. Taylor says:

    Nick seems like he’s mentally out of it for this fight. I think he will lose the fight because he’s all bent out of shape about fighting one of his idols. BJ will come more hungry and put him away early…

  13. P R O D I G Y says:

    I dont get it i remember Diaz complaining about how he dosent get paid enough. not that hes fighting bj he dont care abt the money!? hahaha hes skurred


    Nick is gonna put it on poor BJ.. I am gonna feel bad but BJ shouldn’t have signed the fight..

  15. mmahawk says:

    I respectfully disagree.

    I do understand where some guys are coming from, but this is a combat sport, and if you want to be the best, you have to fight the best. Sometimes that means fighting your friend. I respect that you guys feel that way, and I even see your point.

    What if somehow Koscheck were to beat GSP, how could he say he’s the best WW when one of the best in a guy Fitch refuses to fight him. (debatable, and I know I’m gonna get some shit for that….bring it if you have to) I mean, yeah, you can say your the best, but if there is one guy you won’t fight, you can say it, but it really doesn’t mean anything.

    @ Ethan: In a far as who cares for the fighters….I don’t want to see anyone get killed or maimed…but yeah, I care about the entertainment. I am a fan. I am a spectator and I want to see an exciting fight. I want to see two guys who I think are great fighters put it all out there and leave it in the cage. I don’t have a personal investment in either guy. It’s like asking me to have a personal investment in the person ringing up my coat on the checkout line. I don’t know him/her…I don’t wish anything bad for him/her, but all I want from them is 100% of their effort.

    • MMA-ster says:

      those are some good points too man. as a fan I do actually want to see this fight; why? b/c they are both friggin awesome fighters, that throw down every fight. But at the same time I do understand that they are good friends and may not be the most excited about it. It’s a weird situation and you can tell it’s almost equally hard on fans as it is exciting. All I know is that I`m fucking watching this…and at the end of the day! It`s not the holocaust if someone loses man. They can go have a beer after maybe and say hey fuck-it. Gave it my best shot.

  16. chon209 says:

    @quazzi why did diaz leave the ufc in the first place to all those who throw that out there for your arguments sake, do you even know anything other than he left, did he leave on a loseing or winning streak was it because he couldnt hang or was it his badboy attitude and getting into fights at hospitals, who when and where was his next fight once he left the ufc

    yes he left the ufc but dont get it twisted it wasnt because he couldnt hang

  17. Hendrix says:

    So did Diaz just plan on beating GSP and never have to defend his title against his buddies,C’mon….GSP trained with Condit in the past and basically told him one day they’ll have to face eachother but that it’s business and it wouldnt change the fact they’re friends…that’s part of the sport…if a fighter cant deal with the business side of the sport then he shouldn’t be involved.

  18. Pete says:

    I think this is Nick’s best interview. If he doesn’t look up he’s high? That’s crazy talk in my opinion. He was just very thoughtful, clear, articulate, and heartfelt. I am sort of relieved to see this and I think he’ll bring it all fifteen minutes. BJ’s most recent interview is similar in many ways.

    They obviously respect each other. Regarding fighting friends, I don’t know what to think, At some point you’re going to have to in order to get a belt if your friend is that tough. The Rashad/Bones debacle is just that, in that situation of course they should have fought in my opinion. If Nick really doesn’t want to go on and pursue the belt, then maybe this one is pointless, but they’re maybe my two favorite fighters overall and it’s a great match up. I wrestled in college at a high level and some of the most knock down, drag out brawls I was in over four years were in the room in challenge matches when friends tried to knock me off and claim the spot. I once saw identical twin brothers, one on my team, wrestle each other in the semi-finals of the Midlands and that was one of the wildest brawls ever with both bleeding and landing in the stands a few times. If they can go at it like that then camp mates, friends, whoever, can I guess. Just scrap!

  19. riley says:

    id leave to if my boss took my title shot away for sum dumb shit, these idiots tlkin bout press conferences are important. Stfu its jus for dumbass media to get their stories for their own shyt.

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