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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 04:55 pm

UFC 137: Firas Zahabi says camp open to a Penn vs. GSP III – Plus GSP Health Update


39 Responses to “UFC 137: Firas Zahabi says camp open to a Penn vs. GSP III – Plus GSP Health Update”

  1. Mike Diaz says:

    Thats what I’m talking about. Good to hear the prepatory talk has commenced. Also good to know that Gonna Score Points GSP is open to the fight, not commenting like Silva who is saying Sonnen does not deserve another shot. I say on the Penn vs GSP III training camp, BJ isolates his camp in a remote area and goes in the bout like only one man can walk out alive! PENN NATION!!!!!!

  2. CODES OF HAWAII says:

    I like scrap dis guy myself!

  3. Ahbustae86 says:

    If only Americans could speak Hawaiian. American isn’t the only way of life.

    • e says:

      congrats, the fag has spoken yet again

      • RHendO says:

        He doesn’t like you e. Every time you speak to him he doesn’t reply. I sure he can pull something out of extensive English vocabulary hat.

        By the way hows my English Brah?

        • e says:

          he’s a fag plain n simple and he knows it. the highlight of his day is jumping on BJPENN.COM and pretending to socialize with the community, however the truth is, nobody really gives a shit about him because he’s a cock smoking troll. at the moment he’s prolly crying and jacking off at home all by himself. fuck that pathetic troll leave him be, and leave it at that.

  4. mmaislandjunkie says:

    of course theyre open to fighting smaller opponents they can lay on. why so scared of anderson? if serra can ko gsp anderson would make gsps moms ovaries hurt from the asss kicking anderson would lay down upon him.

  5. Donnybrook says:

    Hell yeah!!… BJ vs. GSP 3!. But I guess guess he’s still has to get though Nick first… WAR BJ!!.

  6. P R O D I G Y says:

    Mike Diaz called GSP- Gonna Score Points LMAO that was a kneeslapper, nice post.

  7. drew says:

    gotta a ? people…at the end of the day i see bj penn winning the fight thru many different ways…however, what game plan do you think gsp will go with againset bj penn…ya it probably is lay n pray but bj penn doesnt allow anyone to do that…assuming he wont be greased up…i dont see how gsp can win…tahts not me being a blind ffan and just rooting for bj regardless…but when you really thinka bout it…really honestly come to grip with reality…bj is better in every aspect of the mma game…i mean reallyt hink about it…thats why im wondering what gsp is going to do if it does happen (if condit doesnt beat him) any feedback people

    • RCS says:

      BJ isn’t better in “every aspect” of the MMA game. He is more dangerous than GSP just about everywhere but parts of the game GSP has the advantage size and takedowns for example. The grease was a factor in the second fight but still GSP has the advantages.
      BJ would be the underdog in that fight. He shouldn’t win… really if you look at it on paper.
      But he shouldn’t have won lots of fights that he did because of his skills. Is BJ more skilled yes I believe so, in “every aspect” no. If your better in every way it’s an easy fight and BJ doesn’t take easy fights. Unlike GSP.

  8. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Yep Tristar is already making their move to not have to fight Condit. I saw this coming from the moment i read where GSP FAKED a knee injury to get out of fighting Condit. I’m so friggen tired of hearing all Zirah hubabi (TOWEL HEAD) crap. GSP knows Condit was going to KNOCK HIS HEAD OFF. GSP is a PUSSY and ruined the main event just like his best friend on the planet his fellow JUICER Nate Marquardt did UFC fight nite against Story. Its time to make these cowards like GSP accountable for this crap

    • Brent says:

      Way to represent the sport.

      That’s what MMA really needs, fans who are pathetic, angry, racist little men who have some strange complex.

      Good job.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Actually everyone of you idiots are wrong. Kenny Florian blatenly faked a knee injury to get out of fighting Evan Dunham and noone wouldhave found out except Greg jackson had inside knowledge and accidentlly slipped up and told Melvin Guillard and Melvin flipped out over it and called Florian out at which time he took flight to 145. GSP knew Condit was a bad matchup and at minimum is buyinmg himself some time. Anything can happen and usually does. GSP will just wait Condit out because he knows Condit like to fight every few months whereas GSP barely fights once or twice ayear. I would bet my house GSP pussyed out of this fight PERIOD. just because all of you are a bunch of pussy GSP nuthugers yu can’t comprehend the mighty point fighter GSP knowing he was going to get KO’d Condit will KO GSP if ever given the chance. Yes I hate towel heads i guess that makes me a racist. I know damn well all towel heads don’t value life like we do and have no problem murdering innocent woman and children. screw all you terrorist loving bastards. i think we should NUKE the entire middleast and world would be a safer place to live

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Say what you want henrey POLLOCK but unlike you i will never be a STEROID ABUSER like YOU. Typical eastern european all your athletes since Hitler have always went right for the needle. Physical therapist who does steroids wow thats quite honorable for your proffesion huh? you are just another typical friggen Jew who thinks they own the world. 50 million people died because of Jewish power brokers that are doing the same thing today. world war 3 will be started because of jews like u and of course the U.S. will back isreal and millions and millions of innocent americans will die again because of the rich asshole jewish power brokers.

    • Bobby Larson says:

      GET RID OF FITCH .. his stupidity truly does flabbergast me. Again he has no knowledge in mma. He’s just a complacent faggit little angry fuck that pulls nonsense out of his ass and posts it on this site. Please do forgive him as he’s just a complete dumbass.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        Bobby larson does your momma know you are using her computer. you are nothing but a little sorry faggot bitch and if i could track you down i would bitch slap your little faggot ass face. i know more about MMA than you could know in a 100 lifetimes. If you think for one minute that every Muslim in this country wouldn’t cut your throat for nothing you are confused. Every muslim in the U.S is just waiting to hear from their murdering leaders to kill their neighbors. every muslim in this country is a sleeper cell just waiting. Every Muslim hates Americans and wants us all dead. Even people who are going to call the end of the world. All you have to do is read the bible. Murdering bastards all of them

        • Bobby Larson says:

          Put your money where your mouth is you little girl

          Quietman Sports Gym
          4000 Mystic Valley Pkwy
          Medford MA 02153

          In case you ever grow a set of balls I’m there Monday thru Thursday between 5 and 8 830 … not that you’d ever show up anyway … but just throwing it out there. I’d love to see you bitch slap me after I break both your arms. Such a little fagboy bitch you are.

    • jersey says:

      you cant fake a injury , dana white will investigate injury

    • Donnybrook says:

      Troll much.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Was the racist bs really necessary?

  9. Digs says:

    I’m hoping Condit takes out GSP to shake up the WW Division. Worst thing that could happen is Condit wins, and they have an immediate rematch.

    Lot of new relevant faces in the WW Division. I want to see new match ups.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Would love to see Condit bust his ass, and take the belt away, but I’d be willing to bet GSP would have no problem getting an immediate rematch even if he got stopped in the first minute. Don’t think Dana would make his golden boy step to the back of the line

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