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Monday, 10/31/2011, 11:22 am

UFC 137: BJ Penn's Message To The Fans

“I want to thank all the fans for their love and support. I have decided to take some time off to enjoy life, train and teach. I will keep you guys posted with what’s next.”

– BJ Penn


0 Responses to “UFC 137: BJ Penn's Message To The Fans”

  1. Craig says:

    Doesn’t sound like retirement to me…just sayin

    • Corey Cruise says:

      After his performance on Saturday don’t you think he should retire. Penn completely gassed out after ONE round.

      • ravi says:

        was it gassing out or from taking on a guy 20 lbs heavier with him an 8 inch reach advantage?

        • JOHN says:

          or was it gassing out for not preparing for the fight like always and looking fat and out of shape? I’M NOT SURE!!!!!

        • Aaron says:

          You try letting a guy, even the same weight, throwing heavy bodyshots at you and lets see how long before you’re tired.
          Learn something about fighting then open your stupid mouth.
          If you’re not a BJ fan why do you assholes come to his fucking site?

        • Bob says:

          I totally agree with John, If you come to fight. GET IN SHAPE!

        • Hiro says:

          I want to see him fight. Diaz is just a beast.

        • Ilaijah_HE>I says:

          If you watch the ( UFC 137 Behind the scenes) IT’S ON YOUTUBE, it showed BJ “eating”! before the weigh ins! He had to put on some pounds just to make weight. BJ is a natural Lightweight, that loves to fight & never will he back down from any challenge! Respect that! Mahalo, BJPENNDOTCOM AW’DAY!

        • Always HI says:

          I’d like to see you gain 15 pounds in a matter of months and still have the same cardio as a lightweight!

        • DontBeScaredHomie says:

          Figures I come to this site and a bunch of sad Bj fans are making excuses for him how sad, there is no excuse for taking a beating like that straight up get real people.

        • James Toney says:

          Have to agree with Aaron, Body shots like that will take the fight right out of most people. I have to give BJ props he was still going for it right up to the end.

        • Adam says:

          BJ doesn’t need six pack abs to be a good fighter. He is already one of the best. This guy went up to 205 and fought Machida to a split decision. This last fight he just happened to be going against the best boxer in MMA. Diaz is a piece of shit, but you have to admit he is a great fighter.

        • thereader says:

          I didn’t watch the fight, but his corner coaching is usually poor, not intelligent. He needs better training/corner advice. I remember watching a fight, and the corner advice was “get him”. Come-on. Need a corner who has more strategy then the fighter himself.

        • Tom says:

          Aaron, the only thing that bothers me about your comment is that this would be a perpetual excuse for BJ every time he fought at welterweight. He chooses to put himself in these situations. You can call him a warrior because of that (and I agree with you), but the fact is he’s losing fights and/or underwhelming in the later rounds.

        • fin4life says:

          Your absolutely right John. Your bang on! BJ did this to himself. Sorry to say but its true. If BJ stuck with the mironovich bros. if would have had better cardio, period! Regardless of what he did prior to the weigh ins etc……

          BJ’s pride is soooooo big that he thinks what he does every day is good enough. But it’s not. He needs to step up and totally change his training or better yet, train somewhre else outside his hometown. Bj’s my favorite fighter but he needs to do something to improve his cardio……….period! Gassed out after one fricken round?????? C’mon man!!!!!!!! It pisses me off jus thinkin about it coz i know and we all know that he can perform at a high level when he wants to…….just sayin

        • Steven Hickman says:

          okay john talking about BJ like that will get your ass beat down. Whats your adress??

        • benjamin hubbard says:

          totally agree brother, Diaz looked a weight class heavier, thats why B.J PENN rules fights anyone….any where….war penn nation..

        • ehbruins says:

          BJ Penn is GREAT, I’m so glad he will fight again. Diaz was supposed to fight GSP, BJ TOOK THIS FIGHT!!! GIVE HIM SOME CREDIT!!!

        • Nick N says:

          diaz was n phenaminal shape no fat. Bj overweight for his frame he does not train like a pro, if he did then he would be a much better competitor for his fights than he is. Sorry bj times up u should not have ran from the sport for 6 years like u did. That was ur prime and u missed it

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          henry kobasky with all the jokes hows that chael sonnen punchline go again? u know where he loses every big fight by tapout? funny to clown on bj yet chael has never won any championship in any top mma promotion. he cant even keep promises he makes cuz he doesnt have the heart to not tap and fight through pain like a man. pretty sad, all the steroids/trt therapy cant make up for a guy whos just not good enough to make it all the way.

        • Maluku Boy says:

          I believe it was gassing out because BJ was beating Nick to the punch landing some good shots and going for smart take downs in the first round. I believe you either need to have good cardio like Nick or just straight Knock him out to beat him. Nick just took hits in the first round like Rocky Balboa did through all his movies to win the fight. Both fighter were pretty much busted up from the punches being thrown.

        • henry kobastard says:

          #mmaislandjunkie word.

        • chris says:

          Gas out? What’s new? Everyone says he has all the talent in the world with no cardio. If he had cardio, BJ won’t come close to beating GSP or Diaz or Fitch. He’s a top ten fighter but more like number 8 or 9

        • jason says:

          you dont know shit

        • the general says:

          no he knows shit he eats it every day of his life

        • nick b. says:

          my brahddah chris…. try watch the first fight between bj and gsp….bj lost by split decision… if u watch all rounds bj actually kicked his ass….gsp won by points on that one…. eh nothing against gsp…he is my favorite fighter but he did get beat by bj…the second time they fought i can actually say bj lost…. so stop tryin for clown on one of our greatest fighters in mma…..each fighter goes through so much mentally and physically…there is a time in everyones life when they reach there peek….i think bj came to his…..but he is a great fighter…..

        • Mike says:

          I think BJ should drop down to 145, where he would be the bigger fighter. 170 is no good for BJ, he was not in shape for this fight and if he was in Nick Diaz shape he’d weigh 155 lbs. I think after watching Jose Aldo’s last fight that BJ would roll him at 145. First fighter to win a title in 3 divisions sound good to anyone?

        • BCRain says:

          No doubt if Penn moved down to 145 he would be dominant…….I think in either 145 or 155 he could be champ again……he looked great in the first round last week……..cardio is easier when your not eating up to make weight…..

      • Nick says:

        gassed out??? lol is that we diaz couldnt take him down, is that why diaz knocked him down??? oh thats right, that didnt happen.. bj got banged up with some punches we all can see that but he hung in there, never gave up and kept throwing back..lets see you fight a boxer, a triathlon, bjj expert with 4 inches of height and 7 in reach advantage at his own game…bj did excellent and was very humble…true peoples champ..nick is a ghetto thug that will get smoked come feb…PRODIGY #1

        • cj says:

          I couldn’t have said it any better myself

        • andrew says:

          totally couldnt agree more!

        • SaberTooth says:

          I agree with your comments too. BJ never got knocked down or flashed. He stood in there fatigued and unable to respond quickly enough to a bigger and well-conditioned fighter. If BJ had the conditioning routine down his whole career, he would have no doubt beat Diaz, hell, he would of beat GSP at 94 and been welterweight champ today. BJ’s natural talent and energy got him this far and he had too many yes men around him telling him how wonderful he was and didn’t push early in his career. He just now is understanding that all the hype about him is and has been bs.

          The last part that I disagree with you is about Nick Diaz. He is not thug. A thug doesn’t have the discipline to train all day every day to fight and compete in triathlons (and finishing races in the top 10%). He is immature and does not have people around him that can help him grow. He comes from a background that is you don’t like the people who you are against and have to fight and hasn’t broke from that mindset yet. Nick is way too disciplined to be a thug. He does have an immature ego and his face showed that after the fight.

          Lastly, GSP’s time is about up too. He keeps trying to improve and that is good, but he will now face a guy who is younger, in better shape than he is and has better all around fight skills. GSP will not be able to hold Nick down for 5 rounds and will out hit him. GSP’s face will be worse than BJ’s come Super Bowl night.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          snaggletooth actually made good points for once. i hope youre right about about nick man i would love to see gsps face bashed in.

        • DBKlein69 says:

          lol @ sabertooth please pass whatever it is ur smoking over here. diaz in better shape and better all around fighting skills than gsp? keep dreaming super bowl weekend gsp gonna prove what a bum this guy really is. remember the rory mac/nate diaz fight? this one gonna look very similar

        • the general says:

          true he isnt a thug he is a punk though.

        • SaberTooth says:

          Thanks Ice Junkie…I know your not that much of a bitch. Nick is going to F*Up GSP.. GSP is good but he is way over-hyped. He has NEVER fought someone like Nick that does triathlons and finishes in the top 10% of his races. GSP could never do that. Nick has 5 rounds to fuck him up and GSP will be going to the hospital.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i hope so snaggletooth gsp is the biggest fraud in all of mma n i hope he has a long stay in the hospital after nick fuckks him up. anyone who depends on mma rules to win fights and not actually fight to win fights is a bitch and deserves to get destroyed.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          hey dbklein gsp always needs an exciting main event or co main event on his cards to have anyone tune into his fights. i wonder why. maybe cuz HE BORES THE SHITT OUTTA EVERYONE! lol

        • SaberTooth says:

          IceJunkie – GSP is smart and has a good team, but Nick is younger, stronger, better jitz, better boxer and GSP CAN’T hold him down for 5 rounds, That gives Nick 5 rounds to batter that Canadian gayface. GSP has been a bitch ever since he tapped from strikes by Serra. His time is UP……..
          BTW: you’re a puta marichon…just kidding man!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          we can all act like putas here and there but gsp is ALWAYS A PUTA lmao

        • DBKlein69 says:

          gsp gonna ragdoll diaz. this isnt even gonna be a close fight. it will be an absolute clinic, where gsp will showcase his striking, probly break diaz’ orbital bone too, we’ll get to see some world class takedowns, some nice GnP, gonne be an all around beatdown by the best 170lb fighter on the planet. and u know it.

        • scott says:

          GSP is on a complete different level than Diaz. He will make him look silly when they fight.
          and as for BJ, i think he hasn’t been getting in shape partly because his heart isn’t completely in it now. he said right after the diaz fight, “I’m a father now, i don’t want my kids seeing me come home like this.” His heart isn’t in it right now. He is doing the right thing, taking some time off, refocusing will do him a world of good. if he will redidicate himself to the sport and DROP DOWN to a more natural weight class he would be tp 2 or 3 all the time. He is a hell of a fighter and he did show a lot of heart in that fight. he stood his ground and was throwing punches til the end but the fact is, he shouldn’t have taken that fight in the first place.
          Time Off, Refocus, Drop Down in weight and kick ass. that’s his winning formula.

        • James Wolfe says:

          Good post. BJ took the first round, lost the second…the fight was a lot closer than some idots are here think.

        • irony says:

          Hey James Wolfe: CompuStrike reported that BJ Penn got punched 239 times by Nick Diaz last night, and landed just 76.

          Which fight did you watch?

        • Hostile hunter says:

          bj didnt fall once alright thats heart right there, and as far as the first round bj was fuckin diaz up.Bjs cardio is what lost it for him.if he could maintain that first round foward slip n rip movement he would be unstoppable but his gas tank just isnt there.

        • nick b. says:

          brah ……i tell u all u guys can talk your guys smack about bj , gsp,etc…… u know they are great fighters….who put them selves on the line for put on a show for u all to watch , but in return they not only get messed up they get raged on by a bunch of people who talk so much shit and should jus shut da f..k up cause they sound like a bunch of bitches….. jus remember u not in da ring and don’t know what they are going through to prepare for a fight…. there is a time in everyones life when they can’t handle or put up with only so much to da head…. if u guys can complain so dam much about dis and dat why you ass ain’t in da ring fighting since you know so much…. if u can talk so much crap about some of the greatest mma fighters out there whos won and fought fights with well known and respected fighters….why your ass not in da ring….brah jus have respect for what they love to do which is fight…. if u think and talk so much shit about gsp or whoever….try training with them in da ring and see how good u are in da ring with them….den aftah maybe u can talk shit…..i guarentee u…..u not cause your ass gon get messed up or no can handle in da ring….. fricken bitches i tell u…….

        • sgt thai clone says:

          banged up with SOME? punches SOME ? how about 179 to the head -67 to the body – 11 to the leg – oh please admit BJ got his ass whipped because that is a matter of fact!

        • chris says:

          best first round fighter ever. but really fights are 3 rounds and championships are 5 rounds. come on. you know he is a gasser and some things will never change.

        • chris says:

          come on dude. bj stopped exchanging punches with diaz. also don’t make excuses about height and reach. it’s bj’s decision to fight someone bigger than him. i give props to bj for fighting bigger opponents. but bj should have came up with a better game plan. he shouldn’t of tried to box diaz. instead he should of took him down (which he tried) and ground and pound. that’s what gsp is gonna do to diaz. take him down, grapple him and ground and pound.

        • Will says:

          Oh Christ get off bj’s nuts he fought a good fight but Nick did come out on top. Bottom line

        • henry kobastard says:

          #Nick word to the motherfuckers.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          nick earned respect in that fight and i hope he smashes gsp!

        • dangerousl says:

          GSP is a big, strong WW with great cardio. He is fast, can strike, kick and is the best wrestler in the game with the best take down defense to boot. No one has more experience in big fights. he has the best training and best game plan going in. He has beat the best the UFC has to offer over and over and over. SO FUCK OFF WITH THE STUPID PREDICTIONS AND JOIN THE REAL WORLD.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          @dangerous the only thing dangerous about you is your stupidity. gsp has been ducking his toughest opponent for almost three years now, u might have heard of him before. hes the worlds no 1 p4p champion and his name is anderson silva. now go back to sucking u thumb.

      • V says:

        Bj was not tired after the first round, he wasn’t even sitting down during the break after R1, it was the body punches the got hit so tired idiot.

        • Moses says:

          Thank you someone that makes sense ,fighters go to the body to naturally wear the opponent down and cause fatigue quicker, as fatigue has been a problem for BJ in the past it was a good fight strategy for the Diaz camp,BJ has never entered the octagon looking ripped 3 rounds taking that punishment is hard to sustain.
          Instead of the usuall tripe about gassing out many people here should enter the gym and see what a workout is really about than spanking there keyboard or some other peice of anatomy they so choose.
          Great fight from both and respect for both fighters.

      • Vlad says:

        What is this “in shape” nonsense? BJ has looked the same for the past 5 years, he’s not “fat” he just doesn’t life weights as a major routine, he trains to fight people, not out run them or out lift them. BJ is probably the greatest PURE fighter that has ever lived, so for anyone out there that is disrespecting and talking shit get your act together. He is 32 years old, he is fighting someone bigger, stronger, and younger then he is, with close enough skills. Diaz isn’t better then BJ he’s just good enough to stop BJ from doing what he wants and BJ couldn’t deal with the reach. Penn is a 155er, he’s just tired of having to cut weight, and knows he’s good enough to compete with anyone in the world. The man fought Layoto Machida!. hes just not big enough. He needs to keep fighting, but it also needs to be the right match up.

      • "Keoki" says:

        Bro, to all that want to talk about gas out…HAVE YOU EVER STEPPED IN THE CAGE? IM TALKING ABOUT AN ACTUAL MMA FIGHT…NOT JUST TRAINING AT A GYM! If you have ever fought you know the anxiety/pressure it is, but can you imagine it in the big show (UFC) especially being from HAWAII, the pressure alone would gas anyone, I dont care how much cardio you do…all that WHILE TAKING AND THROWING PUNCHES, DEFENDING/SHOOTING TAKEDOWNS, SUBMISSIONS ETC! For all that wanna talk and never actually done it, “in case no one ever told you, it is alot harder than it looks on tv or youtube!” WAKE UP AND HAVE SOME RESPECT!

        • Mikeydfighter says:

          Trust me, I’ve seen enough old punch drunk fighters for more than fifty years and this boy ain’t one yet

      • mitchmilat says:

        nah not worried about the gasout. just fought wrong. dominated round one his punches were harder and he got a takedown. didnt rest up on the stool after round one and got swarmed by punches but took em all. if bj had just sat down and fired back he might have won round 2. in rd 3, bj got his rest, sat down on his punches, went forward, and held his own. bj has to go back to be an attacking tornado and not laying back

      • John says:

        He needs to fight at 155.. To small and out of shape at 170.. Bring back the 155 King

    • Brian says:

      Keep your head up BJ

    • SaberTooth says:

      BJ has a tough time with these big top 70’s guys. He has been at the top so long and has put a beatdown on many guys. Remember GSP I, Joe Daddy, Florian and Sanchez? This is just the natural cycle where he is at the low point where he is now gotten the beatdown due to the law of nature and lack of complete conditioning that allows someone like Diaz and Edgar to weather early storms. I hope he re-evaluates and comes back to fight at 55 and get that title back. I’d like to see him train with the Diaz for a 55 run before he retires. Right now he has a mental battle to fight. If he wins, their is not doubt he will cycle up and beat all the 55’ers in the UFC. I am hoping, he has good counsel on how things work. No One can be at the top forever! That’s not how nature works. BJ is and will be number 1 again if he wins the mental battle.

      • Aaron says:

        bj was never close to going out and he was firing back the whole time. ya he was busted up but so was diaz. that was a great fight and if anything just showcased how much of a warrior BJ is. taking on a proven champion in diaz that is much bigger than him, fighting him at his own game and not getting finished is fuckin impressive.

        WAR BJ

    • howie says:

      hope your not going to retire BJ, maybe fight at 155 and train some with those stockton boys like nick said. he threw the invite out there.

    • CJ says:

      yea i hope not! i think his decision going to welterweight was bad… he should of stayed at lightweight where his cardio is great and as with speed too… so he will use his God Given gifts to the MAX!!! 😀

  2. Ryrie says:

    we miss u already BJ! true warrior! take all the time you need and get your ass back into the octogon :)

  3. dmerit says:

    Thanks for all the fights BJ if you do come back u hope you bring the Marochivcs back Cardio is key

  4. Rob says:

    Either way thanks for many years of great fights

  5. lily nicole says:

    let’s just say his name “the prodigy” is just a foreshadow of what may come next. until then, BJ is better of training and teaching the sport that he is so great at!

    he’ll be back in the octagon, you watch.

  6. noname says:

    Sweet.. one less douchebag in the UFC

  7. Morley says:

    U took some beatdown @ufc137 that’s one of the disadvantages of having a really big head…. Big target for an excellent boxer

  8. Eugene Orevillo says:

    Aloha BJ, You are still a Champion for Hawaii and always a warrior!!!!! enjoy the time off and your Ohana. God Bless, looking forward to seeing you in the octogan again.

  9. John says:

    BJ, I saw that pic of you and Nick after you guys fought. That’s some good stuff. Of course the decision is yours, but as a fan I hope you “un”retire, go back to 155, train with Diaz and the scrap pack, and reign supreme again!

  10. The natural says:

    Would Anybody care if bj fought pro elite or bellator

  11. Jay says:

    Thanks for entertaining all the fans with your exciting style. But idont think this is the end we’ll see BJ penn in he octagon again!!

  12. Felipe says:

    You should fight in Rio in january BJ! Nova Uniao wants you there!

  13. Brian says:

    100% support in whatever you decide to do. Keep your head up and hopefully we see you back in the octagon.

  14. Aaron says:

    Bj You are truly my hero and the reason why I started training Jiu Jitsu and mma. One love.

  15. shaneveinot says:

    Keep your head up bj. no one could have done better then you in that fight anyone else would of got taken out for sure, once you see the ass whoopin diaz is bout to lay on gsp you will see how good you really did

  16. N8twon says:

    I’d pick you again in a rematch with Diaz.

  17. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    I’m gonna interpret his “retirement” as him stepping away from the welterweight division, and is gonna go back to lightweight! But yah, whatever you decide, it’s been an honor watching u fight, but it’ll be great for all us fan’s if you can continue. Aloha BJ.

  18. Chris J, says:

    BJ is going to be back with the fire more in his eyes then ever.

  19. KBizz says:

    Don’t go BJ!!! You and Anderson are the only real fighters in the UFC!

    • SaberTooth says:

      Your half right….Silva is a scared little bitch and Sonnen is going to retire this pink shirt, crooked hat wearing little pink bitchass fake punk.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        negative. silva v sonnen 2 will show everyone who jumped on the sonnen wagon why that train never made it to a championship belt. all aboard! everyone get ready for another derailment!

  20. Jake says:

    Thanks for all of the great fights BJ! Either way still my favorite fighter ever

  21. Congo says:

    With nothing but the utmost respect.. Thank you for all you have contributed to the sport over the years. Being a father myself, I respect your choice and wish you and your family the very best for the future… Hope to see you in Australia again one day.

  22. MAURICIO ABACA says:


  23. BJPennrules says:

    BJ you are the man, whatever you decide to do your true fans will support you.

  24. greg says:

    one of the best fighters of all time. hope to see u fight again someday

  25. Fernando G says:

    You’re the man BJ, keep your head up!

  26. brian stevens says:

    no matter what as one of your biggest fans i want to thank you for all the years of great fights and exciting times i have had with my friends and family watching you fight. Your are truly a hero to all and will always be “the Prodigy”..
    I still believe you will return to the octagon

  27. andyboy says:

    Looks Reagan has a new sparring parnter who can focus on him 100%. This time off is good for Reagan, i hope BJ takes a year off enjoys his beautiful girl, and soon to come baby girl, then around the beginning of 2013 fights on the same UFC card as baby bruddah Reagan CHEEEEEE

  28. MaciejFromPoland says:

    Wish you the best BJ! come back asap and rule 155div again!

  29. lau timoteo says:

    always #teampenn tho!!
    blessing on everything you do

  30. ZENMMA says:

    BJ. I really believe you are the most talented MMA fighter we have ever seen at any weight. As an avid armchair critic, I would love to see you drop back to LW and go train with Jacksons MMA or ATT for one full camp, just to mix things up a bit, also work with someone like Tony Robbins to increase your confidence in your cardio. You crush everyone for the first round, I feel that if you did this, and forced your ground game more, you could still dominate anyone in the world at that weight.

    The decision is yours tho bro. Most of all thank you for giving us so many awesome, exciting fights. I wish health and happiness to you and yours and hope you do whats right for you and your family! You are the prodigy, and the legend.

  31. Hostile hunter says:

    Love you Bj,no shame in loosing to diaz at 170 as a true lightweight fighter. cant wait for the return to 155 where you’ll be champ again.(hopefully the “track star” is destroyed by Gilbert)

  32. Joe says:

    AWESOME!!!, take some time off and enjoy yourself, you’ll be back! we’re counting on it

  33. Isaac says:

    Thanks BJ! You’re a warrior! The greatest of all time. You’re still top level retired or not.

  34. luis says:

    dude plz take up diaz on the cardio help. a bj penn with stamina is seriously a scary thought.

  35. Steven Horgan says:

    bj ya dont know me but ya have been a massive part of my life watching you me your the best ever…in the diaz fight i know ya trained hard but ya dident loose over not been the lesser fighter it came down to conditioning…ya said ya want to hit your full the sanchez fight that was your full potential..i dont think ya have to fight again you have a beautiful family and accomplished so much…if ya decide to come back my opinion dont mean shit but get marv back , id bet my life on it if he was with ya you would of beat showed alot of heart in that fight and im proud to be a bj penn fan your the best ever to going to be a father and i will call my first bj [”,] warrr bj in life and in and out of the octagon…when i save some money i will try and go to hilo to shake your hand..thanks for all the memories

  36. El Charlie says:

    Thank you for the countless ass whoopins you delivered. Even though you lost Saturday, I hope it wasn’t the end. And if it was thanks for the run. One of the G.O.A.T’s of all time B.J Penn!

  37. wayuk says:

    i see 2 wins (must be 2 finishes) from top 10 fighters in the lightweight division & you’ll get another shot at the lightweight strap.. just a guess though

    u should be back at lightweight w/c is your natural weight class & also work on the cardio

  38. matt yuke says:

    Bj thanks for always going out and proving that you are one of the most badass guys in ufc history. i’ll never forget you shouting “FANS DO YOU WANT GSP?” it didn’t matter that you were smaller or that gsp was favored you still wanted your piece of him and for that reason i’ll always look up to you

  39. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    That was a great fight BJ! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Keep your head up, I hope to see you in the Octagon sooner rather than later. I congratulate you on the new addition to your family.

  40. BJ PENCIL says:

    you always have and always will be the man! have a great time with your vacation time! we’re all excited for what is to come!

  41. Billy says:

    Still the best of all time! Enjoy life right now BJ. When you are ready to get back in the cage, your heart will tell you.

  42. mikey1279 says:

    Enjoy your much deserved break. Speaking as a father and a former fighter, every minute away from your kid is absolutely crushing.

    Whatever you choose to do my friend, on behalf of the REAL MMA community, BIG MAHALO to all the great years. It’s been great to watch you compete.

    You’re a true of a kind.

  43. Jay Unidos says:

    Thanks for a hell of a ride BJ. You did your best in the octagon Saturday night, especially given the injury – respect, but if you do comeback some day, then as a fan I hope you return to the type of training/strength and conditioning needed to compete with the top fighters at 155 and or 170.

  44. P R O D I G Y says:

    Good to hear from BJ. Enjoy your time off im sure u will come back better than ever. We will support whatever decision you make. WAR PENN

  45. mario says:

    Not time yet! Take the time off BJ… but don’t hang up the gloves just yet!

  46. Mike says:

    Please BJ Please bring back Rudy and the Marinovich Bros. if you decide to come back. I wanna see 1 last run of the Prodigy at LW, the true LW GOAT!!!

  47. chuck speelman says:

    I have always been a true fan to BJ Penn. Your an amazing athlete and a real legend of the sport. I hope you don’t give it up. But I too have kids and I miss them every second I am away from them. A true fan doesn’t rePly care if their favortie fighter wins or loses, just wanna see them fight. Randy, Hughes, Penn, Machida and so many others. I just love to see these people go out there and show how talented and hungry they are. You’ll always have a fan right here bra.

  48. Hiram Tena says:

    Thanks to you BJ for been a true warrior!

  49. Stew says:

    We all know people talk shit on here cause they’re too fucking pussy to ever say it in real life.

  50. Jb says:

    Bj ur a beast Diaz sucks balls. Couldnt knock u down or take u down.

  51. Raul says:

    Hey. Now that you are done competing for the UFC, would you consider competing in grappling tournaments?

  52. Gabe says:

    Whatever your decision bj we love and support you. Got the chance to meet your mom in Vegas, lovely lady. Your fight made up for all the mishaps of the ufc card. Mahalo for everything and war Reagan!

  53. Dean Basilio says:

    BJ is a true Hawaiian Warrior!! He will come back even stronger next time you see him on the Octagon!!

  54. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Hope to see you back, Prodigy!

  55. Ron Kapaku says:

    Live it up my man. You are a legend and no one can take that from you. You will always be Hawaii’s hero.

  56. frankie flave says:

    thanks for all your hard work. i respect you as a fighter. the best around and the best ever!!!
    enjoy life and enjoy your new daughter coming into your life. god bless

  57. Breno says:

    Bj has a hearth of a warrior…man he did a grat job in the first rd but he gassed out…thats always happens when he fight on WW division he should go back to the Lw …now he has real challenges in the LW …

  58. Michael says:

    Bj had a lot of disadvantages with the height and weight and as far as gassing out he took a lot of body shots which really hurt your breathing, He will be back. fuck diaz

  59. Jordan says:

    Too right man! BJ Penn is a legend the fight seemed like a Rocky scene! BJ looked a bit out of shape he should drop back down to lightweight or even have a go at featherweight to end his career on a good note! Great Fighter, Great Fight!

  60. drew says:

    bj isnt done…its pretty apparent in that statement…if it is then it is and hes still the best ever and my favorite fighter of all time…but just sayn if he did train with cardio machines like the diaz’s or a well structured camp like a jackson…or just bringn the marv brothers back to hawaii any of those options can work

  61. Fabian Cervantes says:

    Thank you for all the great performances you put on throughout the years!!

  62. justsayn says:

    penn fought his heart out – if he really has retired, then he went out with guns blazing. 2 division champ – what else is there to prove?
    btw, i still hope he comes back and storms the lightweight division one more time!

  63. Justin K says:

    Thank you BJ, Whatever you choose to do we’re with you

  64. Thull says:

    Bj stop the crap!!! Get back down to Lightweight and beat the living crap out of the league in which you made your name. Thats your home thats your place… Peace ..

  65. Big Matt says:

    BJ, you are hands down my favorite fighter of all time. You win some you lose some. Nick Diaz is a no class chump. Don’t retire bro. You still have fight left in you. Train hard,comeback,and lump his bitch ass. What happened to the BJ in the Diego fight? I don’t want to read Nick Diaz sends BJ into retirement. That is some shit.

  66. e says:

    enjoy it up BJ! the fans will always be here and we will be waiting to hear whats next! take it ez

  67. Tsimanga says:

    You’re the man BJ. I think you should go back to 155 and give it one more run there. But if you decide to stay at 170 you’re still a top 5 fighter. Thanks for the gutsy performance against Diaz. You showed real heart and skill. Nothing to get down about, Diaz is the #1 170pounder in the world right now. IMO you just fought a title fight.

    There’s so many good fighters @155. if you can get your title back that would be an amazing feat!!!

  68. Jack says:

    BJ, whatever you decide to do, we’ll stand behind you. We love you, man.

  69. Kona Boy Rob G says:

    Bradda BJ, Please do me a favor and go shoot some tubes out by the Red Road ’cause I am stuck on the mainland (NY), cuz. Enjoy your baby girls.

    Plus, if I get back for a few weeks in the winter and you still stay, I got some secret dive spots in Napoopoo.

    A hui ho,
    Rob G

  70. Dosan says:

    BJ you’re still young to retire…but whatever you decide, the fans support you 100%. No pressure, enjoy your time off…lol

  71. dave says:

    your stiil the man BJ!!!! as for all the goofs that wanna chirp BJ go fuck your selves!!!! say it to his face you know nothing punk bitches!!!! GSP is gonna ass rape that wanna be G chump Diaz!! thats if Diaz shows up to the shit he,s sposed too!!

  72. webby says:

    all the best BJ. Gutted that your hangin up the gloves. Fought the best, beat the best, 2 x champion at different weights. bet 99% of UFC hope to leave as good a legacy. the hall of fame must await. Mahalo.

  73. joe says:

    I’d say move back to Lightweight BJ Your 5’9 and not a big guy; that is why you draw/get beaten by guys you are a better fighter than. Being 32 – you can still train hard and make one more epic run at the lightweight, succeed or not you would still be regarded as the greatest LW in MMA history.

  74. Aaron S. says:

    Perfectly said.
    We love you BJ!!!

  75. rico says:

    bj is the man i dont care if he loses every fight….a true local boy! we stand with you bj! you lose we lose you win we win…comin out to hawaii78 makes me feel you even more you go in the ring and fight for US HAWAII!

  76. Chris says:

    The TRUE People’s Champ! Can’t be disappointed as a fan, BJ has achieved so much in this sport. As a father myself you need to take a break from the things you love to spend time with those you love more. Take your time BJ, family comes first!

  77. James Wolfe says:

    Good call BJ. Relax, take some time, rest, heal…decide if you truly want to fight any longer. If you do, get back to 155 and destroy them all…All the best.

  78. John says:

    No matter what he choses is one of he greatest
    Bj knows what he needs to do to be number 1 again no matter what he will always be a

  79. Kamuela Kimura says:

    Bj, the true Hawaiian Spirit is all over the world because of you. Grew up Aiea and live here in Atlanta, Georgia. I feel the aloha and mana here because of you. Thanks for all the times you inspired me and many others to overcome, challenge yourself to be the best, and just scrap. We all support you whatever you decide. You have carried the weight of the aloha state and its people spread through the world on your shoulders for so long and have done it well. It is our turn to carry you through this. Enjoy the ohana and may we give back to you what you gave to us. BJ Penn is the GOAT hands down!

  80. guamy says:

    Stay up brotha Excellent Performance!!! this is why your the peoples champ. you guys went out there and banged it out for 15 min straight no stalling JUST SCAP. MAD PROPS.

  81. Flying Finn says:

    BJ…thanks for all you have done for the sport and for us,the fans. I really really REALLY hope you´ll be back someday competing again in the octagon. You truly are a real warrior and one of my favorite fighters ! Much love and all the best and God speed !

  82. Richie rich says:

    B.J. U havee ha OVER ten yrs of the most amazing performances..u have achieved it all n theres always gon b sumone that wants it more. But that win was not unanimous and the diaz bros have always been the same..ruffnecks that win mediocre fights n swear theyre the best..i look at it this way damn near all ur fights have been championship fights..since the age
    of what..22? N u have had to fight the best ur entire life n u have beaten damn near all of them off natural talent alone! U are the toughest opponent diaz has ever faced n u guys knew people can say what they want but as much as I hate gsp..he WILL beat nick!!

  83. ngs mma says:

    If this is it, thank you for all you’ve done. You’ve been my favorite fighter since day one. Love your style and would hate to see you remove yourself from the national scene altogether.

  84. Bas says:

    Bj dont quitt !!!! please your a hero to so many guys !

  85. ben says:

    He said he would only do this as long as he could compete at that level–for anyone who thought he didn’t, look at the beginning–he clearly CAN compete at that level still, as he damn near choked Diaz out. With a true camp developed for this match, and not one focusing first on Condit, the outcome would have been much different. With B.J. it’s always been a matter of motivation, and I agree when he says he hasn’t yet reached his peak. I think he should take a break, rediscover himself, rediscover life, spend time with his friends and family, and in time come back a refocused and refueled fighter. He’s only lost to champions, and earlier this year he drew (and arguably beat) Jon Fitch, in my opinion the #2 WW in the World, let alone UFC, someone who definitely deserves a title shot. And if you thought B.J. got gassed, well you didn’t see the 3rd round that I saw-one that saw him continue fighting, creating pressure and even threatening Diaz—I was left wishing for 2 more rounds cause each guy looked like they had a ton of fight left in them. If you’re reading this BJ–self hypnosis, church, travel and some escapist books/movies brother. Do something completely new too—take a class on something you’ve always wanted to do, but never did (cooking, foreign language, some new form of martial art, etc)—you’ll get there man. If you don’t, and choose the time is in fact now, then you’ve been one of the best, and I’ll know that decision was made with a ton of consideration.

  86. Drew says:

    BJ you have been an inspiration and a hero to many people around the world. If you decided to retire at this point I don’t blame you. There’s nothing to prove anymore, it’s been a great long career!

  87. Eric says:

    It takes 2 great fighter to make a “great” fight. Saturday was one of the greatest fights I’ve seen in 20 years of watching combat sports. Regardless of what you decide no shame in that fight bro! Thanks again for the blood sweat and tears!

  88. fred stromberg says:

    BJ! You’re one of the best pound-for-pound fighters ever walked the planet. You truely deserve to take the time with your family and focus on your taining camp. Thank you for some EPIC MMA moments. You truly deserves this!!!

    My Hero 4-ever!

  89. WOLFGANG says:


  90. Martin says:

    Just wanted to say Thank you Bj. Thank you for giving us all the great fights and let us follow you and your career and even your life a bit here on the website.Its been an honor for me at least. Im a father myself and have trained and fought some in martial arts all my life and i know how tough it can be to have a life on the side. Especially as a father and later in the career.
    I can understand your disappointment. But looking back at everything you accomplished you should not be. I hear and see all these keyboard warriors handing out judgement left and right. And handing out critique. Its pathetic. You probably ignore that most of the time, but if you ever feel down because of it, rest assured that most of us “normal” fans know they are fools and have no life of their own hehe.
    Its understandable how fans can “feel” emotions and feel involved in your career. Cause your such a great person and fighter. But it should stop there. We should just be happy to be a part of your fanbase and be able to watch your fights, cause thats all we should ask for. And be happy with that. As long as we ourselfs dont get out there and try to fight your fights we should just stay quiet in my humble opinion hehe.
    As a fan and as a spectator i can only say im sorry for the fights you have lost and that im equally happy when you win. Cause you fight in a way that i really enjoy watching. You leave it all out there but you do it with pure skill. In all areas. Its very entertaining to watch.
    Thats why even when you loose, after the bitter taste of you loosing, i almost always feel you could have beaten your opponent skillwise and in toughness. Its only been your cardio that has been a question for some reason in some of the fights. But in the other areas ( which is where it counts in my opinion) you are the best BJ.
    Good luck in your life as a father and everything else.
    Its been a pleasure…

  91. benji says:

    i don’t know if this post will ever reach your eyes bj, but if it does, i would just like for you to know that you are an inspiration. from the heart you fight with, the enjoyment of life and family, to the walkouts to bruddah iz. as he would say, i am just a hawaian at heart, but i do see drive in your eyes when i watch your fights and even interviews. Godbless you for wanting to spend time with your family and be the best father you can be. you are champion to all of us, but more importantly you are special in the eyes of Jesus Christ. we all are, and he gave his life for us so that we could have eternal life in heaven. focus on what is best for you and thank you for all the memories. i look forward to whatever you choose to do in your future. Godbless

  92. WHO says:

    i said he was gonna gas when they showed us his training video about 3 weeks back looking like i can cut bacon out his back. all the people that said he didnt are lying to themselves he won the 1st round but i think that was part of the diaz plan he took everything bj threw at him and the 2nd round came and he was exhausted. the 3rd round was awesome but nick got the better of the exchanges bj looked like he didnt even want to continue at the end of the 2nd and came out like a warrior. my hats off to him for that but he should be gaining muscle mass not eating cheeseburgers to put on the pounds.

  93. Guido says:

    Mahalo Baby Jay! Whatever the decision is I support it. Family is so important and you truly are an amazing dad. Its all about the children and as a fan I back up whatever you intend to do with your career. Just take your time and finally enjoy Aeva. Take care of Shea and make sure that everything is sound and okay with the little princess on the way. We Love You and when you get a chance keep us posted. No other fighter, athlete in the world does what you do for a fan base. You are the best man! Your career was/is amazing. You never backed down, you never quit, you were never finished by anybody. No one else in this sport can lay claim to that for the amount of years you spent in the cage.

    GOD BLESS YOU and your entire FAMILY!

  94. xbabewithbitex says:

    I knew BJ wouldn’t leave us… I <3 you Bj. please don't leave us hanging for long without twitter updates I don't think I could handle that lol <3 You are the MAN!!!!!

  95. BJFan says:


    I’ve enjoyed watching you do what only you can do, for a long time now. You’re the freakiest freak in MMA history, and we’re all very lucky to have gotten to watch you work.

    Please enjoy yourself, and be proud!!!

    G.O.A.T.! H.O.F.!

  96. TACP says:

    BJ has still got it despite what some people may say… Diaz was a very tough opponent no doubt about that… BJ needs to get back with Marv and train that way… When BJ was conditioning with Marv he was unstoppable… If he can get with them and learn to properly gain, carry and utilize the weight i think BJ would have a good run once again LW or WW… Also if BJ makes a come back, maybe mix it up a lil more??? more kicks, takedowns, etc… Whatever BJ decides to do his true fans will stand by his decision… hope to see you in the cage again BJ, if not you will be missed… LIVE ALOHA…

  97. eric says:

    I would think BJ would train harder …….and maybe he did. Cmon , BJ kicked his ass in the first round and still stayed in there. BJ is a bad dude (talented fighter). I hope he just steps it up 30,40 or 50, percent. If he did that , he can just about whoop anybody. He is a great fighter. Diaz ……. he has just a shitty attitude! But he too, did a good job.

  98. Meatus says:

    Haters are going to hate. BJ is a legend. True MMA hero retired by a future Hall of Famer. No shame in any of it.

  99. Fuzzy says:

    I know this comment may get skimmed as another anonymous declaration of support for our warrior, but I just wanted to let him know that his passion for what he does has inspired me. I can only hope to perform in my career and live my life with as much heart and fearlessness as the Prodigy. BJ, you are a legend and you will forever be in my heart. I send my love, respect, and good energy.

    P.S. The Hawaiian mana can be felt all the way in Wisconsin.

  100. eric says:

    Keep going ……..Strentgh , wisdom ,prayer ……. You know what to do , BJ .

  101. Shotgun says:

    Ive been a fan of BJ since day one.. I still think he has the best skills in MMA. It hurts to see him lose to Diaz and other because of his cardio. Its very clear he gassed out and i knew it was going to happen from the weigh-ins. Its been frustrating , disappointing , and confusing as to why this subject of suspect cardio is always a factor. When BJ trains hard and cuts weight he wins. Clean and simple. When he shows up soft he loses. BJ cannot survive at 170lbs in today’s MMA. And he is not dedicated enough to cut weight to become a badass 155lb. The problem is: Hawaii and too many yes men around him. The solution is: move away from Hawaii and away from his yes men during training. If he can’t do this i understand, then its time to hang them up. Cause its not fair to the fans to be let down over and over due to suspect cardio training. He’s been one of my fav fighters and want to see the light shining on his spot long after he’s left the sport.

  102. Derek Langhorn (SakuEar) says:

    We love you BJ and will support you in any decisions you make. You got me into MMA and i respect will respect you for all you have done for the sport. You are a true warrior bj, and your name will live forever, whether you decide to put up the gloves or not. Either way you will be in the Hall of Fame for sure and you will always be an inspiration to people like me and also young kids growing up and wanting to become champions. BJ PENN FOREVER!!!!

  103. Thanks for all the great memories Bj…

  104. Jamie Read says:

    I’m glad to see you are going to take some time off to enjoy your life and weigh up your options. It pains me to see the UFC getting you to fight at welterweight when you are best at lightweight (No other fighter in the whole of the company would not cut weight and fight in a heavier division than they should, so I’m not entirely sure why the UFC see you as an exception). I would love to see you return next year at some point at lightweight, but no matter what you do, I wish you the best of luck! Best fighter ever.

  105. Bill G. says:

    BJ should do a BJJ seminar tour (especially on the East Coast!). Travel have some fun! The UFC isn’t going anywhere if you want to go back. If not it’s been amazing seeing you fight! Best ever!

  106. hutchthegreat1 says:

    Stop kicking a man when he’s down. BJ fought like the warrior he is and left it all in the ring. I hope he fights again because he’s not just one of the greatest of all time, he is still a lightweight contender that can take out many welterweights. Win or lose he’s a great fighter to watch.

  107. laurie t williamson says:

    dont retire BJ…you got alot a fight in you…looking at your demeanor before you squared off with Diaz. was awesome

  108. aditash says:

    He is in 30s so i think it not over for him. he’ll be back.

  109. Robert J says:

    I hope BJ comes back and Fights 155. Atleast try to get the belt Back. But if he retires He will still be my favorite Fighter! Good Luck with whatever you decide BJ. Thanks for putting it all on the line for us Fans and Of course your Family.

  110. james o kane says:

    i just want to tell you bj…..YOUR MY HERO!!!

  111. momo says:

    im a big bj fan but im really not liking this whole boy who cried wolf if he is going to stay then he need to stop acting like he is done every time he loses.

  112. slimtrim says:

    i think bj would have found a way to knock his ass out if it had gone for one more round.

  113. Ben says:

    I think B.J would of done way better at a catch weight when he was fit like he was when he fought Diego.. I think that night he fought Diego was the best shape he has ever been but never went back to that.. BJ looked like he didnt even train for this fight. He looked heavy and slow.. When I saw the weigh in’s I already had a bad feeling about the fight because he didnt even look in any kind of shape..

    Much love b.j..You should take 1 year off to decide. No pressure we still love ya.

    I still believe b.j could beat diaz easily if hes in shape but when hes not in shape he can lose to anyone.. What point is all that talent when you cant use it?

    • BJ is GOAT says:

      He was not heavy and slow, he was way too small to be fighting at WW. I saw a video of him tipping the scales at 165 and people backstage were making him stuff his face just to get somewhere close to 170. BJ has unreal heart to go out there that small fighting a guy who was for sure 20lbs heavier on fight night. Thought he looked great in the 1st round with some tight and crisp combos, a nice single leg to back transition, and of course a stiff jab. Cardio again was the downfall. Great fight but one I didn’t want to see as BJ and Nick are my 2 favorite fighters. BJ by far is #1 though, it’s a whole different feeling when he is in the octagon. My nervouseness is sickenening but I hope to feel it again. Thanks for everything BJ and I hope to see you at 155 sooner rather than later.

  114. Eric El Bestia says:

    Sounds like “i’ll be back to lightweight”

  115. Kyle K. says:

    If you do fight again Bj Fight at 155 and bring marv back in… for strength and cond. And whoop frankies ass like I know you can! If you decide to retire then thank you for making me an mma fan and thank you for all the exciting fights and train reagan good the UFC just won’t be the UFC without the Penn name. Take good care of your daughters they have the best dad that any little girls can ask for. Do good bra!

    WAR BJ!

  116. smt surfboards says:

    bradda u did good !!!!! you know how you did , fuck what anybody got to say !!!!! you are a hawaiian warrior !!!! take care the ohana , regroup do what you really want to do , then make desions. bradda you one nuts hawaiian ,came a long way from young kid days.all i know BIG ISLAND LUV YOU !!!! MAHALO FOR ALL YOU DO !!!!! luv you hawaiian, bradda steve

  117. Carter says:

    Great idea BJ, take some time off.

  118. Devilock says:

    I don’t believe BJ is really done and ready to retire from competition. There is no question he fought with everything he had against Diaz. I believe BJ would be fully satisfied with entering retirement from this fight if he truly trained as hard as he possibly could for this fight.

  119. ThaGreenBandit says:

    All you Prodigy haters need to roll out n find another site. The man is a world class fighter who held belts in 2 different weight classes. So he didn’t win. So fucking what? He was bested on that night and nothing more. If he were to retire at 32, he’s still accomplished more in his chosen profession than most of all of us will ever achieve in our entire lives! Stop blatantly hating on the man’s talent

  120. Gab says:

    Look at all these keyboard warriors talking shit. You’re on BJ’s official site bashing BJ himself? You call yourselves true fans? You have no respect. The man is a legend and he’s given us fans so many memorable fights. BJ is an icon and will be inducted into the hall of fame for sure. This isn’t even about giving credit where credit is due. The man has done so much already that respect isn’t even a thing to question. All you shit talkers can GTFO.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done for the sport BJ. Whatever you decide to do, know that the fans love you (most of them at least) and that they will continue to support whatever you choose to do.

  121. Mike McMack says:

    You wanna know how to separate a true MMA fan from the other d-bags? Real fans respect the sport and it’s fighters, this is BJ’s site for goodness sake. Whats wrong haters? Too bored of Call of Duty so you gotta pick fights on the internet?

    Anyways, BJ Penn IS one of the top 5 greatest mixed martial artists of all time period. He’s already accomplished so much in this sport and if he chooses to return he has the ability to build upon that legacy. I for one hope he does come back at LW to take on some of the guys in that stacked division.

    Either way, BJ Penn has done more in one fight then all you stupid Call of Duty punks ever will accomplish sitting in that chair. Go do a 5 round sparring sesh with BJ or any elite fighter, then go and talk about someone not putting in work to prepare for a fight. I’ve been going to a boxing gym for a year and a half now and I only go 3 to 4 times a week for an hour or two. It’s extremely hard work and it’s even more work for the guys that compete.

    If your a real MMA fan…Respect the fighters. They deserve it for all the hard work they put in to try to give us a show.

    • Brave Reply says:

      hahaha +1 my friend, well said, very well said.

      • henry Kobasky says:

        Look, as long as you guys acknowledge my existence by responding to my comments, why shouldn’t I return to this website? If you guys hate me so much, stop responding to my comments. It’s so hard to NOT respond because my thinking is so advanced that you want to understand why I say what I say. I am not gay as people have been saying, yes I am a Physical Therapist in New York. Go look up my profile. But I know what I’m talking about. I’m a critiical thinker, unlike many of you. Good day.

    • Mike McMack says:

      I respect your opinion Henry. I only go to the gym because the cardio workout I get from boxing is much more fun than running the trails. I train for fitness/recreation and thats it. The reason I said that is because I’ve seen first hand how hard the guys at the gym who actually compete train, it’s their life.

      I think BJ trained very hard for this fight, I think Nick broke his will honestly. BJ took a lot of shots in the 2nd and getting hit drains your energy big time. I just don’t think BJ’s cardio is ever going to be one of his strong points no matter how hard he pushes himself. I don’t think he lost because he didn’t train as hard as Nick, BJ lost because Nick straight up out boxed him.

  122. LeslieAndJai says:

    We love you BJ! Thanks for all the memories!

  123. Ed says:

    It bums me out when people say BJ didn’t train and therefore he gassed. It’s just that he’s not physically gifted in the cardio department. It doesn’t matter how hard he trains, he’ll get better but he’ll never have the cardio of Diaz. Just like no matter how much Diaz stretches and practices, he’ll never have the same flexibility and dexterity as BJ. Doesn’t matter, BJ’s abilities and hard work brought home belts in 2 divisions and the fans always chant “BJ.”

    • Mike McMack says:

      Great cardio can be developed but there’s just some things people are naturally gifted with. BJ didn’t get the great cardio gift, we all know he trained hard, I just think Nick broke his will in the 2nd.

      Another thing is that when you get hit hard it takes a huge toll on your bodys conditioning so people need to take that into account. BJ started to muster up some offense midway in the 3rd but he was still dazed and tired from all the hits he took. Nicks punches aren’t crisp or pretty but theres no question that the man hits really hard (BJ’s eye). I really hope BJ comes back revitalized after he takes a nice chunk of time off.

  124. Jujitsu Player says:

    Take some time off rest, reflect then come back at 155lb and get you title back.

  125. 1STroundko says:

    bj easily took the first round anybody who disagrees is blind the only reason IMO is cause he got tired if he would have kept the presser on him for all three rounds like he did in the first he would have won that fight but i believe bj should drop back down to lightweight when he returns and fight gray if gray is still in the top of the division if he whens penn vs. edgar lll if that fight happens i would love for him to use his ground game and tapout edgar cause otherwise edgar will throw a few punches and dance around him like he did in their fights

  126. AL says:

    BJ im a big fan of yours. I’ve been watching your fights and I love it. I don’t think your heart is there. You don’t have thesame passion for this kind of game as you use to be when you were younger. It’s a wise idea to hang it up for your family. There is no shame to go you have done enough for this sport you put out a good fight with nick diaz. I’m sorry to say this but if you try to go back I just don’t see you competing for the title. You might beat some mediocre fighter but examine yourself carefully there is no getting back in that title. Don’t make thesame mistake as ken shamrock did.

  127. Steve says:

    Thanks for being the best fighter ever!…We are huge Penn fans and whatever you decide, we as fans, stand beside you!….My dream is to one day travel to your school to train….Rock on BJ and thanks again!

  128. Will says:

    All you BJ haters go fuk yourself.

  129. darryl gallardo says:

    You are a GREAT champ!!!!! Enjoy your time with family and friends. If we see you fight again, great. If not, still great as you will always be my favorite fighter.

  130. Pouya says:

    BJ showed he has tons of heart and is a true fighter never quits

    i just wish he had better cardio

  131. Curt says:

    Doesn’t sound like retirement, and I hope it isn’t. BJ has always dominated w/ stand up, even though he’s top Jiu jitsu. I’m sure, looking at the tapes, he’ll change his mind. He landed less than half the punches that Diaz did, and still rocked Diaz up until the end of the third round w/ solid striking. You could see it in Diaz’s eyes. He knows deep inside that it still could have been BJ’s up until the end. Good luck BJ.
    I’m in Oahu for a month, w/ a week in Pahoa. Keeping my fingers crossed I bump into the man. I missed him at the OTM store in Huntington Beach by 2 days–was there to get a gi. Damn

  132. steven horgan says:


  133. rafael says:

    bj penn is the greatest fighter of all time if bj goes back to 155 he will learn from the fitch and diaz fight and dominate once again.

  134. K dub says:

    I don’t think BJ gassed … after watching the fight for the second time, it is clear to me that BJ took a knee to the forehead after attempting a takedown in the second round.(right after his corner was telling him “it’s right there–take it”).

    I could be wrong but it looked like he never was the same after that shot. Up to that point in the fight, BJ was winning.

    Anyone else notice that shot?

  135. Daniel says:

    Why the hell some guys come to this site to talk trash about a guy who helped building the sport and is such a good person?! For all you guys you have to figure out that bj is not an athlete, he is a fighter. Something you don’t understand cause you gsp wannabes just are too busy licking the grease out of his ass! Try putting your own body in stake for the love for fighting like he did going through those divisions and then you can talk about Bj Penn. Do you guys really think BJ likes getting whooped and always failing in the same thing over and over. Than u are more stupid than I thought!

  136. Sean says:

    If he is considered more fights later on hopefully he’ll take this time to train light technique and hard strength and cardio training

  137. TEAMLOPEZ LNY says:

    Braddah BJ, Awesome fight! Now enjoy Life like you said!! Congrats on your upcoming keiki! Be Blessed BJ! Aloha..

  138. Ryan Kim says:

    you’re one of the best, bj. God bless you and your family. hope to see you in the octagon again someday, but if not you’ve had one hell of a career. hana hou.

  139. This guy says:

    Bottom line is: If you want to compete at the highest level, then come in shape. If any of you think Penn was in shape then you are retarded. You cannot show up to fight a man like Diaz looking like that, no matter how good you are. It has been this way for a long time. Don’t be ignorant. Penn looked out of shape because he was. He is such a beast that he can hang the way he did when others would have fallen, and have fallen against Diaz’s onslaught. But don’t get it twisted, Penn looked like shit. His heart, toughtness, and talent helped him stay in that fight when others would go down.

    At 155 he can be the champ if he wants it. We all know this.

  140. Rob says:

    You are one of the greatest ever BJ. I’ve been watching ufc since the days of joyce gracie and you are one of my top three favorites ever. Please come back better than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. JC says:

    Wow. BJ thank you first for the fight on saturday with diaz. that fight was the most non stop fighting i have seen yet in mma. my favorite parts of the fight of course was the jiu jitsu portion of the first round, and your last combination of punches in the last 2 seconds of the fight…looks cool in slowmotion too. The first mma fight i watched was you vs sherk making me an addict of mma watching, and to BJJ with my son. Thank you BJ Penn.


  142. Patrick says:

    BJ is a legend in the sport. He is one of the reasons the UFC is a household name. Two words…Lets Scrap

  143. BCE says:

    BJ, you’re the MAN! Thanks for all the exciting fights, hope to see you in the cage again! All the people talking shit, keep talking shit cause that’s all you’re good for!

  144. Jeff says:

    B.J. I hope you get this comment. I watch everyone of your fights. Sometimes I think man this guy is unstoppable and other times I’m wondering what your doing. I know that styles make fights, but There has been many times where I think you rely so much on your boxing when you should be relying on your wrestling ability. I thought the John Fitch fight was brilliant game plan. If you would have fought his fight you would have lost. On the other hand the Nick Diaz fight was a stupid game plan. Did you watch the Diego Sanchez fight with Nick. He got his ass kicked. Yet you kicked Diegos ass because you had a better game plan. The point is I think you are one of the best fighters out there, but you need to come in with a better game plans. I don’t mean this as and insult. I’m a nobody. But I truly think you could have easily ground and pounded Nick Diaz to win this fight. I like you as a fighter better then Georges, but he does come in with good game plans He will not make the same mistake as you when it comes to fighting Diaz. If he does he will get beat.

  145. Tristan Bali says:

    BJ Penn did what he could. There are only 2 ppl in MMA who really throw body punches.. #1. Diaz #2 Nam Phan. Not a lot of people are used to body shots in MMA. so for you fools who think BJ gassed out… go let someone give you a few body shots and have fun doing cardio.

  146. Justin says:

    BJ Penn at 145lbs …..I think that’s where he could get himself another title.

  147. Just let us know BJ. You’ve got my support no matter what!!

  148. Isaiah D says:

    BJ, you will always have my support. All things considered I think you did ok in this fight. Nick at the top of the heat at 170 and you kicked his ass the first round and took a few jabs in the next couple. Im proud of what you did in there. No lightweight would even dare to try what you did. Much love and respect. Congrats on the new daughter and good luck in the future. Ps I find it strange that when the profiles went away, the hatters come out to play. Find your own web site..

  149. dontdoit says:

    bj, keep your head up and your chin tucked. all the haters are having a ball. truth is, you are the best pure fighter out there. your a little heavy for one class and a little light for another. its tough to be there. but if you drop down you’ll have more success. change your gameplan to fit the opponent and quit relying on your instincts and skills. look at the fitch fight. he’s a cardio beast and you fought him to a draw. why? because he expected you to come out and throw punches and defend take downs. just one example. train hard and stay focused, never feel like enough is enough and when you step in the ring it will be you with the edge and element of surprise. and don’t take another fight where your opponent walks around 20 lbs heavier, is a cardio nut and has that much of a reach advantage. tell dana to kiss your ass next time he asks you to do that.

  150. Josie Wales says:

    BJ did what he could, part of the blame about his conditioning falls on his strength and conditioning coach. It seems, while the training with the Marv Bros looked tedious as hell, it worked best for BJ so far. Might be an option. There are plenty of fights at LW for BJ. Maybe he should take a preliminary fight to gain his confidence back. Good opponents for this could be Guida, Miller, Gomi II. Then move to Pettis, Cerrone, or Maynard. Then Bendo or Edgar. Losing to Diaz isn’t that bad, BJ held in there and fought like the warrior he is. Hopefully WW has come to a close for BJ. if BJ has 5 more fights, he can grab a record of 26 appearances in the Octagon. I think 2012 will be a good year for him, with 3 solid wins at LW. Great family with 2 daughters, family and fan support, plus maybe a little baby BJ, third times a charm BJ!

  151. OCD says:

    LW. BJ can beat Edgar. Don’t know why he net gave it away, but whatever. Only he knows. He can be the champ at 155 again. The guys at LW should be shitting their pants right now, praying he doesn’t come back and start tearing guys up again.

  152. pk9grrr says:

    in shape or out of shape one thing bj haters dont apreciate is bj’s willingness to fight whoever and whenevevr even in a weight class he really shouldnt be fighting in,haters will hate but they forget that so your all fucken fools to begin with,..ill apreciate bj over any fighter who doesnt challenge himself like bj does,or that superior athelete who fights like a chickenshit…poeple say the same about fedor but both fedor and bj display enormous heart and fightin spirit and resilience ,something bj didnt loose against diaz

  153. Jorge says:

    I think BJ could come back to 155 once he re-evaluates things again, and if he does, he could be a killer again. Specifically the UFC 107 BJ was, in my opinion, the most dangerous version of him ever, he showcased to us just how dangerous he can be, stuffed every takedown, and gave Diego a 0 chance of ever winning the fight. If that BJ could come back, he could probably be the destroyer that he once was.

  154. Andy says:

    BJ is one of a kind. This guy has inspired me greatly in my life. People can talk shit, but if Diaz is so bad ass, then let’s see him step to someone in the middle weight division. (he won’t). There a things more important than winning, like having the heart to fight like Bj, even against bigger opponents. I hope to see him compete again. My heart goes out to him.

  155. Pete Nice says:

    B.J the Lion at 55! 1 puzzle to solve, if he doesn’t go to 45 by the time you get there. Give these 55’ers what Kenny and Diego ran into. If you were Nicks size, he’d be looking f’d up way worse right now. If you get Edgar down the road, take his back! Ain’t no 55’er touching you like that..Stop giving top guys 20lbs.. The legacy is untarnished!

  156. LCM says:

    I’m so glad this isn’t the end of the road for the Prodigy. He looked fantastic in the 1st and the opening minute or two of the 2nd, his hands were excellent and I had him winning up until that point. But he seemed out of shape, gassed early in the 2nd and had to stuff his face just to make weight. Seriously, come on, 155 is where BJ needs to be. That’s his territory, it’s much more natural for his body type, size, etc than 170. And most importantly, he needs to bring back Marv Marinovich to run his camp. BJ needs solid S&C which he has been sorely lacking since he parted ways with Marv. At 155 vs. Florian and Sanchez he was an absolute machine.

  157. Robbie Wiggins says:

    BJ Penn is tha most naturally gifted fighter “I’ve” ever seen in all tha 30 plus years I’ve followed fighting. He’s just a born scrapper & technique is just natural to him. I mean I honestly believe he could be an completely unbeatable champion @ 155 and 170. I’m not gonna lie, I was pissed after this fight! Here BJ has yet another chance to get another title shot @ 170 & with someone who beat tha shit outta him ( with tha help of vaseline)but never tha less embarressed him and he comes in to fight a guy who does triatholons in his spare time and he hasnt prepared his cardio & conditioning!!! I mean damn,tha same shit his whole career ( with the exception of tha 2 fights he trained with tha Marinovich bros.) I mean all that talent might make you tha baddest bitch on your block,but not fighting top condenders in tha UFC. Bj got his ass beat because he didnt condition himself the way he knows he has to after ten years and that is the ONLY reason Nick beat him or any body else beat him. I mean I hate to say it because BJ is my most favorite fighter of all time,but if he’s not willing to work on tha one fuk’n thing thats keep’n him from being tha best fighter ever then maybe he should retire. I wish BJ tha best of luck and thank him for the inspiration he gave me to get into jiu jitsu and MMA

    • unbreakable says:

      I agree BJ has exceptional natural talent, He’s main enemy is himself. Ive always and will always be a fan of BJ Penn I still see a ot of fights in him he just need to overcome his personal demons… If he was in condition physically and mentally (LIKE IN HIS DIEGO SANCHEZ FIGHT) Damn it would be a different story…


    • This guy says:

      I 100% agree. No excuses. He looked like shit for that fight. But he did stand when most men would have gone down. You cannot teach that shit. Thats why he is the man.

  158. Jomajesty says:

    I hope he doesn’t retire or take too long of a break and come back..he still has a few fights left in him. He can always go down to lightweight and be great.. i still think he can beat franky. i think he won or atleast draw the first fight anyways..He can still stay at welterweight and have a run for the title..i think Diaz is great and was the better fighter..but BJ clearly was outstriking him and dominating the ground game in the first round…i think BJ got hurt with the body shots..just like the other fighters that fell victim to Diazs vicious body shots..I wish BJ went into the second round taking Diaz to the ground right away..But i see why he didn’t because he was clearly outstrking him in the first round. I don’t think Bj was conditioned to take such body shots..Bj is still top 5 in the welterweight..he needs to rematch fitch, and beat him and wait and see who wins between gsp and nick. nick is going to beat gsp and condit is going to fight for that title next..then bj can get redemption from gsp. After that he can fight condit after condit loses to nick. Then he can rematch nick for the title.

  159. henry kobastard says:

    a million on your back a couple hundred on on your feet, come back to 155 put the skeptics back to sleep. #WARPENN i’ll bash the #BASHERS for .COM any day ;p

  160. beliver says:

    BJ my opinion shud stick round in lightweight division, i know bj got heart and skill, but just got to stick in lightweight division, cardio is somwhat natural too…like the reason why some people become sprinters and others become long distance runners, i believe bj got tons of power and explosiveness (for his weight class) , but this power and explosiveness….consume a lot of energy…and make you gas faaster, a lots of people that hit hard and have power and strenntgh (for their natural weight class) have bad cardio. I feel the same way becuz i hit harder and can lift more than the next guy (in my weight class) but i can only hit and lift a certain number of times before i run out of gas as oppose to the guy who dont hit as hard and not as strong but can go longer time.

  161. BJ your still as sharp as ever says:

    Before you consider retirement….

    When your in hawaii, and you go to the place… you know the place that i’m talking about…every hawaiian warrior has his place on the island where he feels invincible….where he feels his fighting spirit releasing from his body….go to that place… and if you don’t feel the fire to compete still boiling inside of you..then do whatever you think is right

    BJ i’m with you to the end


  162. Don says:

    BJ Penn is one of the all-time greatest fighters, and one of my faves. He steps up to bigger challenges, and finishes fights or goes all out trying, which is what makes him so great. That being said, I don’t think BJ has a problem with training hard. You don’t get to where BJ has been by slacking off. But I do think he had a problem with training with the right teammates. In order to be the best, you need to train with the best, that includes coaches, as well as teammates. The closest he came to doing this was when he trained with Matt Hughes camp. He would have spurts here and there training with top-notch fighters and coaches, but that was all it was – spurts. To compete at the top level, you need to consistently train with the top level. I’m not going to knock Jason Parillo or anyone else BJ trains with. I’m sure they are all very good trainers and partners to be around, and could all kick ass. But imho, if BJ trained in camps with guys like Matt Hughes, Mark Munoz, Anderson Silva, guys that would push him to his limits, no question, he’d have been WW champ again by now, in my mind. Also, BJ would help make them better fighters because they’d be training with one of the best. That said, BJ’s one of the most naturally and highly skilled fighters out there with the heart of a champion, and I’m proud to have been able to witness all of his epic battles.

  163. ben from kona says:

    I’ve always been a fan. BJ always like to fight bigger guys, he took on machida who was over 200. he’s a brawler and just wanted to give the fans the fight they want. he likes to brawl rather than stick and move like edgar or lay on the ground like gsp and i respect him for that. always gonna be a fan. i hope you dont retire until you get one of your belts back from the boring champs at 55 and 70. for all you haters, why dont you come to the islands and see what brawling is about.

    more power bruddah!!!

  164. Tyler Abeyta says:

    I was at UFC 137 watching from the nose bleeds with my brother. We both had binoculars watching the fight and I have never seen a more beautiful fight by BJ PENN. He is thee definition of SCRAPPER!!! If I could ever fathom being in BJ PENN’s shoes right now I would go home and have a feeling of accomplishment, knowing I just SCRAPPED the holy hell out of what I LOVE! Fighting is not about who wins and who losses its about going home after the fight bloody, bruised with a monster headache with a big ass grin on your face, BJ fights for the LOVE OF THE GAME! Thank you.

  165. LawdahMercy says:

    BJ PENN is one of the all time greatest fighters and definitely my most favorite! He has skills, strength, and heart! All these donkeys talkin all this smack about how BJ was out of shape, ahhh wake up! Out of shape or not, he still one hammah!! This local braddah can do damage. Jus sayin :)

  166. findog23 says:

    All of the so called fans telling BJ what he needs to do??!! WTF? BJ, you are the baddest mofo on the planet! You are the only fighter that hates fighting at his real fighting weight. You owned the lightweight class and even though you sleptwalk in both Edgar fights you still split with him (i know before the assholes chime in that the judges ruled the 1st fight a loss too.) You fight guys 20lbs plus heavier and you take it to their ass! Nobody in the UFC would ever do that. They would all be destroyed. GSP won’t do it. No fucking so called champ will. However, The Prodigy did and kicked ass there too. I will miss watching your fights if you don’t come back but I respect your decision and wish you and your family the best! We still have the Penn name fighting and he looks like he can carry and represent the name well! I would love to see you kick Fitch’s ass once more. Or Nate “the not so great”

  167. Jesse Bakels says:

    We can wait, but don’t go out like this!! You’re a legend men

  168. Xaninho says:

    I think if BJ drops to 155 he will be the next champ there..I think dropping isn’t the right description, cause it seems to me 155 is alot closer to his natural weight than 170. BJ’s physique is optimum at 155.

  169. BADBRAD says:

    bj needs to fight at 155! that way he has to cut weight and there for has more cardo.

  170. fif son says:

    great fight bj, u have nothing to be ashamed of, u fought a mans fight and hung in there when most would of folded, diaz face looked fucked up too, have fun with retirement, i look foward to training at your gym and learning from u one day

  171. John says:

    Seriouly BJ.. You need to get back at 155 and start rocking the division again.. and you face “The Answer” Edgar you need to plan for a better chess game and rock the MF! Your the true 155 King. PS you showed alot of heart against Diaz coming in the 3rd throwing punches like that..

  172. Nick says:

    BJ you are man and will always be my hero. You are a true MMA legend.

  173. Tom Mandich says:

    Um people.B.J. didn’t have to eat a bunch of food to make weight.I lived 2 blocks from where he was training.He walks around at 180.LMAO!

  174. JS says:

    BJ, you are the one and only MMA hero to me.
    I have been so happy because of you and your fights.
    Also as a Korean, I have been rooting for you all the time.

    When I saw you entering the octagon with tears the other night, I had a lump in my throat.
    When I saw your face with bruises and blood, I couldn’t believe it.

    It is really hard to see you leaving the octagon as a fighter

    I hope you find what you want in your life.
    You are my HERO!

    War BJ!!!

  175. guamy says:

    I love how all these tough guys keep telling BJ what he need to do. imo they just need to stfu and let the guy live. bj knows where he feels the most comfortable and dosent need a bunch of tough guys telling him where to fight and when to retire.


  176. Bish says:

    BJ, take some time, find that warrior spirit, lick your wounds, and get back in there. You have plenty of fight left in you. You know what you have to work on more than any of these “keyboard comando’s”…whether it is at 155 or 170, there are tons of really amazing fights out there for you, especially a belt at 155…I believe that. Come back strong and do what you do best…SCRAP!

  177. wilson A says:

    bj penn hope you read this message

    bj penn you were wrong with nick diaz strategy I had to take the floor at all times
    bj penn for a withdrawal are not only still down to featherweight and will get back another title for the following reasons:

    jose aldo he defeated Kenny Florian by unanimous desicion
    bj penn will win by submission
    then jose aldo vs bj penn would be advisable for you what bj penn

    jose aldo vs bj penn bj penn winner

    say fans of bj penn

  178. havongz says:

    still………………….props to BJ for going against a bigger dude……….that’s a real warrior to me ! Heads up BJ,your still the man !

  179. Lil Joe says:

    BJ….if you come back, please work on your CARDIO!!!!!

  180. Duane says:

    Till BJ gets another manager, hang’m up! You can’t be trying to fight these new breeds with so so cardio, I’m so damn sick of saying “cardio” when i mention BJ. Best BJ was with Marv and them, they don’t give a sh!t who you are, they are there to work you out and get results and JD didn’t like that, why, have no damn clue (but it was JD, out of BJs own mouth). I don’t see how a legend has trouble figuring out when his peek is, what kinda manager is that to have that doesn’t even know his fighter (from bjs mouth, about peeking) after soo many years? Try lifting and putting on muscle so you don’t get tossed around and leaned on instead of eating chop steak and rice bowls before weight ins. It isn’t hard to put on 10+ lbs of muscle if you “WORK HARD”. I watch some of these other countdowns and see these guys doing some grueling stuff, new age stuff (but still hardcore cardio), and all i see with BJ is him getting smoked on the track and having some bungy cords hookd up to him. How you go from Marv and them working on fastwitch stuff to that? I was soo pissed Saturday i didnt watch rd. 3, had to go blow off steam. Sick of seeing that defeated look on his face all due to cardio, like how does your corner let you go out like that SERIOUSLY? Sure Diaz is bigger etc. blah blah, BJ took the fight and thats that. I’ve heard BJ say in the past with all the hard training it makes his body feel broken down etc. Of course it will, that’s what hard training does and you build back a strong you. Fighters say the hard stuff is in training but i don’t see that with BJs camp, i know we don’t see it all but there’s probably a reason for that. If BJ does come back, it should be at 55 with new management. JD should step down for his brothers sake and see what someone else can do for him, WHY NOT, theres nothing to lose now. What’s the saying “if it aint broke dont fix it”, well this is “its broke,fix it asap”. It ain’t easy for me to sit there and see my favorite fighter in the world that got me so hooked on MMA go out like a average run of the mill fighter, can’t do it…

    • MELIKETHIS says:

      How can you sit there on your couch and say this….oh wait, cus you’re a BJ FAN!
      —WELL SAID, forget those who just sit there and fail to analyze reasons as to how or why he lost this fight, “you’re a legend BJ, can I lick your arm pit?” I too am so tired of reading “cardio” after a PENN loss. In today’s MMA, cardio is a skillset.

      No matter how gifted a fighter is, his skills will diminish every round when his cardio dimishes, if you become exhausted, your skillset is rendered useless. BJ is a TOUGH dude, no doubt. But, ups and downs and changes to his camp from trainer to trainer has to be looked at and decided as to why there is so much disorganization. This has proven to be negatively affecting BJ’s preparation and performance.

      I hate mentioning the MARV Bros too, because something went down where BJ’s camp felt it needed to leave them. Now, BJ is 1-3-1 since leaving MARV Bros. Even if MARV Bros had some role in Edgar Penn I –

      Is BJ being mishandled by his management? Now, if BJ returns, he will have different trainers, coaches, etc… AGAIN! Sometimes I sit on my couch and wish I was in his inner circle, so I could understand whats happening… I know, who the hell am I? JUST a BJ PENN fan that loves the taste of his wins and hates to see him lose.

      I would like to say, BJ will make the right decision, but I can’t be too sure, Is BJ being mishandled? Has he made the right decisions in the last 5 fights?

  181. austin says:

    bj that was a good fight hope u come back and fight at 155 i still thing u got a couple fights left

  182. Jack says:

    Hope he comes back focused and hungary……….Your a long time retired and once your older there is no going back. Just before the 1st Edgar fight BJ was deemed untouchable and top 3 p4p fighter in the world, the only thing that has changed is motivation. Anderson silva holds him in high regard for a reason……….The guys a legend 2-3 fights for a shot at 155 title.thats only a yr

  183. Chod says:

    You should help Diaz train for his fight with GSP! As much as I love GSP, I want to see Nick Diaz at the top.

  184. mike says:

    please dont retire bj…

  185. Brian says:

    BJ all this talk about you should have done dis and dat..Let me tell you brah, the way I see it you always did it you way and you were successful ain’t no shame in that…Now do what you always do, do what you feel is right for you and your family..
    Mahalo and much love………….

  186. TunisiaMan says:

    Enjoy your time off BJ
    Whatever you’ll decide, you’ve proved EVERYTHING in the fighting and martial arts world.
    I’ll be happy to watch you again in the octagone again kicking some butts or choking some necks lol
    But you’re already a legend of mixed martial arts as important as Royce Gracie or Bruce Lee
    ps : fuck all your haters

  187. MauiSon808 says:

    I hope BJ stops fighting at 170 he’s got nothing to prove there anymore. I hope he comes back and fights at 155 three to four more fights and wins the belt.

    How about BJ vs Shinya Aoki!

  188. bruce says:

    just teach or some thing BJ you don’t wanna be like Tito hangin on the cows tit until people pretty much think you are 100% garbage

  189. Marv Bros says:

    Penn is 2-0 with Marv Bros running his camp, undefeated baby! To be on top, takes grueling training, it wont get any easier! Call the Super Marv Bros.

  190. Gregg says:

    NO need to retire BJ!!!!! Your children can be very proud of their father. You are a living MMA legend. Thank you for all the years off great fights. Texas is BJ PENN COUNTRY!!!!!!

  191. juliangzavala says:

    dear mr penn i have watched you since the begining and it has been a honor sir i am mexican indian native american so i do understand the point of family so sincerly i say aloha mr bj penn no good bye or farewell only till we meet again aloha poma hona bj alohoa

  192. CBW says:

    BJ, you fought a good fight, just not enought in the 3rd round. Here’s the deal! From my point of view, you are a true 155er. You are too small for 170 and the larger fighters in the top 5 are going to give you troubles. At 155, and in top shape, I don’t believe anyone can beat you PERIOD! That includes the point fighter Frankie Edgar. Had you boxed Frankie like you boxed Nick, we wouldn’t be having this chat. Don’t go out this way. Get your a** in shape and dominate the 155 division again. NO SHORTCUTS, GET IT DONE!

  193. joe m says:

    BJ you are an inspiration to so many people in the world. You are an even bigger inspiration to the people of all the Pacific Islands (GUAM-671 IN PARTICULAR). You showed the world that there are bigger things out there on those small Islands. Ever since I found out where you were fighting out of I have followed your career as much as possible. I don’t care about all the politics and stats and whatever the people are saying these days. All I know is that MMA, the UFC and all the other fight organizations would be more exciting to watch if there were more fighters like you out there. Fighters who are passionate, fierce and scarily exciting to watch and follow. Fighters who not only represent themselves but also their families, their people and their culture. Fighters who do more for others than themselves. I guess I can go on and on, I am a fan. Thank the fans?…No no no, Thank you BJ for all those great and exciting fights, win or lose, and I hope we get to see more in the future!!!!

  194. Dave says:

    All I can say is the man tried. He is out if his comfort zone fighting at170lb but he is a warrior and likes a challenge. He could have played it safe in his career and never stepped out of 155, clearing up opponents. But for a fan that sometimes gets a little boring (GSP are you listening!). He gave the fans what they wanted. As far as the Diaz fight again, he gave the fans what they wanted. Standing up with Diaz and exchanging was suicide, given the nature of the fighter Diaz is and the reach advantage. Benn had no answer to the straight right hand jab which did most of the damage. He wanted to trade, to prove to Diaz to the fans that he wouldn’t do the obvious and go to ground for the majority of the fight. Give the guy a break, give compliments were due. I hope this isn’t the last time we see you in a ring, but a agree spending some time away will be a good thing for you and your young family. I wish you all the best.

  195. JMarcelo says:

    BJ trained and motivated cannot be beaten. For me it was obvious that he was far superior in the first round even with all advantages people are speaking about Diaz. But for second round on, he lost for himself. I just saw a fight of BJ and Serra, it was a long time a go, but BJ’s cardio was awesome. Bj get back, train hard and show the people that your are the best!

  196. markeezy says:

    doesn’t sound like he’s fully committed to retirement. he seemed like emotions got the best of him after a big loss and prematurely called it a career. taking time off is good. think things through, and with full dedication to the sport, he can make one more run at lightweight where he fits best.

  197. Vaughan says:

    BJ smashed it in the first round, and had Diaz retreating. The fact that he stood there and took the punishment he did and was prepared to go for more deserves admiration, and his pure skills that were on display in the first round were nothing short of amazing… Diaz is known to be a freak when it comes to fitness, and I think thats what allowed to him to get the win and keep it up where pretty much all other fighters would gass out after the same work rate.. Just look at diaz face after the fight, it was nice and fucked up as well… BJ, your still a legend in my eyes, and I truly hope u come back to fight for us again in the future. Wish i could have watched your fight when the UFC came to sydney but missed out… Laters you tough bastard

  198. David Feinblatt says:

    At the end of the day it is FAMILY that is most important. That is what my father taught me. Take off 5 or 6 months and hang around your beautiful family, then come back and fight like hell. No, fight like TWO HELLS in the Lightweight division. A hungry, focused BJ Penn is a scary f*ckin’ thing! You are a warrior and a fierce competitor. You WILL reside on top of the mountains again. ONCE AND FUTURE KING!!!!

  199. James says:

    Whats sad is the reality BJ Penn is not a boxer and he has been boxing his last 4 fights. BJ get back to your style of fighting and you will win again. A 6″ reach advantage is too much to try and set and bang with DIAZ.

  200. dr. strange says:

    ….take a break BJ, heal, and come back in 2012 at 155 and kick some butt, defense can be at a angled “forward” motion, need to fight the natural tendency to go backwards when tired, where you are in perfect range to be hit, move forward, leany smothering grabby in tight angle thing where the range is awkward and you can tie them up…….get the title back and retire on top…go HAWAIIAN bro’…

  201. billie armstrong says:

    why are you saying no one has ever beat up BJ the way Nick did? When BJ fought GSP BJ’s corner threw in the towel and he went to hospital. He looked a lot worse after that fight

  202. Chile says:

    #1 fan right here! Bj Penn is one reason I started boxing and love watching and training in mma boxing and bjj. He’ll be back for sure!


    BJ Penn represented the islands of Hawaii and showed how island boys can “Scrap!” If you want to find out, come out to my side of the island and talk crap about BJ. The boyz of Nanakuli and Waianae will give you dirty lickins’ the old fashion way. “Straight Up Poundin!” Mahalo BJ Penn and “Malama Pono!”

  204. KKH says:

    People that come onto Bj’s site just to talk shit blow my mind, go away. Bj dominated that first round, i watched it a second time. 2nd round nick got his timing down and turned it around, and the 3rd was actually closer when i watched it a second time through. I think Bj’s Heart wasn’t in it quite as much as it could have been, maybe he thought he could still recover and get him in the 3rd. I think on a good day Bj can take Nick. Only thing I saw from Nick that was better then expected was his ability to take a punch. Bj hit him 2-3 diffrent times that were the loudest punches I’ve ever heard in the UFC. Not saying they were the hardest, but the crack that came with em was difinitevely the loudest. Both of these guys can take a beating like I have never seen. “Never knocked down” wtf is that! how is that possible when you have fought the who’s who’s in MMA…Bj whats your secret? is the accupunture helping that much! email me!
    BTW you can’t quit! You fans are gonna feel like you did when Hulk Hogan got defeated! I had to move away from the islands, and everthing you represent and fight with in you soul reflects my true home that I lost! come back stronger! Much Love and ALoha Braddah

  205. JOHN says:


  206. Kevin says:

    First off, I’m a HUGE bj penn fan. i’ve read some of the comments on here and i gotta agree with the guys that say he gassed out. it’s true that it takes a lot of energy outa you takin shots from a guy like diaz but bj held his ground and arguably won round 1. skill-wise, he couldve definitely taken diaz. if you watch his round 1 against gsp, he can beat gsp too. his problem has always been conditioning. if bj just gets his conditioning up to a gsp type level, he could be the best pound for pound fighter in the world. the talent is definitely there.

  207. mike G says:

    I am adressing to bj penn(i know he will never read this)….if u stayed retired i wanna thank u for the opportunity to have been able to watch your fights in the cage. u have been my favorite fighter since Dan severn and I’m sure your will remain my favorite of all time for life. I don’t always weigh wins against losses to determine a great fighter I also weigh the heart they bring into ring and for this reason I will always consider you one of the best pound for pound fighters. to look only at his record is deceiving because it spans 3 weight classes and has the best fighters from those weight classes at those times. penns record is a good record when compared to the circumstances of those fights and the time times they took place. everyone of his opponents was more then capable of beating him and that earns even more respect in my book. I don’t see many great fighters rising weight classes…..If u do come back and honor us fans with more fights I would love to see u train in albuquerque with the jackson camp not only does he make great gameplans and the altitude wouldn’t hurt your cardio then beat all comers lightweight or walterweight

  208. P-Bonafide says:

    Penn’s a legend who’s contribution to the sports is yet to be realized … just wish I would’ve run into him when Iived in SJ.

  209. BJ Penn is G.O.A.T says:

    i miss bj :(

  210. justin says:

    I think its funny how none of u really no mma. bj pen is one of the greatest fighters of all time and everyone knows your get the dominate bj or the one we saw at 137. The otherthing is none of u wouldget in the ring with him so i wouldnt talk shit about someone who would ko your ass easy.

  211. Bas says:

    justin first one to say smart things

  212. Dan says:

    No excuses. Penn loss but he went out with style. I saw the post press conference and was surprised how Diaz’s face looked just like Penn’s. Penn fought great he simply need to stop wining about Frankie and go back to 155. I am also a fighter, and it’s hard training while trying to put on extra weight let alone fight. Respect all day long. For the rest of you youtubers go get in the ring and actually put your expertise into practice.

  213. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    BJ is the a one of the last TRUE REAL FIGHTERS in MMA who always comes to scrap. What we are going to see in teh future is the GSP jabberfest-point fighting-COWARD way of fighting ie: Greg jackson school of PUSSY’S. Thank you BJ for all the awesome memories of when fighting was about fighting not running away Carlos Condit-Calib Starnes style. I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR CARLOS CONDIT vs Nick Diaz. Everyone knows BJ is the best LW fighter in MMA history. you will never see Frankie – run away Edgars go up and fight guys 30 pounds heavier like BJ has his entire career. No MMA fighters are turning into FLORIANS who drop 40 pounds cause they are afraid to fight anyone theri own size. BJ isn’t afraid to fight anyone at any weight. UFC is all about weight cutting now and point fighting. its a sad day in MMA with the present trend.


  214. Matt paccaro says:

    Ho yup my name matt paccaro I like licking dodo wholes blowing guys I can take it in the but whole like a champ I can handl 4 cocks in my ass, serious calls only no private numbers perferably black males gang bang perferably

  215. Chad says:

    Fuck The Haters Bj.
    If they hate, let em an watch the money pile up.
    Much Love bj

    • mike says:

      Tough way to watch the money pile up. His career right now is a professional punching bag. BJ just doesn’t have the work ethic to hang with todays best fighters. He either doesn’t have the physical skills or the motivation. Or maybe a combination of both. I hope BJ Penn retires and becomes a trainer for young, hungry up and comers. Hate to see his career end getting licked by one haole after another, but at least he won’t look like a beaten mushroom after every fight.

  216. moe says:

    Thanks for all the great fights BJP!

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