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Friday, 09/30/2011, 12:21 pm

UFC 137 BJ Penn Fan Club Tickets – Available Now!

e-mail for more info


39 Responses to “UFC 137 BJ Penn Fan Club Tickets – Available Now!”

  1. justin says:

    Has anyone received info on how to purchase the fan package or a response from the email?

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve also been waiting all day. I sent one early this morning when I first read this but I haven’t heard anything yet.

  3. j says:

    Anyone receive any info yet?

  4. oscar villasenor says:

    What seccion is it?

  5. Sam says:

    I sent an email and it doesnt work. I would like to see a page or something with
    a checkout button so i can make shure i get 2 tickets for me and my girlfriend.

  6. Sheldon says:

    To Dave, what did you write on your email that you sent out to them. I have not got a response. Did you include your number too?

    • Thuan says:

      Got my call today and im booked. See you there penn nation!!!

    • Dave Santella says:

      You probably already figured this out, but yes I did leave my phone number on my email for them to contact me. Jodi Penn also left the number for you to contact them already here in the comments. Aloha!

  7. justin says:

    I received an email with a phone # to call. I bought 2 package deals and good to go.

  8. ryan says:

    damn i didnt get any responses yet…. and is bj gettin a walkout shirt done, if so wen do we get to see/purchase it?
    ahhhhh, please respond!!!!!!!

  9. If they would only allow a photo of me putting BJ in a triangle, you’d have me sold.

  10. Dave Santella says:

    Does anyone know if BJ will make an appearance to meet some of the fans before the fight or after? I don’t think so but would be cool if he did?

    I left my phone number and they called back. All set. War BJ!!!!

  11. Steve says:

    I bought this package for BJ’s fights in Memphis a while back. The entire pre-fight (Fri. night) dinner & party was cancelled with basically no advanced warning. We did however sit in the section and met some great BJ fans. Overall, had a great time, but the whole weekend seemed a little uncoordinated.

  12. kathy says:

    how long are these going to be on sale?

  13. kipo says:

    Thanks Jodie!!

  14. Ms. Morillo says:


  15. sickofitall says:

    For those waiting to receive your order or thinking of ordering here’s what you’ll get: 1 ticket $200 price seating, 1 autographed pic, 1 autographed tiny poster ( the one that BJ is throwing a knee, 1 aloha vegas just scrap brand t-shirt ( NOT RVCA ), and 1 pass to pre fight party and post fight party. Just fyi for those who may want to know.

  16. Miranda says:

    Awesome cheap seats available at!!! No service fees and they’ll ship them to you now!

  17. exit 8 says:

    Where is the pre/post fight party at?

  18. Surfari says:

    Dana White needs to take the High road Chael had his chance and LOST while he tested HIGH for TESTOSTERONE do your f*****N Job and make the sport LEGIT

  19. Brad says:

    I have 2 tickets available in section 126 row k for $1500 if anyones interested.

  20. sick of it all says:

    Anyone know if the RVCA 137 cornerman shirt will be sold at the fight?

  21. JJ says:

    anyone know where the after fight party is at & where we can get tickets?

    • Miranda says:

      After party is at Studio 54. email your guest list information to # of guys/girls and they’ll get back to you with the information for the post-fight party.

      • JJ says:

        The girl Jackie emailed me back & referred me to palms clubs parties. She didnt know about the BJ Penn After fight party & said guys normally dont get on guest list.

  22. UFC Ticket Shop says:

    UFC 137 tickets available here ===> No service fees + use promo code CURSED to save 5% today!

  23. Amy says:

    Where is the BJ After Party going to be?

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