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Friday, 10/14/2011, 02:08 pm

UFC 137 Aloha Las Vegas T-Shirt

The BJ Penn UFC 137 Aloha Las Vegas T’s are here!! Check it out in the official
BJ Penn online store. Get 15% off of all orders $75 or more. Get it now Click Here


0 Responses to “UFC 137 Aloha Las Vegas T-Shirt”

  1. BJPennRules says:

    Save me a double x.:)

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    Noice add another walkout tee to my collection. I got the A.I would scrap tee framed up in my room.

  3. Lay Praynard says:

    is this the walkout shirt?

  4. Kipo says:

    Nice,,,,gotta get one’!!

  5. Kipo says:

    JD and Jodie….thanks!!

  6. sick shirt. im leaning towards buying it.

  7. kladera says:

    Going to be in Veags for the fight. Can we get shirts (this or the RVCA Cornerman shirt) somewhere in Vegas on Friday or Saturday?

  8. RAW MANA says:

    Prodigy gonna break his face!!!!

  9. sick of it all says:

    For those attending the fight, buy bj’s shirts from bj’s mom and not from the ufc vending booths. The ufc gets all the money from shirts sold at the ufc booth. Just fyi

  10. cara says:

    Bj you are amazing good luck much love

  11. markjhalal says:

    Mahalo Nui Loa for all the great memories BJ! You are the best!
    Good luck on your retirement Braddah!

  12. Randy Thibeult says:

    Really impressed with all you’ve done BJ. I don’t think he could have beat you a couple years ago. Thank you for your competitiveness. I think you still have a lot to offer the sport. Hope to see you perform again.


  13. Anthony Lane says:

    BJ, you’ve had a tough stretch, but I think your still at the “highest level”. You won the first fight against Edgar. The second, he improved an already great game plan to box and use constant movement and outscored you (not beat you). Nick is a great fighter and got the best of you in the second round. It could have easily went the other way. I believe you still have the talent and heart of a champion. Don’t doubt yourself. I wish you the best whatever your decision is, but I hope you hold your head high because you will always be a champion.

    • Qwerty says:

      B.J. you are one of the best p4p fighters af all time and the BEST lightweight ever. You’ve achieved everything that not each human can do. I’m your FAN! But, i think it’s time to retire. I’d do that if i were in your choose. Life’s going on, you have beautiful wife, daughter another one on the way. You will always be a CHAMPION!

  14. Ainofea says:

    Had mine on sitting front row for da 137 fight!

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