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Tuesday, 10/11/2011, 11:05 am

UFC 136 Prelim Special On Spike Draws Smallest Television Audience In Shows History

This past Saturday was not a good night for Mixed Martial Arts TV Ratings.

As we previously reported, Bellator drew their smallest audience this past Saturday and with confirmation from Spike TV officials, so did the UFC 136 Prelims special.

The one-hour special which aired in the lead up to the UFC 136 pay-per-view card brought in a series low 0.8 household rating with just 1 million viewers tuning in to see Pettis vs. Stephens and Maia vs. Santiago. The live broadcast opened up with 920,000 viewers and concluded with only 1,043,000.

UFC 136 took place Saturday, October 8 from the Toyota Center in Houston Texas. The pay-per-view event featured a main event for the UFC’s lightweight title in a trilogy fight between champion Frankie Edgar and Challenger Gray Maynard that saw Edgar knockout his opponent in the fourth round. In the co-main event, Jose Aldo was able to outpoint Kenny Florian after five-rounds of action to win a unanimous decision victory.


11 Responses to “UFC 136 Prelim Special On Spike Draws Smallest Television Audience In Shows History”

  1. The Dude says:

    MLB playoffs I think were on, which probably hurt.

    I also think the market is getting a little saturated. I don’t mind, especially the free events, but I don’t think with as many events as the UFC is doing they can have name fighters on all the cards, so cards and ratings are suffering from the watering down effect of the UFC’s rapid expansion.

    and then there’s the elephant in the room…

    nobody cares about the lighter weight classes. Cruz doesn’t event get to fight on PPV, Aldo and Frankie shared an event, and I bet neither event had spectacular numbers. With all the little guys that fought this weekend, was anyone surprised that 8 out of 11 fights went to the decision?

    155 needs BJ back, Frankie just doesn’t put the asses in the seats. There was absolutely no buzz about this card, so of course no one watched the prelims. All anyone in the MMA community was talking about was Bones vs Machida.

    • The Anti-Dude says:

      Sorry Dude, you couldn’t be more wrong. First of all, the “little guys” stole the show, with every fight bonus going to someone weighing 155 or less. I’m sure plenty of people wanted to see a rematch of the fight of the year. Cruz and Aldo haven’t been thrown at consumers for the past few years like the other weight classes. This is the their first year in the UFC and if the lightweight division is any indication, some big stars are going to emerge.

    • SaberTooth says:

      True Nuff, these champions are boring. Frankie has heart and an iron chin, but he is boooorrring. He is just mediocre. Aldo is listenning to his handlers and has become cautious because he wants to be the next Silva. GSP is a db, Cruz is boooooorrrring too. Bones is afraid to fight a guy like Rampage. The only exciting division right now is the heavyweights. We desperately need champions in the other divisions that come to fight. BJ definitely needs to be champion again at 70 or 55.

  2. brad lawrence says:

    it was thanksgiving in Canada ….believe it or not ,they are one of the strongest markets in mma

  3. Matt says:

    Right now college football is on Saturday. MLB Playoffs going on now like the Dude said. People going to bed earlier so they can get ready for NFL team party the next day at noon. There is a lot more to choose from right now in sports. Which makes it a great time of year, but maybe not for the UFC’s bottom line.

    • SaberTooth says:

      None of these reasons are why. It’s because these champions that the judges decisions have created, suck and are boring. They don’t come to fight, they come to win points. Aldo used to fight, but his handlers are trying to make money on him and that is by making him too cautious. They want to make him the next Silva from Brazil at the lower weight classes. Look at the Jones/Rampage fight. Jones literally turned his back and ran away from Rampage like a little bitch. That is not fighting. Anderson dances around like a clown. The only real champion fighters now are the heavyweights. The rest of the divisional champs are boring little bitches.

  4. chris says:

    sucks that alot of other things were going on, such as football n stuff.. but its weird i wouldve thought they could’ve been close to the highest, cause they had 2 REALLY GOOD FIGHTERS on the prelims……

  5. Xaninho says:

    I’ve seen some good fights last weekend. I might even say the fights were better than alot of the fights I seen in HW.

    The lighter weightclasses have faster paced, non-stop action.

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