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Sunday, 10/09/2011, 08:59 am

UFC 136 Post Fight Interviews


16 Responses to “UFC 136 Post Fight Interviews”

  1. Jpeech says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Chael sonnen has been my favorite fighter for a long time now not just cause of how dominate his wrestling his but he is hilarious “biggest arm in west linn oregon” classic! and in person he is nothing but a class act Chael #1 Middle weight

  2. charty sucks it says:

    yur a fuking dumb

  3. mmaislandjunkie says:

    sounds like henry wants some baby testicles inserted in his assshole…

  4. El Charlie says:

    Can’t take anything away from the man, the guy had a phenomenal performance against Stann. However I still don’t believe he will get by Silva. Hate to break it to you Henry, but your belief that Chael will come out and dominate the way he did for another 23 minutes is nothing but a figment of your imagination. Yes I am a Silva nuthugger just as you are a Chael nuthugger. And when Anderson DOES show up in January or whenever the fight goes down, he will once again walk away as champion as he has so many times before. Chael is a great wrestler and has crisp ground and pound as well as ground control but poses no threat to Anderson’s submission and striking game. After all its why he got submitted. SKILL my friend, not a miracle. Just as Chael displayed skill tonight against Stann. Point is, in their second confrontation things will be a lot different. Different in the sense where Chael is going to find himself chasing Anderson around while running into stiff jabs and if he does take him down (which is more than a possibility) it’ll be a repeat performance of the first fight with the same outcome. I don’t take anything away from Chael but as he’s said before in the 136 pre fight press conference, Anderson’s done a better job than him and anybody else in the middleweight division. Which is why he’s the champion and he will continue doing a better job than anyone in the middleweight division including Chael when he defeats him in what will be the fight of the year. A dominating performance by Anderson Silva, making a statement against a jaw flapping, politician from Oregon who believes he’s some kind of a fighter when on TRT. You and everyone else who supports Sonnen are in for quite a surprise in the second encounter. A surprise that’ll make all you juiceheads’ heads exploding in disappointment.

    • El Charlie says:

      Never said it was a fluke. Never took anything away from Chael’s game. In fact I credited him more if anything.Notice how I said him taking Silva down was more than a possibility. All I’m saying is the outcome will still be the same regardless of where the fight goes. Sonnen may not have given Anderson the chance to get into a rhythm but that doesn’t mean the man can’t adjust. After all its obvious what Chael’s gamplan is. As he’s stated before it never changes. He does the same thing everytime, either it works or it doesn’t. Which it won’t, Anderson’s way ahead of Sonnen’s “mind tricks” to let him get in his head. He’s well aware of what Chael’s capable of and knows what to watch out for primarily. It’ll be a fight to watch for sure, and Sonnen has proved to be his toughest test, but there’s a reason why he’s defended that title 9 times now. And although that streak may not last forever, I don’t believe Sonnen’s the man to put an end to it. Regardless of what happened in those 23 minutes where Chael almost defeated Anderson Silva.

  5. Fortyb4five says:

    Chael landed 3 out of 7 takedowns vs Silva…your a dumb fuck.

  6. dubmatic808 says:

    where on does it say , ” henry kobasky please give us the best story ever written EVER ” -bravo you stupid haole

  7. Bj-Penn fan from Guam says:

    OK OK OKAY already!! All you Chael Sonnen Fanatics,You can break it all down and put it back together and still have the same picture..Silva wins by knockout after cheal rubbs himself all over Anderson in the clinch trying for a take down.

    Bj Penn is the best!!

  8. Jpeech says:

    yeah cause thats what happened last time right? oh wait Silva couldnt stuff a take down and he got rocked. hahaha go watch the fight again the only thing that will be different is chael wont get caught in a sub and he will leave with the belt

  9. aaxantonio says:

    are you an idiot? chael has no triangle defence, that submission had nothing to do with luck. anderson will knock chael out in the first. good bye chael

  10. henry Kobasky says:

    100% correct.

  11. Rob says:

    Let me get this right ppl want a new champ thts not exiting at all nd all he does is lay on ppl instead of silva who pretty much always makes his fights exiting ….. Sonnen will be a sh*t champ bottom line

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