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Tuesday, 09/27/2011, 11:57 am

UFC 135 Suspensions: Jones Out Up To Six Months

Sorry about your luck Rashad Evans…

Twelve UFC 135 participants have been medically suspended following their efforts at last weekend’s “Jones vs. Rampage” event including the light-heavyweight champion who could be out up to six-months for injuries suffered during the night’s main event.

“UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage” took place last Saturday, September 24 live on pay-per-view from Denver’s Pepsi Center. The card featured a light-heavyweight title fight in its main event between champion, Jon Jones and challenger “Rampage” Jackson in the champs first ever title defense. The bout ended in the fourth round with Jones securing a submission to retain his title.

Next up for the champion is long-time number one contender, Rashad Evans whose aspirations to regain his title originally lost at the hands of Lyoto Machida have been sidelined month after month and year after year due to injuries to both himself and his opponents.

After originally being scheduled to face Jones, he was leap frogged yet again when Jones was forced to withdraw from the scheduled meeting due to injury. The set back put Evans against Ortiz and the healed up Jones against Rampage.

With the possibility of another extended layoff from the champion, the division could become stagnant yet again; the UFC has already planned the next number one contender showdown at UFC 139 between Dan Henderson and “Shogun” Rua this November.

No details regarding the cause of suspensions were given by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Office of Boxing.

The full list of suspensions is as follows:

• Jon Jones: Suspended 180 days (or 45 days with physician clearance)
• Quinton Jackson: Suspended 60 days with no contact during training for 45 days
• Matt Hughes: Suspended 45 days no contact for 30 days
• Mark Hunt: Suspended 45 days no contact for 30 days
• Ben Rothwell: Suspended 60 days with no contact for 45 days
• Takanori Gomi: Suspended 30 days
• Aaron Riley: Suspended 180 days (or 90 days with physician clearance)
• Nick Ring: Suspended 30 days
• Eddie Yagin: Suspended 30 days
• Cole Escovedo: Suspended 45 days no contact for 30 days
• Ricardo Romero: Suspended 60 days with no contact for 45 days
• James Te Huna: Suspended 180 days for injuries (or a minimum 30 Days with physician clearance)


32 Responses to “UFC 135 Suspensions: Jones Out Up To Six Months”

  1. Jason says:

    What could possibly be wrong with Jones. He barely broke a sweat during that fight.

    • Tom Ryan says:

      Half a year suspension? I see an Interim Light Heavyweight Championship fight in the near future. Rashad vs the winner of Shogun/Hendo maybe.

      • john says:

        More likely rashad vs machida

        • Creature says:

          No more likely the Hendo/Shogun winner.. If there fighting for number 1 contender the winner would have to get an interim shot.. Besides the winner of Hendo and Shogun vs Rashad would easily sell better than Machida and Rashad

        • Liam says:

          Jones won’t be out for long at all these medical suspensions mean nothing, its the commissions way of trying to feel important and thinking they are all about fighter safety but they are really just achieving nothing with these suspensions

  2. Joe says:

    you know there are ppl willing to pay to see that….

  3. fredo says:

    Got a feeling that it might be Jones’ left foot. I think it was in the 3rd round when he threw a left kick that rampage checked. The top of his foot landed square on his knee. It appeared that he shook it right after.

  4. jan meyer says:

    Tom Ryan: “Rashad vs the winner of Shogun/Hendo maybe.”
    if, then; Rashad vs Hendo = K.O or TKO victory Hendo! IMHO 😛
    Hendo has granite chin, Rash hasn’t ;p

  5. casey 864 says:

    I’m glad that Diaz isn’t fighting GSP… GSP would walk through him… It would be a disgrace to strikeforce… BJ penn deserves a shot @ GSP since GSP admitted that he cheated against BJ…

  6. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    With all these injuries, Rashad will be 40 before he gets a title shot.

  7. vkm4 says:

    Kos didnt make the list for once….

  8. steven says:

    Jon Jones broke his foot from kicking rampage, 3rd round, rampage checked it lol

  9. dyllan says:

    yeah jon seemed to be walking around fine after the fight. idk what is wrong with him but im kinda thinkin it might be b/s

  10. Eric says:

    2nd time Jones is sidelined long to fight Rashad. Rashad as well is healing his broken hand but, the main reason is that they really don’t like each other and Jones is taking it really personal an indeed he knows that Rashad might know his gameplan an else. Now, that Jones might endeed up fighting Rashad I don’t know but, it is gonna happen maybe by august or september nxt year. Rashad would be pissed but, he might wait as he might not and if Rashad ends fighting the winner of shogun vs hendo and walks thru one of them too, if Jones is sidelined longer than I think Rashad might move down to Middleweight, which is freaking good for him. I do like to see Rashad in middleweight not a bad idea, who knows once than hand is heal he might start cutting weight instead of risking his no.1 contender spot.

    • Diz says:

      Huh!? My immediate reaction to this is “Hasn’t this guy heard of spell-check?” And then I thought, it will take more than spell check to doctor that up! I don’t even know where to start — misplaced and unnecessary punctuations…spelling…grammar. Dude, don’t you proof-read your stuff? If you want us to understand what you’re trying to say, do us a favor, try to get a kid in fourth grade to proof-read anything you write before you hit that “POST COMMENT” button will you?

      • ry says:

        you get your penis…. that is that thing you p1ss out of yeah. you take it and you put it in the pu55y, that is that hole inbetween a girls legs – you wouldn’t know that though because you’ve never seen one by my estimation. then, you’ve finally got layed. it won’t go well but it’ll stop you from being a grammer nerd online you get me homie – in your case homo. im like batman, you just FAT, man.

      • Eric says:

        So when u talking to somebody and u laugh u say “lol” bitch? Back the hell up teacher.

  11. GSP says:

    Hey Nick, you would’ve been making out with my fist!

    • Cesar Gracie says:

      Shut up, GSP. I’m Cesar Gracie and I know everything especially with my one knockout loss mms fight. That was real fighting. What you would’ve done wouldn’t have been real fighting. Cuz I’m a real fighter with my one mma fight where I got knocked the fuck out.

  12. Alex says:

    Dont think Rashad will walk through Shogun or Hendo. I actually see both Shogun and Hendo being favourites against Rashad. Anyway its sad that Rashad and Jones maybe isnt fighting because Rashad is the only one I see having a chance against Jones!

  13. CALI says:

    So, Let Rampage fight Shogun, and Hendo Fight Rashad For A Throw Away…

  14. iamsoawesome says:

    jones and his girlfriend must of had real rough sex bc jones didn’t look hurt at all during or after the fight. looked like he could have gone another 5 rounds. well he probably did with his white GF. LOL

  15. ry says:

    big ben rothwell – no contact for 45 days….holy sh1t. this is the last thing that guy needed haha. he needs to get in the gym asap and get fit, altidtude or no altitude he wasn’t in shape.

  16. Robsta says:

    It’s a precautionary 180 days. Did any of you read? It can be as little as 45 days with a physician’s clearance. The 180 day term is probably based on worst case scenario which is broken bones in arm/foot. His injuries haven’t even been substantiated yet.

  17. Jason says:

    Jones been ducking rashad for over what? 6 months now

  18. Creature says:

    Shogun = Dec. win, Hendo = Rashad ending up getting put to sleep, But its okay Jon, as long as you duck Hendo as well you will still keep your title :)

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