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Friday, 09/30/2011, 04:00 am

Two UFC Events: One Day, Opposite Sides of the World – UFC Planning Las Vegas and Japan Cards for Same Day

The world’s largest MMA promotion just refuses to stop growing and coming up with new ideas that will garner the most views it possibly can. This time UFC president Dana White announced that the promotion is planning on hosting two fight cards on the same day, on opposite sides of the globe. White spoke with Dave Meltzer of Yahoo Sports and explained that the organization will attempt to hold two events simultaneously in early-2012, one in Las Vegas and one in Japan.

“When we go to Japan next year, we are going to be putting on a show at the same time in Las Vegas,” White explained. “We’ll be doing a lot of that in the future.”

Although this may seem like an odd stunt for the promotion to pull it is not the first time something of this nature will be done. Back in 1986 the then-World Wrestling Federation hosted “WrestleMania 2” in three different states across the U.S all at once. The epic event took place in California, Illinois, and New York with each venue selling out. That event went down as a major success for the WWF promotion and the UFC may be trying to tap into that same successful idea.

The UFC’s return to Japan has been in talks for quite some time. Now the event seems to be turning into a reality faster than we thought and it is seemingly going to be bigger than we had originally imagined. Although no fights have been scheduled for the event the return to Japan is now set to take place on February 26th, 2012, at the world famous Saitama Super Arena. It is likely that the Japan card will be heavily graced with names of former PRIDE greats, which will be a huge pull for the fans across the Pacific.

The event will take place live on Sunday in Saitama, Japan and will likely air live during its normal hours of broadcast on Saturday, February 25th, in the States. It is currently unknown if the two simultaneous events will air as a single broadcast or as two completely separate shows.

With the UFC making its return to Japan in February it seemed like the card could have been a huge draw by itself, but now with the two cards being bundled together on the same day this anticipated event could turn into a record breaking, unforgettable night of fights. One thing is for sure, the UFC never fails when it comes to bringing the fans what they want…and that’s more fights, and this is a clear example of just that. So what do the fans think of this move? Two cards, one night, a global appreciation for the art of MMA. Really, can we ask for much more?


5 Responses to “Two UFC Events: One Day, Opposite Sides of the World – UFC Planning Las Vegas and Japan Cards for Same Day”

  1. chon209 says:

    Hopefuly it will be a single broadcast with a single ppv price or have one free i cant imagine them expecting ppl to pay for two ppv

  2. Ninjaman says:

    There doing this because they have many fighters waiting for fights and coming off injuries looking for fights. To many athletes just waiting to fight and they need to get them active.

    • Daniel R says:

      agreed – now with SF as well as WEC etc all under the Zuffa umbrella, theres SO many guys looking for fights. I see a load of cuts coming up as well

      • Tom Ryan says:

        I disagree.

        The deal with FOX beginning next year means more free fights for us as opposed to more PPV events — meaning more fights at the same cost to the consumer [us]. The deal is to get more sponsored fights out to the consumer (building interest), without overtaxing the consumer-base — how many $60 PPVs can the average person afford a month? Dana’s not a stupid man. ZUFFA has so much talent that if they release even 5% of their fighters, it would create another market, organization, and followership for MMA (like the recent UFC/Strikeforce battle), which would only create a rival organization and cost ZUFFA more money. The idea is to have UFC be the MMA Major Leagues, and pay fighters based on MMA records, meaning if they’re a good fighter on a tough streak, they go to Strikeforce (MMA Minor Leagues), to either pad their record and come back, or lose so much credibility that their market value will not make them a significant draw outside of ZUFFA controlled territory. That way ZUFFA makes money, and protect their investment [the UFC]. They know what they’re doing.

        Business 101: follow the money.

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