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Sunday, 06/03/2012, 02:18 am

"TUF: The Smashes" Settles On Two Weight Classes | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
The UFC recently announced the second international version of The Ultimate Fighter and that it would be the UK vs. Australia.

The series has been dubbed The Smashes – A play on the 130 year old cricket rivalry.

When announced the range of applicants for the show was set for fighters between 135 and 170.

The UFC has now decided on two weight classes that the show will be contested. The Smashes will feature welterweights (170 pounds) and lightweights (155 pounds), The news comes from Marshall Zelaznik, the UFC’s director of international development.

Applicants will soon be receiving e-mails detailing where to try out.

“Australia and the UK have a fierce, long-standing rivalry, and where better to settle the score than in the UFC’s Octagon,” Zelaznik commented to MMAWeekly.


22 Responses to “"TUF: The Smashes" Settles On Two Weight Classes | UFC News”

  1. EBM FTW says:

    lightweights… again? I’d rather see some light-heavy and heavyweights square off on the show.

    • danielrchargers says:

      light heavy weights and heavyweights that actually have talent are REALLY hard to find. LIKE REALLY HARD, fighters that are THAT BIG with a large amount of talent… is really hard. i am not surprised its still the lighter men fighting.

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    Thats show sucks so bad!! I’m sick of it always being lightweights !!!

  3. Clay says:

    The welter weights will be pretty good, but lightweight fights are always scrappy and anyone has a chance at anytime. I agree tho I’d like to see som light heavy in there

  4. no worreh says:

    Thy should have one in asia for the lighter wieght classes imagine muay thai guys in the ufc theyll fight every show theyll probly b like fuck the trainin camp

  5. no worreh says:

    But I see mma guys winnin

    • Clay says:

      Lol wait a second. Do you mean people who strictly train MMA their whole lives? As opposed to jujitsu or karate etc. because everyone in there is a mixed martial artist.

  6. pepito de la O says:

    It has been awhile since they had lw and hw square off n the show, but lightweights have been tearing it up on the show lately the show has been awesome since the lighterweights been fighting we see knockouts now..

  7. The outlaw says:

    They need to have a flyweight TUF

  8. sup yo says:

    I’m not sure we have the depth here in Australia atm, its certainly getting bigger, but mma isn’t as big as far as a solid foundation that they have in the US or Brazil. We usually just punch on on the footy field lol Though i didn’t think England did either and they did well on the US v UK. Like England, wrestling at school level is non existent. Hopefully there are some hard working lads that will put up a good showing for us :)

  9. sheik the freak says:

    you are all freaks and I am a troll

  10. Serra-Longo says:

    Didn’t we just get done seeing lightweights? and didn’t the UFC infuse a 125 pound division recently? I want to see more flyweights and bantamweights. The UFC NEEDS them

  11. DTaylor says:

    Should be flyweight and middleweight, both classes could use the added hype and talent.

  12. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Enuff with the light weights man enuff and with the welter weights like the comments above we need HEAVY WEIGHT LIGHT HEAVY WEIGHT AND POSSIBLY FLY WEIGHTS AND WE NEED THEM ASAP MAN

  13. Badger carter says:

    I wonder if they stack the Australian fighters against 2nd rate uk fighters to boost the franchise down under!? The USA v UK one smacked a little bit of that…. We’ll soon see.

  14. Woods says:

    Lightweight is overdone. They are starting to see diminishing returns on their TUF champions because they repeatedly throw fighters into the shark tank that is 155 season after season. They’d be better off having a longer break in between seasons to find great talent in the heavier weight classes or, god forbid, the brand new weight class that they established way earlier than they should have (125). I would watch a heavy weight and flyweight season. The size discrepancy in the house would just continue to be hilarious episode after episode.

  15. momo says:

    lol this will prolly need more subtitles then the Brazilian TUF lol :)

  16. Matt G says:

    I think that the lightweights are a great division, but right now it’s the deepest in the UFC. The following divisions really need new blood: 125, 135, 185, 205 since either things are getting stale or there just aren’t enough fighters on the roster to make it a thoroughly competitive division.

  17. Mike cannon jr says:

    155 fights are great when their bangers… Not lay and prayers…. Every body loves bangers…. Never any booing …. People who come in and wrestle their way to a w…. Aren’t tru mixed martial artists…. Their lucky… Till they run into a great striker.. And sprawler… Ala Cain vs the champ… Hate people that can’t hit u.. Without laying on u first…. Incomplete fighter …

    • Sick Brah says:

      Yeah it should be pretty good, wrestling doesn’t really exists in Aus, I imagine the UK is the same. Probably just going to be a shit tonne of Muay Thai and boxing. Everyone might have a few years of BJJ behind them, nothign amazing except might be a few that were brought up with BJJ and they will probably win the season lol…

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