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Tuesday, 12/04/2012, 08:26 am

TUF ratings: episode 11 draws in 804,000 viewers

By Evan Stoumbelis

Friday’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter saw a climb in viewers, with episode 11 drawing in a total of 804,000 viewers, 161,000 more than the previous episode.

This episode saw former friends and teammates Mike Ricci and Michael Hill fight to a decision with Mike Ricci coming out on top as well as Jon Manley defeating former teammate Joey Rivera via decision.

Below are the viewer ratings for the past 3 TUF episodes.

Episode 8: 1.1 million viewers
Episode 9: 921,000 viewers
Episode 10: 643,000 viewers
Episode 11: 804,000 viewers


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  1. danielrchargers says:

    I now know why Rory is a jack ass, cuz of that Fag-got on this seasons TUF, dana called him the accountant. That douche bag is the type of guy who thinks he is better than you because he is a metro hipster who sniffs skanks goat cheese.
    the worst kind of people.
    Plus all that LITERAL BULLSHIT HE WAS SAYING ABOUT BJ ON ROAD TO THE OCTAGON. when rory told him Bj was going to hate him when he hears that shit, HE SHAT HIS PANTS and you could tell by his puzzy facial expression. Fukk that accountant.

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