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Monday, 02/10/2014, 09:37 am

TUF Nations’ Tyler Manawaroa Offers Official Apology For Blatantly Racist Photo On Instagram

Undefeated middleweight Tyler Manawaroa, currently a contestant on this season’s The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia, has been receiving some flak regarding a racial image that he had uploaded to his personal Instagram account months prior to him being cast on the show.

The 19 year old New Zealand fighter, who is currently representing team Australia on the popular reality show, took to his Facebook to announce a formal apology saying:

I posted a pic on instagram that has offended very sorry!! As you can imagine that was never the intention… as a dark skinned person myself who has delt with racism all my life, I was making fun of the stereotype that all dark people go to jail.. which is obviously not true…. hence the irony… but I will remove it and I apologize for offending you.

The offensive image has in fact been removed from the account, but the damage has been done. The image, posted 18 months ago, reemerged thanks to another contestant on TUF, Canadian combatant Kajan Johnson, who posted a screenshot of the photo on his Twitter. This sparked a load of controversy, along with team Canada’s coach Patrick Cote being quoted calling Manawaroa “a loser”.

Manawaroa is a promising, undefeated, young fighter who has most recently given team Australia their first victory on the reality show by defeating Canada’s Nordine Taleb in a three round war. Manawaroa won the bout by unanimous decision last Wednesday on the Fox Sports 1 program.

The young Aussie hopes to bounce back after such a controversial happening. However, it can be sure that Manawaroa will now have another thing on his mind as he attempts to stay focused on his goal to become the next “Ultimate Fighter”.

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0 Responses to “TUF Nations’ Tyler Manawaroa Offers Official Apology For Blatantly Racist Photo On Instagram”

  1. bubbagum says:

    relax people…it was a joke…the guy is dark…it was funny

  2. Doc says:

    FFS. People get offended at everything. You cannot fart sideways and have some group of morons being offended and wanting to hang you and set you on fire.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Just an attempt of the Canadians to make the Aussies lose focus. By the way are the Canadians handpicked for being ultimate douchebags? What a bunch of unsympathetic, dishonorable assholes.

  4. STFUUIgnants says:

    You can always count on a certain group to have black folks on their minds for their “dark” sense of humor. And you can then count on their apologists to back them up calling everyone sensitive….yet a “Cheerios” commercial puts THEIR panties in a bunch, how ironic.

  5. K3vbot says:

    It’s a joke, he’s 19 years old, and faces a kind of racism as an islander in Australia that Kajan is obviously ignorant of. If this was up months before the UFC cast him so they obviously got the joke or don’t care. Kajan is a bullsh!t artist looking for attention

  6. Christian says:

    People are fucking pussies. Someone said an offensive joke, get over it.

    • double standards is gettingOLD says:

      And I bet they like Chris Rock, Kat Williams and others who make racists jokes…but us white people laugh about it…instead of being hypocrites.

  7. mge26 says:

    isn’t that the exact line from the movie Back to the future , where the baby is in the crib ? Ooohhh I get it , since they were white no one cares ,… interesting

  8. mge26 says:

    The same line was delivered in the movie Back To the future . it was said to the baby in the crib . Ohh I get it , since they were not dark no one cares .. interesting how that works

  9. Mark Joshi says:

    I found it extremely offensive however I can accept that he didnt mean it to be intentionally offensive and perhaps he has poor judgement in comedy

  10. Cowman777 says:

    I like how white people act as if others should just brush these offensive pictures off as “whatever”. So convenient especially for inbred hicks out here.

    • Guest says:

      Cowman you just completely contradicted yourself. your calling “white people” as a whole racist while at the same time your being racist by calling white people “inbred hicks”. you should definately think before you speak next time

      • Cowman777 says:

        Man fuck off. Whites been calling all other races names for centuries so there you go you inbred hick. Eye for an eye right? And I was aiming at racist whites. If you are not a racist white than why you mad? Unless you really are a inbred hick.

    • Cowman is retarded says:

      I bet you don’t have a problem with black comedians talking about white people….am I right? Cant post a pic…but comedians get away with racist jokes.

  11. Mr. Blk/mex says:

    I just seen the post. I’m mix blk/mex. I do think the pic is funny and a joke. But what make it so bad is his comment under the pic. Thats what make it a way bigger deal then what it is.

  12. Ken L says:

    White people really make me laugh. This may have been a joke, but it was a very tasteless joke. I find ABSOLUTELY NO HUMOUR in this. You arrogant @ssholes think you can call natives “Redskins” and see nothing wrong with it. You don’t have to be a member of the kkk to be a white supremist…..YOU PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC.

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