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Monday, 10/15/2012, 12:32 pm

TUF Coach Nelson: “I think me and Dana are going to fight” | UFC NEWS

“I think me and Dana are gonna fight, I think I even offered. We’ll handle it like men, like everybody else. But at the end of the day, Dec. 15th I’m fighting Shane Carwin. He’s going to settle his beef with me and I’m gonna squash the juice with him. Pretty much if the fight happens, it happens… Maybe the fight (against Nelson) is gonna be just like how it is on TV: I coach, he doesn’t. I was told ‘Hey guess who is gonna coach against you? And I thought it was gonna be Shane Carwin, but instead its Trevor Wittman.’ So I guess I’m fighting Trevor on Dec. 15.”

Funny and sometimes controversial heavyweight fighter, Roy Nelson, recently discussed his ongoing rivalry with Dana White when interviewed by

Dana White agreed once to fight Tito Ortiz, that fight never happened. Do you think “Big Country” can get the pres to scrap?


25 Responses to “TUF Coach Nelson: “I think me and Dana are going to fight” | UFC NEWS”

  1. allmightysandman says:

    The worst thing Big Country has done so far has been a coach on TUF…he is really looking like an idiot and saying retarded things like I’m sure isn’t winning him any new fans.

    what a goof…picking fights with straws…

  2. Black Jesus says:

    Big country has been hit in the head waaaytoo many times. He loses to Carwin, he’s probably going to get cut from the UFC.

  3. Drew says:

    Lol Nelson is better then carwin in everyway. JDS the heavyweight champion of the UFC if u forgot literlally sets off bombs on Roy and wasn’t put down do u think Shane’s slow shots are going to do even much on Roy lol come on people Roy is better then Shane is every discipline besides how much he can bench in the weight room
    But that is because Shane is mostly synthetic and not natural

  4. Not You says:

    Shane is a one trick pony and he’s aging fast. If he can land consecutive right hands to Nelson’s chin he will probably get the stoppage. But that’s if Nelson starts to get tired out. We my even see Nelson land one of those big overhands and TKO Shane. Which I’m sure Dana would love to see. I think he’s planning on Carwin coming out and putting Nelson away.

  5. 757 says:

    He is acting like a jerk. Like I said from the start he is bad for the sport. You have to have some professionalism if you are going to be called a professional fighter, and get paid like one. He is not

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Man this show is probly edited by dana, he couldve made carwin look dumb! Big countrys coming for u shane, i think shane will delay this fight or it will not happen altogether. I hope roy kos carwin.

  7. Ghost of evan tanner says:

    Carwins like a old junk car.hes probly the least durable guy in mma

  8. Can you please pass the TRT? says:

    Nelson is a retard and it sucks that his team is suffering for it also, except for that Colton dude hes just sucking up and kissing Nelsons ass. I can only wonder what Nelson would do if they have to choose the next fight. Pull a number out of his beard? Cookie Race? Rock-Paper-Scissors tourny?

  9. koolg says:

    fat country needs to be dropped from the ufc…

  10. Iceman says:

    What Roy has accomplished in his career is great,and has accomplished a lot more than I have.but he’s stil a fat sloppy retard with no sponsors.

  11. Tossers says:

    Can’t wait to see burgerking get dropped by Carwin. Tired of this fat ass talking.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Im may not care fro Roys stupid ass comments but I have about a million times more respect for him over a KNOWN lifetime STEROID ABUSER LIKE CARWIN. How many people do you know that has their FULL name read out loud and put in the newspaper and on FEDERAL COURT documents stating how Carwin was one of the biggest customers of an illegal pharmacy that was shutdown by the FEDS and all the pharmacists were prosecuted and put in jail. Federal prosecuter said their focus was shutting down the Pharmacy and putting the owners.pharmacists in jail but they could have very well prosecuted the BUYERS like Carwin who he had no problem reading his name and stating on the record that Carwin purchased enough steroids to supply a number of very heavy users for more than 5 years. Also The Federal Prosecuter said that Carwin not only purchased the steroids but he also signed for them at his own residence. So for you idiots that think this STEROID talk about Carwin is just rumor you need to pull your heads out of your asses and REALIZE the man is a CHEAT and even after every MMA site on web reported everything the Federal prosecuter stated about Carwins involvment with ILLEGAL STEROID trafficing he didn’t even bother apologizing or LYING nothing he just blew everyone off like he could give a rats ass what anyone thinks about his STEROID CHEATING ASS. screw Carwin he’s a ROIDER/CHEAT that should have been put in JAIL and fired from the UFC because buying illegal steroids is a FELONY and no different than some kid selling pain pills that get thrown in jail for 5 years for a hand full of Vicodin. Any otehr sport Carwin would have been FIRED

  12. ernesto hoost says:

    how can you say carwin is a 1 trick pony he was a 2time division2 heavyweight runner up and a division2 heavyweight champ in the ncaa wrestling hall of fame. he has heavy hands and puts ppl to sleap.he has good boxing and dosn’t need to use his wrestling .not to mention an iterim heavyweight champ in the ufc and rof heavyweight champ he went 12-0 before brock took him out.then he went a full three hard rounds with jds. what is so great about nelson arlovski kod him nelson has lost to rothwell and jeff monson for fux sake not to mention frank mir made him look like a slug in the ring that was a horrible fight. carwin is going to either knock him out or pound his face for 3 maybe even 5rounds goodluck nelson you are in deep water and that belly wont keep you afloat

    • Josiah says:

      well said dude…couldn’t agree more. all it takes is one short punch from that oversize fist of him and nelson would realize that the beard won’t help..

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Carwin may be an animal but its quite OBVIOUS he is a bigtime JUICER and has been for many years. Random testing would expose fighters like Carwin and or if they tested for synthetic testosterone, EPO’s HGH, MMA is the easiest sport out there to beat the drug testing. I mean guys like Carwin barely fight maybe once every 2-3 years, same with GSP, Sherk, and many other suspected PED users.

  13. dogfart says:

    they are only training 1 a days. this is bad, hes lazy
    this is why hes not champ material.
    country is a natural talent that needs pushing and nurturing to the next level but as long as the people around him allow him to be this eccentric lazy douche he will always be a gatekeeper

  14. MMA fans= Idiots says:

    LOL YOU GUYS JUST REPEAT WHAT DANA WHITE SAYS. “hes just a fat guy with no sponsors”

    When did you care if a fighter has Sponsors or not, I watch to see Fights you fking idiots, you all are either UFC under account names or paid by UFC or just literally the biggest idiots on earth.

    and Roy Nelson is overrated, got KO’ed by Arvolski, but still a top heavyweight in UFC, LOL

    GG UFC, and Your trendy pathetic fans

  15. MMA fans= Idiots says:

    btw, All these heavys making Fedor look even better, Big Nog knockingpeople out in UFC, Werdum hasnt lost? Fedor could come out of retirement and 100 percent Knock JDS out, cause JDS will worry bout a judo throw and get clipped and FINISHED. True fighter, Not run around the cage.

    And HAHHAHAHA at people whothink ANderson Silva is GOAT, LOL HOW MUCH U GET TRICKED,


    Ill expose you soon

  16. CombatRusse says:

    I have been a Roy Nelson fan since his IFL days.
    I think that he is a real guy, and that’s why he doesn’t get along with Dans White the most hypocrite person in the business
    Concerning the fight, I think that Dana White would agree to fight Roy after his 3 rounds fight with Carwin. But he’ll still get smashed. War Roy!

  17. official decision says:

    Roy Nelson is going to KO or TKO Shane “Juice” Carwin! There is nooo way, Roy is going to loose that fight. Roy Nelson is a good guy, he is always friendly. I’ve never seen him bitch about anything. Roy Nelson is going to put lights out again, mark my words. My money is on Nelson. I hope he is the underdog, so i get nice odds :)

    And to the TUF guys, man i dont know, whats wrong with them. If you want to be in the UFC just smash everybody in there, because if you dont smash those guys, you’ll never ever be a top 10 UFC Fighter. These guys should just eat, train and sleep and keep their mouth shut!

    I can’t watch this show anymore, cause i freak out, when i see this idiots doing pranks or bitching around or just doing shitty things. They could instead do pushups, pullups, they could run, shadow box, there are so many things you can do without beeing in the gym, but they are looking for excuses. i fucking hate the ultimate fighter!

  18. Dylan says:

    You know what? I didn’t see any fight where Carwin’s tests came back positive. Roids may make you bigger & stronger, but it doesn’t make a difference. Steroids didn’t make his hands the size of a small gorilla’s. Shane’s bone structure did & that’s what makes him dangerous. Bottom line: You can be the biggest, strongest mofo in mma but that’s not what makes you good, only technique will do that. Bob Sapp; nuff said! So quit fuckin crying about the steroid shit. The dudes T levels aren’t above the standards after the fight so I don’t see a reason to bitch about it. Roy is a good fighter, but he’s not on carwins level. I like Roy, but his mouth is writing checks that his fat ass can’t cash in this one.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Steroids make you train 10 times harder and recover 100 times faster and help OLD man like Carwin keep from gettimng any older. steroids arn’t jsuta bout stacking on muscle. such an idiot to think steroids are just for bodybuilding. Carwin would be ahlf the fighter without ROIDS

  19. Come at me bro says:

    Roys is a beast carwin will lose this one just because him and Dana think Roy’s gonna just get smashed Dana acts like a baby sometimes 1st episode of the show dana was talking to Shane the whole time and didn’t say shit to Roy that is some teenager high school girl shit WAR BIG COUNTRY

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