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Monday, 08/13/2012, 09:41 am

TUF 16: Nelson vs. Carwin Set To Debut On FX Sept. 14 | UFC NEWS

The latest installment of the UFC’s hit reality series is set to debut on popular cable network, FX, on Friday September 14.

After a less than stellar debut on the network, unlike “TUF 15”, the new season will revert back to the tape-delayed format.

In the coaching slots, heavyweight contenders Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin will battle it out for “Ultimate Fighter” dominance as they take on the best 32 MMA hopefuls the UFC could find and try to mold them into UFC stars.

The reality series will conclude on December 1 when the two coaches will face off in the main event, which is set to take place in Las Vegas.


16 Responses to “TUF 16: Nelson vs. Carwin Set To Debut On FX Sept. 14 | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    That is going to be awesome cant wait, i hope its heavyweight contenders,why are they so bent to air it on fridays?

    • Brandon says:

      In an interview I saw with Dana he said it’s because Fox doesn’t really have another place for TUF as of right now. As more people watch and some of the shows on Fox fade away I hope it gets a spot earlier in the week.

  2. Uk Tom says:

    Heavyweights would be good but maybe flyweights lol and the coach fight should be good 2 heavy hitters

  3. Mike b says:

    I’m happy that the live format is no more,I really disliked it,I cant wait for this season,I’m hoping carwin ko’s this fat piece of shit.sorry for the fighter bashing but something about that guy just rubs me the wrong way.

  4. stephen riddle says:

    Roy is pretty fit now, my least favorite fighter is melvin g. All talk very rarely a finish, talks about improvement but same old product every fucking time!

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Carwin has been a friggen ROIDER for 20 years. He had enough steroids delivered to his house to last 10 heavy users 5 years. Can’t believe Dana would use a KNOWN ROIDER for TUF. Nelson is just a big fatt pain in Dana’s ass. TUF is getting old

  6. Jb says:

    You guys are morons to hate on Roy. Look up his career geniuses. He beat Frank Mir in a grappling tourney, won TUF and before UFC he was in the ifl. His bjj is top 2 in heavy weights, I would rank Frank first even tho he lost. Just because he’s a bigger dude doesn’t make him in-athletic or not one of the best. Keep in mind he took JDS’s best shots for three rounds and didn’t get knocked out. Have some respect or knowledge of mma.

    • Mike b says:

      I never said he was a bad fighter u moron.great accomplishments,agreed i just don’t like him is that ok with u.

    • Mike b says:

      And another thing moron….just cause certain people don’t like certain fighters dosent mean they have no knowledge of mma u sure there’s a fighter that u don’t like dickface…..

      • Jb says:

        Ohhhhhh did your Vag hurt as you cried typing this? Puss! You just proved my point by allowing your little feelings get in the way of facts. Yes there are fighters I don’t like bisbing koscheck but I don’t bash them for my dislikes. Now go clean your Vjj out so you don’t get upset. And yes you are a moron cause you think my post was only directed twards you. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        • tommy gunnz says:

          Eveybody can’t have as much mma knowledge as u do right,another fake tough guy who insults people cause they have their own opinion.u have to expect that some people will take offense if their being insulted,u are aware of that right.u have never bashed a fighter u don’t like ur full of shit just like the majority of the idiots on this website.

        • Jb says:

          Never said I had all the knowledge you moron. And not trying to be a tough guy, but if you’d like to do a few rounds. I live in Hartford, ct and have a gym we can use. Message me at my email and we will post the video??? Sounds fair? And you can have a video to show all your mma buddies? I’ll be waiting for the email.

  7. Tommy gunnz says:

    really not a fan of either fighter but looking foward to the new season,cause their bringing it back to how it was.i heard the Diaz brothers were helping out Roy with his coaching,that should be interesting.

  8. Tincat says:


    Pretty sure Fabricio Werdum would take issue with your heavyweight jiujitsu ranking system there ;-p

    I’m a Big Country fan. He works hard, has earned every opportunity he’s had, against all odds. Down to earth real fella. Hope he does well and knocks carwin’s lights out.

    I’m a Carwin fan as well, although the looming drug allegations have dimmed that adoration a bit for me. Also his commends and attitude towards Roy Nelson have been pretty shallow and petty, but I’ve been chalking that up to a desire to hype the show.

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