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Sunday, 04/29/2012, 11:21 am

TUE and PED’s: A Growing Epidemic

By Jason Kindschy

With the recent announcement that the California State Athletic Commission has amended its rulebook to allow exemptions for Medical Marijuana, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy, any fan of this sport has to be concerned with what this means for MMA.

After watching Kenny Florian make his opinion clear on PED usage in this sport, I couldn’t help but wonder what the CSAC’s recent announcement meant for this growing epidemic. Sports Illustrated reported the commission voted Monday to allow what they call a TUE, a Therapeutic Usage Exemption, to combatants for both medicinal marijuana usage, and the dreaded testosterone replacement. This amendment attempts to model the World Anti-Doping Agency’s standards for medical exemptions regarding Olympic athletes. The CSAC also made it very clear that these exemptions will only be granted to fighters who require, “medication needed to maintain health and not obtain an unfair advantage over an opponent during a match.”

I know some of you are wondering how difficult it is going to be to for a fighter to receive these exemptions.

Whether or not you believe Chael Sonnen needs PED’s to compete amongst the top fighters in the business, hypogonadism is a real condition. Hypogonadism is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, you could be born with hypogonadism, or develop it later in life from injury or infection. Some types of male hypogonadism can be treated with TRT. Shortly after Chael’s condition went public, other fighters came out about having the condition as well. Most notably Nate Marquardt after being cut from the UFC over an undisclosed failure to meet all the license requirements in Pennsylvania. The PA Commission was not specific about what medical requirements he failed to meet, and that he did not fail his drug test. After Nate disclosed his condition to the world, one would guess he didn’t follow PA’s regulations for such an exemption, and thus was not licensed, that is just speculation on my part though.

So there are apparently fighters who legally do use TRT and adhere to all the requirements to do so. But my next question is how does a fighter prove he has low testosterone?

This is how I have come to understand the process.

You go to your primary doctor and say you have been feeling weak and fatigued; you have an erectile issue or whatever the case is. That doctor will then say he wants to test your testosterone levels. The male human body produces its highest amount of testosterone in the morning, and it declines gradually throughout the day. So the doctor will tell the applicant to wake up early, not eat anything, and come right to his office to test the levels.

The issue with that is if the applicant wakes up lets say, 3-4 hours before the doctor asked, his levels will be lower.

After reading into this subject, I took a look at what people on the steroid forums thought of TRT. To no surprise, they all call it “legally juicing.” One user mentions that if you do a cycle of anabolic steroids without taking estrogen blockers, and wait 2-3 weeks, your testosterone levels seem very low.

Now I do not question the integrity of the CSAC by any means, but this does leave me worried about where this thing could go. How strict will the guidelines be to determine who is exempt for TRT and who isn’t? If it is really that easy to cheat, how many fighters will be lining up at the local anti-aging clinic for their treatment?

Listen, we all know these guys are competitors, and they are under a huge amount of pressure to win. So if the system makes it easy to cheat and not get caught, why would anyone play by the rules? No fighter wants to lose, and if that fighter can gain an advantage over an opponent through means that are not so honorable, but the system allows it, you can bet more fighters will be getting into TRT.

My hopes would be that the CSAC, and any other athletic commission that allows these exemptions, require incredibly strict rules for such exemptions. Like putting a cap on the allowed levels of a fighter who gets exemption, and subject them to several random drug tests throughout the year. I would also say that the CSAC should require the applicant carry a long paper trail of all their appointments, the levels at each appointment, and the levels after the treatment. Only then can they really keep this thing from becoming an epidemic.

Like Kenny Florian said, this is mixed MARTIAL ART’s. This sport is about PURE competition and also about honor. We need to hold these athletes to a higher standard that reflects the martial way. What do you guys think?


23 Responses to “TUE and PED’s: A Growing Epidemic”

  1. DVO says:

    TRT is cheating, I don’t beleive Chael and other fighters have “low” testosterone levels, I believe they use it to bet an edge in a fight. It’s like Viagra, since that pill, it’s the impotent guy who can get 4 hr hard on, while the non impotent has to struggle to keep up. js

    • really? stupid fans... says:

      you are dumb! there is such thing called GOOGLE, hey douchebag did you know, taking blows to the head everyday, all week long, lowers TRT its been scientifically PROVEN. get real faggot! learn some real facts. REAL FACTS. dont talk out your ass, makes you look like a stupid fucking fool

      • Yushin O says:

        >hey douchebag did you know, taking blows to the head everyday, all week long, lowers TRT its been scientifically PROVEN
        >taking blows to the head everyday, all week long, lowers TRT
        >lowers TRT

        “dont talk out your ass, makes you look like a stupid fucking fool”

  2. Pikelet says:

    Hear, hear!! Gaining an unfair advantage in a sport where the worst case scenario is someone dying is despicable and a risk us, the UFC and MMA can’t afford to take! Imagine the implications for our still burgeoning sport if someone died during a live PPV! We MUST put a stop to this!

    • really? stupid fans... says:

      they sign a death waver, what are you talking about? death is bound to happen… rofl….

      • really? stupid fans... says:

        if you cant handle it, dont watch it!!!!! These people are bound to get seriously hurt, bound to even die… i thought every single mma fan knew of this… simple facts

      • Pikelet says:

        Your the kind of “fan” the sport doesn’t need douche bag! Enjoy gong to Alabama to watch MMA if it ever eventuates. What’s up with this site? It’s full of Cocksuckers, like this knob jockey!

      • Pikelet says:

        Bahaha!! Your the kind of tool that cries if the two fighters don’t just stand in front of each other and throw wild arm punches. Your not a fight fan, your a punk. Go back the bar and fuck off from our sport goon. Your opinion is irrelevant. Say hi to your mom for me! She fucks good!

  3. pat says:

    Hypogonadism is also a result of longtime steroid use. fuckn cheaters are messing up the sport. Chael sonnen isnt in the same galaxy as anderson silva and would never last a round without trt

    • really? stupid fans... says:

      but then again, if you ever used google, you would find out why chael was taking them, sorry guy but chaels getting older, hes taken alot of hits to the head, oh yeah did you know taking blows to the head for years and years, OH WOW it lowers TRT its been scientifically proven. please use google for the sake of these fighters, you guys are beyond fucking stupid… its like you guys hear one lie, and just keep going with it no matter what. theres all this info out there, but you guys just ignore it or something????? fucking blind fans… you guys dont know much its pathetic that you even talk…

      • hoho says:

        TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy you fool, so getting hit in the head doesnt lower your replacement therapy. you dont even know what you’re talking about. using peds is cheating thats it. you think chael has a low testosterone level, he always brag about his ” huge” biceps. low testosterone my ass, he got suspended. you dont get suspended because youre innocent.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        34 isn’t old IDIOT, sonnen has always been known for being a steroid abuser in his home town west linn oregon. Ask any coach or former teamate Sonnen has been abusing steroids since high school. all he did was stop taking JUICE for a maonth then went in got tested and since he has RUINED his body with steroids he no longer can produce his own testosterone but instead of just having to quit for being a lifetime steroid abuser he is rewarded with a FREE hand to shoot up as much JUICe as he wants and still only has to taper off to a 6 to 1 ratio which is off the charts. Most men his age walk around with natural testosterone level around 400 and he is allowed to fight with a level of 740 which is higher than 99% of all 21 year old males in world. To me this is an outrage that a man who has CHEATED his way thru life is now being told he can CHEAT as much as he wants year round just make sure you taper off your testosteron e injections a few weeks before fight because that is only time Sonnen has ever been tested since he started TRT even after he was busted RED HANDED CHEATING. I can’t say it enough this is an out rage of epic propoprtions and Sonnen and marquardt are laughing in everyones faces and bragging about how big their biceps are. Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” are half the fighters they are without JUICING

  4. Brend0magic says:

    I think if a UFC fighter is saying they need trt, the UFC should have a list of doctors they can go to, to get it done. Keep records of every visit and levels like the author said, and have the UFC check it regularly along with their drug tests. The whole trt thing could become a huge problem and could become “the next medical marijuana in mma”. But that’s just my opinion and what do I know?

    • really? stupid fans... says:

      do you even smoke weed?!, i mean have you ever once in your life??? i highly doubt it with the way you talk about, who ever uses weed in a fight, HAS A HUGE FUCKING DISADVANTAGE!!!! you get super tired, have less endurance, ONLY ADVANTAGE IS THE TINY BIT LESS PAIN YOU FEEL, GET REAL!!!!!! how is that an advantage? are you actually beyond fucking stupid???? people on bj penn are fucking anderson silva cock riders, and to be honest they dont know much about this sport, well to be honest they probably don’t know much about anything…

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        EVERYONE knows Sonnen uses TRT to CHEAT year round. He has already proven he’s a big friggen cheater by showing up to a UFC title fight with a 3400 testosterone level. The man is worst case scenario for a CHEAT in sport of MMA as he has been a shady ass person his entire life. He even cheated in college wrestling for god sakes. The man has a FELONY FRAUD conviction by the united states federal prosecutor for DEFRAUDING abank which is the worst kind of fraud shows exactly what kind of morals the guy has. TRT and training tear round with massive levels of testosterone gives him a remendous advantage in recovery times and it allows a fighter to gain freakish strength in a fraction of the amount of time as a natural fighter. Everyon eincluding dana white and all these athletic commisons know he is doing this and even though he has already been BUSTED they don’t even moniter his levels. My doctor said Sonnne should have been arrested by DEA and his TRT script should have been torn up for life. Same as abusing drugs they are both regulated by the DEA.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      POT IS NOT A PED. TRT is steriods plain and simple. CHEAT Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt have long been known to be steroid abusers before they were in the UFC. Nate’s excuse was everyone did them in Japan is why he got started on them. Nate was busted by Nevada ath commisson for ILLEGAL sterpoids DECA and NEVER should have been granted a TRT exemption. Also the author of this article has the story about nate all WRONG. nate pissed hot (ELAVATED) in dan miller fight but showed his little doctor note so they let him fight anyway but he was required to see and encrologist(hormone specialist) of their choosing and NOT get anymore testsoterone shots from his favorite JUICE doctor in New mexico. So whats nate do he provides 3 more HOT elavated samples to Pennsyvania so they told him if he piss ed hot again they would provide this information to the athletic commsion for his next fight which was the Story fight. Whats Nate do after given what 5-6 chances including his 2007 conviction for illegal steroids he goes against Penn demands flys back out and gets a VERY AGRRESIVE dosage shot of testosterone a week before teh Story fight and pisses hot again and that is when shit hit fan with Dana white because that was the first time the UFC had heard about all his RECENT HOT PISS samples and taht they gave him plenty of chances to clean it up but he did what he has done all his career (GET ALL JUICED UP) because he only is willing to fight if he has a huge advantage plain and simple. Alot of fans think Dana jumped the gun and shouldn’t have fired nate which is totally wrong because nate has been given more chances than any otehr fighter in UFC. FRom hear on out Nate will always beknown as Nate “THE CHEAT” instead of nate “the great” because he has always needed steroids to win and now he is training with elavated testosterone just like Sonnen is and tapering/cycling down just like they always did when they were hiding it. TRT is giving known steroid abusers a LEGAL way of cheating which is WRONG

  5. B-daddy says:

    Many athletes smoke weed to dull the burn in their muscles genius! P.S. Sonnen is a bonner plain and simple, he couldn’t beat Silva all jacked and he looked like shit against Bisping!! Are you going to blame all the knocks in the head for talking udder garbage, I hope Anderson actually goes to work and smashes his face in so we never have to see him again!!

  6. Silvas scared says:

    The problem is control. If the fighter on TRT is prescribed a 200MG shot of Test Cypionate a week to keep his levels at a NORMAL level what is stopping the same fighter from buying his own Test Cypionate and taking not only prescribed doses but his own juice in addition? And that is what’s happening with fighters like Chael and Overeem PERIOD. A normal prescribed dose of Test wouldn’t put a person at 14:1 or 16:1 unless he was tested right after an injection. These fighters should have to be monitored during their camps WEEKLY. Otherwise they can juice their BALLS OFF during camp take a few weeks off the stuff before the events PRE drug test and then hit the bathroom and shoot a mega load of juice before walkout! Then if they give an AFTER test which is a big IF you deal with the high levels then. If someone gets approved for a TUE the issuing commission should take responsibility to test for abuse. Just my opinion.

  7. mike0414 says:

    Okay boys i’m 50 and about two years ago i was feeling tired and was getting these hot flashes for some reason. I told my doc to check my Test level and i was way low. I get a shot about every three weeks and feel a lot better. I don’t feel like i could bench press a buick tho so while i am getting it to get my levels to normal i wonder what some of these guys are getting vvolume wise. After two shots i was still low. I have had about six shots now and go for my new blood work before my net shot. I can feel for guys who are older because it is just something that naturally happens. Not sure why it is happening to guys in their 30’s tho. If these guys are taking it like I am then no they are not cheating. Their levels are just being brought up to where they were when they were a little bit more healthy. I doubt tho that i will ever get up to the levels Sonnen and Alistar got to.

  8. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    especially when you’ve been busted already having a 3400 testosteron elevl or 17 to 1 ratio like Sonnen. He should be randomaly tested year round since everyon ealready knows he’s a friggen cheat. same gooes for Nate “THE CHEAT” who’s been juicing for over 15 years

    • Silvas scared says:

      Agreed, Dana saying it’s impossible is horseshit you don’t have to test ALL of the fighters all year round just the fighters in camp for an upcoming fight! And WEEKLY levels for these TRT fighters.

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