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Sunday, 04/20/2014, 12:24 pm

Travis Browne Suffers Broken Hand, Possible Broken Rib

Travis Browne suffered some heavy damage in his fight with Fabricio Werdum. According to Dana White in the post-fight press conference, Browne has a broken hand, as well as possibly having a broken rib. Browne wasn’t present at the press-conference, instead being taken straight to the hospital for treatment. Despite the injuries, Browne was able to last all five rounds in a fight with a Fabricio Werdum who showcased a tremendously improved striking game. White pointed to the rib injury as a possible reason for Browne’s lack of energy, saying:

“My question was, how did Travis gas out two-and-a-half minutes into the first round? And they think he has a broken rib, they think he broke his rib in the first round. That would explain it. He definitely has a broken hand…It’s a testament to how tough that guy is. To try and fight five rounds with a broken rib, that totally makes sense.”


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