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Tuesday, 01/21/2014, 06:27 am

Travis Browne: (Josh Barnett) is an entertainer before he is a fighter.”

Josh Barnett was handed one of the most devastating losses of his extensive career by the hands (or elbows rather) of Travis Browne at UFC 168 last December in Las Vegas, Nevada. Browne finished Barnett via knockout in the very first round. After the loss, Barnett seemed to be more focused on his own mistakes rather than give credit to Browne for a fantastic performance. Barnett instead went back home and came up with a 12-step plan to becoming the “Warmaster” once again.

It’s that kind of attitude, according to Browne, that was the downfall of the “Warmaster” from the get go.

Browne goes into detail during an interview on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour”

“I feel that defines him as a fighter,” said Browne. “He had these 12 steps and all of this kind of nonsense when there’s really only one step. One thing that you really need to do in this sport and it’s the golden freaking rule to not make any excuses. That’s it. If you make no excuses, there is nothing holding you back. People beat themselves in this sport. On that night, on any night, I’m the better fighter. I 100 percent believe that of myself. That’s why I went out there and did what no one else has done in such a short amount of time to a fighter like Josh Barnett.”

Browne has made it abundantly clear that he is not looking for respect, but he feels that it was Barnett’s lack of said respect that cost him the fight and put a stamp on his opinion that Barnett “is an entertainer before he is a fighter”.

“That’s (respect) something that I wanted when I was really young in the sport and when I first got into the UFC. I would say that I want to feel like I belong and that I want to people to understand that I belong in the sport. At this stage of my career, I don’t care if people think I belong or not because I’m knocking people out. My performance’s speak for themselves. My respect is going to be earned. The respect is a byproduct of the performances you put on. I feel like (Barnett) is an entertainer before he’s a fighter. I think he has that personality. Guys that I’ve fought before, they give me respect because once we get into the cage and when we leave the cage, they understand what kind of athlete I am. I get that respect. I don’t really care if I get that from Josh. That’s more of his personality and I honestly think that’s one of the reason he failed and came up short.”

With this victory, Browne is now set to face off against Fabricio Werdum at UFC on FOX, scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida on April 19, for a shot at the number one contenders spot and a chance to face off against current champion Cain Velasquez for the UFC heavyweight crown.

Although Browne vs. Werdum is not yet scheduled as the main event, both combatants are prepared for a five round war.

And according to Werdum, it’s not a bad idea for Browne to work on his ‘less than par’ cardio before their bout.


12 Responses to “Travis Browne: (Josh Barnett) is an entertainer before he is a fighter.””

  1. some guy says:

    Ok, but Browne had excuses when he lost to Bigfoot but I guess that’s different!

  2. K3vbot says:

    I like Browne a lot biut you don’t talk about the Warmaster that way. Just because Browne is dull as a doorknob and Barnett knows how to talk to people doesn’t mean Barnett is sacrificing his skills to do so. Barnetts a great all-time heavyweight. Browne is good at throwing elbows

    • Nick says:

      in a sport where your fists (elbows) do the talking.. Brown looked like fucking Shakespeare when he was in the ring with Barnett. if Browne wants to leave the WWE interviews and theatrics out of it.. good on him. hes got just as good of chance as any of the top 5 heavyweights to take that belt from Cain (and I will say thats his true test). Only difference is.. Browne is making it a point to finish people.. and do it early.

  3. flashwins says:

    He’s talking about a Legend. Maybe he should just stfu.

  4. Macke says:

    I hope Werdum demolishes Browne

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