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Friday, 01/17/2014, 09:48 am

Trainer Says Lesnar’s Retirement Mostly Mental Not Physical

“I think mentally, the diverticulitis, that was the big thing [that led to his retirement]… If he came back and he was 100-percent mentally in the game, knowing that he could take whatever it meant to take, he could push himself, he could get hit, he could whatever – that was the big thing. When he was mentally on, I mean, literally, like his moniker when he was a college wrestler, he was like a freight train. He just was going to go through anything. If he came back and he was mentally 100-percent there, I believe physically he still has the gifts and he still has the ability to improve and to grow, but it’s like anything. The game is such a mental thing that once that chink in the armor was there and that kind of embedded itself in his head, I think that was really the point where it was tough for him.”

“If he came back and he really wanted to train and really wanted to do it and his heart was in it, it would be great. He was a pleasure to work with because he was a real professional. You talk about a professional in training, Brock Lesnar’s a huge professional. When training starts at 10 o’clock, that means 10 o’clock wrapped, ready and warming up. … The other thing with Brock is he would pay his training partners just like boxers pay people to come in, and he would basically say, ‘You’re like an employee now; you have to be here. This is a professional thing, and if you don’t, I’ll just let you go.’ He really does train like a professional. … If his mind’s into it and he really wants to do it, it’d be great.”

In a recent interview with, Brock Lesnar’s head MMA Trainer discussed the rise and fall of Lesnar and the possibility that the former champ could return to form.

Would you like to see Brock return to the cage?


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  1. Allan McGregor says:

    He would be a solid addition to the HW roster for sure. He’d need some warm up fights before getting in with the real gun slingers. Overeem landed a real cheap shot, the kind that a sportsman wouldn’t do. To be fair though he even looked beaten on his way to the cage ….

  2. Jay Haslop says:

    Zach Mermis, you utter weirdo! Brock came into the ufc with a perfect record in amature wrestling. He ran through everyone Japan threw at him and went tothe ufc undefeated. He dominated Heath Herring, loss to Frank Mir, beat Randy Couture for the champuonship, beat Shane Carwin via submission, beat Frank Mir on their 2nd meeting and got Diverticulitus and had 2 years out. If he’d have fought Cain Valwsquez before taking time out, I think he’d have killed him. JDS as well, they’d have been great fights. The loss to Overeem and then Overeems 5 straight losses show just how bad of a state Brock must have been in. I love Overeem, but HE is the one that can’t cut it in the ufc. Brock back at 100%, I don’t think there’s a heavyweight that could stop him.

    • sean costello says:

      Jay Haslop check your facts his record in ammy wrestling was 106-4 that’s not perfect. close, but still..

      • Sean Costello says:

        actually when I finish reading your post I realize that isn’t the only thing I take issue with. Brock could NEVER beat a true athlete like JDS or Cain.. yeah brocks a big strong guy.. and hes quick.. but diverticulitus or not he doesn’t have 1/10 the skill set of either of those guys.. Cain is a much more decorated wrestler then Brock and he can actually punch lol

        • T.Daddy says:

          Brock could never beat a true athlete? Um he beat Randy Couture one of the best ever… He was doing good against Cain he just had a bad game plan… if he woulda paced himself a Lil more it woulda been a better fight… Cain still might’ve won… Brocks size and strength he has q chance against anybody

        • T.Daddy says:

          Cain a more decorated wrestler than Brock??? LMAO. That’s the funniest thing I ever heard… Brock was 106-4 in college.. Cain was 77-33. Your just talking out your azz

        • Dennis Ipenburg says:

          Didnt Cain go down after 1 sloppy overhead from JDS? Sure, he can take a punch alright…

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