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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 04:37 pm

Trainer Says GSP Still Wants To Fight Nick Diaz | UFC NEWS

“Everywhere we go the fans are asking me for Nick Diaz. They’re always asking me when Georges is going to fight Nick Diaz. And when I tell them, he’s retired they have this crazy look on their face, like that’s crazy they still have to fight. I think Georges wants that fight. I think Diaz deserves a lot of money for that fight. I think they should pay him significantly, I think it’d be a big fight. I think everybody would be watching. Nobody would miss that fight. And I think for Diaz, he’s not happy. From what I hear, Nick Diaz is not happy with all the judging in the sport, and I can understand all that, but hopefully he changes his mind. He’s a great fighter and definitely a lot of people want to see that fight.”

Head Coach at TriStar gym, Firas Zahabi tells “The MMA Fight Corner” that his star pupil, welterweight champion GSP, still wants the ever elusive Nick Diaz fight.

Are the fans really still interested in these two going head-to-head or is it long forgotten?


60 Responses to “Trainer Says GSP Still Wants To Fight Nick Diaz | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bd says:

    I gotta say.. Im not a fan of gsp but him sticking with fighting nick Diaz is something to respect … I think nick will read or hear this and be even more motivated .. A real martial artist thrives on these kind of challenges .. For some reason I think some people will think of it as gsp being to humble and will take it as something that will not motivate nick Diaz ..

  2. Pijan says:

    If he fights Georges, he better expect a decision though.

  3. Milkman says:

    His trainer says he wants to fight him? Why doesn’t George grab a mike and tell Diaz “don’t be scared hommie”.

  4. maurice says:

    lol. i dont like diaz. but sayin gsp of all ppl will destroy him is just absurd.

    • Mik says:

      GSP pound-4- pound is the second best fighter in the world, without debate he has won his last 10 fights convincingly and has defended his title 7 times, only 3 behind Anderson. He is the best athlete in the UFC with olympic caliber wrestling a black belt in BJJ and decent striking. He has the second most wins in the UFC and if he can take down great wrestlers like Josh Koscheck x2, Jon Fitch, and Matt Hughes in his prime, I am pretty sure he can takedown Nick Diaz. As for submissions if he can avoid Bj Penn, Jake Shields, and Matt Serra he will be fine with Diaz.

      • Not You says:

        Olympic caliber wrestler? When did GSP even make the Canadian team?

        • BJJWhiz says:

          He was trained by them practices with them and was offered a spot by them that’s how you ignorant bastard

        • He says olympic caliber because GSP easily outwrestles all the division one college wrestlers turned mma stars that he’s faced. Easily the best wrestler at 170 until someone proves otherwise.

        • Not You says:

          No doubt, but he doesn’t deserve to be called Olympic caliber as he’s neer once qualified to participate in the Olympic games. Kinda make all the hard work that all the REAL Olympic caliber fighters in MMA today and make it worthless. “OH because he learned wrestling from Olypians makes him and Olympian.” if someone trains with fighters in the UFC does that make him a UFC caliber fighter?

        • Not You says:

          GSP hasn’t even attended the trials to qualify for the Olympic Wrestling Squad. It’s unfair to say he has Olympic caliber anything when there are numerous Olympic athletes competing who ACTUALLY participated in the games and ACTUALLY placed for a medal. GSP is simply a better wrestler within an MMA fight than some College wrestlers.

          By your logic a person who is trained by UFC fighters and trains with UFC fighters is an elite, UFC caliber mixed martial artist.

      • Rob sansoo says:

        Black belt in bjj and couldn’t tap out hardy lmao

      • mean170 says:

        No way in hell GSP Is the 2nd best p4p fighter. St. Pierre finishes no fights. Silva, Jones, Aldo, and JDS have to be ahead of him. I personally would put Bendo ahead of him just on how stacked the 155 division is.

      • Mik says:

        He was offered a spot at the trials in 2009 for the 2012 London Olympics in the wrestling category

  5. scotty says:

    If that fight was offered to Diaz, he would easily accept it.. But the UFC isnt going to offer Diaz another title after “retiring” and losing to Condit.. Unless Condit beats GSP THEN the UFC would try to make that fight.. But a title fight for Diaz, No.. He owuld have to come back and fight atleast 1 or 2 fights…

  6. Koshchek sucks says:

    Fuck Diaz. Fucking cry baby loses fair and square to Condit. Back of the line 420 boy. You and your lowlife punk retard attitude don’t belong anywhere near a championship belt.

    • Pancho says:

      Lost fair and square? He controlled the cage the whole fight while Condit threw ineffective leg kicks that were so weak Diaz was letting them land? Plus Diaz got his back in the 5th? Lmao gtfo

      • Koshchek sucks says:

        Hey Pancho. Yeah he lost. Get Nick’s nuts out of your mouth. He got tired and especially beat up the last 2 rounds. 2 rounds to 3 for Condit and that’s being gracious. If you knew fighting and game plans then you would know the same but your just another nuthugging Diaz punk fan who doesn’t know fighting at all. You GTFO!

        • Pancho says:

          For one, learn how to spell Koscheck. Fucking nimrod. Two, I was HOPING Condit would win the fight, but was surprised when he actually got his hand raised. He POINTFOUGHT INEFFECTIVELY & shoulda lost. You dumb sack of shit.

    • Ya, i agree completely, i can’t stand that gangster low life biotch attitude from any grown man. Like the whole world does him wrong every day and better watch it or he gonna have a 4 year old tantrum in the store in front of everybody and show you the Stockton slap you try to stop him. Pffft! Grow the fuk up Stockton pussy. You ain’t no gangster. You’re a 4 year old punk, 20 years behind your ectomorph shell.

  7. Bd says:

    Hate em all you want but Diaz is one of the few .. Clean and most well rounded fighters out there …

  8. kong says:

    pierre has no stand up. the stand up that him and jake shields put on was pathetic. diaz would rip him apart on the feet. pierre will be able to out wrestle him but diaz will probably submit him in the later rounds. pierre isn’t going to be able to knock diaz out and i think diaz is to crafty on the ground.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    This fight needs to happen and if it does nick will go for the finish with more than one minute on the clock,what happened to octagon control?

  10. StocktonCA says:

    I honestly dont understand how anybody could hate Nick Diaz. He goes in the octagon every FUCKING time and puts on a show, is that not the reason we all watch these pay per views? People like to put him down cause he smokes weed but he is never unprepared for a fight and has one of the best gas tanks in the sport these days. He has a problem with cameras and anxiety and you label him a retard, fuck that! Pinpoint accuracy with every punch, world class GJJ and plain and simple he FIGHTS! Just watch him pick apart Bj Penn, who was once known to have the best boxing in the division.

    • Yo Papi says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Stockton.

    • CanILive says:

      or how anyone can hate Jon Jones….

    • Rob sansoo says:

      There rather see Gsp come out in a Karate gi then humps somebody for 5 rds lmao
      Come on he kick Matt two times in the junk then a high kick to win the title lmao

    • TrigenicKin says:

      How about because he acts like a cholo thug douchebag. I grew up in a town FULL of NIck Diaz’s, that’s why we hate him. I’m not a fan of St. Pierre either, but Nick Diaz is huge fucking douchebag. And before and butthurt fans say, “Oh he’s just being true to himself.” That means he’s being to thug loser that he truly is. “You’re just jealous that he makes more money than, he just fought for a UFC title; how is he a loser?” I don’t give a shit if he’s fighting for a UFC title or fighting for 20$ at some ranch. A douchebag will always be a douchebag no matter how successful he is; I’d hate him no matter what. “Oh well it’s a fight, how the fuck are you supposed to act in a fight.” I’ve been in fights, and I don’t go WHAT? WHAT HOMIE? YOU SCARED? You wanna know who does that type of shit? Douchebags. Rant over.

      • 209 says:

        So what town did u grow up in? Cuz it probably aint nearly as ghetto nd dirty as stockton

      • StocktonCA says:

        Its relieving to have a thug amongst a majority of fake ass business men. Hes not campaigning for peoples attention creating a phony bravado, he simply wants to fight. If you want to watch UFC because of personality PLEASE go watch WWE or a damn reality show for christ sake. If youd like to get your moneys worth out of a pay per view, the Diaz brothers will do it for you. War Diaz.

        • TD says:

          Plain and simple: Diaz brothers come to fight. StocktonCA is right. I get amped every time either one of them is on a card. GSP bores me to tears.

  11. drew says:

    gsp really hasnt beaten any true threats in a long time ala jake shields…shields maybe could of wrestled his way to victory but he wanted to stand which didnt go well becuase he got caught with one jab that threw him back like 5 feet…the only really threat to gsp in the past fights were dan hardy but of course gsp didnt stand for that which i guess i dont blame him…thiago alves…? i guess was considered a threat becaue he was much stronger then gsp…and oh wait gsp lost to bj the first tiime and straight up cheated the second…gsp will never fight at 185 becaue he knows he will be straight middle of the pack…bisping would beat him…stann would beat him..anderson would shit on him….gsp loves facing people who technicly on paper not as good…his last real challenge was ufc 94 and he cheated on that card…gsp hasnt trully challenged himself since that moment…gsp fans tell me why gsp is moving up to 185 when he walks around over 200 pounds? why is one of the GOAT of all time when he has challenged himself since ufc 94 which is going on like 4 or 5 years now…and who has he fought that he has beaten that says oh u should be in the GOAT of all time status…so u can beat an old matt hughes that you have in height, reach, and strength…like gsp fans are seriously lving in fantasy land…
    note to responder…if your mind says lets mention finch…dont even bother responding because he is literlally a one trick pony

    • DREW, GSP does not walk around over 200 lbs. He walks around between 185 and 190 so why should he fight at the weight that he naturally is? He’d have to put on 15 lbs and then lose weight unless you’re Frankie Edgar. The majority of fighters cut between 15 and 20 lbs before a fight so why shouldn’t GSP? Could it be that you just like to ignore that just so you can bash him? GSP has faced every opponent…Penn at his best more than once, Kos at his best more than once, Hughes at his best more than once.Every time he steps into the octagon he’s facing the top contender for the title at 170. Every time. He fights whoever Dana says he’s fighting so how are you going to just lie like that? BJ Penn said he thinks GSP would beat Diaz with his takedowns. Dude had a serious injury and surgery that takes a year to heal from if you can heal well enough to fight at all from. BTW Hughes was a reigning champ at that height and Hughes is BIGGER than GSP in weight so for you to use height and weight as an excuse against a legend like Hughes then you are more of an excuse maker then I thought. You’re that guy.

    • Fox says:

      i argee that bj won the first fight and yes gsp had grease on him but it dont matter he took penn will away in the second fight he did what he wanted grease or no grease it wouldnt be any different for the second fight and for the threats thats just how it mainly is in almost on the divs who did anderson silva really beat besides dan henderson since he came to the ufc??? still gotta take your hats off to him and give him cred if gsp move up he would be alright he would just out point who ever he goes against he wont have a match with silva but if he does hes not going to strike with him hes just going to win off of takedowns and every wrestler silva went against took him down easy so silva wouldnt shit on him it wouldnt be as exciting as ever one thinks the only div worth really watching right now is lightweight if santos beats cain again whos left for him in the top ten if jones beat lyoto whos left for him right if aldo gets by his next opp who is next for him at least lightweight you got ben and frankie again then the winner will get diaz then not so long after that will be pettis all 4 of them dudes puts on great shows and all have heart and crazy cardio

  12. Zulwali says:

    I dont have a problem with Nick smoking weed but the thing that i dont like about him is that, he does this no shows. He didnt just do it once but several times. He was also saying how he wanted to compete in the bjj tournament against Bralio estima but did he turns up? ofc he didnt…put my hopes up…he put alot of peoples hopes up and just didnt do it.

  13. Clay says:

    Please show this fight

  14. GSP will destroy Diaz and Diaz knows it.

    What i don’t like about Diaz is his hate.
    His hate wont win him a no show.

    • kong says:

      there is nothing gsp does better than diaz other than wrestle and even with that he cant finish diaz. if you watch gsp’s standup with shields it was pathetic and gsp was gassing. diaz won’t gas and will tear his ass up on the feet. even with the wrestling, diaz will submit gsp on the ground easily. gsp is gonna try to get a fight with nick thinking nick will have ring rust, but he is gonna get his ass kicked without a doubt. you don’t like him because of his hate, sounds like you have some hate yourself.

    • learntoread says:

      If Diaz “knows” this, then please (with your infinite wisdom) explain why Nick has been calling GSP out for over two years now.

      He bluntly called him out in the post fight interview at UFC 137. He also walked over to George (sitting cage-side) right after the horn hit in the final round at UFC 143 (before that BS judges decision) to call him out.

      It was GSP who eventually pulled out of both UFC 137 and UFC 143, Nick stepped up and fought, and arguably won, at both those events.

  15. Drew says:

    Diaz would see the double leg coming and stop it or be like alright George take me down and then I’ll submit u… Diaz will give Gsp a bloody face if they stand. Yet, I think Diaz us the best welterweight in the world right now… But if bj gets some cardio which is all he ever needed then I’d say hes number and then Gsp number 3

  16. thetude says:

    Nick Diaz is a quitter. He said himself he does not enjoy fighting for money and he doesnt want to do it anymore. Maybe he could beat GSP if he put that joint down, but that never going to happen cause he will never get off the pipe! His bro nate on the other hand could be some serious competition

    • Kong says:

      Ur pretty uptight. Put down the pipe but those prescription drugs are just fine right? It’s just a little pot. It’s funny how everyone thinks pot is crystal meth or Vicodin which all the pill popping pieces of shit I work with can’t live without.

  17. Brend0magic says:

    I truly believe Condit has the ability to finish GreaSP, especially on the feet, but if it goes to decision he’ll lose. And IF Condit can beat GreaSP, I’d LOVE to see Diaz beat him into retirement. Although same thing with Diaz, if him and GreaSP goes to decision I think he’ll lose.

  18. Mike b says:

    I wanna see gsp fight condit.but hopefully nick can make his mind up about his career cause I would love to see those guys fight.

  19. burnintrees says:

    This fight needs to happen PERIOD…. As for people not knowing that Diaz retired openly after the Condit fight, well they r bandwagon fags not actual fans.

    • Mike b says:

      Another moron who thinks he’s a mma shit he retired everybody knows well real mma fans know nick was just salty after the condit decision,he felt he won,which he didn’ many fighters retire and come back not all but 90% of them do.and nick is still a young guy and loves to fight and if u think he can sit on the sidelines and watch his fellow WW’s fight each other to determine who is the best in the world without having that fire to compete again u are a fuckin bandwagon jumper.especially if gsp keeps calling him out like this he’ll be back for sure.

  20. SICK1 says:

    yeay… GSP laying on Diaz the whole time…. exactly what I would love to see…… Diaz has shown his takedown def. sucks(excluding the Sherk fight) and bigger guys hold him down. Gay. Condit vs Diaz rematch is what I would rather see.

  21. Gefco says:

    209 in the house Gsp that rat fink don’t be scared homie. Pepper shots all night long

  22. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Too bad GSP was never tested for PED’s in last 2 years of milking it while all other WW hvae been fighting

  23. Bob'O says:

    Careful what you wish for TriStar. ~Bob’O

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