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Wednesday, 12/19/2012, 11:42 am

Trainer: Frankie Edgar Could Be The First Ever Three-Division Champ | UFC NEWS

“He is one of the best true pound-for-pound fighters that isn’t afraid to go up in weight classes. He’ll fight anybody anytime. Two weight classes up, one weight class up. For me, I’d love for him to take a shot, I mean, we definitely have to worry about Jose now, it’s the only thing, that’s our thing right now. But, I think he can be the first guy with three belts you know? I think if it’s for history, I think if Frankie beats Jose, I think it’s hard to deny that he is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world if he won three. I think you can’t deny him. I mean, Anderson (Silva) is so close to Jon Jones’ weight, what are they, ten pounds difference? Frankie’s fought guys that are way heavier than him. If Frankie was to go for two belts, three belts, I don’t know how you can deny him. It’s something special. You don’t see something like that, I mean, nobody’s ever done it and weight wise it could be done. So, of course, it’s going to be in the conversation, something to throw around and talk about. Especially (for) greatness, you know? You can do something that nobody’s done and make history, it’s something you definitely talk about.”

– Frankie Edgar’s Head Trainer Mark Henry via MMA Weekly.


24 Responses to “Trainer: Frankie Edgar Could Be The First Ever Three-Division Champ | UFC NEWS”

  1. John Bell says:

    who cares? I have no interest in watching this pitbull on steroids run around the octagon with his 5 round decisions. Jose will finish him.

  2. Kahele says:

    How da hell did edger get the nod to fight aldo after straight up lost agaist henerson doesn’t male sense looking forward to see aldo knock him out second round I say second round because edger goin be running all of the first

    • jason says:

      a lot of people, myself included felt that edgar beat henderson in both fights, but especially the rematch… He’s way more deserving of an immediate title shot than Nick Diaz who lost soundly to Condit.

      • Big J says:

        It was clear that Benson beat Frankie their first fight. I agree with you, though, Frankie may have slightly beaten Benson on the second fight, but the problem is the challenger has to beat the champion decisively, otherwise the champ wins.

      • A lot of people says:

        including myself thought BJ beat Edgar in Abu Dhabi (stats don’t lie). I judged Henderson to beat Edgar the first time and Edgar beat Henderson the second time (in MY opinion). So what goes around comes around, and Edgar lost the belt. If he is as great as his trainer is saying right now, he should win the rest of his fights, no doubt, right? Let’s see it first.
        Henderson is more of a runner than a fighter. Yeah, he knocked out a stupid Gray Maynard who was worn out by the time he got that upper cut. Maynard blew it twice ’cause he doesn’t know how to finish. He should’ve been champ TWICE.
        Let’s get back to fighting–enough talk.

  3. Ryan says:

    Youre a fucking idiot. Frankie is not on steroids. He doesnt even have the body of a steroid user. And he beat ben the second time. He gave people their rematches so he got one. You dumb asses learn the sport of mma before judging a ufc great. He would drop you easily.

  4. Dee says:

    Frankie should be legit at 145. I think he will have incredible punching power at that weight. Jose should be careful. I’m glad to seem him at his natural weight class because it was annoying watching him at 155. I felt he loss the 1st BJ fight and and the 2nd Maynard fight. Even though he did manage to do well in the 3rd fight with Maynard. Should he fight someone with good hands at 155. He’ll be done. 145 is a good fight for him.

  5. KingRon84 says:

    not sure where he is going to go, he isn’t going up to fight Pierre and him and Cruz would probably be one of the boringest title fights ever.

  6. domp says:

    Going to be hard for frankie the pussy edgar to run around after his leg gets chopped off from aldos kicks

  7. GetRidOfLayNPrayFightersForever says:

    i love frankie but aldo is going to murder him….. its going to be painful to watch to because we all know frankie can take a beating.

  8. alawaiman says:

    This statement from his trainer is totally crap! Here’s why.
    1. Frankie is not currently holding a belt; you are only great if you can hold more than one belt at the same time. Current talks are of GSP, Anderson, or Jones. Not Crappy Edger.
    2. How can they even talk about 3 belts when he’s got Jose in front of him; a man who hasn’t lost in years and is impossible to take down and much quicker than Frankie.
    3. Frankie is on a two fight losing streak and moved down because he failed and not because he cleaned out his division.
    4. Frankie did not dominate his division like the likes of GSP, Silva, Aldo, or Jones. You have to do that first to show true pound for pound potential. Winning one or two fights as a champ show lucky days. Winning consistently shows greatness. Then you eye another weight division because you get bored in your current one.

  9. Your slinger says:

    Lol the people on this board dont know shit haha. Edgar on steroids? Edgar has to hold two titles at the same time to be great? Edgar’s going to be running around on one leg after aldo chops it off? Lol keep it coming boys!

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Lol not a whole lot of FE supporters here I wonder why… I’m looking forward to seeing Frankie perform again and I think he’s a serious threat to Aldo’s belt.

  11. g says:

    frankie is an amazing fighter. i honestly think he can give aldo problems. aldo has gassed before in fights. frankie is gonna push him for sure. Aldo is definitely capable of finishing him but i wouldnt say frankie has no chance.

  12. g says:

    @slinger and sasquatch lol. were on….of course everyone here is a frankie hater. i am a huge bj penn fan but i recognize talent when i see it. frankie has one of the biggest hearts anyone has ever seen in mma…..and for the record, i think frankie definitely lost the 1st bendo fight but got fucked in the 2nd fight

    • Sasquatch says:

      I know man it’s too bad hate can blind some people so much…. Frankie’s earned my respect many times over mostly because of like you’ve mentioned, his heart. The skills he brings to the table can’t be ignored either. Agreed on the fight call too , lost first and won second… same goes for the BJ vs. FE fights as well.

  13. YoYo says:

    Edgar would be too small at welterweight. He could go smaller but not bigger, heck he would beat mighty mouse easily.

  14. yeah rasta says:

    Just focus on one first before u even think of 3

  15. God says:

    Who cares all fighters hop around diffrent weight classes n gets beat up like sonnen, bj penn, belfort etc. anybody can hop in their n get beat up by all five devision champs, then ppl will think your a dumbass like this guy.

  16. Khaos says:

    Frankie’s style enables him to win at different weights he fuckibg runs around in a circle for 5 rounds while his opponent chances him fucking sux boring as hell god damn point scoring pussy

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