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Wednesday, 09/14/2011, 03:17 pm

Top Lightweight Prospect Maximo Blanco Moves To UFC’s Featherweight Division Following Healy Loss

Highly regarded as one of the next big things in the 155 pound division, Maximo Blanco and his management team have now apparently struck a deal with the UFC to defect from the Strikeforce lightweight division and become part of the UFC’s featherweight roster.

The decision comes shortly after his promotional debut at Strikeforce this past Saturday when he was unable to fend off the larger and stronger Pat Healy.
His management team took to twitter yesterday evening to announce the news:

“[Blanco] will be back strong, very soon, this time at 145 pounds in the UFC,” the message read.

Blanco was an exciting acquisition to the ZUFFA family that had many MMA fans waiting in anticipation for his debut. However the upset loss to Healy snapped the Sengoku and King Of Pancrase veterans six-fight win streak and took the wind out his sails.

The UFC remains silent on the fighters move down in weight and a debut opponent has yet to be named.


13 Responses to “Top Lightweight Prospect Maximo Blanco Moves To UFC’s Featherweight Division Following Healy Loss”

  1. Shawn says:

    Really? What about Healey? He submitted Blanco in dominant fashion. He’s paid his dues n deserves a spot in d LW div of d UFC. Not taking n e thing away from Blanco, I like d kid. But thats kind of a douche move by d UFC. Reward d guy that won.

  2. Blanco lmao.. Healy is the man! Beat blanco at his own game! Next big thing my dickalolo! Ha ha

    • Brave Reply says:

      Healy’s beard should be in the UFC before Blanco

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Healy reminds me of another Jon fitch. the only reason Healy has b een winning is he has about 30 pounds on his opponents at fight time. If or when the UFC implemants same day weigh ins Healy will have to fight at 185. Healy has a friggen freakishy HUGE melon the size or even bigger than Brock Lesnars head. I just don’t have respect for aguy who has to cut mass amounts of weight to beat someone who is 2 weight classes smaller. in all of Healys recent fights against Blanco, beerbohn he looked like a LHW fighting a featherweight. I just don’t think a fight should be decided my who is the best weight cutter. Fitch has done the same thing for years since he was KO’d at his natural weight of 205 plus against Wilson Gouvai. Only reason guys like Healy and Fitch are winning is not because they are better fighters or more talented than their opponents but that they have such an overwhelming size and weight advantage that allows them to just lay n pray and often take a terrible beating in the mean time just waiting for their opponenst to gas out from having to fight someone that is so friggen much bigger. Noone will ever care or remember fighters like Healy and fitch in afew years cause they are both so damn boring to watch. UFC will release Fitch after his next loss and I can’t wait to celebrate.

        • somebody says:

          ur a dumb fuck who dont know shit about fighting or cutting or making weight. healy walks around at 170 which for someone as dumb as you i will tell thats a fifteen pound difference most fighters walk around 20 to 25 pounds larger than there fighting weight. lay and pray again you stupid fuck he finished him again finished him with a choke. it doesnt matter how big you look or are if you make weight just because a person can be in shape at a lower weight than they walk around at doesnt mean they shouldnt fight. you are probably a fat lazy douche bag who hasent exercised or competed in sports a day in his life good back to watching boxing and pro wrestling andeating pork rinds you dumb uneducated fuck

        • Xaninho says:

          Amen to that!

          Anyone could see Blanco was the better fighter but lost to Haley cause he was way bigger.

          Fight day weigh-ins are the solution for these weight cutters that can’t handle themselves in their own weight class.

          But that can bring problems for the organization, cause what happens when a fighter can’t make weight? It’s Fight day so if one of the fighters is overweight what to do then? Remove him from the card?

          I think it’s best to do Weigh-ins like now, but have another weigh-in on fight day. Fighters who are overweight on fight day should give up 50% of their purse to the opponent. That should be enough motivation to fight in your own weight class.

          I just think a fighter that makes weight on fight day shouldn’t get a disadvantage having to fight a much bigger weight cutter..

          Real martial artists should think it’s dishonorable to cheat, whether it’s by cutting weight, or even worse by using PED’s.

          I guess there are little true martial artists left..

        • Everybody cuts weight to fight in their weight class .. Chael weighs 215+ plus and cuts to 185.. Anderson is the same way.. Gsp is about 190.. there are only few that stays close to their real weight.. Bj is one. That common knowledge man.

        • Thought Healy v Blanco was an awesome fight with a spectacular sub finish.. guess u have your opinion.

  3. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    “somebody” you are a complete douchbag who c ouldn’t beat your way out of a wet paper bag. EVERYONE knows HUGE weight cutters are scared to fight guys their own size. blanco had been fighting in japan where almost noone cuts any weight. Healy is so far and above 185 during training camp. the announcers said the exact same thing that Healy is cutting mass amounts of weight in the excess of 30 pounds. You can just tell by his head size that he walks around at over 190 plus. You don’t know sh’it get a clue bitch you probably are another weight cutting pussy who is afrid to fight anyone anywhere close to your size to. fucking pussy. what does being an excessive weight cutter have to do with you telling me to go watch boxing. Healy was only able to choke out Blanco after getting his as kicked by a way smaller man who only tired out because the weight difference at fight time was so damn excessive. i was watching and buying ppv’s in the early 90’s when you were still in diapers you little pussy bitch

    • somebody says:

      anyone who reads your comments knows how much of a stupid fuck you really are. first every fighter wants to be the biggest guy in their weight class thats why every single fighter cuts weight dumb ass. and healy walks at 170-175 cause i know him you fuckin retard. fight my way out of a wet paper bag thats also pretty original. you obviously dont know shit about the sport cause it was banned from ppv in the early 90’s so you werent watchin shit or orderin shit you stupid fuck. and its very obvious all you do is sit and watch the sport your little faggot ass wouldnt last 2hrs of a real session at training camp you might be able to wash a fighters jock strap though. i told you to go back to watching boxing cause you dont know the first fuckin thing about mma and your dumb ass comments prove that for me.

  4. Jmad says:

    Wow that quickly got out of hand.

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