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Tuesday, 09/06/2011, 01:30 pm

To Play The Game Or To Not Play The Game: Nick Diaz No-show’s Today’s UFC 137 Media Event In Toronto

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion, Nick Diaz, has reportedly taken it upon himself to cancel his media obligations for the promotion of his UFC 137 title fight with GSP.

An outspoken non-fan of media events and interviews, the UFC brass have been optimistic that Diaz would in fact “play the game” once signed back to the UFC roster. That however doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Winnipeg Free Press has it:

The UFC offered no reason for Diaz’s absence in Toronto but the former Strikeforce champion is no fan of such media events.

St-Pierre said he did not know what was going on in Diaz’s life, so he was not going to speculate on the California fighter’s reasons for not joining him to hype their Oct. 29 fight in Las Vegas.

But the 30-year-old champion from Montreal says it’s a little unfair in that he interrupted his training for the press tour.

With the next leg of the media tour going down tomorrow in Las Vegas, we will see if Diaz’ absence was just a one-off event or if this is something we will continue to see in the lead up to UFC 137.


74 Responses to “To Play The Game Or To Not Play The Game: Nick Diaz No-show’s Today’s UFC 137 Media Event In Toronto”

  1. Casey Gapol says:

    LOL i just saw Nick yesterday at barnes and noble (irony at its best lol) and He seemed in a good mood but super tired… stockton is a way far from toronto v montreal to toronto…

    • T.DADDY says:

      wow why am i not surprised….

    • dontbescaredhomie says:

      Haa, I think diaz just didn’t want too fly out too canada for this i mean GSP is going too bitch about his training getting messed up for this fool you live in canada and aren’t going to have too sit on a plane for god knows how long. Can’t really blame diaz stupid move on his part. I was really looking forward too watching this tho

  2. Enzo says:

    Nick Diaz is seriously retarded… Was looking forward to this conference… Hope St-Pierre fucks him up.

  3. James Wolfe says:

    Hope Nick beats the french out of GSP. Train hard Nick, beat his ass…

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      LMFAO @ “…beats the french out of GSP”. The mental picture GSP screaming “Sacré bleu!” while Diaz locks in a nasty sub is hilarious. Hope it really happens

  4. Not a away to start his UFC career..

  5. Rusk says:

    how does he think he can be the champ if he refuses to do media crap, PR is part of your responsibility as champion. hasnt even thrown a punch and hes already not fit to be the champ

  6. Joshua C says:

    let nick do what he wants to do….its worked for him thus far.

  7. C4 says:

    GSP = Most boring fighter ever.

  8. Koi paningsoro says:

    Nick has a point. Plus he wants to prove he’s the best. Yes GSP went but he stays in Canada. Nick wud have to go FAR outta his training. Nick has a point. Gsp is a good fighter. As well as Nick. Going to be a amazing fight I think.

  9. Fortyb4five says:

    Wow Nick really needs to learn that he can’t just do whatever he wants.

    • steve blunt says:

      Part of being a grown ass man….you do what you want….it’s not like they are going to cancel the fight over a no show for stupid media. Why should Nick have to deal with the hate from the stupid hoser canadians? Why? He ain’t got time for that shit….he goes to fight. Not to answer media questions.

  10. stefan says:

    it’s unfortunate that he cannot smoke his medication before a fight. he is a much calmer and intellegent person that you realize. he can’t do the interviews well because he is very very add and can ramble and lose focus. he gets social anxiety and rushes his thinking. marijuana is NOT performance enhancing and should not be part of the testing done to fighters. his inabiity to utilize his medication is affecting his carrer , and that is a shame.

    • Brown452 says:

      I could say a lot on how that is just stupid but I think I will leave it as Your a idiot.

      • Colin says:

        how come he’s an idiot? marijuana doesnt enhance anyone’s performance, so i dont see what the problem is..

        • projecthate says:

          The argument could be made that cannabis increase pain tolerance and may, therefore, increase the ability to take your opponent’s strikes. I don’t know if there are any scientific studies on this, but let’s just say I’ve run a few tests of my own.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          IDK I broke my collar bone snowboarding once and I blazed just before that. I hurt so bad.

        • Chris says:

          It would only increase pain tolerance at high doses and while you’re still under the other effects. And I dont know of many guys who would be ballsy enough to get high right before a fight.

        • Jmad says:

          that’s F*ing stupid. punch yourself in the face for me, now go smoke a doob and punch yourself in the face again. It will feel the same, I promise.

      • D says:

        I would love to hear everything u have to say about this topic.

  11. Nick Diaz has a lot of chances to take the title home, I hope he trains hard and I personally don’t give a f*ck if he goes or not to press conferences where people just amp the bad blood between fighters, c’mon, they have already met to fight and i asure Nick’s going to fight GSP for real…

  12. clubj says:

    It’s not ignorance, he is a boring fighter, he fights to win not entertain, that said, he is extremely technical and smart about what he does

  13. Jay says:

    Diaz via submission

  14. sgt thai clone says:

    Thats my man Diaz, screw those media events, you just stay training! fortyb4five you need to learn that Nick Diaz does not need to conform,He wouldnt be Nick Diaz if he did!

    • dontbescaredhomie says:

      True that still i would’ve like too watch the conference or here im potentially talk shit about gsp i guess we are just going too have too wait!

    • bully4me says:

      I agree with you on one point . Not going to the press conference is probably the SMARTEST thing Diaz has ever done. As we all know if Nick went to the press conference he would open his mouth and say some stupid insult to GSP. Then just as any other opponent that insulted him, GSP would get very motivated and to use Nicks words ” whoop his ass” . Nick by keeping a low profile is letting the sleeping dog lie. Once he opens that big mouth of his it will be all over and GSP will toss him around the cage like the Waterboy did to Nicks lil brother Nate. However this time it will be much more entertaining watching the street tough Nick get his butt kicked by the polite French Canadian that still has his brain cells.

      BTW any person that thinks having no regard for their responsibilities and standing people up as well as not showing up for your work is somehow acceptable or even right on, you have a lot to learn. Do you realize it is also a slap in the face to you the fan as well? Let me ask you this, if you went to the bank to get out money for the weekend and they were closed, just because they didn’t feel like coming in, so now you are broke for the weekend . Is that cool? Lets say your internet breaks down , you hang around all day waiting for the repair guy to show up so he can fix it. But he never comes because he didn’t feel like it. Would you be pissed? Lastly lets say you get time off work drive six hours with a bud to see your favorite fighter at a press conference , you waited over night so you could be right up front and maybe get an autograph. Then for no good reason your favorite fighter doesn’t show up. Is it still a laugh ? When it effects you? Probably not. The point is when anybody has obligations you live up to them, that is what being a MAN is … When Nick said he would be there, that was his word and any MAN is only is as good as his word and without that you got nothing. That my friend is why Nick will LOSE.. because that’s what he is ..A LOSER.

  15. jerry fierro says:

    I’m not a fan of the Diaz brothers…

  16. iree says:

    “fuck the fuckin’ Diaz brothers! Fuck ’em all! I bury those cockroaches!” _ AL Pacino (scarface)

  17. riDIC(K)ulous says:

    way to go nick! f* the rest. you just do your thing man!

  18. reyes says:

    haha thats funny!dana is going to be pissed!

    cant wait for him to beat GSP down!!

  19. rcs says:

    He has made more hype by not going then if he would have. Well done Diaz.

  20. Mike Diaz says:

    I got Diaz via guillotene choke. PENN NATION!!!!!!!!!

  21. James Toth says:

    I have in fact rolled with Nick, and despite whatever anyone says I think he has a shot, he has really impressive ground skills and he is not the first nor the last black belt I have rolled with. GSP has great posture but if he makes any kind of slip up on the ground he will get tapped. That said GSP if far stronger and more athletic, I think he’ll win but people should give Nick more credit.

  22. Taylor says:

    Yall are crazy if you’re counting out Nick Diaz. You don’t think Nick can find some way to win this fight??? Nick’s boxing is SUPERIOR to GSP. Nick could go into professional boxing if he wanted to. And he’s a BJJ blackbelt. If GSP stands with him Nick will box him the f*ck up! GSP doesn’t like to get hit, and Nick lands a lot of strikes with all of his past opponents. I swear, the number of GSP nuthuggers on this site has gotten out of hand…

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      nick is going to be at minimum a 4 to 1 underdog. a guy w horrible tdd vs gsp just doesnt seem like a very good matchup, nick will need all the help he can get. gsp is gonna “fight” as safe as possible and w nicks horrible tdd he will be spending majority of his time on his back w a guy twice as strong as him, who also has a bjj black belt, on top of him. i see gsp v hardy 2 for this fight and another BORING unanimous decision for gsp. only way nick wins is in the standup imo and he needs to get a good punch in to do it.

  23. stonedtodeath says:

    What if Diaz is tested positive for Marijuana,would GSP take the fight even if his belt is not on the line?I don’t think so…GSP is not that game enough to test himself with that kind of fighter.But i think that he would take the fight provided that he would take some roids too.LOL

  24. Raja says:

    I’m Canadian and I hope GaySP gets his ass kicked…GSP is the favorite but one thing Nick has bundles of that GSP don’t is heart ……and pride..i mean real man pride …none of that I wan’t to win every fight as quickly as I can without taking any damage female pride…either way it’ll be a better fight than Hardy, Kos, and Shields…And u gotta respect Nick for keeping it real eventho it hurts his career and finances…Gotta respect guys like Nick these days cuz the world’s full nut huggers like GSP that are always ready to preach and say the right thing everytime…personally i’m getting sick of these self righteous fucks..

  25. BobbO says:

    I am gonna laugh my ass off after Diaz knocks GSP out. Then all the people that think they understand MMA are gonna have a wake up call. The Floyd Mayweather of the UFC is about to get a serious beatdown. ~BobbO

  26. Really? says:

    Would you all shut the fuck up and quit fucking bitching and gossiping around like unsupervised children? Who gives a fuck about whether he shows up or not to media events. That doesn not make him any less of a champion! All of you argue and bitch about shit that is not even that serious. If your going to sit here and cry about something at least make it be worth something important. I know someone is going to feel brave and reply back to my comment, but as you do let me remind you that you will be that little girl that has nothing better to and you are the Fuck stick for even wasting your time! Grow the fuck up people! Act like you a pi and quit your fucking bitching!

  27. Dana Black says:

    ^ Ignorance at it’s best !!

  28. Jason says:

    Nick back in th UFC and he still wont play the game. Biggest fight of his career and hes already acting like a DBAG! Dana needs to drop the hammer on his ass if hes a no show.As for GSP, hes not an exciting fighter anymore. Someone told me when you start fighting for your legacy your not the same fighter anymore. You no longer fight to win, you fight not to lose. It is so true with GSP. He dosent finish fights anymore. he plays it safe. That is not what UFC fans want. We want you to leave it all in the cage regardless what the outcome.

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