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Sunday, 04/22/2012, 12:16 pm

To Dethrone Jones You Need But One Man

By Lewis Mckeever:
Long, wired and lanky in frame, with legs bare and thin like matchsticks. No, this isn’t the portrayal of a Jon Jones duplicate co-existing in the realms of an obscure alternate universe; this is the description of the best pound for pound fighter to ever grace Mixed Martial Arts competition. Anderson “The Spider” Silva is the only man capable of cracking the puzzle that is Jon “Bones” Jones.

Rashad Evans was touted as Jon Jones’ most challenging and personal obstacle to date, but instead, we witnessed the Blackzillian representative enter the octagon as a lifeless sparring dummy. Besides the two brief glimmers of success in rounds 1 and 3, where Rashad clipped Jones with a head kick and a looping over hand right, Jones decided to use his long-time rival as a tool for target practice. Greg Jackson’s prized possession exhibited a barrage of flamboyant striking techniques, tagging his former team mate with an array of kicks, elbows, knees and even shoulder stomps (oh the joys of watching Jon Jones continue to innovate his game).

Dan Henderson is next on the hit list. As much admiration as I have for the former Greco-Roman Olympian, I just can’t see how Hendo’s skill set meets the desired criteria for neutralising Jon Jones. On paper, things don’t look too shabby. Combining the legendary “H-Bomb” with Olympic level wrestling credentials is an appetite for destruction. The problem is fights don’t always play out like they appear on paper.

Although Dan is a proud owner of some of the most decorated wrestling accolades in the sport, they haven’t quite converted over to the MMA sphere as well as one would have imagined. How does an Olympic tier Greco-Roman specialist proceed to lose clinch based grappling exchanges against Shogun Rua? With all due respect to the former Chute Box berserker, Mauricio has never been renowned for his wrestling dexterity. As much as I loathe reminding myself, l also can’t just erase the Jake Shields fight from my database either.

Whenever I attempt to visualise the Jones/Henderson spectacle in my head, disturbing flashes of Jon Jones reigning down those signature elbows on a turtled up Dan Henderson corrupt my mind. Sorry Dan, but the H-Bomb, out dated wrestling credentials and a sub-par gas task just don’t cut it.

After Jones disposes of Hendo and “The Spider” tangles up Chael Sonnen into his web with another submission (or knocks his head into the upper tier rows of the arena), we, as fans, could be treated to one of the greatest showdowns in MMA history.

Anderson Silva has proven to be a deadly force in the 205 pound weight division. Although some time ago now, it’s impossible to forget the Matrix esque performance Anderson dazzled the MMA universe with against Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. Also worthy of note was his obliteration of James “The Sandman” Irvin.

One of the leading hindrances which Jon Jones’ opponents can never seem to wrap their heads around is the overwhelming reach advantage he utilizes so effectively. Stifling his foes with such a dynamic variation of striking attacks is one of Jones’ most prized assets, that and his overwhelming power in the clinch and on the ground. Black House ring leader Anderson Silva however, is a man all too familiar with the range, distance and striking game.

Jon Jones admits to mimicking Anderson Silva in the octagon, but right now, he still isn’t close to reaching the guru like levels of Anderson Silva’s stand up. “The Spider” possesses video game like timing and pinpoint accuracy with each and every strike he commits to. His understanding of distance and range is unheard of in MMA. The variation of strikes he utilises is also some-what awe inspiring. He can switch up his offense on the fly, employing either a Muay Thai based attack or shifting to a more boxing orientated approach. Jon Jones would be the one confused and stunned by Anderson Silva’s application of striking.

The middleweight champ is also as crafty as a rattle snake on the ground. While holes may be present in the wrestling and take down defence departments, Anderson makes up for such flaws with his cunning guard and submission skills. That’s the real talking point of this potential match-up. The question isn’t whether Mr Silva can adapt to Jon’s reach advantage, but whether his Brazilian Jujitsu prowess is strong enough to fend off Jones’ ruthless ground and pound assault. If Anderson is in fact capable of counteracting Jon’s nightmare like elbows on the ground, and is able to force the fight back to the feet, then “Bones” may very well be entering an entire world of pain.


117 Responses to “To Dethrone Jones You Need But One Man”

  1. xXCLOSXx says:

    As much as I would wanna watch this, never gonna happen. Plus there is still Gustafson comin’ up fast.

    • Tim Silvias career says:

      My career has a better chance at winning an award than this biased article.

    • Axeholes says:

      Instant Pay-Per-View gold!

      You’ve got three categories of viewers here:
      1) those who want to see Jones beat Silva.
      2) those who want to see Silva beat Jones.
      3) those who want to see either lose, because they’re both title holders, they’ve beaten many elite fighters, and remain virtually unbeaten themselves!

      You just can’t say “no” to this fight. You just can’t!

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Gus simply isn’t good enough. His grappling is light years behind Jones.

    • niggerwithagun says:

      hahah yea right, thats why jon jones only has a blue belt

      • No worreh says:

        Wat a fagget this mma not bjj if thts the case the blue belt choked out a high level black belt in machida in the bjj world most unlikly to happen in mma any thing can happen

      • Robert says:

        Yeah he said grappling. Jon jones ia b lue belt in jiu jitsu. He’s equivalent to what would be like a fifth degree black belt in greco roman wrestling. and is improving his folk style a bit as well. Wrestling is honestly better then bjj at alot of things. It provides control and jon has a perfect 75 percent wrestling and a quarter bjj thing going on. Even when he choke dout machida he said… it was just wrestling, a simple headlock. Machida was a black belt in bjj.

  3. Pancho says:

    This would never happen. Anderson is scared of Jones.

    • Thom says:

      Anderson isn’t scared of any mma fighter. Don’t be a moron.

      • joshuah says:

        I agree what most people call ‘scared’ I think Jones enters the cage to hurt people BADLY & sees it as ‘mercy’ u know? …. but I would love to see it & also agree it will never happen

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        If Anderson retires without fighting Jones that’s tantamount to ducking him. They both cut weight from the 220s no excuses.

        • DJ says:

          Shh up you idiot.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Okay smart guy. Sooo sensitive aren’t we?

        • Hey NOD says:

          You’re pretty cool, yeah? The reason why I say that is because you get insulted all over this website, but you keep your responses clean (at least the ones I saw). I can respect that.

          but you do say some dumb things….lol.

        • Thom says:

          Anderson is like 38 and about to fight chael.. Bones will most likely go to HW after fighting Hendo.. He’s not ducking anyone dumbass.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          No shit he’s fighting Chael. You retards need a lesson in read comprehension. They walk around at the same damn weight. Wipe Anderson Silva’s cum from your eyes so you can understand the context of my post.

        • dynomania says:

          @ Ninja Oreo Dollop – I tried to understand the context of your post, but I don’t know what read comprehension is. Maybe you meant reading comprehension, retard.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          dynomania, you are petty.

        • steeler says:

          no jon cuts from 235 to get to 205

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Nah he cuts from 230, I looked it up. Anderson moved up to fight Forrest Griffin (around 240-250lbs) but has no interest in fighting Jones? He’d rather fight a smaller GSP because that’s more interesting. Maybe Silva knows he has Jones number and GSP would provide him with a greater challenge…. Probably not. But either way it doesn’t matter, this fight will probably never happen. I want to happen too.

        • Jonesy says:

          If Jones doesn’t ask for a fight with Silva before Anderson retires, he is ducking him. No excuses.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          nah i think he has a hitlist
          before jones came on the scene people were talking for years about GSP vs AS
          i think he wants to complete this for his legacy however i think GSP will be on long term sick again after he fights condit as gsp’s frame doesnt like long fights lol.
          If GSP goes on long term sick again then i think AS might take the fight with JJ

  4. Night-Wind says:

    It’s just the monster reach of Jones. Let’s make Jones VS. Kongo.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Kongo’s got a weak chin dude. He couldn’t handle Anderson.

      • squid says:

        and you know this how?

        • lolziez says:

          hmm lets see, maybe watchin him go to sleep in his last fights? Kongos got a weak ass chin and if u didnt know that then you are one dumb hillbilly

        • TrigenicKin says:

          Why the fuck do people keep saying he has a weak chin? The Mark Hunt fight was the first time he’s been knocked out in his UFC career.

        • Nick says:

          That’s the stupidest comment ever. Mark Hunt could put any man to sleep. Kongo doesn’t have a weak chin, he’s only been rocked by top level strikers. C’mon son.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You guys forgot about the ass whuppin Pat Barry gave him. Essentially hitting him into unconsciousness and then back into consciousness. Would have been a TKO in any other fight. Best comeback of 2011.

  5. joshuah says:

    Gust should be compared to Griffin, not Jones.

    After this fight (and I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT A JBJ FAN) he’s GOAT @ lhw he’s beaten every past champ on the roster (except Tito) & beat them. & beat them decisively.

    Jbj has cleared out lhw (top 2 most competitive weight class in the UFC) … to make HW look like middle weight is ridiculous and his impressions of Ali in the 5th vs Rashad is the best most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in the UFC

    I wish I could root for hendo but IMO he went 1-4 in his last UFC run & Trt is LEGAL cheating

    • Advent says:

      Uh, how is lhw one of the most competitive weight classes? It’s easily the weakest, save for flywieght which just doesn’t have a lot of people yet.

      • joshuah says:

        Lol 4 ‘weakest divisions’ FW, WW,MW &NEW to the group LHW … a division is ALWAYS WEAK when u have a Guy clean it out or hold a title for several years.

        LHW had trouble having reigning champs for a reason. World champs sitting @ 15 or 16-0 losing their 1st title defenses=STACKED DIVISION

  6. RitualOfWar says:

    Wtf they over looking Dan Henderson and Rematch with Shogun? I think those two could do it.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Agreed. Shogun needs a rematch rust free.

      • andy says:

        This. That was the worst Shogun I think I’ve ever seen. Personally I’m not sure if he would win either way but I don’t think it would be the mauling it was when he first fought Bones. I fucking love Shogun but man, did he look beat before the fight even started.

    • thisguysaretard says:

      well the authors an idiot that doesnt remember that styles makes fights.the h bomb dont cut it lmao that h bomb could knock out anyone at any wieght.this guy says that safely behind a keyboar.and no gas tank after fighting that kind of fight anyone would be gassed period.this guys a fucking idiot and this is mma a guy can come back an dominate after being beaten by this or that he keeps his big cock holster shut if one of these guys beat jones guran-fuckin-teed.anyone can be beaten its not only the new up and comers that have the tools.or anderson silva with no wrestling whatsoever ffs he got taken down by travis lutter.who isnt a bad fighter but hes no wreslter hes a solid bjj guy.people need to wake the fuck up and stop fanboi commenting and make some damn sense.frekkin casuals and writers pfft

  7. jason says:

    jones has such a huge reach advantage that its almost like some one with a sword fighting some one with a knife

  8. Clay says:

    Hard to say. I think bones might over power anderson. He’s too strong. Silvas just a middle weight. Jones is a smart fighter too. He wouldn’t stand with silva and wait to get caught.

  9. jonesy says:

    jones would beat anderson with the wrestling…it would be like the loyoto fight with anderson winning first round or 2 till jones realizes to use his size and take it down to the ground,,,i think anderson will retire in brazil win or lose…there is no better way to retire infront all your country with a win….he will walk away on top,,but he isa going have serious ring rust from his time off and his surgery,,sadly cheal is getting lucky with his timing..that the problem with being champ u cant get tune up fight to lose the ring rust…anderson is 38 now i believe or close to it…jones vs silva will never happen

  10. OZLO says:

    Only challangers left at 205 are Hendo, Gustaffson who still may need few fights, Evans rematch if he wins his next two fights, or the fight everybody wants to see, a real Mayweather vs Pacquiao of MMA Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. If Silva really has few years left, if he beats Sonnen he’s swept the division. Only guys left in that division are Munoz, Bisping and Wideman, who everybody knows that dont belong with Silva. If Jones wins his next fight the MMA world should really start the Rally for Silva vs Jones

  11. EBM FTW says:

    Why is everybody talking about Jones vs Silva? Silva is arguably 2 weightclasses below Jones’. Besides, Silva is grown old and also smaller.
    Jones should be fighting at heavyweight. Inb4 fanboys: “He can make 205 so he is a legit LHW.” That’s bs. It’s not about the weight, it’s about the size. If Jones would build some muscle the next 6 months, I believe he could easily make 235. His reach advantage he will have over most heavyweights, can compensate the remaining 20lbs when he’s facing a 255lbs guy for example.
    But we won’t see this happening yet. The UFC knows Jones will get smashed by any top 10 heavyweight. Even Struve or Mittrione could pull this off.

  12. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Jones would do what chael would do but Jones
    Will do 10x more impact with his ground and pound
    Imo Anderson silva and JDS are the only fighters currently in the UFC that can beat jones but jones can win on a good day

  13. Donnybrook says:

    I totally agree with his assessment of Jones vs Hendo and some what against Silva… I still think Jon’s wrestling would be too much Anderson and he’d fall victim to his brutal GnP.

  14. jeremy says:

    After watching Jon Jones fight Rashad Evans last night Im convinced. As I thought Evans was his toughest opponent to Date and he really out classed him. The only Person in the division That has a legitimate chance of defeating Jones is Machida, he’s the only one who has a chance. There’s nobody else. Dan Henderson is going to get smashed. I see that fight definitely ending early! Jon Jones is a great fighter and he’s going to be really tough to beat. The only way i see him loosing other than to Machida is making the move to heavyweight. There the fighters are bigger, have better wrestling, and can deal with the reach that stifles his light heavyweight opponent’s. Anderson Silva is not the man to beat Jon Jones. Not to say that he can’t because obviously he’s the greatest p4p fighter in the world, but he wouldn’t beat Jones. The reason for that is his tremendous wrestling plain and simple. If it were a string battle then Anderson would win but Jones would do nothing but take him down. we’ll see how it goes down!!

    • lolziez says:

      you mean Machida “HAD” a chance till he got choked to sleep, also why does everyone think people that move up a weight class suddenly is gonna get beat by bigger guys? ever think that maybe the people moving up a weight class would put on more weight, muscle, all that good stuff? they wouldnt be so “small” to beat anymore all you ignorant fools that keep actin like “oh man if he goes to HW hes gonna get murdered” bet u dumbfucks forgot they get bigger to fit the class too derp

      • Theabunai says:

        Actually your the ignorant fool. It’s obvious your a tv mma fighter and not a real one. Try put on 20-30 pounds of muscle and retain the same speed, punching movement, stamina and grappling as someone who regularly fights at that weight. HW have more experience not to mention their body is more accustomed to fighting at that weight class. Get off you ass and go train in a gym before opening your mouth. Bj is a prime example moved up was getting whooped moved down ruled that weight class.

      • FckJones says:

        Yea jones could easily fight as HW.But you seem to forget he lacks the KO power needed to compete against these guys.He can’t even KO a Lhw!!

  15. tee says:

    didn’t I see an article a few Weeks ago on here that had Jones saying he never wanted to fight Anderson. he said he would rather have him as his teacher

    • gzawilliam says:

      I agree i dont actually want to see these two fight. i think there would be too much mutual respect.. And jones’s wrestling and top control would be too much for anderson. Do we really want to see anderson get busted up and lose? he’s 38. let him fight at MW for a couple more fights and then retire . He deserves that.

  16. squid says:

    jones wont stand with anderson. anderson has better striking hands down. jones standup is good but its his reach that gives him that confidence to relax and try creative shit. otherwise he woulve been ktfo long time ago for trying crazy ass shit like that. if jones and silva fought i see jones winning easily by taking anderson down and GNP. jones is the total package but i still think hes overrated cause hes fighting guys way smaller than him. its like seeing a high schooler fight a 5th grader. he’s so big it’s not fair. lets see him fight guys his own size at HW first. anyways congrats to bones! hes untouchable at 205, literally. p4p: 1) spider, 2) gsp, 3) aldo, 4) jones 5) jds

  17. jbeamazing says:

    jones would win in round 2

  18. beating my dick like it owes me money says:

    how does the person who writes this shit have a job? if he was on Jones or Silvas dick any harder the back of his throat would have a permanent bruise that looks like a birthmark.

  19. ted says:

    Jon Jones is okay but the ufc and mma would still be here without him. B J Penn all day!!! Oh I almost forgot, Badr Hari would kick his a$$ in a stand up fight but jones is a great wrestler so in mma he would win for sure. JON JONES YOU ARE SCARED TO GET HIT AND YOU HAVE SKILL BUT NOT LIKE A. SILVA OR BJ OR FEDOR WHO JUST F*CK PEOPLE UP, KEEP USING YOU BORING GREG JACKSON TECHNIQUES.

    • That you Mike Van Arsdale? Shouldn’t you be working on healing that broke arm of yours?

      Is Jones going to have to fight 2 guys at the same time before people stop hating on him?

      SMH. The guy has already solidified Hall of Fame status, and hasn’t even broke 25 years of age, WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE! STOP WITH THE HATRED FOR SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER ACCOMPLISH!

      …………and the fact you even said Fedor shows that you are either a complete moron with absolutely 0 MMA knowledge or just another “Fedor is the GOATroll.”

  20. LMAO says:

    JESUS CHRIST. WHO IS THIS LEWIS MUPPET? I feel like my IQ drops 74000 points when reading some of his articles. FUCK.

  21. Nick says:

    Anyone else think the author is a biased douche. I mean I don’t have a degree in journalism or anything, but the best news comes from an unbiased source. I mean he’s already throwing Chael and Hendo under the bus.

  22. jack ross is stupid says:

    woah dethrone jones? andersons been champ for so long its his throne if anything jones tries to dethrone anderson not the other way around

  23. andy says:

    I say we get Moose-Sauce in the UFC, get him in a real training camp and see what he can get done. That guys been wrecking fools on little to no training and talent alone. Even he admits his training partners suck and he doesn’t take it as seriously as he should.

  24. jeremy says:

    lol to that dumbass who said anderson is scared? jones said he “respects anderson to much” aka he know silva would take both belts home that night

    • Kraig says:

      Thank you. Hendo and Chael both are better wrestlers than Jones… not to say they are better fighters, but Anderson wins this fight everytime… Jones would have difficulty getting him down, and Anderson submitted both of them in spectacular fashion… I believe Jones would suffer the same fate…

  25. Harry says:

    Jon Jones is not even close to the greatest fighter ever. His skills are nothing compared to his massive reach advantage- the one Joe Rogan called the single greatest advantage in MMA. If Jones ever came across a challenger who had a similar reach (or even within 6 inches) he would be devastated. ANYONE watching the Rashad/Jones fight saw whenever Jones got hit, he turned into a little bitch and just held out his arms.

    He is an arrogant little bitch, and when he gets his ass knocked out, like it will be eventually, it will be a good day for MMA, and the UFC.

    • I have been an Anderson Silva fan since day one and he is my #1 favorite. But Jon Jones is easily #2 for me. And I don’t see NOBODY touching Jones but Silva. I would more than love to see them fight but it would be bittersweet in the end.

    • Because he should just drop his hands and let Rashad throw bombs at him, that’s smart fighting. Man you should be a trainer or MMA analyst……. Move along hater/troll, move along.

    • Boogers says:

      You’re an idiot. “turned into a littl b***h and held out his arms?” Its called backing away and guarding. If you get hit are you going to stand in the way of the second punch that will inevitably follow? No, you change positions, regroup, and plan another attack. Jones did get hit. He got hit pretty hard. Did he buckle like Rashad? No. Rashad buckled. Almost fell on his rump at least three times. It’s not that Jones “has” reach it’s that he utilizes it and he’s just as good in clinch range. Anderson said he wouldn’t fight Jones because Jones does to the lhw division what Anderson does to the MW division, and that’s using his size to dominate. Anderson compared Jon to himself so when you bash rashad you say that anderson is the same type of “b****h.” Your argument is flawed beyond belief.

  26. Dave says:

    When Anderson beats Sonnen there is nothing left for him at MW but retirement! If he wants to be known as the best before he retires he has to at some point go for the LHW belt. Silva has cleared the MW division Bones has basically cleared the LHW division. Nothing left but a super fight!

  27. rondo says:

    Rashad Evans could beat AS….Bones would fuck him up!

  28. Advent says:

    What’s most impressive, is how Lewis even wrote this article…what with jumping back and forth on Jones’ and Silva’s dick.

    Seriously man, come up for air. Their cocks can’t taste THAT good.

  29. CoreyJoker says:

    I’ve said it all along. Everyone has talked about GSP fighting Anderson Silve in a super match, but that seems way more far-fetched than a Silva-Jones bout. They’re closer in weight than Silva and GSP. And Silva has already fought at lt.heavy. Much easier than going down to 170.

  30. d says:

    “You are entering a world of pain”

  31. Deens says:

    Oh shut up Mckreeper.

  32. michael sinnett says:

    do you think this guy is a anderson silva fan or something? proper brown nosing.
    i honestly think that george st pierre is the best all round martial artist in all of mma, would prefer to see him against silva right now.

    • Deens says:

      I post at the forum that this author got banned from. He was a super creep there and looks like a guy who isnt allowed 300 feet from a school. He was a tool there and he is a tool here.

    • Tyler says:

      Gsp? Hahahahaha!
      Are you drunk posting again?
      Silva and jones are the 2 best fighters in the world right now, regardless of weight class. Period. Gsp isn’t even qualified to wash either one of these guy’s jock straps, let alone be mentioned in the same sentence.
      Honestly, it makes me wonder if kids these days even watch the sport, or if you just post without thinking first.

      • jonny says:

        Wow you say ‘kids these days’ as if you don’t sound like an absolute infantile moron. Anderson, Jon and GSP are all amazing athletes and the top of their division by far. You could argue any one of these men as top pound for pound. You are clearly a nut hugger or a hater and sound like a real casual fan to me.

        • A.James says:

          How can GSP be the best when he lets his fights go to decision all the time? When Silva fights not only does he end his fights but he does it in stunning fashion. When was the last GSP moment?

        • KIDD433 says:

          george SAFE pierre doesnt just let his fights go to decision,he wins n a BORING ass fashion by playing it safe.if he wasnt champion,winning or not,hit ass would get thrown on the back burner!winning by not actually fighting shouldnt allow him to even be mentioned in the P4Pound catorgory

        • Texas671 says:

          It was already announced that GSP can’t be best P4P cause he can’t finish fights! Silva,Aldo, And Jones are Top, and GsP would not bear Silva, jones however has the biggest chance!

        • KIDD433 says:

          JONES doesnt belong in that catorgory either.Yes hes beaten top competition,reason being LHWT division is average 6-1″Ht, and 74″reach.JONES however is 6-4″ with a 84″reach.its a rediculous physical advantage.thats the only reason hes beating everyone.kind of like Nate diaz at 155…Put on 30 or 40 pounds of muscle,and throw ass in HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION WHERE HE BELONGS.n lets see how he does against Cain,Dos Santos,or Ovareem.fights where his size is evened up a bit and lets see how he does

        • zong says:

          Sorry buddy he’s absolutely positivly right! The only ones that are nuthuggers are the ones that actually believe that GSP is the best mma fighter out there. And that does question anybodys mma knowledge and does make me wonder if they even watch mma

  33. BJC says:

    The only reason I bothered to watch ufc145 was to see someone shut Jones up.hes not worth the ppv money

    • Axeholes says:

      Instant Pay-Per-View gold!

      You’ve got three categories of viewers here:
      1) those who want to see Jones beat Silva.
      2) those who want to see Silva beat Jones.
      3) those who want to see either lose, because they’re both title holders, they’ve beaten many elite fighters, and remain virtually unbeaten themselves!

      You just can’t say “no” to this fight. You just can’t!

  34. Jones is not God says:

    Oh shut up, he already said he is neve fighting silva and silva already said he has no desire to go up in weight again. You dummy!

  35. Boogers says:

    This is one of the most biased BS articles I’ve ever read. Not saying AS has no chance, but Hendo definatley has a chance at beating JBJ. There’s still plenty at LHW for jones. Gustaffson, Thiago silva if he proves he’s back to contend, and the winner of the inevitable Machida v shogun 3. That would be ideal. You have shogun with a shot at redemption or machida a shot to prove that what he did to jones in round one of their fight wasnt a fluke. I don’t see either one beating him though. Jones is the real deal. I’ve been a huge fan since day one. He’s very intuitive for someone with the little experience. He’s flashy but knows when to stick to the elementary aspects of MMA.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree 100% Dan would have a very good chance to get the job done. Gustaffson would also be a very interesting opponent for jones. Hes definitely not unbeatable . Neither is Anderson for that matter.

      • mike0414 says:

        im the biggest Dan Henderson fan out there. he has no shot.

        • Boogers says:

          I’m a huge Hendo fan. You saying he has no shot is quite a stretch. From one hendo fan to another, you and I both know what happens when that straight right connects. He has the best chance of anyone just because of his punching power. You can’t deny it. I am also a huge bones fan. Thr will be a bitter sweet match for me. They’re both my top 2

  36. Really… the author of this article has absolutely no clue! seriously!!… the wrestling background is the single most important thing in the UFC. Evans lost the Jones fight cause he couldn’t get on the inside or time a good takedown, Im really exited to see the Hendo fight! i think that looking to the last two fights we can totally solve the Jones Puzzle and i’ll Break it in 3 points and compare him with Hendo in each of them : 1. Jones doesn’t have heavy hands, he does have some thai striking going on but is not as he has knocked anyone out, Hendo in the other hand does have big ass powerful hands and a fluid boxing technique. 2. Jones doesn’t fight inside actually he avoids it, which can lead to the fact that he may not have a good chin, saw it in the lyoto and Evans fight, any brawl in the inside, he gets hit and he backs off and back to the outside game, Hendo in the other side has a tested chin, like seriously tested, thats why he’ll always go forward for the inside!. 3. Takedown and wrestling, Jones is just not in the same level as Hendo.

    Of course you got the endurance factor, i don’t think Hendo can go 5 with Jones playing Jones game of course, if he does he’ll lose just as Evans did.

    Now! I’m not against Jones or Silva but the have to much similarities in their game, which normally makes boring fights, silva is a counter striker form the outside, Jones is more outgoing but is he always works in and out! i don’t know you but that doesn’t sound like a great matchup to me!!

    In my opinion different styles make match-ups, and titles are made to change hands! so that’s how i see the Jones – Hendo fight! not cheering for Hendo but in my opinion he got tools to beat Jones.

  37. JKDB0YX23 says:

    I’m sorry but machida juss did one simple mistake…. he controled the fight and was taking it to jones….. it will be shogun and machida 3 then jones vs. Machida 2… I watched 145 juss to see if rashad would actually do something new but disapointed. Jon jones will be beat by more than one man… and they already fight in the ufc but will have to wait til dana gives them their shot… we’re focusing on big names yet there are fighters coming up or juss a stall waiting, for a shot… but for now, Machida will be camp again….

  38. Pong says:

    I honestly think Shogun underestimated Jones in their first fight. I’m interested if Shogun fought Jones again what he would do differently.

  39. hanggloves says:

    Jones should move up to the heavyweight division. I am sure guys like cain and others would match him well. Plus his to young to worry about getting weight. Just like BJpenn when he played at lightweight and welterweight divisions.

  40. swag says:

    It seems like everyone is forgetting that AS is a world-class BJJ practitioner. Bones would dominate with GNP assuming that the Spider didn’t submit him.

  41. sammyboy says:

    anderson silva will destroy jon jones the only thing anderson would have to look out for is jones strong wrestling but anderson does have a black belt in bjj

  42. big bear says:

    It really is a shame when someone can get away with calling a very skilled and dedicated fighter a “lifeless punching bag”. I guess they are just trying to get people to read this by way of controversial descriptions like that. Anyone that fights deserves way more respect than the media or fans will ever give them unfortunately. It just bothers me to see people making comments like “he is nothing but a bum” or “this guy sucks, I hate him”. Martial arts is what this sport came from and they are about respect, we should remember this as fans…

    • joshuah says:

      YUP!! Its ridiculously easy to say stupid disrespectful shit case in point Rashad has ‘no chin’ Edgar has granite chin lol its a joke!

      Media gets off on getting away with bold statements, most fans say crazy things & have wild opinions.

      I have been that doucher fan tho, I still don’t like TONS of fighters & WAY MORE members of the media, but respect should be given MUCH MORE OFTEN.

      All these people trying to make $$ and careers off the hard work of said ‘punching Bags’ or chumps is funny to me the sport is BARELY getting its head above water gives off a SUPER PROFESSIONAL. look to the rest of the world

  43. Kana Estrada says:

    This article would be applicaple if Silva wasn’t going to get his ass kicked by Sonnen

  44. hauts says:

    Bj posted this? this is some idiot ranting, he knows nothing… yeah silva’s only tried to duck the fight 2-3 times, but yeah hes just gunna tangle him up, in what a takedown where he gets put on his back?!!? chael wont get submitted this time. this person, author, sucks…

    • zong says:

      Silvas gonna knock this fool out this time. Not even gonna be close. No lucky lil shot to start the fight I bet silva rocks his ass early and pets him to sleep

  45. Chartmonster says:

    The former p4p punkass, after Chael kicks his ass! Chael will FK joNes

  46. Montel Williams says:

    I hope Dana doesn’t make them fight. That would be a great fight but they respect each other way too much. I don’t want to see either of them lose

  47. Ryan says:

    Not sure if this is considered an article, rather an advertisement?

  48. dougie says:

    i laugh at these chael fans! first fight was a fluke and he still loss. did they ever saw chael fight before the ufc. he sucked and he still sucks.

  49. carlos says:

    1stly never count Dan Henderson out, the Jake Shields fight was at welterweight and Hendo cut loads of weight, 2ndly did you watch Hendo vs Shogun rly? Bcz after a performance like that how can you count out his cardio…And 3rdly why do people not say Heavyweights will beat Jones? Hes not undethronable? he has a dam Heavywheight frame!

  50. AV981 says:

    This writer is worthless. Real journalism is non-bias. This fool is obviously bias. It just goes to show us that the internet is a breeding ground for these worthless “writers” who know nothing of what it is like to be a real journalist.

    So much crap an not enough “craft”…

  51. pat says:

    Anderson said already that no brazilian at lhw could fuck with jones he said that

  52. Chris says:

    Hendo has the potential to knock his head off. Jones’ reach will be a problem, no doubt. A Jones v Silva match could be a stalemate. Almost identical styles, and Silva never wants to be first. He always likes to counter. I think Silva’s pedigree would put Jones on the defensive.

  53. James says:

    I don’t think Jones or Silva have any interest in fighting each other. Jones is looking to the HW Div and I would imagine that Anderson is probably staring to think about retirement. These articles on this site are getting to be pretty terrible in all honesty. This whole thing just smells like some fanboy’s half baked wet dream.

  54. KIDD433 says:

    JONES doesnt belong in that catorgory either.Yes hes beaten top competition,reason being LHWT division is average 6-1″Ht, and 74″reach.JONES however is 6-4″ with a 84″reach.its a rediculous physical advantage.thats the only reason hes beating everyone.kind of like Nate diaz at 155…Put on 30 or 40 pounds of muscle,and throw ass in HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION WHERE HE BELONGS.n lets see how he does against Cain,Dos Santos,or Ovareem.fights where his size is evened up a bit and lets see how he does

  55. kokjojojo says:

    Why not JON JONES vs DOS SANTOS on HW?

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