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Friday, 08/03/2012, 11:32 am

Tito Ortiz Thinks His Prime-Self Could Beat Jon Jones, Blames Injuries | UFC NEWS

UFC Hall of famer and former light heavyweight champ, Tito Ortiz spoke with MMA Uncensored Live about his retired life, and what could’ve been if wasn’t for his injuries and medical procedures he had to undertake.

The interview began with his transition to retirement

“It’s everything that I expected it to be — fishing, enjoying life, it’s been a great time with my family, me and Jenna, all of my kids, doing my clothing, Punishment Athletics, my nutrition and my gyms.  I’m just working hard on the business aspect of it.

Instead of my brawn, now it’s time to use my brain.  Thank God I went to college!”

Ortiz discussed his injuries which induced him to step away from the octagon:

“Prior to the Forrest fight, I had 50-percent of my meniscus taken out.  During the fight, I guess I re-tore the ACL in my right knee.  So, I’m looking to get ACL replacement on my right knee.  I had a neck problem, no one knew about it. But, I’m possibly getting neck surgery, again.  This is why I’m retired.  I’m sick of getting surgeries, man.”

When asked about coming out of retirement to fight former rival Chuck Liddell or anyone else.  Ortiz firmlhy stated:

“I’m done. I’ve done what I wanted to do in mixed martial arts.  I’ve got to this point in my career.  Fifteen years, I thought, was good enough for me.  I defended my Light Heavyweight title five consecutive times. I’ve done what I wanted to do. It was about money.  I made my business; I needed it for what I wanted to do.  I’m done.  I’m content where I am and to work on the business side of it.  I don’t have the hunger for it, anymore.  I’m sick of getting surgeries.”

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy believes he’d still be fighting today and believes he’d be the champion if it wasn’t for injuries:

“100% for sure, I would have. I’d be beating Jon Jones, right now.  I’d be beating everybody else that I’ve fought, up to this point. I still might have been 19-2.”

He was asked whether or not he would’ve beaten the current version of Jon Jones in his prime in case he wanted to recant his previous statement.  The Huntington Beach Bad Boy responds:

“100%  What do you think I’m gonna say, no?  I was the champion.  I was dominant.  Jon Jones tried to beat my record.  I would have beaten Jon Jones.”

Let us know what you think PENN Nation.

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56 Responses to “Tito Ortiz Thinks His Prime-Self Could Beat Jon Jones, Blames Injuries | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    I thought Tito retired?? Stop talking about this ass clown.. He has kids with a porn star..

    He will forever be known as a bobble head cocky flop that married a whore..

    • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

      Tito in his prime couldnt tie Jon Jones shoes let alone fucking beat him. Amount of excuses this cock sucker makes after every single fight is just unreal.

  2. damn says:

    this nigga still making excuses.

  3. chris says:

    Gonna have to disagree Tito.

  4. guy says:

    its impossible to prove his statements. so its stupid to make these assumptions, his time is up, he should quit putting a fake target on his back

  5. Jordan says:

    Tito in his prime was to scared to fight chuck what makes him think he would have the balls to fight bones jones…he needs to stop talking stop blaming loses on injuries and just go off the face of the earth…notice how the UFC is jumping to get him a job because hes an idiot whos all about himself and not the sport what a joke

  6. 757 says:

    It’s over Tito have some class if that’s possible and just retire and become a fan.

  7. Wes says:

    lol….come on Tito, even you can’t possibly believe that??

  8. bret says:

    Why the FUCK is this POS still talking? You are a PUSSY who ran away from Chuck many times! Go back to your whore wife chimp and shut your stupid face! Shit I’ll bet Tank could kick your Ass!!!!

  9. Stockton_Ca says:

    Thank god hes done, he says hes in the best shape of his life the entirety of his camps then once he loses he pulls out this bullshit. You fought nobodys to get to the title and none of the guys you fought lasted more than 5 years in the octagon. Most fighters in the modern age of UFC have evolved and the fighters in the beginning had no talent what so ever. A MAJORITY had no talent, not all I mind you.

  10. Sean says:

    Does this guy ever shut the fug up

  11. tehehe says:

    Tito Ortiz = King Hippo

  12. NiggerDick says:

    When Tito was in his prime he probably would whoop Bones ass, bc Bones was maybe 13 yrs old at the time.

  13. Pancho says:

    LOL TITO beating BONES? what a fucking JOKE.

  14. stephen riddle says:

    His era was different but bones throws and wrestling and reach wouldve been too much even if they couldve met in the early ufc. And yes tito u suck!

  15. newanderthal says:

    A prime Tito could defeat Chuck Liddell who only had 2 of tools that Jon Jones has (Takedown defense and long striking). Jones also has awesome takedowns, superior wrestling, vicious GnP, deadly clinch work.

    • 757 says:

      Tito is younger than Chuck Dah and Chuck kicked his ass and tried to fight him for a couple of years while Tito ducked him which started the entire beef….do some research

  16. slacker says:

    Can this guy ever stop making love to himself?!! Get yourself a room and stay there. Jones would destroy you!

  17. Johnny says:

    You know back in the day Tank might could have taken him. That would have been some funny chit.

  18. bunkylomax says:

    I’m not the biggest tito fan but he has accomplished more in his life and had hotter women than any of you haters on here. Why would any former champ think he wouldn’t be the best..and note that you can’t compare the level of fighters back than to today..that’s like saying Babe Ruth wasn’t great because he he played against lesser competition. quit hating guys

    • JaCks says:

      Hahahaha hotter women? You do know Jenna is a prostitute right? Tito was champion in an era where the sport was still developing. He was defending his title against part time fighters so you can’t compare that to Shogun, Machida, Rampage & Evans who Bones Jones Dominated. Thank goodness he’s gone, he had more good excuses than wins. Sure he’s earned millions of dollars in the sport, that should pay for his whore bills, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! LOL

    • chris says:

      So a guy who was a champion in a sport is more important than doctors or people who raise their children to become well adjusted adults who benefit their community?

    • Ufa says:

      Bold delusional statements are noticed and receive bold realistic responses. You’re hating people who point out the fact that you’re making. That you can’t compare a guy who avoided the best of his time (The Iceman) as champion to someone who is the current champ, hasn’t avoided fighting anyone while fighting a higher level of competition. People are just pointing out that Tito must not be (is not) right in his mind for thinking he could beat Jones. BTW, I learned in grade school the difference between then and than. l learned how to spot a hypocrite in high school and learned in college not to assume something about someone you don’t know (like assuming Tito accomplished more than someone else by beating his face into Liddell’s fists).

  19. 123 says:

    The Only Fighter In The History Of The UFC That Has The Style To Beat Jon Jones Is Chuck Liddell.

  20. Clay says:

    He was good but he must have been hit one too many times. Bones would have retired him back then and saved him the trouble of all these “injuries”

  21. jmannski says:

    He has more money than all of you combined and all girls are whores. At least his has money and is hot. Get off this dudes balls u ugly fugn trolls.

  22. Michael hamlin says:

    He is trash!!!

  23. MARV3L0US says:

    Tito who have you beaten? U had nooo competition at alll.. now look who all bones has beat.. no comparison..

  24. Captain Crunch says:

    Go away already! Freaking annoying

  25. diehard ufcer says:

    Prime Tito would get lit up he’s out of his mind

  26. A.James says:

    We love you Tito but STFU.

  27. Ryan says:

    I agree bones would have smashed an in prime Titto! It was a stupid question to begin with, I mean what is he suppose to say? No, he’d smash me? Of course he’s gunna say I could have beatin him lol Titto was the man back in the day, and fighters Were not as well rounded then as they are today, but don’t discredit the guy, he’s still the guy with the most 205 def … For now…

  28. Doug says:

    hahahaha Tito is CRAZY !!! He is so annoying !!shut the hell up already Tito

  29. NiggerDick says:

    Refer back to my earlier comment, thanks.

  30. Jason Peloquin says:

    Wow even a tito in his prime would get killed by a rookie first time fighting jones. Tito is high. I quests its easy to talk smack when ur retired

  31. Jenuel says:


  32. RickFox says:

    Must be the juice talking not Tito. Give him 1 round with Bones, if he wins that one, he can ask Mezgar to help him re-print those auto repair t-shirts. As for Bones, he wanted a top 10 heavyweight this year, how about the rabid looking Valesquez. If not give bones Franklin, Liddell, Ortiz, Griffin, Wanderoids 1 round each in a back to the future hall of fame match.

  33. john smith says:

    maybe he would beat him, maybe not. Fact is as a competitor you never say “nah I got no chance”. This man is one of the legends of the sport who helped build it up to where it is now so a fan of him or not (I’m not really a fan) give him a little respect

  34. BJ is KING says:

    Did he really just say that? He was beaten bloody by Chuck and Randy and those two would get slaughtered by Jon Jones. I think Machida and Hendo are the only two that can do anything to Jones, and I’d say Machida is the most likely to beat Jones.

  35. Keyboard warriors = gay says:

    We all know this was a silly comment by Tito but all of you stupid keyboard warriors calling him a pussy are just so stupidly ignorant you try feel
    What tito felt through his career all you retards have never fought you don’t know what the pressures like and then to get severley injured and still have to train with these injuries how can you call any UFC fighter a pussy shame on you fucking gutless keyboard warriors

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