Tuesday, 08/06/2013, 12:45 pm

Tito Ortiz: The Sport is ‘MMA Not UFC’

“Bellator isn’t about the brand, they’re about making stars and making people as they should be. We go out there and we kill ourselves, practically. You want to be a superstar? You’ve got to put in the time, you’ve got to put in the work and you’ve got to put on good fights. Bellator wants to support the guys that do that. It’s not about the brand in Bellator. That’ll always be there. It’s about the fighters and the superstars and Bjorn [Rebney] understands that. And for once, a business understands that. And to have him behind your back doing that, that’s what I always dreamed.”

“This isn’t called UFC, it’s called mixed martial arts. Us fighters that are putting our lives on the line, we’re the ones putting people in those seats, selling pay-per-view buys, we’re the ones putting our lives on the line to make that happen. We’re the ones that should be getting the most recognition out of anything and everybody else should just get the rest as it comes in.”

“If we lose, our boss isn’t gonna sit there talking smack on us, talking shit on us the whole time, how horrible we were, we should be retired and this and that.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz discussed his move to Bellator with the media yesterday at the Bellator press conference.

Tito has a long history of dislike for the UFC and its president, Dana White.


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  1. Ura Dummy says:

    Bellator is not about the brand?? Go ask Eddie Alvarez what he thinks about that statement

  2. 757 says:

    Tito is delusional. He has been smoking some of his wife’s or whatever she is crack. This dude fits the exact description of has been and delusional….get this clown out of here! I don’t care what he did for the sport 10 years ago he is a goof!

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