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Friday, 09/07/2012, 02:30 pm

Tito Ortiz Says He Was Disrespected and Betrayed by Jon Jones | UFC News


UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz was one of the few who stood up for the light heavyweight champ Jon Jones after the cancelled UFC 151 fiasco but Jones’ recent comments to mmaweekly:

“I do everything they ask me to do, I really do, and you know, it really hurt man, it hurt to be on the different spectrum, to be compared to Tito Ortiz.  I don’t complain about money, I don’t complain about anything, I do what I’m told.

had Tito Ortiz  taking offense saying the following:

“Well check it out, the situation happened with 151.  He was supposed to fight Chael. Well, actually he was supposed to fight Dan Henderson.  He gets hurt the week before the fight, then they say you’re going to fight Chael and he said no way and caught a bunch of flack from it. 


All of the fighters said he isn’t a true fighter and nobody has ever done this before and, it’s crazy, I thought it was crazy.  And I stood up for the kid. I like Jon Jones. I think he’s a great champion.  I think he’s a great guy.


I’ve hung out with him in Vegas and I really took a liking to the kid because he’s, I think he’s the next best great thing.  Then, all of a sudden, I heard an interview from him saying, ‘People need to stop comparing me to Tito Ortiz because I don’t talk about money.’  And, I took a very heartfelt, that was like a stab to my back.


I stood up for you when no one else did, I stood up for you and you turn around and say something like that?  You have to understand, when you drive around in your Bentley, or, I don’t know if he even has it anymore since he wrecked it into a tree, but when you’re driving around in your Bentley, you have to understand, I’m the person who put my life on the line and my career and my image and my name on the line to take everything I did to battle for the type of contracts that you have, for the money that you’re making.  If it wasn’t for the things I’ve battled for and I took all the bad image because of it, you’d be driving around in a Toyota right now.


Fighters need to understand and respect guys on my level that I took a lot of flack to negotiate and battle for what I believed in.  It wasn’t a factor of talking about money, it was a factor of what I believed I was worth. That’s been my whole career. 


I was going out and I was doing the main press.  I was going out and doing the reality shows and doing the wrestling stuff and always being a person outside of the box of not just being a fighter and I was believing what I was worth and I was trying to raise the bar for all fighters and I think I’ve done that.  And for him to say the things he’s saying that, ‘I’m not like Tito Ortiz because I don’t talk about money.’  Don’t disrespect me like that man, I’ve had your back when no one else did. 


That’s all I said and I was just disappointed.  I was very, very disappointed with Jon.  Maybe he is just young, maybe he is just 22 or 23-years old and he doesn’t know, maybe the stardom is getting to his head.  Like I said, I took a liking to Jon Jones, but I was just disappointed in that interview I read.  That’s all I got to say about that.”

Let’s here your thoughts Penn Nation

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0 Responses to “Tito Ortiz Says He Was Disrespected and Betrayed by Jon Jones | UFC News”

  1. TowerPower says:

    I dont care for Tito that much,but thi sstatement was great. “If it wasn’t for the things I’ve battled for and I took all the bad image because of it, you’d be driving around in a Toyota right now” Jones needs to remember why and how this sport and company was founded….not by waiting , but by going out and getting.

    • Bob says:

      I guess all you have to do to earn back fans these days is talk sh*t about Jon Jones.. haha

      • JTap says:

        @Bob, did you not read the article or are you just stupid as hell.
        Cause if you read it, he took up for Jones, and Jones started talking shit about him, So how is he talking shit, all Ortiz did was state the obvious!

        • Johan says:

          j tap, really? Jones can do no right with you haters. He was just dragged through the mud. Plenty of fighters have talked shit about him, but when he fires back, you jerks call him every derogatory name you can think of. He’s young, talented, intelligent and successful and you bastards can’t stand it. It’s funny, look at me laugh hahaha see, it’s funny.

        • ortiizz says:

          Wtf? Either you didnt read the article, or youre just dumb! Suggest u read bfore commenting!

        • i say jon’s getting his ass handed to him on the 22nd of this month ortiz ur a god of the sport u had a run that jon cant match…to all u other ass hole’s if jon would not have turned down the fight with sonnon he wouldnt be in the spot he is at in this time…i think he was scared of sonnon an it show’s…dana said one day it will happen sonnon vs jon some time…sonnon would have took him down an grined him just cause the fans dont like the fight sonnon would have walked out an put on a show but that show was a blast but jon couldnt step up as a champ but he is a fake…FUCK JON he is not a real CHAMP you want a real champ look over at ANDERSON SILVA HE IS THE BEST CHAMP OF ALL TIME…an im not on his nut’s…he is just a true champ…jon has BITCH in his blood…

      • Johan says:

        Exactly. These jones haters are probably a bunch of racist pricks. They’re obsessed with disrespecting him.

    • ryan M says:

      I hate Tito, but he actually connected with me for the first time in my life. Good on him. I actually kind of have a new respect for some of the crap he’s done now.

  2. DEEZNUTS says:


    BEGIN HATING IN 3…2…1…

    • B-rad says:

      10 years ago, probably. I would bet on Tito to drop some elbow sammiches on Jonny boy, but now a days well that goes without sayin :p

      • Reality says:

        10 years ago with Jonny Bones being a young teenager. Tito was good but I think Jones is at another level from the peak Tito reached. However, I knew what Bones said was going to backfire since he had no business saying that. Ortiz support for him while everyone was against him is well documented. I understand where Tito is coming from with this one and I think he’s handling it pretty well. Jones shouldn’t have went there.

  3. T.DADDY says:

    First time I agree with Tito…lol

  4. Bob'O says:

    100% agree with Tito. Rashad just keeps on being proved correct. ~Bob’O

  5. B-rad says:

    “when you drive around in a bentley, or whatever he drives now since he wrecked that up a tree” LMFAO good shit

  6. rich says:

    i’m beginning to think Bob’O is rashad evans lol

  7. Tito always says the same sh** says:

    Tito crying on Jones, before that his health, before that White, before that his health, before that Chuck. This is how Tito remains relevant, remains in the spotlight. He’s unable to do it with his fighting skills anymore, so he does it with his words.

    Jump on the Jones Hate Train!!!! Choo Chooooooooooooooooooooooo! And if it slows down, no worries, you can bet some other has been (or never was) will get it rolling again !!!!

    • dw420 says:

      The question that begs to be asked for is …can you read? If so read the bloody article and say something that’s not 100% your biased opinion. What Ortiz (and others) did for the UFC and MMA JBJones can’t even dream of achieving.

      You think Jerry West would be relevant in today’s NBA? Of course not…but he is still in their bloody logo. And he is there because the people that formed the “public opinion” weren’t comprised full of ignorant idiots…unlike MMA where Tito’s contribution to the sport was forgotten even before he retired.

      Pioneers only come once, and you (and JBJ) need to show some respect for the people that busted their asses and bones, so that you could watch John “Blows” Jones in mainstream media instead of a blurry video from japan which you downloaded via torrent.

      • Shut your bloody trap says:

        If Chuck Liddell, someone who I respect as a fighter and person, says Tito Ortiz is a jackass, TITO ORTIZ IS A JACKASS ! Some people just overstay their welcome, and Tito is becoming that person. He retired from fighting at the right time, but when he begins making whiny statements because his feelings were hurt, HE’S GOTTA GO!

        And who the f*** uses torrents anymore???? How old are you????

        You and Tito can kiss my ………………………….

        • dw420 says:

          Nobody gives a fuck who you respect…history judges people through facts.

          I’m old enough to be a fan of the UFC from day 1…Now how about you? Had your father bust a nut by then…or did you pop out after Tito walked out on millions so other fighters could get paid more?

          Chuck was a yes man when it came to Dana…He still is, and that’s why he works for him, unlike ANY other Hall of Famer. Chuck was also the first to “cash in” the benefits of Tito’s bitching, with the UFC promoting him like no other before him in order to “diminish” Tito’s status at the time.

          You can’t cure stupid but you can “fix” ignorant, so go do some research before you share any more idiotic comments based on who gives you a boner before you go to bed.

  8. jbeamazing says:

    I agree with tito but tito it’s the fight game stop getting so emotional

  9. carl says:

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  10. NO says:

    tito has always told it how it is. duno why people are like suddenly acting like tito is different. maybe they arent 7 years old anymore and finally realizing how to properly use their brain. still have a long way to go though.

  11. Jon says:

    I don’t care for most of what comes out of Tito’s mouth. But he is right for a change. I’m glad he spoke up this time.

  12. cocojojo says:



  13. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Does Bonehead Jones respect anybody in this sport? Long time mma and ufc fans know that Tito was a great fighter although he was also a bit of a headcase for the ufc, but he was the first big thing in the ufc and he’s absolutely right, if not him and the guys that came before him Jones would not be able afford a bentley to wrap around a tree. Show just a liitle respect for this sport chickenbones.

  14. Donovan says:

    You know what Tito? The guy disrespects everybody. He is a piece of garbage of a person with exceptional reach. You a beeatch though too Tito…and you mouthy like him too

  15. Keep thick skin Tito. He is just a kid. It takes time for people to learn to just man up. I am sure he will regret those comments in time.

  16. shadow says:

    jon jones was getting cocky now he is being a bastard blinded by that belt money and his fuking pride when he became ufc champ

  17. arctor says:

    On MMA Uncensored Tito was rambling about how dominant hed be if he had avoided the big injuries, and he basically non chalantly brags hed beat Jones in his arrogant way so cry me a fuckin river. Tito is alllll about the money, ken shamrock brought fans back in their feud, tito ducked chuck and flat out said the money wasnt right. Props to him for being somewhat right, he is a trail blazer and deserves credit. But come on….this is the same guy who fights for spotlight not fans and respect.

  18. Hermkerm says:

    Why does Tito Ortiz seem like he’s always trying to find any little peice of trivia to act like a lil’ bitchy drama queen !? Holy fuckola Tito !! You are straight out of a really shitty 80’s movie with your gay assed G.I Joe morality speech on what a friend truly is. Who cares!!!?? Time to move on Pal, go do a reality show where you cry yourself to sleep thinking about how awesome you were or something ……

  19. Dick Diaz says:

    in retrospect, Tito Ortiz did do a lot for the sport of MMA.

  20. Jay says:

    carl i like how your ferrari became a lambo, that shits pretty crazy.

  21. Jenna Jameson says:

    I feel Tito disrespected my face with his fist

  22. jon smith says:

    While usually people would call this bellyaching or whining Tito has a point. I used to really like Jones but one thing after another things just don’t sit right about him. He pretends to be a good guy they gets a DWI. He says he’s best friends with Rashad then treats him like an enemy or worse, someone he barely knows. Is supposed to be an extremely exciting fighter then dances around his recent opponent for the entire fight to avoid engaging. He then acts like he’s the best thing ever in MMA with his big endorsements and the UFC trying to give him the keys to the kingdom and then refuses to fight Sonnen because there’s a chance he might lose. All this to say while I dont hate Jones like some, everything he does now alienates fans and personally makes me hope someone dethrones him (though LHW is a very, very weak division). At first it seems like rumors about his ex-teammates not liking him are just haters but the more we see the more I’m starting to see why

  23. James Ponsot says:

    Funny a lot of you talk about how it’s fighting and you shouldn’t be emotional. Shows lack of experience on most fo your parts. Whether it’s your first amateur fight or if you’ve been at it for years your profession is always an emotional part of your life. Winning in emotional, losing is emotional. Training day after day after day, keeping proper drive is emotional. That’s just how it works. Don’t rip on these guys for having a bit of humanity that’s just bloody childish. Jones has been proving himself to not be a good champ or a good person. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t still a great fighter. There’s no way to doubt his skills, but his professionalism is lacking. He’s turning out to not be a proper martial artist and simply a fighter which is NOT what the UFC needs more of. He needs to get his act together plain and simple. I was never much of a fan of Tito but he made a lot of sacrifices to help make the UFC big and there is no way to deny that. Jones has no place disrespecting him, nor does anyone else unless you’ve stood in the ring and beaten him or outdone him with your accomplishments.

  24. Jabba says:

    What’s up with the ****’s everyone is using now. Fuck this bullshit. Fucking yahoo already. Shit, it’s like grade school here now.

  25. Brendan says:

    Tito is pathetic. He makes up shit so that it seems like he is involved in the conversation. You and your fractured skull can go ahead and fuck off. Excuse master.

  26. Smackuround says:

    Agree with 100%, Man……Jones is trying to set a world record for enemies made in 2 weeks!!

  27. Jones is a young rich punk and can’t wait till he gets his ass beat!!!

  28. Tito is right.. A lot of people dont realize how unpopular UFC use to be and it was guys like Gracie,Cotoure,Tank, Tito, Don Frye, Chuck, Matt Hughes, etc.. who really put it all on the line and help made UFC what it is today.

  29. The Diaz Bros take it in the butt says:

    I could of swore Jones said he only fights for the money!! Which makes his comments about Tito just plain stupid! I used to like Jones when I thought he was a nice, respectful person but now I see he’s just another cocky nigger with money! Who will end up on Dancing with the stars or something else stupid once he goes bankrupt!

  30. chumsgum says:

    why is tito disrespecting Toyota? i had tito’s back since day one and for him to talk sht about Toyota and its owners like that is a stab in the back.

  31. DatGuy says:

    wow , iam gonna have to agreed with tito this time

  32. MentalCase says:

    I’ve always liked Tito. Even when he’s a punk he’s fun to watch. He’s a smart guy and fans owe him a debt of gratitude for being the bad boy we love to hate.

  33. if we was in the same spot as jon would we have took the fight with sonnon or belfort????????? think befor you answer id rather fight sonnon any day of the week insted of fighting some one that may kick my ass…he should have known that dana was looking for some one to take him out of the game…

  34. Jones' balls in Johan's mouth says:

    Ignorant as always, what does race have to do with this. This is MMA, great fighters are worshipped and a$$h¤les are bashed.

  35. Bjj BB says:

    Tito, tito, tito! I understand what u’ve done for the sport but dont ever get it twisted! You talked shit, you said things that were out of line and we all know what happened with you and chuck! Being honest is being honest, dont hate a guy who simply gave hes thoughts about u fighting for money, what fighter doesent!? I can see if your name was gsp or some other humble fight but tito? TITO!!? Stop crying man cause you done talk alot of shit and thats part of the reason ppl like you! Remember that!

  36. Bjj BB says:

    @ the diaz bros take it in the butt

    Watch your F-UCKING mouth! I like meeting guys like you at clubs, when you start acting bad only when your in front of your friends! Then i open hand bitch slap you and your friends dont do shit cause they know your a faggot whos all talk no action, and your friend are a bunch of pussys as well! White trash, trailor trash, white wonder bread, mayo pasty piece of SHIT!!

  37. Johan wishes he was Jones' b!tch says:

    Hahaha, dude u making it obvious ur inlove with Jones’ boner..ain’t nobody fighting with u, he’s all yours, u can pleasure him all day if u want.

  38. The Diaz Bros take it in the butt says:

    I’m Mexican you dick sucking faggot!

  39. The Diaz Bros take it in the butt says:

    You think white people are the only people who can say “nigger” you dick sucking faggots!! I’m Mexican and ill say nigger to your face, in your mamas house or while im fucking your bitch!! Quit talking shit on a message board you bunch of cowardly douche bags, and go masterbate to one of your Segal movies!

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