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Tuesday, 09/18/2012, 12:19 pm

Tito Ortiz: "Rousey has fought at 145 time and again" | Strikeforce News


Retirement for UFC hall of famer & former light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz means owning a clothing line, nutrition supplement company, a training center as well as an amateur MMA fight series in California named Rising Stars and management company Primetime 360.



“It’s going to take a little bit of time as I have to prove my worth.  I’m starting by working with Cris.  I know she had problems last year but I’m willing to put my name on her and revamp every idea she’s ever thought she had to become the champion again.  I’m going out and looking to get the next best fighters and giving them opportunities.  I’m not going to promise them the world, but I’ll promise them the opportunity to get the world.  If you have opportunity and you take it and grab it, you can find success.  That’s the way life is.  You’ve got to have the opportunity and I’m going to give that to a lot of fighters.”



Ortiz in the past, has been vocal about fighters who use performance-enhancing drugs which makes signing with Cyborg seem counteractive to his prior belief but the Huntington Beach Bad Boy thinks otherwise.



“I’m making a statement.  I’ll grab someone who has problems, and I’m going to fix it.  I’m going to show them the right way.   We’ve sat down, and she explained to me it was a mistake and she’s not going to do it again. Everybody deserves a second chance.  If she messes up again, my name is on it.  I put my stamp of approval on her, and I believe in her.  I promise to the fans it won’t happen again.”



Rousey vs. Cyborg issue may turn out to be the first battle that Ortiz faces with the Zuffa promotion in his new role as a manager.  Ortiz insists that they will have to compromise and use a 140-pound catch weight.



“Ronda has the marketing machine behind her, so of course she’ll try to get her way, but people want to see who the best woman is.  Rousey has fought at 145 time and again while Cyborg has been at 145 always, so why should she come down a whole weight class?  If you want to put the best against the best, compete with someone cutting an extra five pounds to fight against you.”

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12 Responses to “Tito Ortiz: "Rousey has fought at 145 time and again" | Strikeforce News”

  1. Shadleigh says:

    Cyborg and Rousey need to fight at a catch weight of 140 lbs and both quit their bitching!

  2. Kender says:

    If Cyborg wants to fight the champ then she needs to go to 135lbs. There is not a 145 weight class any more. What would she do if she wins, make everyone move up to 145 so she will have someone to fight?

  3. What? says:

    Either way one of two things is going to happen: rousey winning by armbar or cyborg winning by ko.

  4. Mustaine says:

    Bitch Tito found another way to keep bumping his gums.

  5. Why should Rousey have to accommodate cyroid? Why should the champ meet the disgraced juicer halfway? If cyborg wants Rousey she can’t have her on hers and Titos terms she’s got to be the one to capitulate. Otherwise she’s the one who looks scared, not Rousey.

  6. Kirodoc says:

    Cyborg is a lifelong juicer. This is crazy. She’s been on hormones for so long it’s changed her entire physiology. The fact that she can’t come clean about it is lame. I like Ortiz, but he’s wrong if he thinks Rhonda needs to come to a catch weight. She’s the champ. She doesn’t need to do anything. He’s been the champ, he should know better. Rhonda is on fire and Dana White is all up in her shit. She’s calling the shots and Cyborg needs to come down or go back to 145.

  7. ben kline says:

    Tito would be the one to show her how to work out without rhoids in all honesty. He might be full of shit 98% of the time and run his mouth way too much but his cardio is one of the best of all time. Cyrhoid is the challenger. And Rhonda is the champ. And I think the Cy should be the one to make the most effort. Its totally different then GSP and Silva, they are both champs.

  8. T.DADDY says:

    Sez the guy that was scared to fight Chuck

  9. Xaninho says:

    There is one division and that’s the 135. The whole weight discussion is irrelevant.

    It’s not a catchweight belt so if Cyborg wants a belt she has to come down anyway.

  10. Me says:

    Cyborg needs this fight more then Ronda. Ronda became champ without the roids. Cyborg is nothing but a cheater and a drug abuser. There is no one left at 145. She either has to come down a weight class (Which she can if she’s really of the male hormones) or go to another organisation. I believe we won’t see the two fighting if theirs guys like Tito telling Cris not to go to 135.

  11. Lino says:

    Man tito just won’t go away.

  12. Ryan says:

    Ronda has the belt sO cyborg has to go to her and take the championship

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