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Sunday, 06/17/2012, 12:09 pm

Tito Believes He Would Beat Jon Jones In His Prime | UFC NEWS

By Jamie McAllister
Tito Ortiz in an interview with FightersOnly.

Ortiz comments on Jon Jones and told Fighters Only he already considers Jones to be one of the greatest Light-Heavyweights in UFC history. However Ortiz feels like in his prime he would be able to defeat Jones and discusses how he would do it.

“Pressure. Don’t let him use that reach, try to close down the space with tons of pressure. Use my strength, use my wrestling. An injury free Tito Ortiz is very, very dangerous, and Ryan Bader was the last guy who got a close up of that one. When I’m injury-free I’m very dangerous.”

“Me around 2000, when I was fast a strong and I was strong and my confidence was through the roof I could beat anyone. I could of beat anyone in the world man. Now, 15 years later, look at me I’m still competing against top guys in the world – like I always have done – but the injuries have taken their toll.”

“If I was the same game but without the surgeries, then I’d still be the champion! When I look back at my loss to (Randy) Couture, that’s when I had my first back problem. I was suffering right through that fight camp, and I suffered for seven years with that back problem.”


27 Responses to “Tito Believes He Would Beat Jon Jones In His Prime | UFC NEWS”

  1. rondo says:

    STFU… Tito in your prime you couldn’t tie bones shoes….

  2. Michael hamlin says:

    Tito is trash

  3. Clay says:

    I don’t understand how anyone can undermind jones. All it takes is one fight to realize he’s a beast. No one will beat him for a long time, and that pisses alot of people off.. Tito, why dont you go eat a waa-burger and some French-cries

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  4. CanILive says:

    Hahahaha titos got all the answers….

  5. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Lol tito pressure jon jones? Everyone has been trying that and they all failed. Tito sucks asshole the only person he can beat on is jenna jameson.

  6. ya herd says:

    Bisping should move up to 205 again and beat this fake Jon Jones

  7. stephen riddle says:

    I heard tito likes to trip right before interviews these days. Shaking my motherfuckin head!

  8. Bjj BB says:

    Buwaaaaahahahaha!! Tito cracks me up again!! In his prime? Tito when you were in your prime your striking was at its worst!! All you had was ground and pound!! That being said, jones would crush you and hes not even in his prime yet, Tito in his prime=G&P, Jones not in is prime yet = well rounded in everything!! Jones would pick you apart worse then chuck did, now that im thinking about it, jon jones in his prime is gonna be a scary thing for the ufc’s fighters.

  9. Bj penn says:

    In your prime the UFC was a freak show and you were fighting cans

    • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

      so guys like Liddell, Belfort, Wandy Silva were cans? Lidell and Wandy might be way past their prime now, but they were beasts back then. and dont forget Couture as well.

  10. Chris says:

    jones has more points on his license than tito would score in the fight

  11. Lol says:

    This coming from a bobble head whos baby mommas a porn star aka whore. He chuck lidell smashed tito when tito was in his prime!! Tito would get ktfo!!

  12. Kaos says:

    Tito in his prime was a brilliant, dominant fighter, but Jon Jones is the new wave and he’s better every time he fights. Tito in his prime could probably have beaten the Jon Jones of a few years ago, but this one? No chance. Sorry Tito, you’re a great fighter but Jones is too adaptable and physically dominant.

  13. spike---->> says:

    all these trash talking babies here that are saying awhile back fighters are cans,they just don’t know what they were talking!!! if u dont know all the beast fighters before,dont even say anything coz you will just look like cans yourself…childish-immature-pajama-wetting no-know-how…be quiet rondo!!!:)

  14. David says:

    You know someone has no clue what they’re talking about when they think the year 2000 was 15 years ago.

  15. Kaos11 says:

    Tito is nuckin’ futs. Jones is a beast! Only people who might be able to beat Jon Jones is his Momma and Chuck Liddell in his prime.

  16. Jujitsu Player says:

    The only Jon Jones Tito could have beat in 2000 is the one that was 12 years old at the time…..The sport has evolved, fighters are getting better not worse. Tito in his prime would not get near winning the title if he was around today.

  17. Bjj BB says:

    I think if tito was same age as jon jones and started training when jon started it would make more sence for him to think that cuzz titos striking and jujits and everything else would be better cuzz hed be learning wayyyy after the sport got alot better, but by him saying tito of old would beat any new school champ is just bullshit!!

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