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Tuesday, 04/09/2013, 10:41 am

Tito Ortiz Calls UFC 148 Loss “Fishy”; Hints at Foul-Play


UFC Hall of Famer, Tito Ortiz fought in what is supposedly his last MMA out of his storied career. In this fight, Tito fought Forrest Griffin in the co-main event of UFC 148, dropping a close unanimous decision.
Boos rained down from the MGM Grand Garden Arena as Griffin took the mic and made Ortiz’s last appearance in the Octagon, a strange one.

Now, Ortiz hints at the possibility of some outside help for Griffin that propelled him to a pre-planned victory over Ortiz. In an interview with, Ortiz tells us to go back and watch the fight stating that:

“For the first time ever in UFC that they showed ‘strikes attempted’ not ‘strikes landed’. When do you ever show strikes attempted? He never hit me, I blocked all of them, I checked all of his kicks.”

He goes on to claiming that even UFC color commentator Joe Rogan may have had some minor part in the plot as he narrated a ‘one-sided’ affair during the fight and even avoided the topic when Ortiz appeared as a guest on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast.

This may just be Ortiz attempting to wrap his head around a close fight, putting meaning where none can be invariably distinguished, but it is something to think about. Not at all claiming that the UFC is in the fight fixing business, but instead a review of the fight as a whole, with significant moments as the basis for ruling the fight.

Ortiz also calls to question UFC president Dana White’s decision to track Griffin down post-fight and return him to the Octagon in a move that coincides with UFC conduct to not leave the Octagon before an official decision is read. White could have very easily been restoring order as he knows he can instantaneously, in a co-main event of the biggest card of the year.

Whatever the reason, bizarre acquisitions such as this are simply counter-productive for Ortiz who remains a UFC legend and was on a 1-6-1 streak going in to the Griffin fight with a win meaning little at that point.

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0 Responses to “Tito Ortiz Calls UFC 148 Loss “Fishy”; Hints at Foul-Play”

  1. Ainokea says:

    Makes a good point, but I don’t see anything happening because he is pouting. I personally thought he won, but the judges have done this sort of thing before. I don’t see it as foul play just the judges fuckin up again.

  2. 757 says:

    Goodbye Tito ….please fucking leave …..finally…please…leave it alone and just go. You milked this sport for everything. 1-6and 1. Please go

  3. TheDude says:

    Joe Rogan is one of the most fair and honest dudes in the world. I fucking doubt he was “in” on it, if indeed there is an “it” to begin with. This guy, man..

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    I agree he being a attention seeker and this may appear to be sulking but milking the sport if it wasn’t for Tito and guys like Chuck Randy and BJ do you think ufc would be where it is today, apart from the 1st season finale of tuf they are the most important part of the progress of this sport

  5. SlipSlap says:

    Tito won the fight against Griffin. If it was anyone else fighting Griffin White would have whined about the judges decision. As he doesn’t like Ortiz, and Griffin has golden balls in White’s eyes…..

    Love him or hate him, Tito is a legend.

  6. 757 says:

    First of all Tito did what he did years ago. Chuck and Randy both have given every bit as much as Tito did towards the sport. In spite of what Dana White says Randy was classy to the fans etc. Chuck is an icon because he as class and was great to the fans. Because Tito did what he did early on the UFC gave him every chance to make money far beyond the time that he still deserved to be still in the company. There are guys now who don’t get half of the chances that Tito got because the talent pool is much deeper. Yes Tito has talked and self promoted and milked the sport as much as possible. He is trashy and whinny. He is done and should go. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He is a millionaire times over. Please Tito take your trash hooker drug addicted wife and your bullshit sideshow act and beat it for good. You have made enough money. Besides your face was fucked up and after the fight, and everyone heard you cry into the microphone enough. Addios motherfucker. Legend in his own mind maybe. He has no class and that’s the difference between him Randy, Chuck.

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