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Friday, 06/01/2012, 05:45 am

Tito & Jenna Forced To File Restraining Order On Friend Who "Terrifies" Them

MMA’s most polarizing couple found themselves back in the court room recently. But this time it was to get rid of their drug toting terrifying friend Shana Burroughs.

TMZ has the scoop:



UFC legend Tito Ortiz and his retired porn star fiancee Jenna Jameson rushed to court, asking a judge to protect them from a friend who is allegedly drug and alcohol fueled and has stolen from them and stalked them both.

TMZ has obtained the legal docs, in which Tito and Jenna say Shana Burroughs comes over to the house with a virtual pharmacy … including Xanax and Oxycodone. The Oxycodone is especially problematic because Tito has said in the past that Jenna has struggled with the drug.

The couple claim Shana comes over drunk and under the influence of Rx meds and wreaks havoc — scaring their kids, stalking them and stealing property from the house.

The docs allege Shana has been doing this for 4 years.

The emergency restraining order was just DENIED, because the judge felt the matter could wait until a full hearing could be held — and that will happen on June 15




28 Responses to “Tito & Jenna Forced To File Restraining Order On Friend Who "Terrifies" Them”

  1. Nick says:

    Poor Forrest just wanna have a 3-some.

  2. JayKay says:

    What kind of a man is Tito. Damn if a mofo like that came to my house once and scared my kids i would bury the bastard in pigshit!!

    • dante040 says:

      Then you would go to jail for beating a woman

      • Common sense says:

        Yeah, this is how a proper society functions, you moron.

        • hauts says:

          proper society… thats non sense… jail time isnt good enough… serious if people mess around to much, inflict pain, try to hurt someone… jus mystic river them… no joke

        • hauts says:

          especially rapist, and pedophiles. no 2nd chance for them.

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        thats what people like that want famous people to do. They know if they defend themselves they are screwed and will get sued. Tito has everything to lose and nothing to gain by throwing that scumbag stalker off a cliff. yes if i was him and thay crazy bitch scared my kids i would ask someone else to throw her off a cliff.

  3. yo yo says:

    “Terrifies TiTo ?” ….is it chuck ?

  4. yo yo says:

    who is it ? is it chuck ?

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    lol tito should just MMA his ass!

  6. david says:

    tito tried beating her up but it ended up going to split decision, which he lost

  7. G says:

    Jesus Christ, are you people fucking retards? It clearly states in the article the name of the “stalker” and it’s a FEMALE. I don’t know who’s more retarded, the MMA article writers and journalists or MMA fans.

  8. JayKay says:

    Whether it’s a female or a male, when mofos are taking fucked up drugs like that then they’re capable of harming my children, your children etc etc and i wouldn’t take the chance hence i would’ve buried the biaaatch!!

  9. J Lou says:

    I could think of better stalkers to have than a drugged out porn star.

  10. monkey juice says:

    Fuck her. That’s all she wants.

  11. Xaninho says:

    He should headbutt the bitch, she won’t survive that.

  12. Pooh Pooh a Doo Doo says:

    Tito and Jenna are scared of a druggie porn hasbeen who has been hangn around for 4 years , me thinks sumthin else is going on… Maybe she not sharing her Rx drugs with Tito or not Ass pumpn him???

  13. Me says:

    Shana was Jenna’s BFF and assistant for years…you don’t want her coming around-then why answer the door, the phone, texts…doesn’t make sense. Jenna has had a number of twitter wars with former friends…it would seem that she has difficulty with female friends not to mention her troubled relationship with Tito and her 2ex-husbands…tsk tsk

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