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Thursday, 06/14/2012, 07:13 am

Tito Believes Jon Jones Is The Man To Break His Title Defense Record | UFC NEWS

“I would love for it to stick around, but I think Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones will be the one to beat me. If there’s any person in the world I’d love to see do it, I would love to see him do it because he’s such a good dude. He’s a good guy. I like him a lot. I think he represents the sport very well, I mean, until he got his DWI.”

With one fight left in his historic career, Tito Ortiz still holds the record for the UFC’s most consecutive 205 pound title defenses.

In the most volatile division in the sport, not even the likes of Chuck Liddell or Rampage Jackson have been able to surpass the reign of Tito Ortiz.

As he tells it to, Ortiz expects that current champion Jon Jones is the likely candidate to beat his record of five straight UFC light-heavyweight title defenses.

But is he?


22 Responses to “Tito Believes Jon Jones Is The Man To Break His Title Defense Record | UFC NEWS”

  1. CanILive says:

    Yup. An old trt Hendo stands No chance

  2. TRUTH says:

    Hendo is FEARLESS, will touch that chin and drop him down. Too much momentum, KO’s Sobral, Wins SF title against ultra tough Feijao, KO’s Fedor, Fight of the Decade W. on Mauricio Rua. Hendo can do it, Jones is having problems too, we saw what happened to Tyson with Buster Douglas. I really think Hendo will beat JONES. Anyways I really respect Jones bc he’s the man right now. wins over Evans, Machida, Shogun, Rampage are HUGE. This has all the potentials to be FIGHT OF THE YEAR, and thats the TRUTH.

    • Rodriguez says:

      Remember how easy Jones ran through Shogun…but how hard it was for Henderson? I think the only way he can win is if he gets all the way in and lands a hook…but with his fighting style, Jones could easily take the fight!

    • jwise says:

      This is a tough fight bc i respect the Hell out of both fighters. Hendo is one of my long time favorite fighters ever watching him drop fedor was such an iconic moment. Same with Bones, even with his DUI he is still an amazing athlete who is young and made a mistake. This is a tough fight for me to call because I like both fighters a lot. I want to see Hendo win a strap again before he leaves the sport but i also want to see Bones go a long way also but he’s got a long career ahead of him in this game to win the strap again so my vote to Hendo!!

    • Blah says:

      If Hendo couldnt beat Jake shields he won’t beat Jones.

  3. MMA_12 says:

    Who did Tito have to go through to get this record? Amateurs.

  4. outsider says:

    Tito beat some solid guys back then. Like it or not Tito was a beast in his prime. He beat Wanderlei Silva to get the title and beat Vladimir Matyushenko, Evan Tanner, and Ken Shamrock Twice. No cans in that bunch

  5. Lol says:

    Machida and evans pointed out jones weaknesses and thats being countered punched. Hendo is one of these best if not the best counter punchers in the lhw division. Not to mention he has the most ko power in it. With that said i see hendo winning this fight for shock of the year over hand power counter ko vs jones !!

    • cntybollax says:

      weve heard it all before

      • Yes We Have says:

        Jones for the win.

        • Lol says:

          I was also the first person to tell everyone jones would be champ one day after smashing matt hamill. I bet big money om fights and betted all these fights for jones. First time im betting against him. I bet big money and if you guys are so sure put your money where your mouth is and i can direct you to a online betting site. I know my mma noobs. Let me know

        • Sorry Big Shot says:

          don’t need to bet to feel like a tough fact, i don’t even care to feel like the biggest baddest dude..’cause if i ever did get that way, my kids would bring me back down to earth real quick! haha…i had jones pegged from the Bonnar fight also..does that make me better than anyone else? don’t think so…so, not impressed 1, impressed 0.

        • Guy says:

          Oh really? Well I knew Jon was going to be champ when his mom pushed him out of her vagina.

        • Matt Hamill says:

          I beat Jones there guy! Fair and Square!!!! Cheaters never win!!!

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          Let me know

  6. 9lives304 says:

    Yall are so damn funny!! Jones is a freak of nature. The opitome of an MMA fighter! The guy has a phenomenal skillset. Having said that, Hendo is the fuckin man…he’s like Randy Couture only better. Just when u try to count him out…..BOOM!! Knocked The Fuck Out!! I can’t even call this one. It honestly could go either way depending on which man imposes his will on the other. I really like & enjoy watching both fighters so……I just can’t wait to see it!!!!

  7. maurice says:

    this is one of those fights where i just dont have a idea how it will go. both me pose problems to each other that they rarely has to deal with. jones has fought rampage, but the rampage that fought jones dont have shit on the hendo of today. i hate saying that cus i luv rampage, but he offered jones nothing. hendo isnt gun shy, and was never gun shy. he’s goin to push forward looking to land with ether hand. hbomb, left hook, uppercuts, hendo can ko any1 with any punch. and the fact that early rounds hendo is nearly unbeatable, unless ur anderson, i gotta go with hendo. i think if shad, machida, and rampage can escape a lot of clinch attempts and keep the fight on the feet then hendo can too. hendo has what machida has, which is incredible timing with his strikes. i think if hendo can stuff jones first takedown, then he’s finishing jones early. hendo aint coming there to figure out jones, to go 25 mins with jones, etc. hendo is coming there to knock jones out in the 1st fucking round and go down as one of the best of all time.

  8. Clay says:

    Jones will beat Hendo. Even if he connects a couple times Hendo will be worn out after round 2. He’s a legend, but jones is the legend smasher.

    I predict 3rd round tko if Hendo is lucky

  9. jones says:

    the only reason tito held on for so long is cuz he refused to fight chuck for an extra year,,,chuck would have been chanmp 1 year sooner and longer had tito not been str8 bitch….its well known tito fought all pussy bitches well chuck the cintender took out the real threats…tito could not even take a smaller frank shamrock

  10. Oj says:

    Y’all predicting a Hendo win are just straight up craaazy. Jones using his reach, speed and athletic ability to stay away from the H-Bomb. Before eventually winning via Hellacios Hellbows. 2nd or 3rd round stoppage. Y’all crazy. This fight isn’t even competitive. Its like Machida vs Couture. Y’all crazy as hell. Lol

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