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Thursday, 06/14/2012, 07:13 am

Tito Believes Jon Jones Is The Man To Break His Title Defense Record | UFC NEWS

“I would love for it to stick around, but I think Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones will be the one to beat me. If there’s any person in the world I’d love to see do it, I would love to see him do it because he’s such a good dude. He’s a good guy. I like him a lot. I think he represents the sport very well, I mean, until he got his DWI.”

With one fight left in his historic career, Tito Ortiz still holds the record for the UFC’s most consecutive 205 pound title defenses.

In the most volatile division in the sport, not even the likes of Chuck Liddell or Rampage Jackson have been able to surpass the reign of Tito Ortiz.

As he tells it to, Ortiz expects that current champion Jon Jones is the likely candidate to beat his record of five straight UFC light-heavyweight title defenses.

But is he?