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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 03:14 pm

Title Shot On The Line Against Jim Miller, Says Nate Diaz

By Lewis Mckeever:

According to Stockton’s own Nate Diaz, his upcoming bout with lightweight brute Jim Miller may propose title shot implications:

“That’s what I was told was happening. I don’t see who else would get a title shot”.

While Dana White shied away from any lightweight contender talk during the recent UFC on FOX 3 teleconference, an argument could quite easily be made for Nate Diaz being the next man in line.

Following an unsuccessful stint at welterweight, where Diaz was overpowered by Rory MacDonald and Kim Dong-Hyun, Diaz wisely dropped back down to the lightweight division. Since his return to 155lb., the Stockton bad boy has almost transformed into a completely reinvigorated talent. Nate steam rolled through Takanori Gomi and hot prospect Donald Cerrone, demonstrating a fantastic display of boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu.

With standout strikers such as Anthony Pettis and Edson Barboza recently surging through the rankings, I’m sure that they are also glowing on Dana White’s radar.

Combining Jim Miller’s impressive submission victory over lightweight livewire Melvin Guillard with a potential win over Nate Diaz, he could certainly elevate himself into the title picture once more.

Be sure to tune into UFC on FOX 3 on May 5th, for what’s sure to be a back and forth war of attrition between two of the most promising lightweights in the division.


23 Responses to “Title Shot On The Line Against Jim Miller, Says Nate Diaz”

  1. James Leonard says:


    • Dinglenuts Magee says:


      don’t you know all lightweight title fights are trilogies?

      Here’s how it will probably go:

      FE vs Bendo 2
      FE vs Bendo 3
      (Bendo wins both)
      Bendo vs Pettis 2 (Bendo wins via outrageous controversial decision)
      Bendo vs Pettis 3


      FE vs Maynard 4

      winner of that against BJ Penn

      wrap your brain around that

      neither Miller or Diaz are getting a shot until 2015 or so, or anyone else for that matter

  2. Kawikthegeek says:

    You said it. Barbosa is legit! Elite strike day boy

  3. m says:

    nobody is more deserving than Diaz or Miller.

    Next in line Guida/Maynard/Pettis

    Next after that: Barboza/Ferguson/Cerrone/Guillard but they got work to do.

  4. Kawikthegeek says:

    *elite striker that boy *

  5. Kawikthegeek says:

    Guida inflicted Fitchery on Pettis. Worst fight ever. I am a fan of wrestlers that work on the ground like Sonnen an Barnett. But I can’t stand the lay an pray fighters. Bad for the sport.

  6. Pijan says:

    They should have the winner of this fight, fight Anthony Pettis for a title shot. Pettis had a good fight against Joe Lauzon, but besides that he hasn’t done too much since beating Henderson. I personally think Nick Diaz vs. Anthony Pettis would be a good fight (not to count Jim Miller out).

  7. Fedor says:

    Edgar vs Overeem

  8. Nick says:

    Yeah Frankie doesn’t deserve a rematch. Give it to the winner of this one.

  9. KIDD433 says:

    Frankie doesnt deserve a rematch,that fight was too one sided.BENDO one hands down.Miller doesnt deserve a title shot yet either.If he beat Diaz in an impressive fashion i would say puts him at 3rd in line.Diaz doesnt even belong at 155 for gods sake.Hes 6′-1 and has a rediculous reach advantage over everyone in a liittle guys division.Not fair at all.Even at 170 still looks anerexic.He needs to jump in at 185 and fight men his he just got his ass kicked by RORY a couple months ago at 170.Nobodys more deserving than Barbosa and Pettis.since this stupid rematch with Bendo and Edgar has to happen.Barbosa and Pettis can fight for a title shot.
    And if you think Guidas deserving,u must think humping each other is impressive and earns you a title shot

    • noahplata says:

      you do know that there are people who are just skinny??? his natural weight is 170 but the guys in the welterweight division are cutting weight too they are naturally 185-200 Nate Diaz is too small for welterweight. He might be able to compete in the lower level but once you get up towards the top of the division he has a hard time with the big wrestlers he was doing decent against rory until the 3rd round when he got supplexed 3 times.. Lightweight is where he belongs

  10. noahplata says:

    are you sure your not talking about Nick? he corners them too and the look awfully similar

  11. The natural says:

    @dingle nuts ur an idiot nube don’t no shit
    Just a troll hating on Edgar ovious

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