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Monday, 04/16/2012, 01:45 pm

Tim Sylvia Would be Willing to go on TUF to get Back Into the UFC

By George Deutsch:

Former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia has said he is willing to pay his dues on The Ultimate Fighter if that’s what it takes to return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a promotion he hasn’t worked for since 2008.

Sylvia appeared on The Hammerfisting Podcast over the weekend where he was asked if he would compete on TUF if given the opportunity.

“Absolutely. I helped coach season two with Matt and Rich, because it was half heavyweights… They needed some help with the big boys, and those are two of my best friends in the fighting industry, so I went out there and stayed with those guys and helped them with their heavyweights… and made some pretty good friends…

“I watch The Ultimate Fighter and I would definitely do it if I needed to.”

Sylvia’s MMA career has been marked by professional highs and lows. He won the UFC Heavyweight Championship from Ricco Rodriguez at UFC 41, only to later be forced to relinquish it after testing positive for a banned substance, Stanozolol.

Frank Mir broke Sylvia’s arm with a brutal armbar submission at UFC 48 in a bout in which referee Herb Dean saw the arm break before many fans — and even Sylvia — realized what had happened. Nearly two years later in a fight against Assuerio Silva at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 3, Sylvia allegedly defecated himself, as he had been feeling ill. He won the fight by unanimous decision.

Sylvia would go on to beat Andrei Arlovski to reclaim the heavyweight strap in his next outing at UFC 59, only to lose the belt to UFC legend Randy Couture. He soon went on a three-fight skid that saw him released from the UFC and ended in a humiliating 9-second defeat to boxer Ray Mercer.

UFC President Dana White has been critical of Sylvia since the Mercer fight and has largely rejected Sylvia’s attempts to get back into the UFC. White said in February “the last time I saw him he got knocked out by a 50-year-old boxer in like 10 seconds.”

Now 30-7 overall, Sylvia is 6-1 in his last seven fights and has been quite vocal about his desire to get back into his previous form and return to the UFC.


44 Comments to Tim Sylvia Would be Willing to go on TUF to get Back Into the UFC

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Tim if you are reading this, that video you put up of yourself Training…well i have to admit it was Flat out Scary and when i say Scary i do not mean you were working out like a Machine… i mean it was quite awkward to watch. Film shows it all and you did not look at all up to it. You gotta prove you’re even worthy of being on TUF, you cannot disrespect the young athletes by calling them out, like you did to Struve. Put up a Win streak in other organizations and dont try to talk your way into the UFC like “S.Mckorcle” (whatever his name is). Who am i to say all this? im a fan, and fans watch MMA and fans are here to criticize fighters, whether you like it or not the fans will always be here to criticize.

    • Chris says:

      Tim as prove himself 6-1, of his last 7 fights. I would like him 2 go on TUF jst 2 prove himself.
      Theres alot of guys who go on mad winning ways but never get pick up by the UFC, which makes it hard on alot of fighters all over the world. Tim has shown he still have some fight left, the real question is how much does he have left?

      Hopefully, the next TUF will b Middleweight/LHW/HW cause der running dry.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        You must not have seen Sylvias fight with Abe Wagner or 50 year old boxer because the man is washed up at best. Maybe big Tim might take a minute to thinbk back when he embarressed the UFC by testing positive for STEROIDS- Winstrol. Maybe Tim should think about when he begged to get released from UFC so he could go fight for Affliction. Sorry Big tim has burned all his bridges with Dana and UFC. He’s wasting his time begging cause it would be a cold day in hell before dana would ever let that FREAK back besides he couldn’t compete against todays UFC heavyweights

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Last time i saw Sylvia fight he was a 330lb sack of shit. Every HW would in UFC would embarres big fatt Tim

  2. GRT 3000 says:

    I think he’d suck a dick to get in the UFC – for Christ’s sake let em’ in. That’s the last thing we need showing up on the net.

  3. Greg says:

    Dude you guys are harsh on Tim. The guy’s got a pretty good little streak going. I say put the guy on TUF again… He’s contributed heavily to the UFC’s bottom line for many years, and as a two-time HW champ, he’s paid his dues. Yeah, he’s hit and miss, but there are countless other turds on the UFC roster currently (Dan Hardy, Akiyama, and Roy Nelson come to mind) who’ve also lost plenty of fights recently. At least Tim is passionate.

  4. AV981 says:

    Do it. HW TUF with Roy Nelson as a coach.

  5. koolG says:

    fuck this boring roid monster …. get it through your head you suck piss off!

  6. Xaninho says:

    There are enough punching bags in the gym Tim..But thanks!

  7. Ricmus says:

    Can’t we just ignore him so he’ll go away?

  8. jbeamazing says:

    Timmy would suck 4 dicks to be in the ufc

  9. Lol says:

    Time would suck some dick to get back in the ufc. Tim, u are garbino aka garbitch aka boooooo!!!!

  10. A.James says:

    That Mercer KO was hilarious!

  11. stephen Riddle says:

    Never impressed by his performances at all!

  12. Bob Finsley says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him back just to see if he still has it. But I have to say when he had the title his fights were the most boring fights ever. He didn’t fight to win. He faught not to loose.

  13. DMAC says:

    Tim is too awkward. HWs now days are far more athletic, I honestly think he’ll get hurt out there.

  14. Bennyboy says:

    No one wants to see boring, Tim Sylvia in the UFC.

  15. Bennyboy says:

    No one wants to see lame and boring Tim Sylvia back. He was never any good and the only reason why he was the Heavyweight “King” back in the day cause thats when the division was at an all time low, i mean come on Wes Sims, and Cabbage? Gotta be kidding me


  17. moc.nnepjb says:

    If Tim sucks my Dick ill let him in the UFC

  18. jonesy says:

    i always heard about tim shitting his pants but i thoght it was a joke,,i need se ethat hahahah….tim would lose tuf anyways….its over tim

  19. DJ says:

    Sorry Tim, i liked watching you fight but you’re done mate. I’d say you have earned a shot at TUF but you’d be taking a spot from a younger man, its their time now.

  20. Mach00man says:

    Put him in Strikefarce as the absolute lowest ranking heavyweight. Make him work his way back up.

  21. wtfguyz says:

    ^Correct……ufc has 400 or so fighters now, he isn’t worthy right now…..

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