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Tuesday, 02/14/2012, 06:29 pm

Tim Sylvia Pleads With MMA Fans To Help Get Him Back With The UFC (Video)

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia has apparently hit desperation mode with his career and is asking the fans of MMA to help him get back into the UFC.

Social media is a powerful tool, “The Maniac” knows that with an outcry of fan support he has a better chance of getting the call to the big show. But is he worth it?

What say you BJPENN.COM, will you join the “Get Tim back in the UFC campaign?”

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73 Responses to “Tim Sylvia Pleads With MMA Fans To Help Get Him Back With The UFC (Video)”

  1. Mr.Rusk says:

    Only if he cones back at 205

  2. Mike McMack says:

    C’mon Tim, just tell us your real motivation for wanting to return to the UFC…MONEY. Why not have him back, he’s a former champ and he’s still on par with the mid level talent in the HW division. I’d like to see him and Struve.

  3. aaxantonio says:

    sorry tim i liked to watch you fight in the ufc but if you got to beg on the internet like that, you might not belong in the first place, but good luck anyway

  4. enzo says:

    I would like to see Tim Sylvia back in the heavyweight division because he would make entertaining fights, He had plenty of wins after his release, but maybe he needs a couple of more wins to enter UFC, not sure how UFC looks at it.

    • Tim sucks says:

      Tim hasn’t had an enteraining fight since Mir broke his arm. He is just a big goof. He was in some of the most boringest fight ever at heavyweight. If the young hurgry to kick a** Tim want to come back that would be one thing, but I don’t think that is what you would get.

  5. Sundog says:

    Oof. It’s not that he’ll get his ass kicked – it’s that he’s NOT a fighter at heart and they he WON’T knock anyone out in the first round.

    He hugs people and holds them against the fence for 15 minutes at a time.

  6. Jay says:

    He deserves a shot….at least three fights

  7. BobO says:

    I respect Tim. Randy Couture really took it to him though and I think that played a big part in him being released from the UFC. I personally hated his style because I also hated (older) George Foreman’s style. Which is basically just tying people up for the majority of the bout. Not the entire bout, but most of it.

    With that being said, I do believe that Tim could beat alot of these guys, but I would hope that if he was to return to the UFC, he would unload and punch more instead of just grabbing fools. He’s got the size to do serious damage, he’s just gotta be more aggressive. I hope the UFC gives him another shot. He is a former Champion. ~BobO

    • BobO says:

      Just so it’s clear, I do not believe that Tim could defeat any of the top contenders at this point in his career. He’s not gonna defeat Cain, he’s not gonna defeat JDS and he’s not gonna defeat Allister. I don’t think he could beat Mir, or even Lesnar without the 10 inches of intestine. But again, he is a former champ, and he would beat alot of the other Heavyweights without a doubt. He deserves a chance in my opinion. ~BobO

    • joshuah says:

      I agree bobO … though I wouldn’t COMPLETELY count him out vs Cain, both these guys get hurt by punches pretty easy, but Cain is obviously a HUGE favorite

  8. Daniel says:

    Why not?? There are alot more undeserving guys in the ufc. I like the guy let him get paid

  9. Garry says:

    I dont like you because you cheated with roids and when I met you at the Honda Center you were a dick. I wanted to rip that pic you signed and throw it in your face. if I never see you again it would be to soon

    • BobO says:

      Garry, Your little crybaby rants mean nothing to a Man who has worked hard in MMA and needs to earn a living. What? He didn’t give you a foot rub so now you hate him? But you wanted him to sign the pitcure? What, is he taking you out for a fucking date bro? STFU. Nobody wants your signed Ryan Leaf poster that’s been on e-bay for years now either. The guy is a former UFC Champion and he deserves another shot in the UFC. ~BobO

  10. Dolo says:

    The guy really should be in the UFC. He’s 30 and 7, and was the champ at a time…bring EM back Dana, it’s a good move all around

  11. joshuah says:

    U guys r crazy 9-3 in UFC 7 title fights all 3 loses r to champs he’s not asking to fight jds, hell I don’t even like the “maine-iac” but he deserves a SHOT he never got cut, he went & made Some $ if he would have beat fedor Dana would have given him a job for life (similar to Forrest/Bonnar)

    You win Dana he looks like a punk begging for a job but UFC has/had Matt brown, Tito, cantwell, beltran, morecraft, rothwell

    Tim could COMPETE with top guys HW sucks in UFC no matter what Rogan & Goldie say.

    Tim would knock schaubs block off, Nelson’s a good punching bag.

    • BobO says:

      Yep. Tim would knock Nelson’s head off. ~BobO

      • scootz says:

        1. Name any fight org that has better he’s then ufc
        2. He would not knock nelsons head off, he’d prob get knocked out

        That being said let him fight struve, Barry or Brendon shaub

        • scootz says:

          Hw’s not he’s

        • joshuah says:

          Calm down big Guy, not saying ufc’s hw’s suck compared 2 ne1, just sayin aside from top 3 or 4 … not much competition Tim could @ least get a shot @ working his way through the division

          What’s the argument AGAINST?

        • BobO says:

          Scootz, Opinions are what we fans here give. Some of us have trained and fight ourselves. However, you bumped your head bro. I have never been some Tim Silvia fan, but I respect the guy for being a former UFC champion man, that’s all we are saying. Tim is a fighter, and he deserves another shot.

          Tim will destroy Struve (who I like alot), and he would give Barry some trouble. Shuab would most likely beat him, but Tim has years and years of MMA Experience.

          I think he can compete and win alot of match-ups. Run for the belt again, don’t see him beating these younger Cats. ~BobO

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Think he could compete against the lower level HW’s, like the Struve match up, Schaub would be an interesing fight but IMO Nelson would destroy him. Overall I’d give him a 3 fight deal and see how he does, he stil has a lot of fans.

    • joshuah says:

      9-4 my bad 4got about nog,

      Yeah I don’t think he’d be champ, but he could stop the fuckin Travis Browne hype train lol

      (No I’m not replying to myself I’m making a correction & replying to people who replied to me lol)

  12. Dolo says:

    But you’re right Gary the guy is a dick! I remember in Vegas at UFC 67 this couple wanted to take a pic with him after him and Hughes got off the elevator, and the person they asked to take the pic was having a hard time with the camera so he walked away. When they approached him a second time this time prepared he said no that they had there chance.

  13. Joey says:

    He definitely deserves a shot hes always been one to throw down and that’s what the UFC needs right now real fighters!!!!

  14. Ben Clemons says:

    give him a chance!!!

  15. joegun says:

    i think he deserves a chance at least on the undercard level at best,put him against barry or struve and see how he does,he lookes slow and old in his last one but hes a former champ so i say give em at least one fight first and see how he does.

  16. Jason N says:

    Put him on a fuel card.

  17. Marc Hunt says:

    Sounds like Big Tim needs a payday….if Dana thought the Maniac was a big enough draw or would be a good match up for an undercard HW fight, he’d bring him back in a heartbeat. Think about it…Tito was a dick but Dana brought him back because Tito is a former champ with a huge following and comes to fight. I’d pay to see Tito fight and I’m looking forward to Ortiz v. Griffin III. The Maniac is a former Champ but never had a huge following. And why resurrect a fossil when there is new talent who could be the next big HW splash in the UFC? Nothing against Big Tim, I enjoyed his fights but I was never a big fan and I certainly wouldn’t order pay per view to see him fight again. I also bet he was a dick behind the scenes and, coupled with everything else, Dana probably feels like Tim can go kick rocks…That’s how the business works….you had a good ride TIm but it’s over….

    Good luck Tim, I hear Walmart is hiring…

    • BobO says:

      Hey Marc hUNT! Or are we talking Mike Cunt? I guess I love Porky’s the movie too much………..heee, heeee, heeeeeeeee!!!!!

      A couch potato turd like yourself’s ranting about some meaningless bullshit is the last thing that Dana White even wants to hear or comment about. Give people with more work in a day than even half of your life a break man. Just sayingg. These guyswork hard 24 / 7.

      They are gonna decide what is best for them, and what you have to say will not matter tonight anymore than it ever did prior to your weak minded attempt to throw Dana Whie and the enitire UFC under the bus. We appreciate your input thought because hearing from the fans is what it’s all about. Good or Bad. Best wishes brother. ~BobO 😉

      • Marc Hunt says:

        Dude, you got me cracking up my man even though I wanna fuck you up for calling me Mike Cunt and a couch potato turd. Actually, that shit is pretty damn funny! Thanks for the laugh….

        Anyway, we are in agreement, the UFC is gonna do what’s in their best interest….read my post again dumb fuck and you’ll see that’s what I was saying. I guess I need to make things more clear for someone like you who rode the short bus to school and still flunked outta the 4th grade. I also said I enjoyed Big Tim’s fights and I totally agree that to that to get to the UFC takes WAY more than my old ass is willing to do…hell I’m gettin tired from typing this email.

        Now to the point of my retort….dude, for 9.5 outta 10 pro athletes, when it’s over it’s over…time for Big Tim to use that toughness and work ethic to reinvent his life and move on to hopefully bigger and better things.

        Best wishes to you too brougham!

        • BobO says:

          There it is brother, a good sense of humor. Just felt like being an asshole for no good reason last night. ~BobO

  18. Philippe says:

    Definitely not the way to get back in the UFC but I say DW should let him fight in a Preliminary card. Fedor really destroyed his image in MMA though lol

  19. Mr.Rusk says:

    Good Lord loosen the death grip on Timmys nut, he was only ever alright at best AND he’s a cunt to the fans. Fuck you and him

    • BobO says:

      “fuck who” wormboY? Or is it MMA News, which is BJPENN.COM?

      Hey? This is a MMA Website. Nobody is promoting Tim Silvia here. Just a few of us suggested that he deserves atleast another fight being that he is a former UFC Champ. Nothing but opinions from die hard fans.

      Pretty far from anything you suggested. ~BobO

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Let him end back in the UFC. There are a couple low tier people he can fight and he can always try his hand at the new Strikeforce HW fighters.

  21. Dog chapman says:

    Bruddah train rex kwan do and u beet any one bra

  22. Dave says:

    Sylvia VS Arlovski 4- Loser retires

  23. erk the jerk says:

    who cares he sucks and hes really ugly

  24. Steven says:

    He went 10-3 in the UFC. Not bad at all, we would just have to see how well he’s evolved. that was back in the UFC 30-70’s

  25. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Damn, lookin’ and soundin’ real desparate right about now. Can’t honestly say I miss seeing him fighting in the UFC, but if he deserves a shot, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be given one.

  26. Chris says:

    I am willing to bet ANY amount of money against tim should he.face ANY hw in the ufc

  27. CCW.Gun control=Government+control. says:

    This is sad. He is desperate. Let him try. Give him one fight Dana. You can find a way to market this.

  28. BobO says:

    BobO loves Tim. BobO is mad that people don’t agree with him. BobO will lash out if you don’t like Tim too. ~BobO

  29. Er hate to break it to you Tim.Nobody wants to see you back in ufc.People hate you because your garbage.And he sometimes uses Tito’s favourite excuse when he loses”i came into this fight with an injury”.I hope Dana is watching this he will be laughing his ass off.

  30. Omg cringe worthy comes to mind.Nobody wants to see Sylvia back in the Ufc.I did’nt want to see him when he was in the Ufc.People hate Tim because he sucks.He is not a good fight.IO bet Dana is laughing his ass off.

  31. MJ says:

    He is just a big punching bag and is way to slow, his fights outside of the UFC have been him getten knocked out or him grinding out a win, sad that the only time he is in an exciting fight is when he gets kocked out. I think when 47 year old Ray Mercer knocked his ass out, any and all hope of him ever being taken serious were over, and please Tim quit comparing yourself to Randy C. he is a legend.

  32. Ryan M says:

    You are an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to make comments. 5 of his last 6 wins were by KO or submission to punches. 8 of his last 9 fights were not decisions. Stop making ignorant comments. If you aren’t a fan that’s fine, but don’t make shit up. I don’t even know why he’s not still in the UFC. His last fight was for a belt and won fight of the night honours. Like him or not, he’s always been top of the heap.

    • andy says:


      I’m not a Sylvia fan and I don’t care if he comes back or not but it’s true. He always has been a pretty entertaining guy. If I remember correctly, he left the UFC to go fight Fedor (which didn’t work out for him too well…) and Dana was probably butt hurt about it which is why he isn’t back lol.

  33. banks says:

    I think he deserves a chance.. he became champ when im sure many doubted..i dont think he can hanv wit cain or jds or alistair but if he thinks he can let him prove me wrong

  34. BobO says:

    Anyway, What’s Shonie Carter doing these days? ~BobO

  35. jonsey says:

    tis guy should not be in ufc..he was champ when the hw division was weaker then ever…so weak randy went back up to beat him…he is out the ufc cuz every fight other then pitbull was shit..he never was entertaining i hope he not back in ufc..

  36. GRT 3000 says:

    Yeah get em’ back in there. If you look at the UFC roster there is a ton of dudes that TS could kick the shit oughta. Maybe he’s not in the tip-tops anymore, but I think he still has a few rounds left in the UFC. Give em’ Mitrione, he’s coming off a loss and Tim needs to re-establish where he’s at.

  37. Nigger Hating Me says:

    Biggest crock of shit i heard in a long time… This was just flat out pathetic honestly. If I could I’d get a ladder & smack this overgrown troll a good one.

  38. David says:

    Why doesnt dana put him in strikeforce and see how he does and if he does welll then bring him over to ufc? It would both test him and help remarket him to fans who may not be familiar with him, then he could fight some better competition and earn his ufc shot the legit way. Im not a TS fan but i think that would be fair, he has been winning after all

  39. Robster the Mobster says:

    Why would we want to see him back in the UFC? He can’t beat the people that are there. He has proven, both in and out of the UFC that, when he steps up in competition he can’t deliver.

    The proof? Wins over Arlovski (twice) and Monson. However, he got Couture and lost. Won against Vera (not a step up in competion) but then lost to Nogueira and was out of the UFC. Lost to Fedor (most have) and Mercer but with the string of wins he has put together over other has-been UFC fighters and a Worlds Strongest Man, that is not as impressive as what we see in the UFC currently.

  40. Robert says:

    i feel for the guy but damn… he’s just not good enough.

  41. dave says:

    Personally I thought Tim Sylvia sucked in his prime he’s slow and stupid and wins because of his size. It’s like planting a 7′ idiot under the basket letting him drop it in then pretending he’s playing basketball.

  42. Dan the Lobstertail says:

    Feel sorry for tim cos he obviously wants it bad and to be fair the are some garbage fighters in the HW devision at the mo BUT there are some awsome ones and he would never EVER get a title shot let alone the strap

  43. Tim Silvias career says:

    It is over between me and you Tim. OVER!!!

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