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Friday, 06/01/2012, 06:20 am

Tim Kennedy | I Want To Quit Fighting And Go Back To War | MMA NEWS

Tim Kennedy enlisted in the United States Army in 2004, where he went on to become a Green Beret sniper with Special Forces qualifications. Kennedy has been deployed on many occasions and reading his current outburst on twitter it is apparent he is not against going back to a war zone.

His twitter account basically blew up this week, where he responded to a variety of recent news in the Middle East.

If it wasn’t for Game of Thrones between the lack of violence in my life and apparent deficit of zombies I’m not sure I would survive.

According to NSAC athletes can now appeal to have elevated testosterone levels. In other words you just have to ask so you can cheat.

According to my eight year old the tooth fairy is evil. His tooth will go underneath the dogs bed tonight.

If you wear Affliction shirts and have a lots I’m sorry but we can’t be friends.

The 400,000 soldiers buried at Arlington Nation Cemetery. #ThingsThatInspireMe

I have said it for 10 years @gloverteixeira is the real deal! He will leave everyone bloody and unconscious.

Muslim fanatics threatened @ladygaga I’m somewhat unfamiliar with her music but you can now say I’m in her corner and have her back!

Everyone is freaking out about these “zombie” outbreaks. It’s nothing to get worked up about (I am jumping for joy with excitement!!!!)

This is why we do it. This is why I want to quit fighting and go back to a job that makes a difference

Just another reason why this guy is such a bad ass, he is taking care of business inside and outside of the octagon.


51 Responses to “Tim Kennedy | I Want To Quit Fighting And Go Back To War | MMA NEWS”

  1. Numba1Ghani says:

    hahaha “if you wear affliction shirt and have alots I’m sorry but we can’t be friends”

    Tim Kennedy FTW time for a real SF MW champ

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Kennedy talks a good fight until he crumbles as soon as he gets hit then resorts to “fitching” Kennedy will never be good enough for UFC besides dana already has one too many war mongrols to censor

  2. Bertram says:

    A job that makes a difference? You mean invading multiple countries illegally? Setting up military checkpoints? Illegal jailing and torture? If it was the other way around, it would be referred to as a WW2 style Nazi invasion; but its okay when america controls and polices’ the world. Pro war americans are so ignorant its unbelievable

    • spiritsplice says:

      Yep, they know nothing of history and think America is some special place where people are free. The propaganda has really worked well….just like it did in Germany.

      • Bertram says:

        Its so sad isnt it lol i mean, in north america and europe we are all given propaganda in the media and are told that big business and government is good, but most americans who think the reason for war is to stop terrorism, well thats the biggest farce in history along with nazi germany, and those people supporting it are actually ruining the world

      • robert says:

        You dumb fu#ks I bet you never served a day in the military. You just sit there and criticize people policy and have never made any kind of sacrifice in your lives. We do not fight for policy we fight for each other and if you can’t understand that then shut the fuc#k up and let a veteran rant. You think that those countries where nice to live in, they where war criminals and murders, just move there and send your daughter to school there, ley the man fight and let him have an opinion. And lets face it you do not have the balls to pick up a weapon or step into a ring that

        • Mike Hunt says:

          Who cares dude? These guys don’t have to serve the military, they’re allowed to criticize if they want. Not everyone buys into this Pro-War propaganda like most blind Americans.

        • robert says:

          Its not about severing its about self sacrifice witch most people don’t understand. So when people who have express an opinion understand we went through it and you can’t understand where we are coming from. It like trying to explain what being in love with some one who never felt that emotion. They just don’t get it. All I am saying is let him have his first hand opinion and not make it about his fighting, he is a combat vet that deserves our respect. And if you don’t understand where he is coming from go to afgan ot Iraq and see they really feel about you.

        • AnotherArmyMedic says:

          Most soldiers don’t support the war. The reason why we fight is for the soldier/sailor/marine to our left and right. Whether we believe in the cause is inconsequential to the fact that we have leave our homes and families behind to go to some shit hole to fight. Meanwhile we assh@les back at here talking sh!t. It’s never been asked that you support the war, all that is asked is that you support the service member. We all joined for various reasons and we all gave our word to follow the orders given whether we believe in them or not. We fight to protect our friends and our selves so we don’t have to explain to someone’s family that we could’ve saved them but didn’t. Kennedy talking about doing something more worthwhile is just that. And until you walk in the boots of a soldier, your opinion about anything military related is not only irrelevant but ignorant.

        • Mike Hunt says:

          There’s nothing wrong with Kennedy wanting to go back into the military. There’s nothing wrong with people supporting the troops. There’s also nothing wrong with people not supporting the troops. People can place their respect wherever they want and if no one likes it it’s their problem. The people who have signed up and their supporters don’t have to appeal to anyone, just like the people who don’t support the servicemen don’t have to appeal to anyone. Trying to tell people what to do, and the whole “if you’re not with us you’re against us” attitude isn’t exactly the most perceptive viewpoint.

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          good job you replied to yourself mike hunt

        • Mike Hunt says:

          GET RID OF FITCH: Yeah I know lol figured someone would notice, but it was to respond to the other dudes. Here I am responding to myself again.

        • J G says:

          Chill out Robert you hillbilly. The US invasion in the Middle East is about money and a mandate to divide and conquer the region so that it can continue to create jobs. Because we all know that war = money.

          Your post screams “I’m a redneck and have a grade 5 education”. Do you know why the US continues to invade countries in the Middle East? And don’t say “911”. This propaganda is so old. There are countries that experience “911” on a weekly basis. If you cannot provide an intelligent argument to support your opinion then follow your own advice and “shut the fuc#k up”.

          There is nothing noble about Tim Kennedy’s posts or his craving for violence. Instead, it is a first hand account of how serving for the US military results in a broken person unable to deal with the stressors of daily life.

        • robert says:

          I Iive in NYC jack ass and graduated from NYU, I love how when people have nothing to say they just try to insult you.

    • Ek88 says:

      Bertram- people like you will never understand. you read/watch the news and only see what they show you. you have ever been deployed? have you seen war? those guys dont do it to kill or invade countries for fun. they do it because theyre told to. they are trained just like MMA fighters to go and fight not just for us but for the person to their right and left.

      people like you bother me because of the fact that you think you know everthing because of the internet. well, keep on reading and watching tv kiddies. im so glad youre well informed

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Best way to defend the person to the left and right of you there would be to grab them and take them the hell away from a place they shouldn’t even be.

    • Bob says:

      Bertram I hope you don’t live is the USA…if you do then you know you live in the best country in the it or leave scab

      • Will says:

        oh my god bob do you know what a scab? Scabs are people who take others jobs while they are on strike.. this is what is wrong with America under educated people believe what they are told not questioning anything.. btw to Robert when did you get witches in the USA? or do you mean which? again shows the education of those supporting wars for oil which just helps big biz.

        • robert says:

          Ok dumb ass who wants to be the spell checker I am on my phone so do your corrections to make your self feel smarter than everyone else.

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        We should all accept the country as *completely perfect* and not question anything then shouldn’t we?

        The world could always stand to be improved. There’s always progress to be made. Don’t just lie down and wait for everyone to die of boredom.

    • Richard says:

      Obviouly u never served. Remember they attack in remember 911. They want F*****k with us well fight. The air u breath AND THE FREEFOM U TREASURE. WE FOUGHT FOR THAT. HOOYAH

      • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

        Iraq had nothing to do with 911 but Bush LIED to united nations about having intellegence for Iraq supposly having weapons of mass destruction but it was a BIG fuck’ing lie by Bush administration so they could use our military to go take over and control one-fifth of worlds oil. YOU GRUNTS (ASIN RICHARD) are too stupid to realize you were used like robots to murder inccocent woman and children and slaughter mass poeple for political power. Face it boy someday you will realize you were lied to and USED. No you arn’t a hero like Vets from rest of our history all you were a part of was a hit squad. All you performed was a bigger version of the “night of long knives” just like Nazi’s, You murdered peopel for political gain

  3. spiritsplice says:

    Guy is a fucking idiot. He ought to do the world a favor and murder himself.

  4. Kory Johnson says:

    Weird….Had no idea Al Qaeda were fans.

    • Will says:

      ignorant statement because someone doesn’t agree with a war makes them Al Qaeda now you really are acting like Nazi’s. If you don’t agree with us you’re against us. Lock them up? maybe a few death camps will keep those Americans with thoughts of their own in line?

      • robert says:

        You are the dumb ass it has nothing to do with if you agree with the war or not. Like stated before a lot of soldiers don’t agree with it but we do it any way. It had to do with if you know what the fuck we are talking about and you don’t. You just sit there and pretend that you are smarter then every one because we are all sheep and you are the Shepard. So get off your high horse and realize that some one who has a real opinion and first hand experience on the subject just might know more than you. But I am sure you are the type of person who will tell me the day after the fight what every one did wrong. Wow you have 20/20 hindsight. That is why you are so special.

      • vincejai says:

        dont pop a vein. it was a joke.

      • Richard says:

        Myself and my MARINE BROTHERS.
        We put ourselves on the line so u can enjoy ur bbqs and
        Wat ever the fuck u do. Bitches

      • B_lum says:

        Get out of here you fucking terrorist!

  5. banks says:

    while i dont always agree with war i will always respect the people that give their lives so that we can live the way we do.and i will never respect those who talk shit on said ppl over the internet

  6. Johnny be good says:

    You guys are totally right. We should just sit around and let children be massacred by governments just because they happened to live in a town. I guess that’s the kind of America you’d like to live in. It’s soldiers like Kennedy that make the difference.

  7. Jason says:

    No Bertram, you and spirit are fucking idiots. Most soldiers understand a shit ton more history than the actual American . The only types of people that make pussy comments such as yours are pussies who have no back bone and have contributed nothing to this. So tell me more about how you are combat sports fans you pacifist homos. Save the gene pool and off yourselves

  8. primalmasher says:

    gooooooo oil mongers!

  9. banks says:

    Hehe this is gettin heated.. how bout u all come to canada, we will smoke sum good buds drink sum beer. watch sum fights.. and never forget to respect those who lost their lives so we can enjoy ours

  10. JacobShae says:

    Knuckleheads like Bertram and Spiritsplice need to grab a weapon and head overseas to see 1st hand what our soldiers and the millions of innocent civilians go through on a daily basis. What a disgrace that they waste their opinions on nonsense!!!

    • Will says:

      why would they grab a weapon and fight a war they don’t support do you think before you post?

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Hey Bro those two aren’t Americans. They’re probably Canadians. Either way they are infected with liberalism and pussyism. These two would lose their heads in 10 minutes of touching down in an al qaeda area as infidels and liberal scum. They would cry like little babies and immediately convert to islam to keep their heads. HooRah!

      • primalmasher says:

        roger that, but seeing as how canadians have helped americans(and vice versa) through numerous conflicts I don’t see how that’s completely credible. canadians and americans have that steel sharpens steel mentality in our armies when we fought along side each other and still do train together to this day.

        a brother in arms is one in the same for both countries, we fight for freedom and will die for it.

        besides, the only pussies I recall in history were the cheese eating surrender monkey country called france lol. although the french canadians are only french population to never surrender… as they are more stubborn than southern folk.

        to conclude, fuck religion. I would die before believing in some spirits in the sky. just a waste of time, blood and money fighting over bullshit and it really does need to stop.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Your right, too hard on Canadians, I know the ones in the military are real men. I just don’t like the liberal mindset of the government whether in US or Canada.

  11. Ro Bo says:

    Is he a three percenter though?

    • Peacefrog says:

      You douche. Canadians served and were killed in Afghanistan, some by misplaced American bombs.
      As for Iraq, we were smart enough to realize there was no legal rationale to invade that country. Saddam? There’s at least a dozen dictators around the world that are just as bad as he is. And there wasn’t a single Iraqi on the 9/11 teams that flew planes into American buidlings killing people of all nationalities. If you do look at the teams, you’ll notice a number of folks from Saudi Arabia. Think we’d invade that country?

  12. Ghazi says:


    Tim Kennedy was talking about the recent protests against Lady Gaga on her ASIAN tour. Indonesia and the Philippines are in ASIA not the Middle East. By the way, since they protested in Manila, I’d like to know if anyone called them Christian fanatics.


    PS Afghanistan is in Central ASIA along with Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and @$$H0LE Uzbekistan.

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