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Monday, 11/04/2013, 05:14 pm

Tim Kennedy Has Harsh Words for Vitor Belfort

Tim Kennedy, who fights Rafael Natal this Wednesday Nov. 6 on UFC Fight for the Troops 3, seems to already be setting his sights on a possible match-up with Vitor Belfort in the future.

Kennedy had harsh words for Belfort’s testosterone replacement therapy use, as reported by Bloody Elbow.

“Oh yeah, I will always want to fight that guy [Belfort]. Do I want to fight him clean? Yeah. And I mean clean with him not being on steroids and in Brazil,” he said. “He hasn’t fought in the United States in four years and there’s a reason for that.”

Kennedy went on to say “He doesn’t have an exemption because he failed an anabolic steroid test, so the athletic commissions won’t give him a TUE because he failed a previous test.”

“That’s why he medically needs it, because he used anabolic steroids, and he got caught for it,” Kennedy said. “Now he needs TRT and nobody will give him that exemption because he used steroids.”

Kennedy said he thinks TRT use is bad for the sport, and said that when athletes manipulate the system through TRT use it is a “spit in the face of every martial artist out there.”

Belfort has recently gone on record saying that if the UFC needed him to get off of TRT for a title shot, he would stop receiving treatment.

“I’ve already said that, if they agree with it, I would [stop receiving TRT treatment],” Belfort said. “No problem at all. If they want me to get there in a disadvantage, that’s OK.”

Kennedy responded to Belfort on twitter with this message:


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