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Saturday, 12/22/2012, 12:32 pm

Tim Kennedy Blasts Cheaters, Wants To Punch Them in The Face

Tim Kennedy has always been outspoken about his moral beliefs.

The Strikeforce middleweight fighter is a war hero and a two-time title challenger who has rarely faced much adversity in his MMA career.

According to this recent interview Kennedy cunducted with he has a lot to say about cheaters in the sport and his opinion on VADA.

“…if you tested positive for steroids, and you’re running your mouth about how awesome you are, I pretty much want to punch you in the face, because you’re embarrassing me and my sport. I don’t even think we have time to cover them all. I”ve got the 12th to worry about, and that’s what I’m focusing on. Then I’ll worry about all the cheaters.”


“You can come over and draw a sample out of my eyeball, if you want. At two o’clock in the morning, you can come and collect my semen samples. I don’t really care what you collect, as long as it ensures that we have clean athletes. Mixed martial arts is supposed to be about tradition and honor and integrity, but these dudes are just cheating their asses off. It’s a sport guys. Stop acting like it’s not. Do the right thing and have some integrity, and stop injecting horse cum into your eye.”


7 Responses to “Tim Kennedy Blasts Cheaters, Wants To Punch Them in The Face”

  1. Sean says:

    WELL F***ING SAID. I just became a Tim Kennedy fan(and I’ve never seen him fight)

  2. deepcountrykauai says:

    Hell yeah Tim!!!

  3. ali says:

    Well at least we know he masturbates at 2 in the morning, other than that i just read some blah

  4. Kennedy is BORING says:

    Anyone ever notice the shorts Kennedy wears in cage? They look like a big diaper. If Kennedy does make it to the UFC he better hope he doesn’t get matched up with a top 15 fighter.

  5. brandon says:

    tim kennedy needs to use some steroids because he sucks, and that stuff he was saying in his interview was stupid.

  6. Chase says:

    UFC 118 wasn’t nearly as good as UFC 117 but it was still good eougnh. We had major fights such as BJ Penn against Frankie Edgar for the LW championship which was all good. I thought the BJ penn fight was a bit boring, doesn’t feel like its the same BJ penn as we have seen before. Randy Couture did a really good job with his singleleg wresling skills.

  7. Ayen says:

    top 10 heavyweights.1. JDS2.Cain3. Brock4. Carwin5. Overeem6. Mir7. Mitrione8. Noguiera9.Kongo10. BarnettIs that bteter for you because JDS is obviously the champ, Cain killed EVERYONE besides JDS, Brock is lucky he can take 1000 punches to the face or lay on people to get a win, Carwin beat everyone in the first round besides Brock ( who he was murdering but still lost which is a loss) Overeem has not proved himself at all and k-1 and Strikeforce are NOT THE UFC and i would be very surprised if he even beats brock, Mir has proven himself, Mitrione is an up and comer but is a very talented fighter but still has to prove himself against the big names. I think the rest go without saying. Lets hear your list if you are so smart and know how to put a great top 10 list together based off of idk what if its not based off of who beat who or who WOULD beat who then.

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