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Thursday, 05/23/2013, 09:49 am


Tim Kennedy Believes He Is Just Like Chael Sonnen, But Better

“I need to be considered one of the best athletes in the world in my division and that I can finish a fight anywhere. I’ve got a lot to prove. I would love to go out there and … not to go out there and give it my best shot. That’s what losers say. I think I could beat [Silva]. Everybody will be shaking their head, ‘Oh my gosh, Tim is insane!’ No. Stylistically, I think I’m a bad match-up for him. I’m Chael Sonnen with better jiu-jitsu and better hands. How I look in the first round is how I look in the fifth round. I love making fights ugly. It’s a fight that I can go out there and make a guy that is music personified into violence – like Anderson – and just grab the record and start going [record-scratching noises] and play my own song.”

In an interview with Above and Beyond MMA, Tim Kennedy praised himself while putting him in the same category as two-time title challenger, Chael Sonnen.

Is his assessment of himself accurate?



16 Comments to Tim Kennedy Believes He Is Just Like Chael Sonnen, But Better

  1. dr doom says:

    He couldn’t beat Luke Rockhold and he’s talking about Anderson Silva? Wow!!! Not sure why he’s sounding so full of himself right now, but it sure did make me chuckle a wee bit lol

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