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Tuesday, 06/26/2012, 04:01 pm

Though Retired, Fedor Not Ruling Out Return Against Lesnar | MMA NEWS

By Jose Garcia

After retiring last week from MMA and all competition sports, Fedor Emelianenko, made his first official statement since the news of his retirement. After dominating Pedro Rizzo in 84 seconds, the once king of the heavyweight division decided it was time to hang up the gloves.

When the news reached the internet many fans and writers sounded off on their thoughts of his retirement. Some begged that he was the best to ever enter the octagon and others preached that he never fought anyone of worth or relevance and only fought fighters at opportune times for himself. Whether you like Fedor or not, his winning streak is rarely seen in any sport and he is due some credit for his tenure and reign.

Whether or not “The Last Emperor” is completely done with MMA is still up in the air. If you ask me I think he could return, especially if the offer is right. Has he burnt his bridge with Dana White and the UFC, I guess we will see.
In a recent interview with “Inside MMA”, Fedor was asked if a fight with former UFC champion Brock Lesnar or any other fight could pursue him into making a return.

“I’m not promising, but anything is possible.”

If Lesnar and Emelianenko were to battle, just think about those pay-per-view numbers. Dana may reconsider his thoughts on Emelianenko fighting in the UFC.

What do you all think is Fedor and Lesnar a good match up?



44 Responses to “Though Retired, Fedor Not Ruling Out Return Against Lesnar | MMA NEWS”

  1. Faaris Sheikh says:

    1 word.

  2. some dude says:

    Wow 2 guys 1 past his prime who only takes seay fights and one who cant take a punch and keeps getting his ass kicked. Who fucking cares!

    • KingRon84 says:

      Some Dude

    • Faaris Sheikh says:

      Your kidding me right? Can’t take a punch? Brock can fucking take a ton of punches. You have no knowledge of this sport

      • Reality says:

        I think he meant to say he folds up when getting hit. That match used to be interesting but now it’s not so relevant. I’d watch it but I definitely wouldn’t pay to see it. Let Fedor fight some UFC contenders that are still relevant in the sport instead of calling out retired UFC fighters who are now WWE showmen if he wants to come back and prove a point.

      • Mike b says:

        Ur right that mutherfucker can take a shot man.he just hates getting punched in the face and just starts running backwards.fedor will wreck Brock tho…

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Lesner is betr than he ever was…. How many mma fights does he have?.. What’s his record?… Brocks problem is he’s a bully.. Who can’t stand up and fight… At all in any way… At all… In anyway…. At all… In anyway.. At all.. So..any fighter with good conditioning… And and good enuff wrestling to sprawl .. Will beat lesner….. Unless it’s another wrestler.. Who can’t stand and fight as well…and then it’s a toss up.. Cause then u got what resembles a elementary school fight… And I mean like second grade kinda.. Skills.. Fedor would dismantle lesner….. Fact….

        • Sean says:

          who the fuck taught you to type

    • Igor G says:

      You sir are an idiot, go back to you mothers basement and get Dana Whites balls out of your mouth…..before making retarded comments the least you could do is check Fedor ‘s record…. he fought and beat the best MMA fighters in the world in pride and then beat UFC champions.

  3. brocksucksman says:

    who gives a fuck about Lesnar?? Fedor is irrelevant as well.

  4. BobbO says:

    Fedor would pound Lesnar into submission unless Brock got on top of him past his guard. That’s the only way I see him winning, with his power. Look what Cain did. Course, Brock has never been the same since losing part of his intestines. Look at the before and after photos. Brock’s arms were almost twice as big prior to his sickness. ~BobbO

  5. Mike b says:

    Then why did u post ur little comment if u don’t give a fuck..

    • Jayric says:


      Fedor is irrelevant? 10 years of domination and you call it irrelevant?those comments made me LOL! Look at most of the UFC champions and most contenders are now the so called “RUNSALOT” biggest and latest example would be Clay Guida, JDS, and even GSP…They don’t really try to finish fights they just run and score, K.O will just come if the opponent will be frustrated…NOW, review Fedor’s opponent’s names together with their discipline, record and how they were beaten by Fedor… THINK AGAIN!

      • Mike cannon jr says:

        Fedor is the man… Still… He has 2 losses on cuts… Doc stoppages…. TK/Bigfoot … Those fights weren’t over.. We all know… He would of beat TK … Bigfoot I’m not so sure… .. Verdum got a lucky submission… He knows it.. He said it when he won… He said fedor was still the greatest… Any body can get caught . Fabricio is a master…. .. Good win.. Fedor was beating hendo .. Who I’m a huge fan of.. When like I said.. Anybody can get caught… The punch landed from behind fedor and face it… Was a lucky one… Dan knows it… So do we.. Fedor will always be a legend in mma history… U losers … Who think otherwise… Eat shit and die!!.. Lmao .. Your pathetic…go back to the WWE …

        • kevin says:

          wow ………. just …..make………….more…………excuses…………..there ……….is…………. no………..lucky subs thats just plain stupid fedor was stupid and made mistakes that any good bjj guy would have taken advtage of let alone a black belt on werdums level. and hendo knocking him out was not lucky these guys are the top level they dont get lucky its skill dont make excuses for fedor he lost those 3 fights cus he wasnt the better fighter those nights

  6. rondo says:

    cha ching…$$$$$$

  7. stephen riddle says:

    I would like to see it for free!

  8. majestyk says:

    The title of this article is misleading. It implies that Fedor had expressed some interest in fighting Lesnar, when that’s clearly not the case. Fedor was asked if had any interest in a fight with “Lesnar or ANY OTHER FIGHT”. Might as well title the article Fedor not ruling out return against “Kimbo Slice”.

  9. Dick Diaz says:

    this fight would still sell a lot.

    • BobbO says:

      Exactly bro. Anyone who understands this sport knows that everything now is about the money. It is what it is, even if it’s Fedor pounding Brock into submission within the first round. The anything can happen factor sells the fight though. ~BobbO

  10. Truth 1 says:

    NO joke Brock probably has the best chin ever that dude can get hit by a truck and it still wouldnt knock him out he just needs 2 learn how 2 not be a bitch when he gets hit … stop cowarding up he has the fucking Chuck Norris Chin he just doesn’t know how 2 use it properly 😀

  11. Bob says:

    My penis didnt even move

  12. jones says:

    wow…like al fedor matches..all past ufc champs who were proven bitches in there own way…i knew fedor was not going retire…today i dont know why idit fighters use that word,,when they say they retire it means they have no events panned in the ffuture but will fight the right perrson fr enough money….fedor will retire after this big payday cuz he will get smashed fr sure….all fedor fight would ave been great for his legacy had they all happen 2 years earlier///what a joke

  13. Gabi says:

    None of them matter. I know I wouldn’t pay for that POS fight. Both those fighters are in a point where they are irrelevant and way past their prime. One isn’t even a real fighter and the other is someone who no one knows how good they really were because of the people he fought and time in the opponents career, along many hand picked fights. If you really call yourself an educated MMA fan you would know this fight makes no sense and is a joke. It’s a waste of money and time.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Wtf?… I agree about lesner being a fony.. But fedor?… I can’t believe his talent is in question… ??.. All u Dana white / Vince McMahon bitcheZ … Make me fuqn sick!!! And that’s exactly what u are… A real Educated mma fan???… Not… Backing Dana white… Is like going to the casino… And cheering for the house…. U are a educated idiot… This new group of UFC/WWE ultimate fighter fans….. Who are indoctrinated .. By Dana white bullshit … Are ruining what I’ve been watching and studying for almost 19 years…. I hate u…. Lol… Go back to your meth labs losers

  14. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    retired or not Fedor will always be remembered as best "can crusher" ever. 

    • Nick says:

      Because Nogueira is a can right and Tim Silvia Andre Arlorski sucks to. Even if his fights were with cans he would still crush you so whats your point of trash talking him.

      • Ifan says:

        You know … a pro fighter can crush just about any fan, even a fan that trains in MMA and competes at amateur level. But fans get to have opinions. And Get Rid Of Fitch’s opinion is that Fedor is fighting cans.
        Much like in soccer, the guys can and will outplay you by a mile, but you still will say that some teams suck ass.
        That’s just the way it is. If you can’t take criticism (even the insulting stupid one), you shouldn’t be in mainstream sports. It’s THAT simple.

  15. Alex says:

    I am so tired of you fucking internet heroes talkiing shit about everyone. Listen fedor fought in pride which was the premier mma orginasation at that point and he crushed everyone. Fedor is a legend who beat everyone who had the guts to face him. And the fact that his base was sambo is even more impressing. He always were a true x-factor and a respectfull man who found a way making his living. I really cant see any reason why you guys feel the need to pick on him.
    Ohh and you are all right about brock. He got not buisness in fighting. we all seen him hit and you cant be a fighter when you cant take a hit without covering up.

  16. DrGonzo says:

    I would rather see Fador vs Roy Nelson . Or a rematch with Werdum or maybe either Big Nog . Or Mir I think any of those fights would pull a big ppv responce .

  17. Davie Boy says:

    Regardless the trash being or about to be talked….everyone would buy that pay per view. Say what u want bout Lesnar…but the guy had to go threw one of the most awful surgeries to a person. And Fedor did bgin to fight great fighters. Dominated Werdum but slipped and made a mistake. Got caught by Hendo in another fight he controlled. But only truly lost to Bigfoot…a match I think Fedor would win 9 out of 10 times. Guys just love to write off athletes if theres any sign of imperfection. This would generate one of the biggest fights ever!

  18. Garviel says:

    Two words

    Would Buy.

  19. lopresti420 says:

    just saying id pay to see that fight

  20. Kingsforge says:

    Lesnar CAN’T fight anymore, after all the illness he went through he just doesn’t have it in him to keep it up. The fight against Overeem showed that, one kick to the stomach and he dropped in pain. His guts are too destroyed to take any more damage.

  21. Roberto says:

    Fedor never walked into the octagon.

  22. david says:

    k in the second paragraph the word begged is used out of context and in the third paragraph the word pursue has no business in that sentence either, i dont think this person understands the meaning of the words he is using

  23. DAVE says:

    So what if fedor went in there and beat brock?? Does anyone in here really think he’d stand a chance against cain, or mir, or JDS for that matter? NO, he’d get pummelled into a pulp, he is way past his prime, he should hang his gloves up while he still has some pride.

  24. Scott says:

    “Some begged that he was the best to ever enter the octagon”

    Fedor never fought in the UFC, the “octagon”is just used in for that organization.

  25. jeff says:

    umm fedor never entered the octagon actually…

  26. Sean says:

    Danaa and the UFc dont hate fedor, they hate his greedy fuck face managers

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