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Saturday, 01/25/2014, 09:29 pm

Thomson Hints At Retirement Following Controversial UFC on FOX 10 Loss

“This might be it, man… I’d still be in the same position (If he beat Henderson at UFC on FOX 10) There’s a possibility [that’d I’d have turned down a title shot with a win], because what’s the point of winning the title knowing that you’re not going to fight that much longer? I don’t want to do that to the UFC either. But like I said, I’ve got to sit down with them and just talk about the direction of how this all should go.

“I love this sport. I love being around the guys. It’s great being in the back, and I think anybody who was in my locker room knows, I was back there with smiles just knowing this has been great. I love it, this is the best.”

During tonight’s post-fight press-conference top lightweight fighter, Josh Thomson, shocked the media in attendance when he announced that he might be done with fighting.

Thomson lost a very close split-decision to Benson Henderson in the UFC on FOX 10 main event and the defeat derailed his hopes of a title shot.


4 Responses to “Thomson Hints At Retirement Following Controversial UFC on FOX 10 Loss”

  1. Julie M. says:

    You should have won last night-U were leading the entire fight.

  2. Big daddy says:

    Yes! Do everyone a favor and retire. Nobody likes a boring fighter. It’s like being a singer who can’t sing.

  3. bg says:

    Yea, knocking on Diaz is boring. Elite grappling exchanges are boring. The era of never good enough sports. Fn sad.

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