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Friday, 03/16/2012, 11:35 am

This Week In MMA Culture | Jit Jitsu Wins Vigilante Style Again, Hominick Has A Documentary & More

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12 Responses to “This Week In MMA Culture | Jit Jitsu Wins Vigilante Style Again, Hominick Has A Documentary & More”

  1. drew says:

    Use to look forward to this.
    Hardly any videos an no ring girls..Smh

  2. jonesy says:

    not impressive…he tackle him once off gaurd…then he grab the guy from behind and choke him out…not to mention the bjj pussy hurt himself worse then the drunk,,he broke his fingure and bleed..all cheap shots…pure pussy…not impressive at allll..good bjj skill you choked somoen from behind

    • Ethan says:

      you were expecting to be impressed?? are you for real?? if you want to be impressed, watch him beat Diego Sanchez or many other big name competitors.. This was a real world application where he was not trying to cause significant injury to him and prevent him from doing damage himself/others.. It is also a testament to his patience and kindness, because I sure know that if an idiot drunkard was in my face like that my first action wouldnt be to subdue him without throwing any punches.. if he sucker punched him while trying to win a fight then you can call him a pussy.. he wasn’t fighting or competing.. the video was simply a testament to bjj as a practical method of self defense

    • Rick says:

      lolz, i guess Jonesy here was the guy in the video…

    • Xaninho says:

      lol I think that’s why they call it a rear naked choke..And he wasn’t out to hurt the guy. I can appreciate that, although I’m not as forgiving if some crazy fucker disrupts a nice dinner with friends.

    • Donnybrook says:

      Apparently your an idiot…

    • Kalle Jokela says:

      Ryan Hall is ADCC level grappler…

  3. Yogurt slinger says:

    You see that girls ass at 445 in barbosa work out video…wowzers

  4. A.James says:

    Barboza is a talented mother man.

  5. big bubba says:

    Ryan Hall would destroy anyone posting in a fight or a BJJ match. You guys have to be the stupidest group of people I’ve ever seen post. Not impressive? Wtf were you expecting, a flying armbar? The guy was drunk and was destroying the place and didn’t even have the balls to go outside with Hall after he (the drunk) called him out for a full 3 minutes. You can’t talk shit on someone if the guy would fuck you up beyond recognition. And Ryan Hall could fuck up anyone on this site. Either you don’t understand who the guy in the video is, or you’re just a fucking dumbass.

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