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Friday, 02/10/2012, 03:34 pm

This Week In MMA Culture | Celeste Returns, This Time On TMZ | Diaz Shoots Guns & More

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is well on its way to mainstream acceptance. With that kind of notoriety comes a culture, a culture influenced by the sport, its athletes and all the personalities that support it.

With so many random items kicking off here and there throughout each week, I find that now there is a place for a weekly, or perhaps bi-weekly column that summarizes all the comical and inspirational news pieces and clips spread throughout the world that haven’t exactly met my requirement for being newsworthy as an independent feature here on BJPENN.COM.

However, combined they are pure gold and as such, here is the latest installment if “This Week In MMA Culture.”
To start things off, I give you Alistair Overeem – The Shoe Model:

The Eddie Bravo Chronicles:

On the local circuit, two guys break a cage door and get knocked out:

Ring Girls and Fighters Talk About What They Like For Valentines Day:

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6 Responses to “This Week In MMA Culture | Celeste Returns, This Time On TMZ | Diaz Shoots Guns & More”

  1. BobO says:

    Love the MMational. Only, I was hoping when I clicked on a story it would actully take me to one. LMAO! Nice job, that was classic. BobO

  2. DiazWon2012 says:

    Brittany Palmer is a bitch. He already spent a lot of money planning for a wonderful day with you and you DUMP him the day before to go out with another dude. You disgust me!

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I guess Rhonda will be getting two shitty gifts this year instead of one great gift. Wouldn’t want to be cheap!

    And who the hell is dating Koscheck!?

  4. big furr fan says:

    I think kos girl is that playmate tierra hottie!!!!

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